13 Best British Boxers Ever

Best British Boxers

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The universe of professional boxing has known several remarkable British boxers that have become real legends of this Olympic sport.

Whether they have shocked the audiences through their boxing techniques, work ethics, or invincible natures, these British athletes have definitely stolen the show during their impressive matches.

Our team of experts from CasinoAlpha has compiled a well-researched list based on the best British boxers of all time that have made history with their stellar careers.

Boxer Nickname Years of professional activity Weight classes
Joe Calzaghe The Italian Dragon, The Pride of Wales 1993-2008



Duke McKenzie No Nickname 1982-1998





Lennox Lewis The Lion 1989-2003 Heavyweight
Chris Eubank Simply the Best 1985-1998




Nigel Benn The Dark Destroyer 1987-1996



Naseem Hamed Prince 1992-2002




Amir Khan Mr. Perfectionist 2005-Present






Carl Froch The Cobra 2002-2014 Super-middleweight
Tyson Fury Gypsy King, The Furious One, 2 Fast Fury 2008-Present Heavyweight
Ricky Hatton Ricky Hitman, Ricky Fatton 1997-2012



Anthony Joshua A.J. 2013-Present Heavyweight
David Haye The Hayemaker 2002-2018



Jack ‘Kid’ Berg The Whitechapel Whirlwind 1923-1936



Fun fact

Fans of boxing from all over the world can attribute the rules of modern boxing today to the UK, as they were written in London in 1865 and published two years later. That’s the start of all the best British boxers’ stories.

Joe Calzaghe (The Pride of Wales)

Joe Calzaghe
Source: boxingnewsonline.net

Joe Calzaghe fighter summary

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Organization, World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation
Height 183 cm
Victories 46
Losses 0
Victories with KO 32

Joseph “Joe” William Calzaghe, born 23 on March 1972, is a former professional, one of the best British boxers of all time.

He competed between 1993 and 2008 and is currently the longest-reigning super-middleweight world champion in the whole boxing history.

He has held the WBO title for over 10 years after defending 20 rivals, which makes him one of the best British boxers of all time.

Did you know?

Calzaghe was nicknamed the “Italian Dragon”, due to his mixed heritage (the dragon being both a Welsh and Sardinian symbol).

A bit of background

He began his amateur boxing career at the age of nine, reportedly having an unofficial record of 110-10.

In his last match, held on 8 November 2008, he had made a spectacular comeback after two rounds of that game, when he came close to losing multiple times.

At the end of the match, the judges declared him a winner with 118-109.

The end of the career

On 5 February 2009, Joe Calzaghe announced he shall be retiring from professional boxing, finishing with a record of 46-0, which consecrated him as the 12th World Champion boxer.

He was later described as an Undisputed Champion by the best British boxers experts.

After his retirement, he has started his own boxing company that he named “Calzaghe Promotion”, partnering with his father, Enzo Calzaghe.

Duke McKenzie

Duke McKenzie
Source: boxingnewsonline.net

Get to know the athlete

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Organization, International Boxing Federation
Height 170 cm
Victories 39
Losses 7
Victories with KO 20

The former professional boxer was born on 5 May 1964, competing between 1982 to 1998.

The Englishman is a:

  • Three-division world champion
  • Two-division British champion
  • European champion.

He ranks among the best British boxers of all time!

He has started his career when he was only 13, being trained by the famous Sir Philip Game ABC.

He made his professional debut in 1982 with a second-round stoppage win over Charlie Brown.

It runs in the family!

Duke hails from a much successful boxing family.

Famous matches

He became a three-weight World Champion after beating Jesse Benavides after 12 rounds.

He later became a four-weight champion after beating John Davison for the British Featherweight title.

He has decided to retire with a career record of 39-7, in 1993.

Transition from sports

After his retirement, he became a driving force Mind ambassador to promote good mental health.

According to him, this is his most rewarding job to date.

Lennox Lewis (The Lion)

Lennox Lewis
Source: thetimes.co.uk

Boxer details

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Council
Height 196 cm
Victories 41
Losses 2
Victories with KO 32

Lennox Lewis is a former professional boxer and currently works as a boxing commentator.

Born in London in September 1965, he has been a professional player between 1989 and 2003.

He has moved with his parents to Canada at the age of 12 but returned to his native country after winning the gold medal at Olympics.

Heavyweight winner

His professional career started with a bang, winning the European Heavyweight title from Jean Maurice Chanet, as well as the British Heavyweight title from Gary Mason.

Moreover, the champion Riddick Bowe refused to fight him and preferred to vacate his belt.

Why is he on the best British boxers list?

Lewis was consecrated on the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2009.

Highs and lows

The legendary boxer lost his belt in an unexpected KO defeat at the hands of Oliver McCall.

He later beat his adversary in TKO in a rematch, to regain his title.

He only decided to retire after beating every man he has ever faced in a match.

Chris Eubank (Simply the Best)

Chris Eubank
Source: cnn.com

Eubank basics

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Organization
Height 178 cm
Victories 45
Losses 5
Victories with KO 23

The British boxer had a reputation for being arrogant, flamboyant, and aloof among the general public, but he slowly gained popularity with the masses as he won several matches.

Less known facts

Despite being perceived as an upper-class snob, he spent his early life in absolute poverty.

Life & career

He had a tumultuous childhood, being suspended 18 times in one year from school, and then ultimately expelled.

His father convinced him to move to America, where he discovered a passion for boxing in the infamous South Bronx district of New York.

He had a stellar career beginning, winning his first 28 fights that fueled his professional career. He earned the WBC title in 1990, after defeating his opponent Reginaldo Dos Santos in 20 seconds.


He retired with a record of 45-5-2, being a never defeated Middleweight, and a World Champion for more than 5 years.

Fun fact

His son, Chris Eubank Jr., is a professional boxer, too.

Nigel Benn (The Dark Destroyer)

Nigel Benn

Nigel Benn facts

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Organization, World Boxing Council
Height 177 cm
Victories 45
Losses 5
Victories with KO 23

Benn is a former professional, one of the best British boxers, who competed from 1987 to 1996, having an impressive amateur career with a 41-1 score.

A twisted nickname

He had the nickname “The Dark Destroyer”, which was plausible, as he earned world titles at two different weight classes.

He is considered to be one of the best British boxers among British boxing enthusiasts and international supporters.

In his early career, he succeeded to have 22 consecutive KO wins.

Champion vs. champion

His greatest rivalry was with the popular boxer, Chris Eubank. Benn was fundamentally more popular with the general public, though, adopting an image of a working-class hero.

Benn has been part of a PR scandal when he defended his opponent, the American Gerald McLellan in 1995.

After suffering multiple injuries, McLellan was transferred to the hospital with a blood clot in his brain and remains in a wheelchair to his day.

The Crying Hero

During one of his matches with Eubank, the Dark Destroyer was reduced to tears after being stopped by his adversary.

Most recent updates

After two failed attempts at earning the world title against Steve Collins, the boxer decided to put an end to his career.

He has entered into the World Boxing Council and the Boxing Hall of Fame in 2013, being honoured together with Joe Calzaghe as the WBC’s greatest super middleweight winner in recent history.

Naseem Hamed (Prince)

Naseem Hamed
Source: espn.co.uk

Boxer basics

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Organization, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Council
Height 164 cm
Victories 36
Losses 1
Victories with KO 31

Born on 12 February 1974, Naseem Hamed is a former professional boxer who competed between 1992 and 2002.

Being nicknamed “Prince” Naseem Hamed by the general public, he was especially renowned for being part of the best British boxers of all time in terms of entertainment.

During his career, he has made many spectacular appearances in the ring, which made him famous among the masses, who considered him to be one of the best British boxers of all time.

Fun fact

His unusual entrances included being carried to the ring on a palanquin, entering on a flying carpet, as well as reenacting the “Thriller” music video of Michael Jackson.

Famous matches

He has started his professional boxing career in 1992 and soon began rising through multiple racks, while knocking out several opponents, including Enrique Angelas and Juan Polo Pérez, both within just two rounds.

He had his last match in May 2002, against the European Champion Manuel Calvo.

The winning was declared as a unanimous decision

During an interview with BBC Radio, the boxer stated that his retirement was linked to having chronic problems with his hands, multiple fractures, and even surgery.

Amir Khan (Mr. Perfectionist)

Amir Khan
Source: GQ.com

Amir Khan quick facts

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation
Height 180 cm
Victories 34
Losses 6
Victories with KO 21

Amir Iqbal Khan was born 8 December 1986 and is part of the current British boxers, working also as a promoter, and a philanthropist.

He is a former unified light-welterweight world champion, as well as a former WBC Silver welterweight titleholder.

The international public considers him to be one of the best British boxers of all time.

Early career achievements

He started his career at 17, winning an Olympic silver medal, followed by a professional world title earned at 22.

Until he became a professional player, he compiled an amateur record of 101-9.

Outside of boxing, he works at his own-established charity organization, the Amir Khan Foundation, as well as being a co-owner of India’s Super Fight League and Super Boxing League.

Rejected Hero

He is more of an underground boxer – widely loved by the international public, but mostly denied by his home country.

Turns out racism may play a factor in him not getting the level of approval the international masses may otherwise expect.

Carl Froch (The Cobra)

Carl Froch
Source: thesun.co.uk

Career summed up

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Organization, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation
Height 164 cm
Victories 33
Losses 2
Victories with KO 24

Carl Martin Froch is a former professional boxer, who competed from 2002 to 2014.

Most important moments

He began his boxing career at the Phoenix ABC in Gelding, Nottingham.

During his amateur career, he has won two ABA middleweight titles and a bronze medal at the 2001 World Amateur Boxing Championships.

He fought the Canadian boxer, Jean-Pascal, for the vacant WBC super-middleweight title and won with a unanimous decision after twelve rounds.

Injuries that ruined everything

After the fight, the media revealed that Froch had a perforated eardrum and cracked rib in his final sparring session.

During a re-match with George Groves, Froch got his adversary pinned against the ropes and delivered a hard blow with his right hand that left Groves unconscious.

This punch was later named the “Knockout of the Year” by The Ring in 2014.

Boxing Legacy

Froch passed down his legacy to his two sons – Connor and Harley, both becoming professional boxers.

Tyson Fury (Gypsy King)

Tyson Fury
Source: sportingnews.com

Tyson’s main points

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Association, World Boxing Organization, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation, International Boxing Organization
Height 206 cm
Victories 31
Losses 0
Victories with KO 22

Tyson Fury is among the current British boxers, being a two-time world heavyweight champion, earning the WBC and The Ring magazine titles.

During his career, he has represented both England and Ireland. Many consider him to be one of the best British boxers of all time.

Consacrated Nicknames

He self-proclaimed himself with the nicknames of “Gypsy King”, as well as “The Furious One” and “2 Fast Fury”.

From passion to profession

Fury has won the ABA super-heavyweight title in 2008 when he defeated Damien Campbell.

He has made his professional debut at the age of 20 on 6 December 2008.

After winning this match, he decided to turn professional, as he felt “disillusioned” with amateur boxing.

Other facts

His first professional match was held against the Hungarian fighter Bela Gyongyosi, who he defeated easily in the first round, using a fighting combination of head and body.

His career was also surrounded by lots of controversies based on some statements he made before becoming popular, including for having said that he would “hang” his sister if she ever became promiscuous.

Ricky Hatton (Hitman)

Ricky Hatton
Source: theindependent.co.uk

Brief presentation

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, International Boxing Organization
Height 171 cm
Victories 45
Losses 3
Victories with KO 32

Richard “Ricky” John Hatton is a former professional boxer from Great Britain, who took part in competitions between 1997 and 2012.

His own timeline

During his career, he held multiple world championships at light-welterweight and one at welterweight, which made him be part of several charts featuring the best British boxers of all time.

Hatton had a quite short amateur boxing career, that won him 7 British titles.

He represented his country at the 1996 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships.


His elimination in the semi-finals caused an uproar from the public, as 5 judges awarded the match to Hatton, while the fifth judge gave the match to Hatton’s opponent by 16 points.

During his professional career, he reached his peak in 2005 by defeating Kostya Tszyu for the IBF, Ring, and all the lineal titles.

In 2011, he announced his retirement, only to come back in 2012 for his last match, which ended up in a loss to Vyacheslav Senchenko, which made him retire for good from sports.

Loyal Fanbase

Hatton is renowned for having a very loyal and vocal fanbase that travelled miles to see his matches. The main chant they used to encourage him was a modified version of “Winter Wonderland”, a popular Christmas song.

His first nickname, “Ricky Hitman” was given by his coach who told him: “Look at him, look how evil he is. He’s a little Hitman”.

He was also known as “Ricky Fatton” because he let himself gain significant weight when not training for a fight. He is considered to be one of the best British boxers of all time.

Anthony Joshua (A.J.)

Anthony Joshua
Source: nytimes.com

AJ’s data

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Organization, International Boxing Organization
Height 198 cm
Victories 24
Losses 1
Victories with KO 22

Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua was born on 15 October 1989 and is an active professional boxer from Great Britain, having held the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO titles from 2019 to 2021.

Athlete statistics

His knockout-to-win percentage stands at 91.67%, while the industry’s average for professional boxers is 63.64%

During his amateur career, he represented England in 2011 during the World Championships in the super-heavyweight division, which won him his first silver medal.

He also represented Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics, which won him a gold medal. Due to his success, he decided to turn professional one year later.


Although widely loved by the public, he has been involved in several racism allegations, although having black heritage himself. The most prominent criticism was ignited after he called the heavyweight boxer Eddie Chambers a “disgrace to the superior black race” on his Instagram account.

Other details

A year after turning professional, he was named “Prospect of the Year” by The Ring magazine.

Forward to his victory over Wladimir Klitschko, he was named Fighter of the Year by the same magazine.

Moreover, BoxRec ranked him to be among the top 10 heavyweights in the world in 2014. At the beginning of 2017, he ranked as number one in the same chart.

David Haye (Hayemaker)

David Haye
Source:s kysports.com

David Haye statistics

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Association
Height 191 cm
Victories 28
Losses 4
Victories with KO 24

Overview of the fighter

David Deron Haye is a British professional boxer that competed between the years 2002 and 2018.

Born on 13 October 1980, the boxer held several world championships in two weight classes. The general public considers him to be one of the best British boxers of all time.

Amateur days are over

During his early amateur career, he was the first British boxer to reach the final of the World Amateur Boxing Championships in 2001, which won him a silver medal.

Haye’s amateur record was 83-13.

He decided to turn professional when he was only 22, in December 2002.

In 2008, he started to take part in heavyweight matches, winning the WBA title in 2009 after the defeating of Nikolai Valuev.

His winning was particularly impressive to the public since Valuev had an advantage of 23 cm in height over Haye, and 45 kg in weight.

Fun fact

As of September 2021, BoxRec declared Haye to be the 12th best British boxer of all time.

Jack 'Kid' Berg (The Whitechapel Whirlwind)

Jack 'Kid' Berg
Source: thesun.co.uk

Old school data

Info Specifics
Titles World Boxing Association
Height 175 cm
Victories 157
Losses 26
Victories with KO 61

Jack ‘Kid’ Berg, born Judah Bergman, was a renowned English boxer from the East of London.

Between 1923 and 1936, he took part in 192 professional fights, which turned his boxing style into an inspiration for all aspiring boxers nowadays.

Career across The Pond

In 1931, he decided to move to America, where he won 64 out of the 76 matches, he held there.

He had the great opportunity of being coached by the famous Ray Arcel.

He had the nickname “The Whitechapel Whirlwind”, because of his combative fighting style, which was neither boxing nor punching.

Old controversies

Berg fought Tony Canzoneri in Chicago, in 1931, in a match that would bring controversy to his career.

Being the current champion of light welterweight, he denied being defeated in the fight, despite the decision of the jury, and continued to claim himself as champion.

His decision of retirement came in place in 1945, after he won his last two matches.

Fun fact

His brother Teddy was a boxer two, and the two siblings fought on the same bill in 1941.


After creating a top of the Best Female Boxers of All Time, we found it relevant to debate the subject of the most memorable British boxers that have left an eternal legacy to the world.

All the British boxers that were chosen for our list have taken the world by storm with their spectacular matches, which consecrated them among the best British boxers of all time.

They are celebrated by the sport’s fans and by the aspiring boxers altogether as being real-life inspirations towards chasing your dreams and never giving up.

Author Anca Iamandi Senior Author & Editor at Casino alpha
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