4 Casino Playlists for All Moods: From Hits to Underrated Songs

4 Casino Playlists for All Moods: From Hits to Underrated Songs

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CasinoAlpha has curated 4 playlists that work for any mood a gambler has. Our music geeks have put their minds to work.

We all know that casinos add to the atmosphere of timelessness by adding pleasant music. And, as old-time gamblers, we know that listening to smooth music while playing is one of our favourite pastimes.

Are you in the mood to feel like a 50s glamour figure in a Monte Carlo casino? Or do you gravitate towards the crazy colours of Las Vegas’ glam rock era?

Are these options not in your lane?

We’ve got the contemporary top-charting pop stars singing your casino playlist! And for the old souls in young bodies, we’ve got post-2000s songs that sound like the Golden Era!

Listen to our curated casino playlists now!

Vintage Las Vegas: What You Listen to Here, Stays in Your Soul

Vintage Las Vegas: What You Listen to Here, Stays in Your Soul
Source: freepik.com

Jazz, Blues, and classic Country! Most of us find them soothing, and research backs that claim up!

According to a Pennington Biomedical Research Centre study, these genres reduce stress and boost mental capacities, like focus and analytical thinking.

So, what songs are on CasinoAlpha’s vintage vibes podium?

What songs are on CasinoAlpha’s vintage vibes podium

Miles Davis – “Freddie Freeloader”

This track is much better than an 8D IMAX immersive experience. You get to enjoy close to 10 minutes of modal jazz and feel transported to the late 50s right away. It’s like you’re a lucky bystander at a Miles Davis concert, and the trumpet is accompanying your casino moves.

The harmonies match well with a night of card games between friends or strangers. The mellow piano tune and the relaxing bass and drums will make you self-aware of your rounds and give you time to process when it’s time to exit the game.


CasinoAlpha tells you how to stay in control of your gambling in 15 minutes. Learn from experienced players the easiest techniques to keep yourself away from risk.

Kenny Rogers – “The Gambler”

Rogers was given a special place in the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2013, and this song proves he earns it fully!

The calm guitar notes and his soothing voice are appropriate when you’re having a solo gambling session. Why?

Roger’s wisdom gives a powerful reminder!

One of the best lessons that players need comes from this song, as the lyrics go like this:

“If you’re gonna play the game, boy

You gotta learn to play it right

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em

Know when to fold ’em

Know when to walk away

And know when to run”

CasinoAlpha’s team fully agrees!

For a responsible way of gambling, you need to know when to stop. Thankfully, we tell you how to stay in control and know when to pause or stop altogether.

B.B. King – “Gambler’s Blues”

B.B. King is undoubtedly the father of modern blues, considering his experimentation in the genre that became mainstream.

This record gets the Golden Medal in this category because of its exquisite melody, powerful vocals, and illustrative metaphor. Love is like a gamble; you never know what’s next.

This track gives a very soft mood, and it is appropriate for a relaxed gaming section.

Other mentions for a Vintage Vegas atmosphere

We know that three songs, no matter how golden, are not enough! So here are the other three matching, elegant tracks for your casino playlist!

Tina Turner – “GoldenEye”

This casino playlist could not be complete without a classic Bond soundtrack. Even if this is a 90s song, the whole thematic of the video and the classic instrumentals bring the listeners a very late 50s aesthetic.

Turner’s throaty, powerful voice sends shivers down our spine every time we get to listen to the title track. Especially around the end of the song, where the whole dramatism of the story shines.


This track surrounds itself better around games that include mathematical skills, like Craps or Poker. Even so, table games like these need breaks between the rounds for a proper assessment of bets and losses.

Frank Sinatra – “Luck Be a Lady”

In this 1966 masterpiece, Sinatra’s plays on the imagery of the goddess Fortune, which became a symbol in the casino game world under the more modern term of “Lady Luck”.

Combining the themes of love and chance, the song mixes evergreen topics with a classic symphony mélange of instruments.

The calm and happy sensations given to anyone willing to listen will go well with a night of socialising combined with multi-player games.

Clint Black – “A Good Run of Bad Luck”

For our Western and Country lovers, we have to add Black’s song that amps up the mood in an unexpected way: with mellow, rhythmic tunes.

What is the best part of the song? The runny harmonica, bringing back the gentry and pre-debutant ball times.

Do you want to see a Mel Gibson movie?

Watch 1994’s Maverick, a comedy that has Black’s song as a soundtrack, among others.

Rock Stars for Casino Dives

Rock Stars for Casino Dives
Source: unsplash.com

A study published by Nature Neuroscience has confirmed an intuition we’ve all had. Your favourite music gives you a good mood because it boosts cognitive function through dopamine releases.

So, for our rock-heads that are gamblers, we’ve got a casino playlist catered to them.

Did you know?

The release of dopamine is a common denominator between listening to music and gambling.

Top 3 rock songs for gamblers

Top 3 rock songs for gamblers

Steppenwolf – “Born to Be Wild”

The leading track from the cult movie Easy Rider, an iconic hard-rock song, inspires a carefree attitude.


This song makes you feel like a defiant rider on a Harley Davidson, we know. Even so, you need to keep away from gambling addiction. Luckily, we are here to help!

One pro aspect of this track is that it is notorious that when it comes next on a casino playlist, it won’t make you lose focus. And it can even accompany a slot session.

AC/DC – “Sin City”

AC/DC is an emblematic classic rock band from Australia famous for electrifying tracks and unmistakable vocals.

“Sin City” paints a vivid picture of Las Vegas, filled with riches, glamour, and dark side. A night of gambling alone or with peers would be a little bland for rock fans without this song.

We recommend you keep the volume a little low on this one. Those guitar riffs get a little wild.

Elvis Presley – “Viva Las Vegas”

Gambling cannot be separated from its haven, Las Vegas. And on top of our list, we need to add The King himself, Elvis.

The unmistakable voice of the King talks about Vegas and how a typical 24-hour day is not enough to live through all its wonders. But that should not make you forget that budgeting is a must when you gamble. This is why we present free spins with no payment required so that you can play without spending.

This song, along with its video, represent iconic moments in music history. It is why it holds a special place in our casino playlist.

Runner-ups for rock fans

Three songs just aren’t enough. So, we’ve got some more AC/DC, Elvis and other electric guitar legends flaunting their talent here!

Rolling Stones – “Casino Boogie”

Speaking of legends, let’s listen to what “The Stones”, the 60s leaders have to say!

Do you want to know a secret?

The Stone’s track has some abstract lyrics, so the true meaning may be a tad tricky to catch at first listen. But the main reason we included it in our casino playlist is because it gives us a sense of freedom.

It has versatility, meaning it works when you play by yourself on one of our top online casinos UK or with your peers at a common table.

Gram Parsons – “Ooh Las Vegas”

Rock stars have a crush on Vegas, can you tell?

A hybrid track between the dance-like melodies of 70s rock and some clean country influences, we believe it will freshen up the old tunes you see everywhere in casino playlists.

Remember the moral of the song!

Las Vegas is no place for poor boys, and heavy losing will make you fall into heavy drinking! And some cards can be vicious. So, keep sharp and use the self-exclude tools at your disposal if you feel like too much gambling is closing in on you.

Elvis Presley – “Night Life”

We can’t help it! We have to come back to the King of Rock’n’roll one more time!

One lyric here, at the beginning of the track, says that “gamblers are dreaming”. As appropriate as that is in the context of a piece of music, CasinoAlpha advises you always to place your bets with a clear mind!

The song will help you keep up a good mood, owning a spot in our favourites, but remember the limits you’ve got.

AC/DC – “The Jack”

You’ve probably got it by now that this domain has some names that simply dominate everyone else.

A perfect example is AC/DC having another spot in our rock segment with this song about a woman that controls the game of life and love that she is playing in.

If you’re looking for a place to use “The Jack” wisely, we propose a listing of the best Blackjack sites in the UK.

Motörhead – “Ace Of Spades”

You would think that manly, hoarse voices from Motörhead would stay away from the now-classic combo of love as a gamble. That is not the case!

The lover identifies himself as the Ace of Spades, which may just well be a suitable nickname for someone at a casino table.

We added this to our catalogue of music because we could not ignore the several references to gambling like “Seven or Eleven” or even “Snake eyes”.

Did you know?

“Snake eyes” is casino slang for two dice, both showing 1, a term widely used in Casino Craps, a domain we are very well-versed in. Thus, we’re able to tell UK players which casinos are the best for this table game.

The Rolling Stones – “Tumbling Dice”

The band that secures another place on our casino rock likes comes to entertain with a groovy rock ’72 track.

Even if the lyrics compare the tumultuous love relationship with a woman with the unpredictability of rolling dice, we know that the harmonious melody will balance the other jams well.

We show you everything there needs to know about casino games predictability through our easy RTP guide. Have all the facts before staking your funds!

Today’s casino glamour: Pop, Rap & Everything in Between

Today’s casino glamour: Pop, Rap & Everything in Between
Source: freepik.com

Here’s a casino playlist made of songs you’ve been hearing on the radio lately or in the past couple of years.

We know we’ve strayed into “oldies but goldies” territory enough, and it’s time for a change!

Why do popular songs belong in your mix?

You need to focus when you gamble, so having tracks that the ear is used to in the background, won’t distract you from your stakes and budgeting.

Latest hits in our top 3 choices

Latest hits in our top 3 choices casino glamour pop rap

24kGoldn – “Valentino”

Really hype lyrics over a trap-inspired, authentic 2020s hip-hop beat is a combination that always works.

Being a hip hop head to enjoy this upbeat song. You just need to add it to your fresh casino playlist and stream along with all our other picks in this category.

We chose to add it here since it gives listeners a good mood, which is vital when you engage in online gambling.

Be aware

Never gamble when you’re in a bad mood. The dopamine releases triggered by gambling can affect your mental state and leave you craving more. Gambling needs to be done in small amounts!

Kendrick Lamar – “Vegas”

We remain in rap territory, bringing your maybe the most legendary rapper alive: Kendrick!

We know that this rare recording was supposed to be an album interlude, and the mellow, dark vibes transmitted confirm that. This is why we think it belongs to your casino music list.

It reminds you to slow down, think things through, and maybe even get in touch with your feelings of nostalgia.

Lady GaGa – “Poker Face”

A definite hit of 2008! We know that you’ve definitely heard it plenty of times already. But a well-known track is a crowd pleaser!

GaGa, this modern pop phenomenon, uses Poker metaphors to tell a story when she’ll get what she wants.


Online poker is a growing market on the new online casinos in the UK. CasinoAlpha’s team has the highest standards, so they only pick the safest ones.

Other cool tracks for a modern setlist

Don’t worry! Our sack of songs does not end here. We’re pretty far from it! Find out what our team of authors has chosen from the latest years radio hits!

Chris Cornell – “You Know My Name”

We’re going to have to add another track from a Bond movie in here. Sometimes clichés are worthwhile.

Fun fact

This dramatic song with rock influences was one of the main parts of the 2004 Casino Royale movie, the debut Bond film for Daniel Craig.

Considering the lyrics, United Kingdom gamblers can use it as a real-life soundtrack from when they’re bluffing at a Poker table.

Bluffing is tied with a dose of risk, which is not recommended over significant stakes. This is why we suggest online casinos with minimum deposit so you can minimise your spending. A clever budgeting technique is a significant advantage for safe gambling.

Katy Perry – “Waking Up in Vegas”

This one strikes a sentimental chord for the people who are more romantically inclined.

Its subject tells a story about the regrets of having too much fun one night in Las Vegas and losing all you’ve got.

Thus, it serves as a serious warning to keep ourselves in check, whether we are talking about love, life, and gambling.

Be aware

CasinoAlpha never promotes gambling addiction. To prevent it, we only list UKGC licensed gambling sites and tell you what safe tools you have on each one of them.

Train – “Lottery”

Keeping up with the theme of pop songs that have melancholy notes, we continue with an underrated song from the band Train.

The general tune and its melodies give us a good vibe, which will help you play your chosen games.


Live Roulette bonuses represent one type of casino product that you can explore with a good mood casino playlist. Play them wisely and in a balanced manner.

Big KRIT – “Life Is a Gamble”

One more underrated song that deserves a place in our casino playlist, and we can move on to another genre.

A BET Hip Hop Awards nominee lays out a melodic piece of poetry that plays on an ancient theme: gambling and life are, sometimes, highly alike.

We appreciate the raw and hard-hitting lyric that says he rolls dice for his loved ones who passed away. This is a great song that plays the epic ending of the modern casino playlist.

Modern casino playlist with a vintage vibe

Modern casino playlist with a vintage vibe
Source: freepik.com

Looking for a terribly specific mood for your casino playlist? Do you want relatively new songs that are easy to stream on online music platforms but also want to feel timeless?

CasinoAlpha’s casino playlist got you covered!

Our last leg of musical recommendations will hit the small target. Worry not! We know enough about online gambling to know what goes with what.

3 winners of timeless casino music

3 winners of timeless casino music

Lady GaGa & Tony Bennett – “The Lady is a Tramp”

Is this song from the 30s, 50s, or 2020s? No choice is correct; the correct answer is that it was released in 2011, and it’s truly timeless.

Fun fact

It is a duet cover of Frank Sinatra’s 1937 track with the same name, written and recorded at the time to accompany the show “Babes in Arms”.

The end result of GaGa and Bennetts’ effort fits in the category of casino music that will calm your senses and help you be a wise player.

Adele – “Skyfall”

Adele marks every song she releases with a powerful voice and a hefty dose of emotion.

What every listener that takes some time to understand the message is that wise people will let life teach them when to let go.

If you are not sure when you’re standing towards your play, we give you an extensive gambling questionnaire and solutions to any situations you’re in. Just like Adele’s Bond film song, CasinoAlpha helps you take the right steps.

Amy Winehouse – “Love Is a Losing Game”

A UK casino playlist cannot be completed without the most iconic soul and blues artist of the last 50 years.

You must have gotten bored by now of songs that combine melodious tunes with the theme of love and how it compares to a game of chance. But we must add this evergreen track to our UK casino playlist.


Stopping losses is directly linked to putting a stop to your online gambling. One easy way is to use GAMSTOP, a method we have detailed in our player guide. There, you’ll see how easy it is and how effective it will be for you in case you’re struggling with excessive play.

We leave this and move to another track, with these lyrics in mind, perfect for you ending your session:

“One I wish I never played

Oh, what a mess we made

And now, the final frame

Love is a losing game.”

We’ve got 4 songs to add, ready?

Songs that fit a modern-day gambling mood

We’ve looked deep into our casino playlists, and music likes to bring to your attention songs from a currently popular band that might have gone overlooked by the charts. Here are our findings!

Sam Smith – “Writing on The Wall”

The lyrics might be directly linked to gambling, but we believe this will induce a more calm and wise mood in the minds and hearts of players.

We appreciate the velvety voice and the heartfelt lyrics.


A song like this that sets a calm mood is best paired with 50 free spins no deposit since they tend to make your sessions faster. Keep breaks between your sessions for healthy betting!

OAR – “That Was a Crazy Game of Poker”

Does a swaying song with tuneful guitar and drums about a game of poker sound good for you? Then, you must listen to this song. Even if the band is not that well known, the melody is a gem!

Passionate about more than playing poker?

Take a few minutes to read our team’s Molly’s Game review, a movie about how rough life can get when you thirst too much about control and the rush of playing.

If you are a fan of cartoons in the same theme as your casino playlist, take a look at the music video too! It will surprise you!

The Overtones – “Gambling Man”

The cards that we play with right now have visual representations of Queens and Kings on them, and some might even resemble real-life people.

The same idea is represented in this tune since the band frontman compares his love interest with the Queen of Hearts. Thus, we believe it is an excellent addition to your casino playlist when you decide to play a card game like Poker or Blackjack.

Similar to the previous entry in our list, we highly recommend giving the music video a try. It has visuals that represent elegant outfits and classic casino imagery.

Corb Lund – “All I Wanna Do Is Play Cards”

Our ending note is a modern country song that is fun but also has a dark side, serving as a powerful reminder!

Basically, the song shows the story of a jaded man with many possibilities in life but keeps thinking of playing cards.

Knowledge is power

If you want to study more about how gambling affects your brain, CasinoAlpha did research and summarised data for you. Only by knowing the mechanisms of playing can you really know how to play safely.

Needless to say, this is a good ending entry at the end of a night where you spent time playing!

Our last remark: Stay safe when you gamble

We know that UK residents gamble. We also know that people seek songs to add to their casino playlist to have in the background to play.

Here’s an old reminder

A Chinese proverb says that: “If you must play, decide upon three things at the start: the rules of the game, the stakes, and the quitting time.” So, plan to stop even before starting!

CasinoAlpha stresses the importance of playing within safe limits. This is easily achieved by using the responsible gambling tools offered by online casinos and keeping up with the latest knowledge of iGaming that we constantly provide you.

Stay safe when you gamble!


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