Most Followed NFL Teams on TikTok in 2023

Most Followed NFL Teams on TikTok

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We looked at the follower and like counts on the accounts for each of the teams in the NFL on TikTok to find out which teams have the biggest presence on the platform.

Which NFL teams have the most likes on TikTok?

NFL Teams TikTok Followers TikTok Likes
Kansas City Chiefs 2,600,000 45,600,000
Philadelphia Eagles 2,000,000 48,000,000
Dallas Cowboys 1,900,000 25,000,000
Detroit Lions 1,900,000 36,400,000
Buffalo Bills 1,800,000 39,900,000
Cincinnati Bengals 1,700,000 28,900,000
Pittsburgh Steelers 1,700,000 22,500,000
Los Angeles Rams 1,400,000 17,600,000
San Francisco 49ers 1,200,000 11,700,000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1,200,000 12,000,000
Baltimore Ravens 1,200,000 14,200,000
New England Patriots 1,200,000 11,400,000
New York Giants 1,100,000 22,000,000
Miami Dolphins 1,100,000 8,600,000
Chicago Bears 1,000,000 15,800,000
Seattle Seahawks 1,000,000 13,000,000
Indianapolis Colts 1,000,000 12,200,000
Los Angeles Chargers 1,000,000 20,400,000
Tennessee Titans 1,000,000 12,500,000
Carolina Panthers 998,000 8,400,000
Atlanta Falcons 992,000 15,100,000
Cleveland Browns 974,600 11,500,000
New Orleans Saints 956,600 3,300,000
Denver Broncos 859,400 12,700,000
Arizona Cardinals 827,500 9,600,000
Green Bay Packers 792,200 4,800,000
New York Jets 773,000 12,800,000
Washington Commanders 763,200 16,600,000
Jacksonville Jaguars 434,900 4,000,000
Las Vegas Raiders 430,500 4,000,000
Houston Texans 280,100 2,100,000
Minnesota Vikings N/A N/A

The table below shows the ten NFL teams with the most followers and likes on TikTok

The data was extracted using TikTok accounts and Social Blade verifications over multiple weeks. Obviously, the most followed and liked posts are from iconic team names in the NFL. Our data proves their popularity as North American household names.

Which NFL team tops the TikTok charts?

Along with having the second-highest follower count on TikTok, the Philadelphia Eagles also win the title for the most likes of any NFL team on the social media platform.

The Eagles’ videos have received 48 million likes – 2.4 million more than the Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles’ most viewed video is of player DeVonta Smith, “Mic’d Up” which has gained 7.4 million views.

The NFL team in second place when it comes to TikTik popularity

Coming in second place are the Kansas City Chiefs, with 45.6 million followers. The Chiefs have over 5.7 million likes more than the Buffalo Bills, who came in third place with 39.9 million likes.

Runner-ups to TikTok engagement

The Detroit Lions have a total of 36.4 million likes on the TikTok account, which places them in fourth place.

Fan engagement matters!

Their bio claims that they are the the ‘CEO of verified replies,’ which could be why the team has 11.4 million more likes than the Cowboys, despite having the same follower count.

The Dallas Cowboys have 25 million likes across their videos, with a recent video featuring Micah Parsons gaining 1.1 million views and 100,500 likes.

The second half of the list contains well-known champions!

In seventh place are the Pittsburgh Steelers with 22.5 million likes on Tiktok, while the New York Giants rank in eighth place with 22 million likes on the social media platform.

Both Los Angeles teams round up the final two spots in the top ten list

The Chargers rank in ninth place with 20.4 likes, while the Rams earn a tenth place with 17.6 million likes.

Fun Fact

This was a fascinating study, which showed which NFL teams are the most popular and have the most interactions on TikTok. The Kansas City Chiefs ranked top, although the Eagles have the highest volume of likes of any NFL on TikTok, with 48 million.

Who are the most followed NFL team on TikTok?

The Kansas City Chiefs were crowned as the most followed NFL team on TikTok, with a total of 2.6 million followers and 45.6 million video likes on their official account.

Online challenges or videos help raise the numbers

The Chiefs’ top pinned video, which has over 5.8 million views, features players being quizzed on who their favourite teammate is.

With two million TikTok followers, the Philadelphia Eagles are the second-most followed NFL team on the social media channel.

In joint third place are the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions, with 1.9 million followers each.

What other teams are in our charts?

The Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and Pittsburgh Steelers are the fourth and joint-fifth most followed NFL accounts.


The Bills have a respectable 1.8 million followers on TikTok, which places them just ahead of the 1.7 million followers that the Bengals and Steelers each have.

In sixth place are the Los Angeles Rams, who have 1.4 million followers.

The San Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens, and New England Patriots have 1.2 million followers each, which places the teams in joint seventh place.

Other teams with million following

The New York Giants and Miami Dolphins take joint eighth place with 1.1 million followers each.

However, the Giants’ 22 million likes on the platform dwarf the Dolphins’ more modest 8.6 million likes.

And last but not least!

Five teams come in joint ninth with one million followers each – the Chicago Bears, Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers and Tennessee Titans.

With just two thousand fewer followers, the Carolina Panthers round up the top ten list with 998,000 followers on TikTok.

Our analysis matters!

To increase fan interaction and support, many National Football League (NFL) teams run accounts on TikTok and post regular video updates showcasing their training and games.

TikTok is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular social media sites.

Do you contribute to these massive NFL TikTok numbers?

If you’re a fan or NFL, social media, or online phenomena like this, we’d like to hear your opinion in the comments! What is your favourite NFL team or player and do you follow them on TikTok or other apps? Let us know!

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