UK’s Best eSports Players By Earnings

Best eSports Players

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From tournaments with over 50.000 fans cheering their favourite team to events with prize pools of millions, the UK’s electronic sports scene is growing bigger and bigger.

Best eSports Players UK

Gamer tag Real name Game Earnings
Wolfiez Jaden Ashman Fortnite $1,400,000
Mongraal Kyle Jackson Fortnite $690,000
Bance Ben Bance Call Of Duty $614,000
Tommey Thomas Trewren Call Of Duty $580,000
Benjyfishy Benjy David Fish Fortnite $560,000
Rated Rhys Price Call Of Duty $500,000
TekKz Donovan Hunt FIFA $447,000

The table shows that Fortnite and CoD are the most lucrative games for UK eSports players.

What Are eSports?

What Are eSports

Esports are multiplayer games played by professionals in online and offline competitions and broadcasted globally.

eSports gambling tips

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What’s the biggest eSport in Britain?

Pro players earn more individually in other popular British video games, but Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most widely-played multiplayer title in Great Britain.

#1 - Jaden "Wolfiez" Ashman - Fortnite Player

Jaden Wolfiez Ashman - Fortnite player

The best eSports players in the UK scene hold Fortnite to great esteem. Fortnite tournaments offer some of the biggest prize pools for gamers.

Wolfiez is the UK Fortnite player with the biggest earnings in terms of prize money. He accrued around $1,400,000 in 41 tournaments.


These numbers put Wolfiez in #1 UK, but he’s only ranked #75 globally.

Earnings by year

  • 2019 was the gamer’s best year, with over $1 million in earnings
  • 2020 funnelled $163,000 in his pockets
  • 2021 earned him just $1,000

The most significant event for Wolfriez was Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019, where he finished second.

This ranking earned him $1,125,000 and helped him become the best-paid UK eSports athlete.

Wolfiez highlights

#2 Kyle "Mongraal" Jackson - Fortnite Player

Kyle Mongraal Jackson - Fortnite player

Mongraal is the second earner on our best eSports players list.

His career kicked off with a feature in Team Secret and led him to become the best UK Fortnite player in the world.

The player is active on the Fortnite scene, with over 70 tournaments on his CV.

With almost $700,000 in earnings from the competitions, Mongraal had his best streak in 2019, winning 4 consecutive tournaments.

Mongraal’s achievements

  • In 2019, the gamer earned the most, $604,000
  • He made the rest of the $100,000 in 2018 and 2020

Mongraal won 15 of the 70 tournaments he participated in while placing second in 11.

Top skills on display

#3 Ben "Bance" Bance - Call of Duty Player

Ben Bance Bance - Call of Duty player

Bance is the best CoD pro-gamer in the UK, having participated in 52 tournaments and won around $614,000 in prize money.

With 11 trophies in total, the gamer has placed second 16 times and third on 9 occasions.


Out of all the CoD games he’s played, Black Ops Cold War, Infinite Warfare & Black Ops III were Bance’s most rewarding titles.

The gamer also played competitive titles like Advanced Warfare, Modern Warfare, Vanguard, and many more.


The most significant amount of money Bance earned from a single event was $160,000 at the 2021 CoD League Championship.

Best of Bance

#4 Thomas "Tommey" Trewren - Call of Duty Player

Thomas Tommey Trewren - Call of Duty player

Tommey is known for his professional activity in Warzone, Black Ops and more.

The gamer has only recently started playing Apex Legends, winning $500.

During most of his gaming career, he represented various CoD teams, including 100 Thieves, Dallas Empire and Fnatic.

Tommey’s stats

  • In team-play, he earned $580,000
  • 2020 and 2021 were both excellent years for Tommey, his winnings amounting to $400,000
  • During his career, Tommey won 82 tournaments
  • He placed second in another 45 events
  • He claimed third place 37 times

Considering these numbers, it’s not difficult to see why he is among wealthiest eSports gamers the country has ever seen.

Best Tommey moments in CoD

#5 Benjy David "BenjyFishy" Fish - Fortnite Player

Benjy David BenjyFishy Fish - Fortnite player Source:

BenjyFishy is one of the best Fortnite players in the industry.

His 94 tournaments earned him prizes of almost $600,000.

A PUBG expert

BenjyFishy is an experienced PUBG player as well.

He was crowned champion 18 times and runner-up on 11 occasions, but no year compares to 2019 in his entire PUBG career, when he won almost $400,000.

BenjyFishy seemingly quit Fortnite

#6 Rhys "Rated" Price - Call of Duty Player

Rhys Rated Price - Call of Duty Player

Rated earned all his money and popularity in 2021, where he was one of the best eSports players in CoD.

That year, the gamer’s earnings amounted to $200,000.

He participated in 154 tournaments, boosting his bank account with almost $500,000 overall.

Winnings distribution by game

  • CoD: Warzone was Rated’s best source of income, with over $273,000 on his name.
  • His most lucrative tournament was the CoD XP Championship 2016, where he earned $62,000 for a runner-up place

Enter the CoD mayhem

#7 Donovan "TekKz" Hunt - FIFA Player

Donovan TekKz Hunt - FIFA Player

TekKz is considered the king of FIFA globally. He currently plays for the Fnatic team.

He’s renowned for bringing eSports to the mainstream with his consecutive triumphs at a young age.


Most of TekKz’s earnings in eSports came from FUT Champions Cups.

Tekk’s tournament winnings

He’s put his uniquely all-out-attack style to the test in over 29 tournaments and earned $446,000.

The gamer won 11 of them, was a runner-up once and placed third on 7 occasions.

First place in the top 100 world rankings

How Many UK eSports Teams Are There?

How Many UK eSports Teams Are There

The UK currently has more than 100 amateur teams and 10+ professional eSports organisations:

  • Endpoint
  • Excel Esports
  • Fnatic
  • Guild Esports
  • London Royal Ravens
  • London Spitfire
  • MNM Gaming
  • Method
  • Reason Gaming
  • Resolve
  • SMPR Esports
  • Vexed Gaming
  • Wolves Esports


The list is not exhaustive. Remember that new pro teams emerge constantly, and old ones may change their profile, as happened with Method Gaming in 2021.

The Best UK eSports Teams



Fnatic is the most prestigious British eSports organisation. Founded in 2004, it has divisions for multiple games, including:

  • Apex Legends
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Dota 2
  • FIFA
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • League of Legends
  • Valorant
  • Rainbow Six Siege.

Did you know that

For a long time, Fnatic players formed one of the best Counter-Strike teams, which we discussed in more detail in our Top CS GO Players article.

Fnatic has a lot of known and popular sponsors. On the partner’s list, we can find big names like AMD, BMW, Twitch, and many lesser-known sponsors.

Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas

Another prestigious UK eSports team is Team Dignitas, founded in 2003.

The best eSports players in the outfit started out with shooter Battlefield.

Companies like Alienware, Mountain Dew, and many more are on the sponsor’s lists, making the project more professional.

The organisation has success across games like CS: GO, Heroes Of The Storm, and League Of Legends.



Endpoint is a professional team for Rocket League, CS: GO & Street Fighter V.

The team was founded in 2016, so it is relatively new in the scene. Nonetheless, some of the best eSports players in the UK compete for Endpoint.

The brand is associated with big names like CEX, NobleChairs, EdgeGaming and many more.

Price Tags for the Most Popular eSports Games in the UK

  • Fortnite


More than 350 million players play Fortnite worldwide, and the title is one of the most popular eSports games among UK players.

More than 1 million regular gamers and eSports players compete in this online battle royale game.


The game is free-to-play for everyone. You can directly download it from the developer website after registering for an account.

  • Rocket League

Rocket League

Rocket League is an amusing yet competitive title to play, suitable for gamers of all ages.

You can download it for free or buy it cheaply for PC and other platforms.


You can either download Rocket League for free on the PlayStation Market.

Alternatively, Rocket League Collector’s Edition is valued at around $35.

  • FIFA


Great Britain has many FIFA players, the game being realistic and close to real football.

Here, gamers can play with the best UK teams or even build their own in the Ultimate Team game mode.

Each FIFA has different versions. The simple one costs around $50 at launch.

  • Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty

CoD is among the veteran eSports games, and new versions are launched yearly.


You can also play CoD on mobile, and you don’t need a cutting-edge smartphone for that!

CoD: Warzone costs around $42 on Amazon for PlayStation. The digital version may cost even less!

  • CS: GO


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is similar to other modern-day video games with its gambling-like rewards.

Keep in mind that opening chests in this first-person shooter, you may have to use real money. Prizes include character and weapon skins.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is free-to-play.

You can download the Steam platform from the Valve website and get your game in minutes!

  • League Of Legends

League Of Legends

Another popular title on the UK eSports market is League Of Legends. LoL is the most played game worldwide, with over 125 million active monthly users.

League Of Legends is also free-to-play. Access the developer’s website to download the game.

Be aware

For your safety, you should download these games only from licensed websites owned by the game developer.

What are the Top-selling Video Games in the UK?

What are the Top-selling Video Games in the UK?

  • FIFA 22 was, by far, the most popular game for UK eSports players last year.

EA Sports sold no less than 2,300,000 pieces for this edition. Here we’re talking about PC, Playstation, Xbox & Nintendo platforms.

  • CoD: Vanguard creators sold 975,000+ copies in Britain alone.
  • CoD: Black Ops sold 549,000+ copies, confirming the best eSports players interest in the first person shooter franchise.

Play Like the Best eSports Players in the UK

Play Like the Best eSports Players in the UK

Go for licensed games

A true gamer needs an officially licensed game. That way, you know the game can’t be but fun and safe to run because you don’t risk getting viruses that could damage your computer.

We advise finding and buying these games from a trusted online store.

That’s the best you can do to protect your personal and gaming information.

Enjoy the game & don’t use cheats

Cheats and cracks can damage your computer. If you think you can protect your rig from that, at least consider that they will ruin your and everyone else’s fun.

How to Start an eSports Career

How to Start an eSports Career

After reading about the best players’ earnings, you might consider enrolling in a professional eSports team. Follow our guide!

  1. Choose your game based on your current preferences and skills
  2. Develop your skills by playing in online tournaments
  3. Become an advanced eSports player by attending specialised university courses
  4. Dedicate your time to perfecting your amateur player CV
  5. Pro gamers risk mental fatigue due to constant exposure to screens. Be aware of that risk and try to live your healthiest life
  6. Market yourself on social media and broadcast your games on Twitch
  7. Finally, send cover letters to your favourite eSports organisations. Now you have to wait for the magic to happen


Who is the best-ranked British Counter-Strike player?

Jaden Ashman, aka Wolfiez, is the best British CS: GO player.

How much do pro eSports gamers earn in Great Britain?

The average payslip for a UK pro gamer ranges from £17,000 to £34,500. The best eSports players may earn even more should they win a major tournament.

How much does a professional eSports gamer play daily?

Depending on game type, pro gamers usually practice for around 6-8 hours daily.
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