Macau is Shutting Down All its Casinos Due to Covid Outbreak

Macau Shutting Down All Casinos

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Widely known as a real-life paradise for gambling enthusiasts, the city of Macau is shutting down all of its businesses starting the 11th of July.

This includes the emblematic land-based casinos that have given the area a remarkable worldwide reputation.

The Main Restriction Measures Adopted

The Main Restrictive Measures Adopted

According to an official announcement issued by the government on the 9th of July, the only businesses that will still work under normal schedules are the ones that can help provide essential services.

This includes:

  1. Supermarkets
  2. Pharmacies
  3. Hotels
  4. Water and gas utilities

Why is this happening?

The reason behind the shutting down decision is the unexpected Covid-19 outbreak that has escalated over the past couple of weeks.

At the moment, the authorities of Macau are trying to keep everything under control by applying new health restrictions in order to protect its citizens.

What are the current Covid numbers?

The restrictions are the effect of a long round of mass testing, as Macau recorded 93 new Covid19 cases on Friday and an additional number of 93 new cases on Saturday.

Currently, the overall number of infected people reported has reached over 1.300 cases since the second half of June.

First Omicron outbreak

Although over 90% of Macau’s residents have followed the complete vaccination plan, it is the first time the city of Macau experiences an Omicron outbreak.

Be aware

The Omicron version of the virus spreads more quickly than past variants such as Delta or Beta, so several vulnerable vaccinated people are in danger of getting ill.

More restrictions have been adopted, as the public markets are only allowing a limited number of people to enter a shop at one time.

Additional safe measures

Every delivery person, service worker, or security guard must do PCR tests on a daily basis during the imposed seven-day shutdown.

Following China’s Playbook

Macau tries to apply China’s Covid19 model by choosing to undergo massive testing besides the measure of confining citizens within their homes to quash transmission chains.

Possible Economic Effects

Possible Economic Effects

There has already been a massive number of Macau casino losses due to the latest gambling regulations imposed, which have taken a toll on the economy of land-based gambling establishments in the city.

Another cause for economic problems within the industry

The gambling industry has long been struggling with the lack of tourists that have been absent ever since China’s Covid Zero policy has heavily discouraged travellers to visit the enclave.

Economic downsides

The temporary shutting down of land-based casinos is a controversial measure, as the city’s income relies 80% on its gaming revenue.

That’s the main reason why a systematic shutdown of casinos has been avoided ever since the gambling venues closed during the first pandemic outbreak in February 2020.

What will the future hold?

What will the future hold

It is too soon to make a prediction on how much this temporary lockdown shall affect the economy of the gambling industry.

Based on everything we have analysed, we can expect that foreign gamblers will still refrain from making a trip to Macau if the virus keeps spreading despite the immediate actions taken.

Switching to online casinos

Gambling residents in Macau will most likely make the switch to playing gambling games in top online casinos, so they won’t have to give up their favourite hobby on top of all the restrictions being implemented.

Share your thoughts with us

What is your opinion on Macau shutting down? And how hard do you think Macau’s economy will be hit by this temporary lockdown? Let us know all your thoughts and feelings on the subject in the comment section below.

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Author Adina Minculescu Senior Author & Editor at CasinoAlpha

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