9 Famous English Cricket Players in 2022

Famous Cricket Players

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The game of cricket enjoys global popularity, making it one of today’s leading sports in fans’ preferences. And Great Britain boasts some of the most distinguished cricket players the game has ever seen.

The most famous English cricketers are renowned for their agility, gameplay technique, skills, and sportsmanship. In the guide below, we provide a list of the top-ranked cricket players in the UK.

Overview of famous English cricketers

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Cricket Player Years of Activity Height Role Matches
Ben Stokes 2009-Present 1.85 cm All-rounder 79
Joe Root 2009-Present 1.83 cm Top-order batsman 117
Monty Panesar 2006-2013 1.85 cm Bowler 50
Stuart Broad 2005-Present 1.96 cm Bowler 152
James Anderson 2000-Present 1.88 cm Bowler 169
Jonny Bairstow 2009-Present 1.78 Wicket-keeper-batsman 83
Alastair Cook 2002-Present 1.88 cm Opening batsman 161
Jos Buttler 2009-Present 1.83 cm Wicket-keeper-batsman 57
Jofra Archer 2016-Present 1.82 Bowler 13

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Credit: Sky Sports

England’s most famous cricket players at the moment have attained an outstanding level of skill in the game—and they have an endless string of cups, trophies, and records to prove it.

Let’s take a closer look at their achievements in our England cricket players’ name list.

Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes
Source: icc-cricket.com
Criteria Batting & Fielding Runs Batting & Fielding Inns Bowling Runs Bowling Inns
ODI 2871 86 3078 85
Test 5055 144 5541 125
T20I 442 28 717 490
FC 8848 8848 10345 238
List A 4772 4772 4565 131
T20 2865 2865 2669 109

Credit: The Guardian UK

Benjamin “Ben” Andrew Stokes is a true all-rounder—and a livewire on the pitch to boot.

He’s vice-captain of the England Test team and had multiple appearances in England One Day Internationals. Moreover, he has played for the Twenty20 International team.

Stokes is renowned for his left-handed batting style and, when bowling, his efficient right-handed fast-medium technique.

Ben Stokes holds the following records:

  • Number 1 for most runs in an innings (258)
  • Number 2 for most sixes in an innings (11)
  • Rated for 190 test matches

Joe Root

Criteria Batting & Fielding Runs Batting & Fielding Inns Bowling Runs Bowling Inns
ODI 6109 142 1491 68
Test 9884 214 2045 111
T20I 893 30 139 9
FC 14263 318 3136 176
List A 7393 180 1990 93
T20 1994 76 655 42
Joe Root
Source: espncricinfo.com

Joe Root is known for his backward trigger moves that can transform the mood of a game on matchday.

He’s led the England One Day International before, captained the national team, and appeared in the Twenty20 International team.

Root is highly rated among Indian bowlers for playing the ball late and dragging the backfoot with ease. He’s also won numerous Player of the Series awards.

Joe Root holds the next records:

  • Number 1 for most hundreds in a series (5)
  • Number 1 for most runs in a series by a captain (1170)
  • Number 1 for fifties in consecutive matches (12)
  • Number 7 for most matches as a captain (63)

Monty Panesar

Criteria Batting & Fielding Runs Batting & Fielding Inns Bowling Runs Bowling Inns
ODI 26 8 980 26
Test 220 68 5797 85
T20I 1 1 40 1
FC 1536 270 22135 0
List A 141 29 2892 0
T20 7 7 816 32
Monty Panesar
Source: liverpoolecho.co.uk

When it comes to famous English cricketers, Mudhsuden “Monty” Singh Panesar rules the game with his unique skill set.

Did you know?

He’s played for the England Cricket National Team since 2006 when he was propelled into the national limelight and has since earned a stream of trophies and awards.

Panesar’s languid play on the pitch provides lots of excitement for national team supporters.

When England played in Mumbai in November 2012, he returned 19 wickets with Graeme Swann to refresh a record not broken in 54 years.

Records held by Monty Panesar:

  • Number 1 (with Graeme Swann) for most wicket partnership in a match (19)
  • Number 24 for most ducks in a career (20)

In the attention of our readers

In 2016, Panesar has retired from playing professional Cricket.

Stuart Broad

Criteria Batting & Fielding Runs Batting & Fielding Inns Bowling Runs Bowling Inns
ODI 529 68 5364 121
Test 3412 224 14932 280
T20I 118 26 1491 55
FC 5469 343 22888 0
List A 620 80 6591 0
T20 152 32 2144 83

Credit: Irvine times

Stuart Broad Source: skysports.com

A list of the best England cricketers wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Stuart Broad, who’s made 150 appearances with the national team.

In fact, he’s one of just three England cricketers to hold the record for the most appearances!

Broad has captained the One Day team and the Twenty20 international team.

This stellar sportsman is a favourite among bookmakers, who closely follow his career as one of the greatest English cricketers of his generation.

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Records Stuart Broad holds:

  • Number 2 for most ducks in a career (39)
  • Number 2 for most runs in an innings by batting position (169)
  • Number 10 for most test matches in a career (152)

James Anderson

Criteria Batting & Fielding Runs Batting & Fielding Inns Bowling Runs Bowling Inns
ODI 273 79 7861 191
Test 1262 239 17014 314
T20I 1 4 552 19
FC 1916 348 25334 0
List A 376 105 10230 0
T20 23 10 1318 44
James Anderson
Source: skysports.com

James Michael Anderson is one of the most famous English cricketers to ever step foot on the pitch.

He’s had a long collaboration with the Lancashire County Cricket Club and has also played for the national cricket team.

Anderson has a reputation in cricket as one of the fastest and most prolific bowlers the game has ever seen. He’s had numerous One Day and Test match appearances for England and holds a record 500-plus Test wickets.

James Anderson holds the following records:

  • Number 2 for most matches in a career (169)
  • Number 3 for most runs in an innings by batting position (81)
  • Number 5 for most innings before first duck (54)

Jonny Bairstow

Criteria Batting & Fielding Runs Batting & Fielding Inns Bowling Runs Bowling Inns
ODI 3498 81 0 0
Test 4779 146 0 0
T20I 1190 57 0 0
FC 12427 325 1 1
List A 5420 143 0 0
T20 3904 153 0 0
Jonny Bairstow
Source: yorkshirepost.co.uk

Jonathan “Jonny” Marc Bairstow is one of the best England cricketers on the field today, boasting multiple appearances in the Twenty20 and Indian Premier leagues.

Bairstow has shown he’s an efficient wicketkeeper and batsman and is well on his way to hitting 100 Tests for his country.

Few can rank higher on the England cricket players’ name list than this outstanding sportsman.

Records by Jonny Bairstow:

  • Number 5 for most catches in an innings (6)
  • Number 5 for most dismissals in an innings (6)

Alastair Cook

Criteria Batting & Fielding Runs Batting & Fielding Inns Bowling Runs Bowling Inns
ODI 3204 92 0 0
Test 12472 291 7 2
T20I 61 4 0 0
FC 24841 568 216 0
List A 6510 176 10 0
T20 892 30 0 0
Alastair Cook
Source: skysports.com

Alastair Cook played for the England cricket national team for many years, earning his place on the famous cricketers UK lists and making him a household name in the game.

As a batsman, he uses his left hand while bowling off the break—a signature bowling style.

Cook also plays for the Essex County Cricket Club, where he’s known for taking to the pitch like a standard-bearer. His international career for the England cricket team spanned 12 years, boasting numerous trophies and medals, which are further proof of his superior gameplay technique.

Records owned by Alastair Cook:

  • Number 1 for most consecutive test matches for a team (159)
  • Number 4 for most consecutive matches as a team captain (57)
  • Number 5 for most runs in a career (12472)

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Besides cricket, football is one of the most popular sports among Britons, with the oldest football players in the UK stealing the show at every grand event.

Jos Buttler

Criteria Batting & Fielding Runs Batting & Fielding Inns Bowling Runs Bowling Inns
ODI 3872 123 0 0
Test 2907 100 0 0
T20I 2140 80 0 0
FC 5888 199 11 1
List A 6038 183 0 0
T20 7335 276 0 0
Jos Buttler
Source: thepapare.com

Jos Buttler is a global superstar cricketer, holding some of the highest Twenty20 rating records of all time. He’s also acted as vice-captain of the England Twenty20 and One Day teams.

This famed batsman is noted for his vast fan following on and off the pitch.

In 2021, Buttler smashed 85 in the India vs England game, making headlines for his polished skills and intuitive gameplay. He’s recorded 148 ODI, 57 Tests, and 88 T20I as of Q1 2022. With such an imposing resume, he’s one of the most famous English cricketers on the field today.

Jos Buttler’s Records:

  • Number 2 for most catches in a series (49)
  • Number 2 for most dismissals in a series (30)

Jofra Archer

Criteria Batting & Fielding Runs Batting & Fielding Inns Bowling Runs Bowling Inns
ODI 27 9 720 17
Test 155 20 1304 24
T20I 19 2 371 12
FC 1201 63 4510 82
List A 219 20 1365 30
T20 551 61 3446 118
Jofra Archer
Source: skysports.com

Jofra Archer was born in Barbados but has represented England and Sussex throughout his cricket career. He’s fast on the ball and, to date, boasts a record-winning throw of 154.65 km/h.

He started his England International career in April 2019 and quickly became one of Britain’s most famous cricket players.

Archer is held in high regard by players and fans alike for his bowling prowess. Moreover, he regularly makes the headlines and has appeared in numerous articles.

Impressive records held by Jofra Archer:

  • Rated for balls in career (2609)
  • Rated for runs in career (bowling) (1304)
  • Rated for wickets in career (42)

Famous cricketers in the UK: And we’re out!

The game of cricket is enduringly popular in England, with a lengthy history and a considerable following across the country.

The most famous English cricketers have made a name for themselves both at home and abroad, and they continue to attract the attention of global fans of this true gentleman’s sport.

While even greater stars of the game are likely to emerge in the years ahead, we’ll never forget the contributions of these legendary players.

Share your thoughts with us!

What do you think of our list? Did we miss a player you think deserves a spot? Debate our picks and share your own in the comment section.


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