CS GO Top Teams: Worldwide and in the UK [2022]

CS GO Top Teams

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We have looked into the overall activity of the CS GO top teams. This is our definitive ranking for the top CS GO teams, both recently and across time.


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Current Top 10 CS GO Teams Worldwide

The first ranking covers the first top 10 CS GO teams worldwide in recent time. We rated their activity based on the most recent tournament results.

While some positions are set in stone, recent team proficiencies tend to be volatile. While some contenders may take some spots, the list presented is as relevant as possible. Our e-sports experts performed an industry-wide comparison of point acquisitions.

Be aware

The first top 10 CS GO teams tend to stay the same, as the point differences are large enough. The following spots in the top 20 CS GO teams may have less certainty and should be taken with a grain of salt.

1. NAVI (Natus Vincere)

NAVI (Natus Vincere)

NAVI has held a high ranking both in recent times and in the past. Their activity ranges across several competitive games, such as DOTA, League of Legends, Rocket League, or PUBG.

However, the gaming club mainly made a name for itself in the Global Offensive scene.

Current NAVI Team

  • S1mple
  • electronic
  • Boombl4
  • Perfecto
  • B1T

Fun fact

S1mple, or Oleksandr Kostyliev, won the 2021 PC player of the year, while Valeri Vakhovskyi, known as B1T, acquired the Rookie of the Year at the Esports Awards.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Finale Highlights

In the PGL Major finale, NAVI and the main contenders G2 butted heads. In the end, NAVI prevailed with a 2-0 score against the opposing team.


NAVI’s most recently updated score sits at around 2261 points. Make sure to consult the rankings and the difference in scores before betting on a line-up on online casino sites. These elements will affect the hosted bookmaker odds.

2. G2 Esports

G2 Esports

G2 is the main opponent for the first place in the top 10 CS GO teams worldwide rating nowadays. While the line-up failed to capitalise on its opportunity to beat the current placeholder, G2 still breaths down the back of NAVI.

Current Main Team

  • huNter
  • NiKo
  • Nexa

Recent G2 Highlights

G2 made some waves during the PGL Major 2021 semi-finals played against Heroic. Thanks to huNter’s quick reflexes in the last round, the team managed to qualify for the Grand Final. The match went into overtime, and during the 34th round, G2’s top player managed to eradicate all Heroic opponents with only 5 seconds to spare until the round’s end. The final score was 19 to 15.


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3. Gambit Esports

Gambit Esports

Gambit has recently been in a tug of war with NAVI for a higher ranking among the top 10 CS GO teams.

Gambit’s Current Team

  • nafany
  • sh1ro
  • interz
  • Ax1Le
  • Hobbit

IEM Fall 2021 Grand Final

While it managed to beat the first ranked roster in the best of three IEM Fall 2021 Europe contest final, with 16 to 7 and 16 to 11 scores, NAVI had its revenge during the PGL Major.

Gambit lost the 2021 PGL Major semi-finals, with a final 16 to 3 score for the best of three matches.

4. NIP (Ninjas in Pyjamas)

NIP (Ninjas in Pyjamas)

NIP is among the top CS GO teams with a history of excellent performances. Its current roster is no lesser. Its most recent success came during the best out of five IEM Fall 2021 Europe tournament.

Current NIP Team

  • Dev1ce
  • hampus
  • REZ
  • es3tag
  • Plopski

Additionally, Björn Pers, with the THREAT tag, is the Swedish team’s current coach.

IEM Fall 2021 Highlights

NIP won the best out of five final against ENCE. Dev1ce especially acquired his 29th trophy, along with an MVP title for his amazing performance during the championship.

5. Heroic


Denmark gave one of the top CS GO teams to date, in the form of Heroic. The esports club was formed by former members of Team X in 2016.

Heroic’s Global Offensive Team

  • stavn
  • cadiaN
  • TeSeS
  • refrezh
  • sjuush

The most notable achievement came on 11 April 2021 when the line-up ended up first in the ESL Pro League Season 13 following a best of three match against Gambit. This was their second S-Tier first-place ranking.

ESL Pro League Season 13 Win

A more recent instance when Heroic made waves was their winning of the best of 1 IEM Fall contest.

6. Virtus.pro


While VP is a Russian professional esports team, several of its former MVPs were exports from Poland’s past Golden Five legendary roster.

The Virtus.pro Roster Presently

  • buster
  • qikert
  • Jame – in-game leader
  • dastan – coach

Virtus.pro certainly is an S-Tier team, having no less than seven first places in this area. More recently, VP won matches against MOUZ and FaZe Clan during the PGL Stockholm 2021, but Heroic dished out their defeat on 11 April 2021.

FaZe Vs Virtus.pro in Stockholm

7. FaZe Clan

Los Angeles’s FaZe Clan is a household name in the world of competitive esports. Various ranking sources place it somewhere between the seventh and eighth places within the top 10 CS GO teams. The fall from grace is due to a recent plunge in performance for the previous number 1 team.

FaZe Clan graph

FaZe Clan Roster

  • rain
  • olofmeister
  • broky
  • Twistzz
  • karrigan – current leader
  • RobbaN – coach

The drop in performance is evident if you look at the team’s past achievements. While FaZe constantly earns first-place rankings, between 2017 and 2018, it managed to do so in S-Tier competitions. The only exception was second place in 2018 at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston.

Since 2019 FaZe fell to the A-Tier. The rank is still stellar, but it only proves a glow of its past shine.

FaZe Clan Best Moments

8. Team Vitality

Team Vitality

Team Vitality is the most proficient among France’s top CS GO teams. It entered the esports scene in late 2018, quickly climbing the pro rankings. However, following a considerable dip in score, in early 2021, Team Vitality is more clinging to its place rather than climbing.

Team Vitality Players

  • apEX – in-game leader
  • ZywOo
  • shox
  • misutaaa
  • Kyojin
  • XTQZZZ – coach

Most recently, Team Vitality scored second place in the ESL Pro League Season 14 tournament, with a 3 – 2 score against the better rated NAVI.

While impressive, only one year before Team Vitality was dishing out defeats to Astralis and NAVI in the Blast Premier: Fall 2020 and Intel Extreme Masters XV – Beijing Online: Europe.

Team Vitality Making Waves in Beijing

9. Copenhagen Flames

Copenhagen Flames

Russia is the country that gave most of the top CS GO players(link catre:/top-CS-GO-players/), but the Scandinavian countries come in a close second. Copenhagen Flames is a Danish esports organisation that started its activity in July 2016.

Copenhagen Flames Members

  • Jabbi
  • nicoodoz
  • roeJ
  • HooXi – line-up leader
  • Zyphon
  • pita – coach

Copenhagen Flames mostly dominated the C and B-Tier tournaments until 10 March 2021. On that faithful day, the roster achieved 3-4th place in the Snow Sweet Snow #2, joining the A-Tier.

Some may think that Copenhagen Flames failed to capitalise on their upswing. However, the team scored first in BLAST Rising 2021 and second in Elisa Invitational Fall 2021. Most notably, Copenhagen Flames gained a footing among S-Tier teams, with its 9-11th ranking in the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

The Team’s Feat in the Stockholm Tournament

10. FURIA Esports

FURIA Esports

South America has a presence among the top CS GO teams and pro tournament scene via the Brazilian FURIA Esports.

FURIA Esports Roster

  • yuurih
  • arT – in-game leader
  • VINI
  • Drop
  • guerri – coach

FURIA hoped to strengthen its S-Tier rank, following the ESL Pro League 12: North America, where it earned first place.


It was the first and only time to this date when FURIA managed this feat. 2021 only came first in the A-Tier Elisa Invitational Summer 2021 and a 5-8th rank in the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Extended List with the Top 20 CS GO Teams

We are not going to the bottom of the top 20 CS GO teams list. You may wonder if you should care about these teams.

The consensus for esports rankings is not so decisive as you may think. Neither in scores nor placings will you find the same ranks on various sources.

Our approach to creating our top CS GO teams list supposed a comparative analysis combined with a qualitative assessment of objective results. Nonetheless, if you will engage in esports betting on various gambling sites, read along. Sometimes it will be worthwhile placing your stake on the underdog.

11. Astralis


Astralis is a 2016-founded Danish esports association partially owned by former members of Team SoloMid and later Team Questionmark line-up.

Currently Active Squad

  • Xyp9x
  • gla1ve – in-game leader
  • Bubzkji
  • k0nfig
  • blameF
  • ave – current coach

Fun facts

  1. NIP’s MVP player dev1ce initially started his Global Offensive activity with Astralis. He won four Majors and two MVP awards in Major tournaments during his five-year tenure with the team.
  2. FaZe Clan’s in-game leader, karrigan, also used to lead the Astralis core roster before becoming the leading player in FaZe and MOUZ line-ups.

Astralis has historically been a team full of talent, both newly discovered and originating from the Counter-Strike era. It’s not a coincidence that both dev1ce and karrigan first made a name for themselves by being top AWPers. And while it currently sits among the lower ranks of the top 20 CS GO teams list, its S-Tier winning streak is perhaps still unparalleled.

Recent Notable Won Tournaments

  • Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Katowice Major 2019: 2:0 against ENCE
  • StarLadder Berlin Major 2019: 2:0 against AVANGAR
  • BLAST Pro Series: Global Final 2019: 2:0 against Team Liquid

Notable Astralis Moments

However, it certainly isn’t a good sign when fans have fonder memories of the former roster. As it stands, the current Astralis line-up still has to live up to the club’s fame.

12. Entropiq


Entropiq is the first Czech team we have the opportunity to feature on the list. However, we are saying this as the entire current line-up is made up of Russian players.

Present Entropiq Roster

  • El1an
  • Lack1
  • NickelBack – leader
  • Krad
  • Forester
  • hooch – coach

Entropiq had an odd trajectory in recent times. Their 9-11th ranking in the S-Tier PGL Major Stockholm 2021 was followed up by their first A-Tier first place in the Pinnacle Fall Series #2. They scored 2:1 against Lyngby Kings.

Entropiq at Pinnacle Fall #2

This peak, unfortunately, preceded two dips in performance. Entropiq ceded first place in REPUBLEAGUE Season 2 and V4 Future Sports Festival – Budapest 2021, earning third and second places instead.

13. ENCE


Formerly ENCE eSports, the association was founded in Finland in 2013.

Active Roster Players

  • doto
  • Snappi – leader
  • Spinx
  • dycha
  • hades
  • sAw – coach

ENCE won A-Tier tournaments with no problems in past years but seemed to find it more difficult to hold first place in S-Tier competitions.

While it holds its deserved place in the top 20 CS GO teams ranking, the 2018 S-Tier tournament win in the StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 6 seems like a distant memory.

ENCE’s Heyday

14. Team Liquid

Team Liquid

While the Netherlands based organisation is primarily known for its success in StarCraft II tournaments, Team Liquid entered the Global Offensive competitive scene in 2015.

Active CS:GO Squad

  • EliGE
  • NAF
  • Stewie2K
  • Grim
  • FalleN – in-game leader
  • adreN – coach

2019 signalled the breakthrough that Team Liquid desperately needed to consolidate their place in the top 20 CS GO teams list. While during 2018, the line-up only managed to be runners up to S-Tier tournament wins, 2019 came with no less than five S-Tier first placements.

Won S-Tier Tournaments

  • Intel Extreme Masters XIV – Sydney
  • DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019
  • ESL Pro League Season 9 – Finals
  • ESL One: Cologne 2019
  • Intel Extreme Masters XIV – Chicago

Best Team Liquid Moments

15. OG


OG is another club that started with another competitive game but also ended up performing in the Global Offensive scene.

The organisation was founded as the DOTA 2 (monkey) Business team in 2015. However, in 2019, it formed a new roster and announced its participation in the CS:GO esports scene.

Current Roster

  • Aleksib – in-game leader
  • valde
  • mantuu
  • niko
  • ruggah – coach

OG had some stellar moments in recent years. The team was ranked 1-3rd in the S-Tier BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 Regular Season.

OG at BLAST Premier: Fall

They followed up on the feat with a second place in Flashpoint Season 2, the last remarkable result of 2020.

Then came 2021 with an A-Tier cup in the Spring Sweet Spring #2 and another second place in the Intel Extreme Masters XVI – Summer. The last remarkable result was its 3-4th ranking in the S-Tier ESL Pro League Season 14.

16. BIG (Berlin International Gaming)

BIG (Berlin International Gaming)

You have seen BIG beat OG in a punishing BLAST Premier final. The 2017-founded German esports association was on an upswing in 2020, but its ranking slowly fell in the following year.

Active Squad

  • tabseN – in-game leader
  • tiziaN
  • syrsoN
  • k1to
  • gade
  • enkay J – coach

BIG Clan has had strong and sustained success across four years by now. It is so rare to see such resilience. Its first signs of success came via two A-Tier tournament wins, Europe Minor Championship – Krakow 2017 and ESEA Season 27: Global Challenge.

BIG entered the S-Tier with second place in ESL One: Cologne 2018. Beyond three more A-Tier cups, 2020 marked the year when the team’s first S-Tier win, at DreamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe.

In 2021, BIG scored a 1-3rd ranking in the S-Tier BLAST Premier: Spring Groups and a win in Funspark ULTI 2020.

BIG Performing in BLAST Premier: Spring

17. MOUZ


Formerly known as mousesports, the Hamburg-based German pro gaming association MOUZ has had some high-performing years recently.

Active Roster

  • ropz
  • frozen
  • Bymas
  • acoR
  • dexter – in-game leader
  • mithR – coach

MOUZ has maintained a presence among the CS GO top teams. Even since its mousesports era, it was an S-Tier winning team. However, MOUZ won its first Global Offensive cup in 2017 at the ESG Tour Mykonos 2017.

MOUZ in Mykonos

Since then, the team further scored five more S-Tier cups. At the end of 2019, it missed the mark at EPICENTER 2019, only getting second place. 2020 was a desert for its successes. The roster only scored an A-Tier cup. Nonetheless, MOUZ remains a contender for the CS GO top teams activating today.

18. Movistar Riders

Movistar Riders

Movistar Riders is a Spanish esports team that began its activity in 2017. It soon became a top contender among the CS GO top teams on a global level around 2019.

Movistar Riders Players

  • ALEX – in-game team leader
  • DeathZz
  • mopoz
  • SunPayus
  • dav1g
  • bladE – team coach

Since its inception, it has scored seven B-Tier cups, starting with 2017’s ESL Masters España 2017 – Season 2. However, its attempt at a breakthrough occurred in 2019. Movistar Riders managed to rank 3-4th and 5-6th in the Copenhagen Games 2019 and Champions Cup Finals A-Tier tournaments.

Movistar Riders in the Cup Finals

However, they have spent their time in B-Tier tournaments since, only managing to impress in discrete instances, such as dishing out a beating to G2. While the results don’t speak much, Movistar Riders may have a chance to stay within the top 20 CS GO teams.

19. Team Fiend

Team Fiend is another American, Global Offensive esports organisation. It is among the more recent entries in the long list of CS GO top teams, founded in March 2021.

Team Fiend Teammates

  • bubble – team leader
  • dream3r
  • v1c7oR
  • h4rn

When you look at the team’s achievements, you will see a string of almost making it. This was the case until 15 October 2021, when Team Fiend won the Elisa Invitational Fall 2021 cup.

Team Fiend Highlights

After sending the Copenhagen Flames favourites to second place, the team disappointingly ranked third in a B-Tier contest and then 3-4th in a follow-up A-Tier tournament. Nonetheless, if you look at the rank evolution across time for Team Fiend, you may still want to consider them one of the top 20 CS GO teams. Don’t lose them out of sight.

Team Fiend Highlights graph



You may remember the team by its previous name, Lyngby Vikings. The Danish esports organisation was founded in 2018.


  • birdfromsky – leader
  • maNkz
  • Daffu
  • WolfY
  • trace – coach

While spending most of 2019 winning C-Tier cups, in 2021, officially entered the B-Tier in full force, winning the Funspark ULTI 2021: Europe Season 3 and Malta Vibes Knockout Series #3 contests.

It also performed in A-Tier tournaments Elisa Invitational Fall 2021 and Pinnacle Fall Series #2, ranking 3-4th and second, respectively.

ECSTATIC at Pinnacle

Top UK CS GO Teams

We will go local and look at top UK CS GO teams across time.

Unfortunately, Great Britain does not have a history of esports performance like Russia, Poland, or Scandinavian countries do. However, across the years, we can find some CS GO top teams with rosters composed of British nationals.

Each team will be ranked based on its final number of points.

1. fnatic 2021

fnatic may be the only outlier as far as top UK CS GO teams go. The line-up saw considerable worldwide success, being ranked 19th globally at some point. The 2021 fnatic team currently has 125 points.

2021 fnatic Moments

Team Members
  • ALEX
  • smooya
  • Brollan
  • mezii
  • keita – coach
HLTV Relevance in Past Events
Event Line-up Relevance
REPUBLEAGUE TIPOS Season 2 5/5 100%
DreamHack Open Nov. 2021 5/5 96.2%
Elisa Invitational Fall 2021 4/5 81.7%
IEM Fall 2021 Europe 4/5 78.3%
ESL Pro League Season 14 4/5 65.2%

2. Endpoint 2017

Endpoint, also known as Team Endpoint, is a professional esports association with activity in various games. It was founded in 2016. In 2017 Endpoint held 21 points.

The 2017 Team
  • weber
  • Immi
  • stan1ey
First Signs of Success

2017 was Team Endpoint’s first peak regarding performance. While only one year later, the line-up would see additions, such as the still-active Luzuh, its point rating was the highest in 2017. While its current roster is completely different, except for MiGHTYMAX, who has stayed with the team, Endpoint has seen unprecedented and sustained success since 2020.

Infused vs Endpoint in 2017

Its performance has gotten to the point that we cannot simply resort to regional rankings and call it one of the top UK CS GO teams. Endpoint, similar to fnatic, and maybe Coalesce, is among the few British groups that joined the CS GO top teams worldwide.

HLTV Relevance in Past Events
Event Line-up Relevance
Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 4/5 92.5%
WESG 2017 Europe & CIS Regional Finals 4/5 85.2%

3. Coalesce 2021

The 2021 Coalesce line-up currently ranks 88th worldwide. This level is a regress from their previous best of 79th globally. Coalesce currently holds 14 in 2021.

Coalesce 2021 graph

Team Roster
  • Ping
  • asTisT
  • Extinct
  • Giraffe
  • volt

Fun fact

Their best rating was achieved when the roster also contained Tadpole. The player left to join Into the Breach, another one of the top UK CS GO teams that we will cover.

HLTV Relevance in Past Events
Event Line-up Relevance
Malta Vibes Knockout Series 3 4/5 100%
BLAST Rising 2021 4/5 96.2%
Pinnacle Cup 2021 3/5 81.7%

4. Infused 2017

Team Infused was an umbrella organisation that fielded teams in Global Offensive, Starcraft 2, DOTA 2, Hearthstone, Halo, and Call of Duty. Infused had 14 points in 2017.

The 2017 Infused Team
  • AaroN
  • ZED
  • MCK
  • Frei

The British line-up was one of the top UK CS GO teams, playing in C and B-Tier championships. The team won the Multiplay Insomnia 51 and 53 titles.

Infused Team in the G1W1 Season 2

HLTV Relevance in Past Events
Event Line-up Relevance
Gfinity Elite Series Season 2 4/5 92.5%
Gfinity Elite Series Season 1 3/5 47.9%

5. Phoenix 2019

Phoenix was formerly known as Epsilon Esports. The team had accumulated 13 points in 2019.

Phoenix 2019 Roster
  • robiin
  • Surreal
  • Thomas

2019 saw a series of attempts on the part of Phoenix to break into the B-Tier scene. During the year, the best it could do was the first place in the C-Tier WESG 2019 West Europe following a game against Team LDLC.

6. Endpoint 2018

Endpoint is currently ranked as the 68th among CS GO top teams. Its peak was the 22nd. Its highest point total since 2018 is 10.

Endpoint’s 2018 Line-up
  • Puls3
  • Luzuh
  • Thomas
The Second Peak

The Second Peak

The 2018 roster only acquired a B-Tier title at Insomnia 63. However, Endpoint is one of the few past top UK CS GO teams that still function and perform in international matches.

Endpoint gained second place in the Pinnacle Cup II and first place in the ALL IN Series show matches.

7. Stifmeister 2017

Stifmeister had its humble peak in 2017. The team brought together some British pro gamers that unfortunately left the Global Offensive scene.

The Stifmeister Team in 2017
  • Astroo
  • Kray
  • Danceyz
  • L1NK

The team itself never managed to earn a cup or title, only ranking second and third in the C-Tier epic.LAN 23 and ESEA Season 26: Main Division – Europe tournaments. Most of its members went on to do better things in other teams. Astroo won the B-Tier ESL Premiership Spring 2019, while Danceyz and L1NK stayed in C-Tier teams and scored some cups.

The only member that is not entirely inactive is L1NK, who retired from Global Offensive and is now playing VALORANT professionally.

8. Into the Breach 2021

Into the Breach is an up-and-coming team that currently holds ten points. The most notable team member may be Tadpole, who left the Coalesce roster after its highest ranking. Its total in 2021 currently sits at 10 points.

allStars vs Into the Breach at ESEA Main 2021

Entire Team
  • isk
  • Tadpole
  • Adam9130
  • Dobbo

The team is ranked 115th globally, which is its highest ranking to date.

HLTV Relevance in Past Events

The team only took part in one important contest, the Malta Vibes Knockout Series 3. With a full line-up, it achieved 85.2% relevance.

9. exceL 2017

ExceL was a multigame esports association that had its top point score of seven points in 2017.

The 2017 Line-Up
  • Whindanski
  • jakem
  • Boaster
  • conoR
  • Luzuh
  • eLe – coach
exceL vs Method at G1W1 Season 1

Despite its low ranking, the team gave some valuable British players that joined other top UK CS GO teams. Luzuh, eLe, and jakem joined the more successful Team Endpoint, while Boaster and conoR are in WE HAWT. Whindanski went on to retire from the pro gaming scene.

10. Feenix 2021

Feenix is another team that’s been on the upswing recently. It ranks the 156th in the global scene. Its best rank was 145. Feenix holds 6 points up until now.

Feenix Team Members
  • husky
  • Mad
  • Dutchy
  • JamieG
  • LVN
  • EMPEROR – team coach

The team didn’t participate in any important tournaments. The only recent win they had was a 2:0 win against AURA UK during ESL Premiership Autumn 2021, followed by a loss to Into the Breach.

Feenix at ESEA Season 39

11. Fierce 2019

Fierce Esports was a British esports team owned and ran by the Fierce PC system builder company.

The Fierce Team in 2019
  • Puls3
  • frei
  • jenko
  • Luzuh
  • Astroo – in-game leader
  • Whitey – coach

While the team some C-Tier tournaments, like Grosvenor Esports Season 2 – Reading Qualifier and epic.LAN 25, most of its members left Fierce on its date of dissolution, 6 February 2020.

Most of its players, including Astroo, who you’ve heard before, joined Stifmeister. Luzuh also rejoined Team Endpoint but also moved around other line-ups.

Fierce Esports during the ESL Premiership Spring 2019

12. FMESPORTS 2016

FMESPORTS also was among the early top UK CS GO teams that are no more.

FMESPORTS at the UK Masters Season 2

2016 Member Line-Up
  • Puls3
  • nEILZiNHo
  • weber
  • stan1ey
  • jenko

The team spent considerable time in B and C-Tier tournaments, winning four C-Tier titles and the ESL Premiership – Spring 2017 cup.

Most of its members joined Method following FMESPORTS’s dissolution in 2017. Only jenko remains active nowadays.

CS GO Top Teams of All Time

Since we have started looking into the past CS GO top teams on a regional level, we might as well pay homage to the best rosters that the scene had in the past.

While choices can be debatable and reducible to preference, we have tried to compile the top CS GO teams list as objectively as possible.

Thus, we adopted the Elo point system, a popular ranking method for competitive sports. Its origins are in the professional chess world, but the method can apply to the CS GO top teams across time.

Top 10 CS GO Teams of All Time

1. Astralis 2019 – 1928 Elo Points

Astralis has always been a well-performing team. While 2021 was difficult for the current roster, that did not manage to win any tier cup. Still, it has chances to live up to its fame of being part of the CS GO top teams of all time.

Astralis at Its Best During IEM Katowice 2019

The 2019 Astralis Players
  • dev1ce – transferred to NIP
  • dupreeh
  • Xy9x – active player
  • gla1ve – current leader of the active squad
  • Magisk
  • zonic – coach, now inactive
2019-2020 Cups & Rankings
Tournament Tier Ranking
Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Katowice Major 2019 S 1st
BLAST Pro Series: Sao Paolo 2019 A 1st
ESL Pro League Season 9 – EU S 1-4th
StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 S 1st
ESL One: New York 2019 S 2nd
ESL Pro League Season 10 – EU S 1-4th
Intel Extreme Masters XIV – Beijing S 1st
Esports Champ. Series S. 8 S 1st
BLAST Pro Series: Global Final 2019 S 1st
ESL One: Road to Rio – EU A 1st
ESL Pro League Season 12: EU S 1st
DreamHack Open Fall 2020 A 3rd
DreamHack Masters Winter 2020: EU S 1st
BLAST Premier: Fall 2020 S 2nd
BLAST Premier Circuit 2020 S 1st
Intel Extreme Masters XV – Global Challenge S 1st

2. Team Liquid 2019 – 1888 Elo Points

Among all-time CS GO top teams rankings, Team Liquid tends to have an established position. While it manages to have a presence in S-Tiered tournaments, its best period has objectively been the 2019 season

The 2019 Team Liquid
  • nitr0 – former leader, retired
  • EliGE – still active
  • Twistzz – plays with FaZe Clan
  • NAF – plays with Luminosity Gaming
  • Stewie2K – still active
A & S-Tiered Cups & Rankings
Tournament Tier Ranking
iBUYPOWER Masters IV A 1st
Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Katowice Major 2019 S 5-8th
ESL Pro League Season 9 – Americas S 1-4th
Intel Extreme Masters XIV – Sydney S 1st
DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 S 1st
ESL Pro Season 9 – Finals S 1st
ESL One: Cologne 2019 S 1st
Intel Extreme Masters XIV – Chicago S 1st
StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 S 5-8th
ESL Pro Season 10 – Americas S 1-4th
Esports Championship Series Season 8 – Finals S 2nd
BLAST Pro Series: Global Final 2019 S 2nd
ESL Pro Season 11: NA S 1st

3. fnatic 2015 – 1870 Elo Points

fnatic may be the one entry among top UK CS GO teams that went on global and performs impeccably. However, the team still has some work to do until it manages to compare to its 2015 feat.

The 2015 fnatic Team
  • flusha – in Red Reserve
  • JW
  • pronax – former leader
  • olofmeister – in FaZe Clan
  • KRIMZ – in the active squad
2015 Rankings & Cups
Tournament Tier Ranking
ESL One Katowice 2015 S 1st
ESEA 18 Global Invite Division S 2nd
PGL CS:GO Champ. Kick-Off S 2nd
FACEIT League 2015 Stage Fin. S 3-4th
DreamHack Open Tours 2015 S 1st
Gfinity Spring Masters 2 S 1st
Fragbite Masters Season 4 S 2nd
DreamHack Open Summer S 1st
ESL ESEA Pro League EU S 1st
ESL ESEA Pro League Finals S 1st
ESL One: Cologne 2015 S 1st
CS:GO Champ. S.1 Group Stage A 1st
DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca S 5-8th
FACEIT 2015 Stage 3 Finals S 1st
Fragbite Masters Season 5 S 1st
ESL ESEA Pro League 2 Finals S 1st
fnatic vs EnVyUs ESL One Cologne 2015 Grand Final

4. Team SoloMid 2015 – 1860 Elo Points

The American esports team has held a strong grip on several S-Tier competitions in recent times. It is a good bet to expect them to join the CS GO top teams series in the future. However, its Elo score has never come close to the 2015 one since.

Team SoloMid at ESL One Cologne 2015

Team SoloMid of 2015
  • cajunb – plays for AGF Esports
  • dev1ce – in NIP team
  • Xyp9x – joined Astralis
  • karrigan – former leader, now part of FaZe Clan
  • dupreeh – played with Astralis recently
  • 3k2 – former coach
2015 Achievements
Tournament Tier Ranking
ESL One: Katowice 2015 S 5-8th
99Damage Masters #1 1 1st
PGL CS:GO Champ. Kick-Off S 1st
FACEIT League Stage 1 Finals S 1st
Fragbite Masters Season 4 S 1st
FACEIT Stage 2 Finals S 1st
Intel Extreme Masters S. X S 2nd
Game Show CS:GO League S. 2 A 1st
ESL Cologne 2015 S 3-4th
ESL ESEA Pro League Invitational S 2nd
DreamHack Open London S 2nd
Counter Pit League A 1st
PGL CS:GO Champ. S.1 Finals S 1st
ESL ESEA Pro League S. 2 EU S 1st

5. MOUZ 2020 – 1843 Elo Points

MOUZ is legendary in the European leagues. Nowadays, it sits at 17th place in the CS GO top teams ranking. In 2020, the situation was different. In a sense, their tournament results have gotten better, but the team ELO is in freefall. The situation may arise from the roster losing three important members, including karrigan, the previous leader.

MOUZ Going Against NAVI at ESL One Cologne 2020

MOUZ Team of 2020
  • chrisJ – inactive
  • ropz – active member
  • karrigan – ex-leader
  • woxic – in Cloud9
  • frozen – active member
2020 Results
Tournament Tier Ranking
ICE Challenge 2020 A 1st
ESL One: Road to Rio – Europe A 13-14th
DreamHack Masters Spring: EU S 13-14th
BLAST Premier: EU Showdown A 5-6th
cs_summit 6 Online: Europe A 13-16th
ESL Pro League S. 12: Europe S 4th
BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown A 1-2nd
DreamHack Masters Winter EU S 2nd
BLAST Premier Fall S 7-8th

6. Team LDLC 2014 – 1834

The team has the backing and sponsorship of LDLC.com, a French electronics store. Nowadays, it sits at around number 58 in official CS GO top teams rankings, with its past peak at 31.

Team LDLC in Its Heyday
  • shox – moved to Team EnVyUs
  • Happy – ex-leader, retired
  • NBK – changed to Team EnVyUs
  • kioShiMa – transferred to Team EnVyUs
  • SmitZz – changed to Team EnVyUs
The 2014 Feat
Tournament Tier Ranking
ESL Major Series One Katowice S 5-8th
Fragbite Masters Season 2 S 4th
DreamHack Valencia 2014 A 1st
ESL One: Cologne 2014 S 3-4th
DreamHack Invitational S 2nd
Hitbox Arena Championship 3 A 1st
StarLadder StarSeries XI S 1st
SEWC 2014 S 2nd
Fragbite Masters Season 3 S 2nd
DreamHack Winter S 1st
MLG X Games Aspen Invit. S 1st

Fun fact

During DreamHack Winter, a match between Team LDLC and fnatic, olofmeister rained terror from above via the controversial Olofboost exploit on Overpass.

The Long Story of the Olofboost

7. FaZe Clan 2018 – 1821 Elo Points

FaZe has been on the down curve from a period when its name was synonymous with esports excellence among CS GO top teams. Perhaps, its top period was around 2018, when it also scored its maximum Elo points.

FaZe Clan Team
  • rain – still in the team
  • karrigan – its ongoing leader
  • NiKo – ex-leader, part of G2 Esports
  • GiardiaN – now in NAVI
  • olofmeister – still in the team
What FaZe Did in 2018
Tournament Tier Ranking
ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 S 2nd
Intel Extreme Masters XIII – Sydney S 1st
ESL One: Belo Horizonte S 1st
EPICENTER 2018 S 1st
Intel Extreme Masters XIII- Chicago S 3-4th
BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen A 4th
FACEIT Major: London 2018 S 5-8th
Memorable FaZe Clan Moments of 2018

8. NIP 2013– 1818 Elo Points

It turned away from classic Counter-Strike to Global Offensive era when NIP nipped one of the highest Elo ratings. With a fourth place in the top CS GO teams currently, we may see its peak performance be superseded in the future.

Ninjas in Pyjamas in 2013
  • Xizt – plays for Heroic
  • GeT_RiGhT – retired
  • Fifflaren – retired
  • friberg – in Dignitas
  • f0rest – in Dignitas
2013 List of Achievements
Tournament Tier Ranking
Esports Heaven: Vienna A 1st
TECHLABS Cup 2013 Moscow A 1st
Copenhagen Games A 1st
ESL Major Series 1 – Spring S 1st
ESEA Global Finals Season 13 S 1st
DreamHack Summer 2013 S 1st
ESEA Global Finals Season 14 S 1st
DreamHack Bucharest 2013 S 1st
StarLadder StarSeries VII S 3rd
ESL Major Series One – Fall S 2nd
Electronic Sports World Cup S 4th
DreamHack Winter S 2nd
Fragbite Masters Season 1 S 1st
Svecup 2013 Grand Finals A 1st
NIP at EMS One Finals 2013

9. Team Envy 2015 – 1814 Elo Points

Starting its activity under the Team EnVyUs moniker, the esports association turned the tables in 2015, scoring impressive feats and wins and ranking among the CS GO top teams worldwide.

The Former Team Envy Roster
  • Happy – went on to Team Vitality
  • NBK – in G2 Esports
  • kioShiMa – now in Cloud9
  • kennyS – G2 Esports
  • apex – G2 Esports
In 2015 They…
Tournament Tier Ranking
Gfinity Spring Masters 1 S 1st
StarLadder StarSeries XII S 1st
DreamHack Open Tours S 2nd
Intel Extreme Masters S. X S 1st
ESL One: Cologne 2015 S 2nd
DreamHack Open London S 1st
DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca S 1st
ESL ESEA Pro League S. 2 Finals S 3-4th
EnVyUs ar ESL One Cologne 2015

10. NAVI 2020 – 1791 Elo Points

NAVI remains on the upswing, being one of gamers’ favourite CS GO top teams. The current roster is promising. Not only does it hold the first spot in the top 10 CS GO teams of the current year, but it can also boast one of the highest Elo scores to date.

NAVI Line-Up
  • flamie – quit the team
  • s1mple
  • electronic
  • Boombl4 – ongoing leader
  • Perfecto
  • B1ad3 – remains the coach
2020 Main Tournament Wins
Tournament Tier Ranking
Intel Extreme Masters XIV – World Championship S 1st
BLAST Premier: Spring Regular S 1-3rd
ESL One: Road to Rio – CIS A 7-8th
WePlay! Clutch Island A 1st
ESL Pro League Season 12: EU S 2nd
Intel Extreme Masters XV S 4th
NAVI’s (and s1mple’s) Best Moments of 2020

BONUS ROUND: Top 11 CS1.6 Teams of the Past

Out of respect for the history of the current esports scene, we will pay homage to the best classic rosters from the days of Counter-Strike 1.6.

More importantly, for those interested in today’s line-ups, you will find several CS GO top teams members in these entries.

1. SK Gaming 2011

2011’s SK Gaming team saw a series of successes across variously tiered tournaments. It won three S-Tier and two A-Tier cups, Including DreamHack, IEM, ESCW, GameGune, and Intel Challenge Super Cup 8. And while it fell on 5-8th rankings in three other instances, as well as on second place in WEG e-Stars and World Cyber Games, the wins outweighed the near-misses.

  • Elo Score: 1875
  • Team: Delpan, face, RobbaN, f0rest, GeT_RiGhT
SK Gaming During the DreamHack Summer Final

2. fnatic 2012

fnatic had one of the longest streaks of won cups during 2012. Beginning with the C-Tier fnatic PLAY league, then ESPORTSM, peaking with the S-Tiered DreamHack Summer, and continuing with Pro Gamer Series Exponor, GameGune, and DreamHack Bucharest.

The star indisputably was karrigan, who would soon become a household name in esports.

With such a solid year and a maintained effort across time, it was only natural that fnatic joined the list of CS GO top teams in later years.

  • Elo Score: 1875
  • Team: Friism, MODDII, karrigan, trace, FYRR73
fnatic’s 2012 Highlights

3. VeryGames 2012

2012 was a transitional period for the organisation. Luckily, VG saw success off the start in both Global Offensive and the 1.6 old school version. During the first part of the year, VeryGames won several A, B, and C-Tiered tournaments. Some notable won contests were Multiplay Insomnia 45 and 46 and CEVO European Skirmish.

  • Elo Score: 1860
  • Team: Ex6TenZ, NBK, RpK, kennyS, SmithZz, RegnaM (backup)

4. mTw 2009

mTw or mortal Teamwork was one of the oldest esports organisations out there. It began activity in March 1998. Unfortunately, it never managed to break into the Global Offensive scene. However, while it did not give one of the top CS GO teams, its CS 1.6 team was legendary.

The mTw team stole the IEM III European championship cup while scoring several first place ranks in A-Tiered contests, like EPS Scandinavia Season I finals, ESL Pro Series World Cup, and Kimplett Gamer Challenge.

  • Elo Score: 1854
  • Team: ave, mJe, zonic, Sunde, whimp
mTw at e-Stars Seoul 2009

5. NIP 2006

Yes, NIP still is one of the top CS GO teams. However, it’s worth noting that its proficiency started a while ago. Plus, we can recall that its 2006 roster included the still-active RobbaN, who’s active in the FaZe Clan.

NIP’s activity in 2006 is just a long series of wins in qualifiers and A and S-Tiered tournaments. The team won WSVG DreamHack Summer, WEF, NGL-One Season 1, KODES, and DreamHack Winter.

  • Elo Score: 1853
  • Team: SpawN, RobbaN, walle, ins, zet
NIP at CPL Winter

6. SK Gaming 2004

SK Gaming started its high Elo streaks in 2004 and still maintains a place in the S-Tiered competitions, the top CS GO teams, and players’ hearts.

In 2004 it held the first-place titles for DreamHack Summer, Nollevla Digital, and the Swedish Esport League Season 7.

  • Elo Score: 1853
  • Team: HeatoN, Potti, fisker, SpawN, ahl
SK Gaming at ESWC 2004

7. Golden Five 2011

More than an esports organisation, the Golden Five represented a team of Polish gamers that simply dominated the scene from 2006 to 2008. However, when considering the objective Elo rating, the five did their best in 2011.

Fun fact

The Golden Five also fathered on of today’s top CS GO teams, Virtus.pro.

  • Elo Score: 1840
  • Team: TaZ, kuben, Loord, pasha, NEO
An Homage to the Golden Five

8. fnatic 2010

fnatic too had an earlier success it had to surpass. In 2010, the line-up won no less than seven competitions.

The A-Tiered contests were: Arbalet Europe, WEG e-Stars – Continental Cup and Komplett Gamer Challenge #2. In the S-Tiers, it won IEM V Global Challenge Shanghai. It made it to second place in IEM IV and the European Championship finals.

  • Elo Score: 1836
  • Team: Gux, cArn, dsn, f0rest, GeT_RiGhT
fnatic at EPS Nordic 2010

9. NAVI 2011

NAVI holds a strong grip on first place in the CS GO top teams list. However, its first success came in 2011, in the Counter-Strike scene. The organisations already created a line-up for Global Offensive, but its top performances still manifested in its precursor.

In 2011, NAVI won the IEM V, Intel Challenge Super Cup, Adepto BH Open, earned second places in ESWC CS 1.6, Samsung Euro Championship, and third places in DreamHack Summer, GameGune, WEG e-Stars, and MSI BEAT IT.

  • Elo Score: 1826
  • Team: starix, ceh9, Zeus, markeloff, Edward
NAVI at DreamHack 2011

10. MOUZ 2008

Under its former name, mousesports, the association claimed several high tier titles in 2008. It won IEM II, EPS Germany Season XII, IEM III Global Challenge Dubai, and ESL Pro Series Germany: Season 13. It also scored second place in GameGune 2018 and WEM 2018.

  • Elo Score: 1821
  • Team: cyx, Kapio, Tixo, gob, gore
Mousesports During 2011

11. VeryGames 2011

VeryGames moved between the C and A tiers across 2011, with several notable wins. It started the year with two second place rankings in C-Tiered tournaments. A win followed these in the A-Tiered Copenhagen Games. VG then managed to get first place in all the tournaments it participated in, including EMS VIII, EPS France: Season X Finals, Masters Francais du Jeu Video, Multiplay Insomnia 43. The ESCW win secured their first S-Tier cup.

  • Elo Score: 1813
  • Team: Ex6TenZ, NBK, RpK, kennyS, SmithZz, RegnaM (backup)
VeryGames at ESWC 2011

Elo Ratings Explained

The Elo Rating system is a calculating method for the relative player skills in zero-sum games.

Hungarian American physicist Élő Árpád Imre devised the method. He initially intended it for chess. However, it applies to any competitive game, starting from American football, basketball, baseball, down to board games and esports.

Hence, the rating system gives us an objective and general way of ranking CS GO top teams. The main idea behind ratings is thus: the difference in Elo scores is a predictor of match outcomes. If a team’s Elo rating is higher, it will likely score more wins against another. However, if two teams’ ratings are equal, the outcome will likely be a stalemate.

The Future of Global Offensive E-sports

While the scene as a whole will only evolve and gain more reputation, the top CS GO teams will always change. The Global Offensive rosters are more fluid than for other games.

Additionally, their performances will always be affected by game updates. This aspect differentiates it from any other competitive sport.

Rank Changes May Occur

Looking back at the CS GO top teams of the past and the current main line-ups, we can expect a return of historical greats. Astralis is on an all-time low and may rise in rank in the future. This may be the case with multiple well-performing organisations not among the first top 10 CS GO teams.

But Some Positions Are Locked In

However, for the moment, NAVI has a definitive rating advantage over all other teams. for the time being, the main top 10 CS GO teams are locked in place. The only change may occur during the future season of S-Tiered relevant tournaments.

The Future for Top UK CS GO Teams

As for the top UK CS GO teams, 2021 has been the first time Great Britain provided several line-ups whose importance is global.

We can expect British esports teams to perform better in future years.


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