Best gifts for gamblers: 2022 ultimate list

Best gifts for gamblers

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Finding suitable gifts for gamblers is not the easiest job. Trust casino experts on this one. We bring you hand-picked gift ideas for casino lovers and where to find them!


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Where to buy exquisite gambler’s gifts?

Online shop Price Range Delivery Price Delivery Time
Amazon $10 – $250 $7 – $105 7-11 days
Etsy $16 – $950 $2 – $5 3-5 days
Zazzle $5 – 80 Free – $30 2-8 days
Talking Tables $10 – $70 Free – $45 3-5 days
RedBubble $1 – $120 $8 – $15 7-15 days
Whimsical Gifts $30-$150 $5-$15 2-5 days

Gifts for slot machine players

As experts in the field, we know a thing or two about slot players, and it’s a fact that they seek memorable gaming experiences, sometimes attained through casino bonuses. Unfortunately, you cannot give bonuses as gifts since casinos strictly forbid the practice of signing-up and claiming a bonus in another person’s name.

That means we have to put our creativity to work and come up with other casino lover gift ideas that would make a great impression.

  • Slot machine replica

Slot machine replica

A slot machine replica was probably the first thing to cross your mind when you froze in your tracks wondering what gift to give to the casino goer in your life.


You wouldn’t go wrong with this replica, but some players are particularly fastidious. Even if they like to play on top slot sites, they might not be so keen on playing with a toy.

Satisfying the picky

An authentic slots gambler won’t be dazzled by a replica. They might end up stunned by its limited functionality. But give them an old, original slot machine, and they’ll be yours forever.

Original gaming machines are not that hard to find. All it takes is a Google search to spot a real, functional slot machine for sale. For example, casinos sometimes sell their old slots to make room for newer models.

However, such a gift would be a bit costly. Prices usually start at $1000, and a well-preserved antique slot machine can reach up to $300000.

  • Fruit machine keychains

Fruit machine keychains

Gifts for gamblers don’t need a hefty price tag to be enjoyed. When your budget is somewhat limited, or you’re on the home stretch, a symbolic gift could hit the spot just as well. Slot machine keychains can be a great choice in this situation.

Your gambler buddy may find a place for the mini-slot keychain in their car and pull the small handle to spin the reels while waiting at traffic lights. Or they can hang it on their backpack to make a statement.

You can buy them something more valuable later, but don’t miss out and put a smile on your recipient’s face now.

  • Customised gambler’s bedding

Customised gambler's bedding

Finding proper gifts for gamblers is no easy task. You have to think like one. A more accessible and straightforwardly useful present would be gambling-themed bedsheets, blankets, or pillows.

Etsy sells a cute 777 pillow that fits perfectly in our selection of the best gifts for casino lovers. Your recipient will gladly take the gambling experience with them as far as the bedroom or use it as decoration in the living room.

  • Casino watch

Casino watch

A watch is one of the best gifts for gamblers, as its utility is universal. And luckily, not every casino-themed watch is worth more than half a million dollars, as it’s the case with Swiss-designed The Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon model.

This handmade casino watch is one of those affordable casino gifts that will leave a lasting impression. Any slot player would be delighted to wear this elegant item. And even more so when you think it’s optimised for urban life with a scratch-resistant glass, water-resistant case, and comfortable leather band.

Unique presents for roulette masters

A roulette player has a distinctive psychology compared to the other 3 types of gamblers. Most are attracted by the symbolic secrets of the roulette wheel numbers and wager on this casino game in consequence. Therefore, the gifts for gamblers of this type must reflect it.

We think the following gift ideas will suit the majority of roulette players. Still, you can always go a step further and tailor them to fit the needs and preferences of your friend.

  • Personalised gambler’s clothing

Personalised gambler’s clothing Source:

You can add some spice to your friend’s wardrobe with personalised clothing. Browsing through the online shops searching for exquisite gifts for casino lovers, we thought this quality hoodie would make the cut.

It’s available in all sizes and 12 colours, so you’ll indeed find a proper fit. Gift your gambler friend some comfort and style and have a good laugh at the printed message.

Gambler garments alternatives

  1. Cotton roulette necktie
  2. Roulette cufflinks
  3. Gambler’s face mask
  4. ‘Authentic slot player’ button
  5. Jackpot socks
  • Roulette drinking game

roulette drinking games Source:

Technically, real money games don’t blend well with alcohol.

It’s important to remind players that alcohol will make them spend more, but luckily this roulette-shaped drinking game doesn’t involve gambling. It will turn a monotonous evening into a laughter-filled party, as each spin dictates what everyone drinks.


Fill the shot glasses with your favourite beverages and spin the wheel. Get creative and find different ways to play the game.

  • Roulette-themed drinks tray

Roulette-themed drinks tray Source:

Speaking of drinks, we thought this next item is one of the best gifts for roulette players.

A handmade roulette themed tray is one of those gamble gifts that hit the spot. This classy item is crafted with great care and high-quality materials, so it would surely find its place in a gambler’s home.

Whoever you intend to give this tray may use it as an actual serving tray and impress their fellow players. But they can just as well hang it somewhere and make a decoration out of it. We know for certain that they’re in for a pleasant surprise.

  • Mini-casino games kit

Mini-casino games kit Source:

Who said you could only play table games at the casino? You can host your own casino night at home with a complete kit, including everything you need to play poker, roulette, and blackjack at home. You don’t have to worry about the rules, as each game comes with leaflets to make everything clear.

Your friend will surely appreciate this most suited of gamble gifts. That’s especially true if they’re part of a community of fellow players who love to gather around the table and unwind from the day’s efforts through social gambling.

Bonus: Deluxe Roulette wheel

Bonus Deluxe Roulette wheel Source:

If your friend is a regular player on live Roulette websites in the UK, that says something about their gift preferences. Since they seek authentic gaming sessions and a life-like experience, a life-size roulette wheel would make a powerful impression.

So, if budget is not a problem, why settle for miniature game kits when you can bring something closer to the real deal in your peer’s home?

This roulette wheel is built from solid wood and blends well in a stylishly furnished home.

A cards player’s delight

It’s time to find the perfect gifts for gamblers who play blackjack or poker. A player is known by the game they play. In other words, this type has its distinctive psychology as well.

Given that blackjack and poker train some of the players’ predictive abilities, we have to come up with original ideas that they won’t be able to anticipate.

  • Ace-shaped bottle opener

Ace-shaped bottle opener

Blackjack and poker pros know that you should never play these games while drinking because alcohol impairs your judgment and tends to make you spend more. Still, friends gathering for a cards evening often can’t help but have a cold one.

This stainless-steel Ace-shaped bottle opener could make a positive impact at gambler’s gatherings. The product comes in a 10-pack, so you’ll have one for every member of your group.

  • Custom poker print mug

Custom poker print mug

Some will tell you that gifting a custom print mug is an easy choice, but they don’t know any better. Your poker buddy will love the design, and most likely, they’ll ditch their everyday coffee vessel for this one. It feels good to know that they will actually put your gift to use.

The message on the mug is relevant as well. It’s natural that a dedicated player will talk incessantly about their sharpness, brag about the sizable pot they claimed last evening, or chat with you about their latest adventures at live casinos’ tables, where they emerged on top against people from all over the world.

  • Aces earrings for her

Aces earrings for her

As women make up just 5% of poker players, you can help bridge the gender gap by supporting the female poker players in your life. Naturally, that involves symbolic gifts which affirm their talent.

In this vein, handmade casino gifts make their way to our list once more with an elegant pair of Ace-shaped earrings. Impress her with an original accessory that will bring out the best of any outfit and even serve as a glamorous lucky charm.

  • Cyberpunk decks of cards

Cyberpunk decks of cards

Suppose your giftee is not only a die-hard poker or blackjack player but also an avid FPS video games consumer. In that case, you have a chance to kill two birds with one stone by offering these Cyberpunk playing cards. The hand-drawn Sci-Fi designs are beautiful.

Moreover, these decks of cards are clearly of superior quality. These won’t get wrinkled from continued use, so you’re offering something that holds aesthetic value but also breathes practicality.

Best picks to impress a sports bettor

A sports punter may be the hardest to satisfy, especially if you’re not very into sports yourself. We’ve got your back on this one.

We have inside knowledge that this type of gambler loves gifts that enhance their betting experience, so make sure you consider our picks.

  • Wagering notebook

Wagering notebook

Geeky sports bettors have a habit of writing down their observations about a match or patterns within a league to refine their future predictions. If your friend is serious about betting and doesn’t simply wager around without a clue, a personalised notebook may be the perfect pick.

You’ll help your friend keep track of their bets much easier with the pre-printed sections for wager size, odds, potential winnings, event date and personal notes.

  • Strategy books

Strategy books

No matter how expert your friend thinks they are at betting, more knowledge is always welcome. Ed Miller’s book goes deep into how sportsbooks operate and verified methods to maximise profits over the long term.

The book is written in simple terms, but that doesn’t take away its explanatory power. You’ll help your friend achieve a better understanding of betting lines and how to build a sustainable strategy. Trust us. They’ll be grateful.

  • A subscription for on-demand live sports content

A subscription for on-demand live sports content

Betting without watching the game is a pain, and often punters struggle as they have to sign-up on multiple streaming services. This can become a bit costly.

So, among our best gifts for gamblers in the sports domain, we must include Amazon Prime or other services that host fan-favourite competitions live. Prime’s advantage is that it offers a comprehensive channels list, with live events from the most important competitions worldwide.

  • Favourite team merchandise

Favourite team merchandise

Your bettor friend likely holds a particular team or teams in a special place of their heart. Maybe they were a fan since childhood or fell in love with that team’s play later in life, after a God-sent goal in the 95th minute. Whatever the case, they will be glad to be gifted that team’s merchandise.

Go on Amazon and type in the team’s name and the ‘merchandise’ keyword. Within seconds, you’ll be amazed at how diverse a team’s merch catalogue is. Items range from T-shirts, flags, caps, scarves to even sandals, keyrings, and Christmas stockings.

Bonus: ‘Sports betting is cool’ Christmas decoration

The holidays are just around the corner, so help your friend create the ultimate punter’s Christmas tree with a customised decoration. This is another way to combine tailored gifts for gamblers with immediate useability.

We compiled this list to help you find the best gifts for gamblers more easily. While many of these have a lot of potential, you should always strive to take note of your friends’ unique personalities.

So, one central point remains. Try to reflect the gambler’s preferences in your gift. You have a higher chance of making a lasting impression.

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