How many Player Packs do you need to get Mbappé in FIFA 22?

How to get Mbappe in FIFA 22

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FIFA 22 was released by EA on 27th September 2021. This edition’s leading figure is Kylian Mbappé.

Mbappé and Messi are the greatest players of FIFA 22, and every fan hopes to get their cards.

To get the long-awaited Mbappé card, you must be fortunate, play a lot, or buy numerous packs.

You can enjoy FIFA 22 on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Google Stadia platforms.

FIFA 22 Packs

FIFA 22 Packs

FIFA 22 has three main types of packs: regular, free, and promotional. Each has its own set of players and items.

There are over 200 player packs, but few of them can give you the Mbappé special card.

Some packs can give you Kylian Mbappé, but his drop rate is poor in all of them.

In theory, all packages with the words “rare players” contain Mbappé cards.

The Jumbo Rare Players Pack has the highest probability of giving the TOTY cards. This pack can contain 24 high-rated players and items, including gold and rare ones.

How can you get FIFA 22 Player Packs?

How can you get FIFA 22 Player Packs

  • Once you subscribe to specific platforms, you will receive free packs.
  • Daily Challenges and Objectives are also a free way of getting packs. These challenges are different from one another, and each has its pack you can get.
  • Competing and advancing in rank is the surest way. You can choose to play in the Division Rivals, Weekend League, or Squad Battles.

FIFA 22 divisions and ranks

FIFA 22 has ten regular divisions and 1 Elite division. Each division has five ranks. The more you play competitively, the more chances you have to win players’ packs. You can get a base reward or an upgrade reward, depending on your performance.

What are your odds of getting Mbappé?

What are your odds of getting Mbappé

There are 11 TOTY cards, and Kylian Mbappé appears on one. The Jumbo Rare Players Pack provides the highest probability you have to get a TOTY card.

Probability to get a TOTY card

Each Jumbo Rare Players Pack shows a 1.3% probability of containing 1 TOTY card.

Since Mbappé is only on one card, the odds of getting him are 0.12%. In other words, gambling games like online blackjack have lower house edges than your odds of getting this card.

How many Player Packs do you need to open?

To answer the question, you must open around 850 Jumbo Rare Players Packs to get this card. This would cost £11.330.5, 85.000.000 coins, or 1.700.000 FIFA points.

The cruel fact is that FIFA 22 Player Pack odds are abysmal, despite coming with a steep price. This discrepancy urged many European nations to take steps towards banning Player Packs by deeming them unregulated gambling.

As opposed to licensed and fair online casinos, loot box systems showcase aggressive marketing, unstated odds, lack of transparency in functionalities, and no minor nor addiction protections.

Team Of The Year

Team of the year

TOTY, or Team of The Year, has 11 players + 1 extra player card with Cristiano Ronaldo. Their card scores are above 93.

Players in TOTY

Player Position Rating
Robert Lewandowski Striker 98
Lionel Messi Right Wing 98
Kylian Mbappé Striker 97
Ruben Dias Centre back 97
Jorginho Centre midfield 97
Gianluigi Donnarumma Goalkeeper 96
N’Golo Kanté Central defensive midfield 96
Kevin De Bruyne Centre midfield 96
Marquinhos Centre back 95
Joao Cancelo Left back 94
Achraf Hakimi Right back 93

There is a 12th card added based on an in-game vote by the players that choose between Salah, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Karim Benzema.

Can You Buy the Mbappé card?

Can You Buy the Mbappé card

Each card has its market value. For example, Mbappé, with 91 overall value as a striker on XBOX, is around 44,000 coins.

The price can be different depending on the platform you are playing. Usually, the most expensive is buying it on your PC, and the cheapest is on your XBOX.

Cost of Mbappé across platforms

Platform Cost in coins
XBOX 44,000
PS 60,000
PC 74,000

The most expensive Mbappé card

The ultimate Mbappé card from the Team Of The Year formation costs around 3,000,000 coins. The initial price was over 6,000,000 coins. However, the prices have fallen since FIFA 23 is around the corner.

Don’t buy black market cards

No one recommends buying any cards or packs off-market. This is considered fraud, even if the prices are smaller. EA will block every fraudulent account that does transactions such as this one.

Should You Sell Mbappé Cards?

At specific points, you may end up having all Kylian Mbappé cards. What should you do with the only one that you can sell?

The short answer is you should keep it. The Gold Mbappé card has a 91 rate, 88 shooting, 92 dribbling, and 97 pace stats. These are some of the best stats for a gold card, so it’s not worth selling it.

You can sell the card only if you do not use it because you have a better option. You can also put it on the market if you have a duplicate. In case you have two gold Mbappé cards, one of them will be useless since you cannot play with 2 Mbappé cards simultaneously on the field.

Other key aspects to remember when you get Mbappé

Other key aspects to remember when you get Mbappé

Once your cards drop, you must attend to the whole team. Mbappé can’t reach his peak potential if you don’t “train” him or if you put him in a lineup lacking chemistry.


Chemistry is the overall performance of a player on the pitch. The highest possible score is 100 per team. The closer you get, the better your team is.

A team without harmony won’t pass the ball to one another and won’t perform overall.

Individual player chemistry can be up to 10 and team chemistry up to 100. The Overall Chemistry is the most important stat. You will not see it on any card, but it increases each player’s attributes.

How to enhance chemistry

Aspects that increase the harmony between two players are the nationality and the teams they play at.

Chemistry changes in real-time. For example, if a player transfers to another football club, the game updates this, and your team’s chemistry can also change.

Increasing the skills of Mbappé

Players in FIFA 22 are set to average stats so that you can seek and exceed their potential.

There are legendary players, such as Maradona, who can grow to 105. Mbappé can reach a maximum of 97. Usually, the card you’ll get is around 91.

Playing in the correct spot

All players who appear in FIFA have playing positions on the field. Placing footballers in the correct positions can improve overall performance.

Mbappé appears on ten different cards. The cards have values between 86-97, and the positions in which the footballer appears are striker (9 cards) and left-wing (1 card). Left-wing can play as a striker if the team’s format facilitates this.

Mbappé: Possible to get, more probable to buy

Mbappé Possible to get, more probable to buy

You got some chances of getting the special Mbappé card without spending money. The stakes are low, but it might happen

if you are lucky enough.

You can buy the card or Jumbo Rare Players Packs if you are not fortunate.

One key aspect is that after you get your card or cards with Mbappé, you can increase their value. You can grow players’ skills by playing with them and choosing a fitting team.

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