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GTA Casino Heist

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Making money in GTA Online can often be a gruesome job, especially when you need seven-figure deals to keep the good times rolling.

You’ve probably installed the GTA Casino Heist update, but don’t yet know how to get on with the mission. From dynamic planning to setting everything in motion, this complete GTA guide helps you reap maximum profit.

Planning the GTA Diamond Casino Heist

Planning the GTA Diamond Casino Heist

As part of the GTA 5 Casino Heist update, purchasable Arcade properties were added to Los Santos and Blaine County. Even though buying one costs you over $1 million, the Arcade business is not profitable in itself.

What is profitable are the elements you unlock by purchasing it, which also includes the Heist mission.

You start by analyzing the casino and vault contents, then moving on to selecting your approach, crew members, and executing prep missions. It all leads up to the GTA Diamond Casino heist payout, worth $3 million.

How to Begin the Diamond Casino Heist

To begin the GTA Casino Heist, you need to buy either Arcade location:

  • Eight-Bit – $2,530,000
  • Insert Coin – $2,345,000
  • Warehouse – $2,135,000
  • Videogeddon – $1,875,000
  • Wonderama – $1,565,000
  • Pixel Pete’s – $1,235,000

Play smart and buy the one located near the Diamond Casino & Resort!

Once the setup is complete, enter your Arcade’s office and find the route to the basement by interacting with the Lester Speaks fortune teller.

Then you’ll find a planning board and you may initiate the mission.

This Mission’s New Characters

This Mission’s New Characters

Below is the list of major and optional characters in the GTA Heist:

  • Georgina Cheng
  • Huang
  • Jimmy De Santa
  • Wendy
  • Yung Ancestor
  • Danny Brown
  • Skepta
  • Karl Abolaji
  • Gustavo Mota
  • Patrick McReary
  • Karim Denz
  • Taliana Martinez
  • Rickie Lukens
  • Christian Feltz
  • Zhao
  • Pansy
  • Los Santos Slasher

Video Walkthrough part 1

Diamond Casino Interior

Diamond Casino Interior

As you enter the casino through the main lobby and get past reception, you can see an area for horse betting, two VIP stands, the cashier booth, a bar and a wider surface filled with slot machines.

Mission-related Areas

Once you’re done with the planning in the basement, go to the Resort to scope out the mission area.

Your objective is to click pictures of the entry, exit points, and security setup of the casino to gather necessary intel for heist preparations.

The Entrance

The Entrance

Upon reaching the Casino, your mission of mapping the target begins right from the main entrance. You have to take pictures of:

  • The main entrance (glass doors)
  • The Valet at the main entrance
  • Reception Desk
  • Security Guards
  • CCTV (mounted at the ceiling)

The Roof Terrace

Besides the reception, there’s an elevator that will take you straight to the Roof Deck, a lavish resort area with swimming pools and other luxurious arrangements where guests can socialize.

You are to take snaps of the following spots:

  • The door behind the bar
  • The door near the pool
  • The two security doors in the back
  • The wall-mounted CCTV camera
  • The north and the south helipad entrances

Master Penthouse

  1. Find the door to the Master Penthouse area on the roof.
  2. Once you enter the suite, go to the management area and snap a picture of the blueprint on Ms. Bakers’ desk.
  3. The blueprint is of the vault you need to crack open later in the heist.

The Parking Garage

Now, reach the elevator again or grab a parachute to descend and take pictures of:

  • The North entrances of the casino
  • Security Tunnel Entrance
  • Sewer Tunnel Entrance

Video Walkthrough part 2

Mission Cars

Mission-restricted Cars Inspiration Car Where to get them
Grotti Furia Pininfarina Battista Legendary Motorsport
RUNE Zhaba Sherp ATV Warstock Cache & Carry
Karin Sultan Classic Subaru Impreza Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Nagasaki Outlaw Can-Am Maverick X3 Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Declasse Drift Yosemite Hoonitruck Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Dinka Sugoi Honda Civic Type R. Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Dinka Blista Kanjo Honda Civic Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Nagasaki Stryder Lazareth Triazuma Legendary Motorsport

Picking the Best Casino Heist Getaway Car

On the planning board where you have to select the getaway car, make sure that you pick the ‘Sentinel Classic’ (Sultan Classic) option.

It provides the best possible protection for when you’ll be tailed by the entire GTA police force.


You need to select Eddie Toh as the driver. He will make you steal two Sultan Classics as getaway vehicles.

Weapons for this Mission

Mission Weapon Inspiration Weapon How to get it
Ceramic Pistol Heckler & Koch P7 Follow the Heist path
Navy Revolver Colt 1851 Navy Revolver Complete ‘Los Santos Slasher’
Hazardous Jerry Can Petrol Canister Heist Preparation mission “Maintenance Gear Part 2”

You’re going to need all of them for specific purposes throughout the mission!

Which GTA Casino Mystery Prize to Choose?

Which GTA Casino Mystery Prize to Choose

Depending on the hacker you hire, your preparations and how smoothly you execute the heist, you can loot in abundance.

Make sure you buy yourself enough time to loot the vault.

Here’s the list of estimated values:

  • Cash – $2,115,000
  • Art – $200,000
  • Gold – $200,000
  • Diamond – $1,175,000

Gambling at the Diamond Casino

Gambling at the Diamond Casino
  1. Go to the GTA Casino reception and access Guest Services.
  2. Purchase ‘Buy Membership’ for $500.
  3. Alternatively, you can also buy the penthouse for $1,500,000 and automatically become a VIP.

Normal membership will let you play all the regular games, whereas the VIP membership grants you access to the VIP lounge and a higher gambling allowance.

In-game vs real life VIP programs

Many top UK online casinos provide VIP schemes, but here access is mostly granted by invitation. Comparatively, in GTA you can claim your VIP spot for $50,000.

For the $500 membership fee, you will be given 5,000 chips. You can use these chips for gambling purposes.

Claim your daily chips

As a registered player, you can also claim 1000 chips daily by going to the Cashier Services booth, much in the same way you get free daily spins for UK online slots!

Diamond Casino Games

  • Blackjack
  • Three Card Poker
  • Roulette
  • Slots
  • Lucky Wheel
  • Horse betting


In ‘Slots’, Try the ‘Deity of the Sun’ machines as these give the highest payouts.

What Is the GTA Diamond Casino Heist Payout?

What Is the GTA Diamond Casino Heist Payout

After completing it for the first time, you can play the heist in hard more for a maximum payout of $3,619,000.

However, the payout will also vary depending on the style of the heist you choose:

  • Silent Approach
  • Big Con Approach
  • Aggressive

Out of these three, ‘Aggressive’ has the least payout as you lose cash by taking gunfire damage from police.

Big Con Approach is the most rewarding approach, since the disguise offers you the most time to loot inside the vault.

The GTA Diamond Casino

The GTA Diamond Casino

The mission was included as part of the DLC update released for Grand Theft Auto Online on December 12th, 2019.

Although it’s not a favorite for players looking for substantial profits, the gameplay experience is nothing short of the best GTA San Andreas casino missions.

Pathway to Los Santos

When you load into GTA Online for the first time, you’ll receive a text message from the LS Car Meet over in the Cypress Flats area of Los Santos, located on the southeast side of the map.

The “LS” icon will appear after you accept the quest.

Go to the location to trigger the mission.

The story of Diamond Casino

Located in East Vinewood, the Casino is the crown jewel of Los Santos. On paper, it is a casino business and resort.

But it is also the favorite place of the elites to blow some steam off with high-stakes gambling, celebrity parties, and lavish penthouse suites.

In other words, it is the ultimate target for thugs who would like to grab a share of this pie through illicit means.

That is where the protagonists come in with the master plan to clean out the jackpot.


How can I find the Diamond Casino in GTA 5?

You can easily pinpoint the Casino on the map, at the junction of Vinewood Park Drive and Vinewood Boulevard down in East Vinewood, Los Santos. 

How can I trigger the GTA Casino Heist?

After buying an Arcade, walk into the office of your Arcade and interact with the fortune teller on the rear wall. This will grant you access to the staircase leading to the basement room, where the planning board awaits.

Can I increase my earnings from the GTA Casino Heist?

By executing the heist more efficiently or playing it in hard mode, you can increase your payout. Also, it heavily depends on which path you take out of the three possible ways. 

What is the Diamond Casino heist payout?

It varies according to the game mode, the highest for the easy mode being $3,290,000, whereas $3,619,000 for the hard mode. The style chosen for the heist will also affect the final amount in hand.

How can I gather diamonds through the GTA Casino Heist mission?

Rockstar randomly assigns vault contents, and there’s no guaranteed reward. Furthermore, diamonds are a limited-time reward, mostly added following the release of a new event week or the GTA Online Weekly Update, which occurs on Thursdays.
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