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Ioana's background in the legal domain helps her understand the rights and obligations of each gambler and, thus, come up with player-oriented reviews that answer your needs. Also, her interest in psychology motivates her to find out more about gambling addiction and its consequences.


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BA in English & German Translation and Interpretation


The Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest

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Gambling: from passion to work

Ioana became interested in gambling through the well-known 1995 movie “Casino”. She was curious to find out more about this world and started learning how to play card games, such as Poker. Besides the actual rules, she also wanted to become acquainted with the legal aspects and regulations of the NZ gambling market. So, combining her knowledge acquired through numerous legal authorized translations with her interest in the domain, she manages to create structured and to-the-point articles that help Kiwi players understand the legal aspects better. Moreover, she is interested in finding out more about the onset and repercussions of gambling addiction from a psychological point of view with the purpose of creating useful and innovative guides.

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Ioana’s longtime passions besides gambling are theatre, chess play and psychology. Another field that she has thoroughly studied is cinematography, so you can bet on her to know every fresh movie on the market. Writing is a very dear interest for her, not only at work but also in her spare time. She focuses on poetry and fantasy stories as well as on character building.

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