What are the Wales’ Odds to Win World Cup?

Odds of Wales Winning World Cup

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Wales’ odds of winning the 2022 World Cup stand at 150/1. An implied probability that doesn’t even reach 1% doesn’t seem like a very likely outcome, but if you think they can pull it off, we have the betting odds for you right here.

What are the Odds of Wales Winning the World Cup?

Rank Casino Wales’ Odds to Win 2022 World Cup Decimal odds Probability
1 Paddy Power 150/1 151 0.7%
2 Coral 150/1 151 0.7%
3 Betfair 150/1 151 0.7%
4 Ladbrokes 150/1 151 0.7%
5 888sport 150/1 151 0.7%


Wales’ odds at the World Cup were accurate at the time of publication. However, they may shift as we approach the tournament opening date. Should that be the case, we shall update the odds tables accordingly.

How to bet on Wales’ at the World Cup

How to bet on Wales’ at the World Cup

  1. For this article, we tested 12 online casino platforms with sportsbooks functionality
  2. Based on our contributor’s betting experience and site design assessments, we selected the 5 most competent ones
  3. You’ll find the relevant betting selections by following a similar path on all sites
  4. Once you’re on the Sports page, find a button titled Football, then go to Competitions
  5. Here the designs may differ; some order them alphabetically, others geographically or by relevance
  6. Still, you’ll have no problem finding the World Cup tournament
  7. Click on it, and you should see a list of upcoming games with two buttons at the top: Matches and Outrights
  8. To bet on Wales winning the World Cup, you must go to Outrights
  9. Alternatively, a third button, Specials, may appear. There you’ll find prop bets for top scorers and special selections with boosted odds

Advanced gambling tips

Don’t be afraid to switch between casino gambling and sports betting. If you register with one of our recommended casinos, you’ll receive a batch of free spins at sign-up, and your winnings might be eligible for placing sports bets!


At Betfair, you can request your own special Wales World Cup odds. Betfair’s oddsmakers will post them under the Specials menu.


You could request to bet on Wales winning their first match against the USA and Gareth Bale scoring a hat-trick in that match, no matter how ludicrous it may sound.

When and Where Will Wales Play at the World Cup in Qatar?

When and Where Will Wales Play at the World Cup in Qatar
Source: goal.com

Wales will all play its group matches in Al-Rayyan.

World Cup match times

Qatar is 3 hours ahead of GMT. All World Cup group matches will be played at UK time:

  • 10:00 am
  • 1:00 pm
  • 4:00 pm and
  • 7:00 pm

Knock-out matches, including the final, will be played at 3 pm and 7 pm.

Wales’ Group Stage Opponents

Wales’ Group Stage Opponents
Source: goal.com

Matchday 1: USA vs Wales

Matchday 1 USA vs Wales

  • Time: November 21, 2022, 19:00 pm
  • Place: Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
  • Broadcast: BBC

1×2 Odds for USA vs Wales

Selection Odds Decimal odds Probability Recommended
USA to win 13/10 2.3 43.5%
Draw 19/10 2.9 34.5%
Wales to win 19/10 2.9 34.5%

Betting tips #2

  • We lean toward Wales winning its first World Cup match, but your safest bet is the Double Chance at 8/15 odds, which means Wales not to lose
  • Despite 1×2 odds looking attractive from a payout perspective, we think betting on winners in this tournament, and especially in the group stage, is not a good plan
  • The World Cup is simply too unpredictable and a 4 goal handicap is as likely as a 0-0 draw
  • Our best recommendation for the USA and Wales’ encounter at the World Cup is Both teams to score at 19/20

More odds for Wales’ first World Cup match

Selection Odds Decimal odds Probability Recommended
Over 1.5 goals 2/5 1.4 71.4%
Under 1.5 goals 7/4 2.75 36.4%
Over 2.5 goals 5/4 2.25 44.4%
Under 2.5 goals 4/7 1.57 63.6%
First half over 0.5 goals 9/20 1.45 69%
First half over 1.5 goals 23/10 3.3 30.3%
Both teams to score 19/20 1.95 51.3%
Both teams to score first half 4/1 5 20%
Both teams to score in both halves 19/1 20 5%
Wales to win and BTTS 11/2 6.5 15.4%
Draw and BTTS 10/3 4.33 23.1%
USA to win and BTTS 9/2 5.5 18.2%
Wales to win and Over 2.5 9/2 5.5 18.2%
Double chance Wales or Draw 8/15 1.53 65.2%

Odds by Betfair.

Bankroll management tips

You shouldn’t bet on all our recommended selections. Pick one for your primary wager and 1-2 more for your parlays but don’t bet more than 1-2% of your total bankroll on any match.

The only exception

You may bet 5% on a selection with solid, objective grounds to trust. In that case, odds may be shorter, so a higher stake may be required for sufficient profits.

Matchday 2: Wales vs Iran

Matchday 2 Wales vs Iran

  • Time: November 25, 2022, 10:00 am
  • Place: Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
  • Broadcast: ITV

1×2 Odds for Wales vs Iran

Selection Odds Decimal odds Probability Recommended
Wales to win 11/10 2.1 47.6%
Draw 9/4 3.25 30.8%
Iran to win 13/5 3.6 27.8%

Betting tips #3

  • Based on World Cup-winning odds, Iran seems the easiest target for Wales’ strikers
  • The worst-case scenario for Wales’ interim manager Robert Page is a goalless draw
  • Wait for November to place 1×2 bets
  • Ideally, watch the first 10-15 minutes of the game to feel its pulse and decide then
  • Theoretically, Iran shouldn’t pose Bale&co any problems
  • Still, they will probably defend ruthlessly, so we don’t expect a crushing
  • Under 2.5 goals looks like the best choice for Wales’ second World Cup group match
  • In the table below, we recommend betting on 1 first half goal being scored.
  • Wait until min 15 or 20 to decide if it’s a good bet. Odds will become better by then, too

More odds for Wales vs Iran

Selection Odds Decimal odds Probability Recommended
Over 1.5 goals 2/5 1.4 71.4%
Under 1.5 goals 5/4 2.25 44.4%
Over 2.5 goals 10/3 4.33 23.1%
Under 2.5 goals 1/5 1.2 83.3%
First half over 0.5 goals 1/2 1.5 66.7%
First half under 0.5 goals 6/4 2.5 40%
Both teams to score 10/11 1.91 52.4%
Wales to score 2/7 1.29 77.8%
Wales to win and BTTS 4/1 5 20%
Draw and BTTS 7/2 4.5 22.2%
Iran and BTTS 13/2 7.5 13.3%
Double chance Draw or Iran 4/6 1.67 60%
Double chance Wales or Draw 2/7 1.29 77.8%
Double chance Wales or Iran 1/3 1.33 75%

Odds by Betfred.

Matchday 3: England vs Wales

Matchday 3 England vs Wales
Source: goal.com
  • Time: November 29, 2022, 19:00 pm
  • Place: Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
  • Broadcast: BBC

1×2 Odds for England vs Wales

Selection Odds Decimal odds Probability Recommended
England to win TBA TBA TBA
Wales to win TBA TBA TBA

Betting tips #4

  • England vs Wales is going to be an interesting encounter because England’s team is not that well fused
  • That’s an opportunity for Wales to snatch a point or maybe more in the group stage
  • However, UK gamblers who wish to attain a professional approach should be realistic
  • England’s squad is worth €1.29 billion, and it’s the most expensive in the world
  • Comparatively, Wales’ players’ estimated market value is £125 million
  • So, the only scenario in which Wales could win this match is England’s team chemistry falling off a cliff, which is not that far from happening if they go on with the same manager

Who Will Win the 2022 World Cup? Odds Interpreted

Who Will Win the 2022 World Cup Odds Interpreted

Favourite teams Odds to win the 2022 World Cup Decimal odds Probability
Brazil 5/1 6 16.7%
France 11/2 6.5 15.4%
England 13/2 7.5 13.3%

Who is the Top Favourite for Winning the 2022 World Cup?

Who is the Top Favourite for Winning the 2022 World Cup
Source: empireofthekop.com

Based on sportsbooks’ odds, Brazil will most likely win the World Cup this season. Still, you should consider that statistics do not always tell the whole story.

Betting tips #5

  • Suppose you want to predict the 2022 World Cup winner and place a bet
  • In that case, if your bankroll allows it, it would be a good idea to choose more than one winner
  • You have better chances if you’re betting on 3+ teams
  • Pick 2 favourites and an underdog to increase your chances
  • Bet a constant stake on up to 5 selections
  • Suppose Brazil is one of your picks
  • Brazil is the top favourite with the shortest odds, (5/1) but you’ll still break even if they win the tournament
  • In the case of other winnings teams, potential payouts can become high enough to cover for your lost bets and more


Outright bets involve difficult predictions, and thus carry higher risk. Keep this in mind when betting on 2022 World Cup winners.

2022 World Cup Groups and Knock-outs

2022 World Cup Groups and Knock-outs

  • The Qatari-held World Cup will kick off on November 12, 2022
  • 32 teams from all continents compete in 8 groups
  • 16 will advance further, 2 from each group

Betting tips #6

  • Netherlands seems to have the easiest group
  • If their attack works optimally, there’s a chance all their matchups will see 3+ goals
  • The same is true for Belgium in Group F and Brazil in Group G
  • These 3 attacking-minded teams, along with Portugal, France, Argentina and England are the most likely to qualify for the Last 16


For more research-backed betting tips, read our report on England’s odds of winning the World Cup.

Quick reminder on the knockout rounds

Quick reminder on the knockout rounds

  • The remaining 16 teams will compete between December 3 and December 6
  • Quarter-finals will take place on December 9 and 10
  • Semi-finals are scheduled on December 13 and December 14, respectively
  • UK bettors will find out if their bet on the World Cup winner is a winner on December 18, 2022

Wales World Cup Elimination Odds. How Will the Adventure End?

Event Odds Decimal odds Probability
Wales eliminated from the group stage 1/2 1.5 66.7%
Wales to win Group B 11/2 6.5 15.4%
Wales to qualify from Group B 13/5 3.6 27.8%
Wales to reach the quarter-finals 6/1 7 14.3%
Wales to reach the semi-finals 14/1 15 6.7%
Wales to reach the final 80/1 81 1.2%
Wales to win the Cup 150/1 151 0.7%

Odds by Ladbrokes.

Predicting Wales’ World Cup Elimination

Predicting Wales’ World Cup Elimination
Source: goal.com
  • If you look at implied probabilities, your safest bet would be Wales to be eliminated right from the groups
  • However, UK gamblers and football fans know the worth of the Wales squad
  • They can play well on a good day, so anyone would probably agree these are false odds
  • Supposing Wales can win against Iran and not lose with the USA, they’re hot contenders for the second place
  • However, despite having world-class players playing at top teams, the team is improbable to win the trophy
  • Betting on them advancing through to the last 16 looks like the best risk/benefit ratio
  • Die-hard fans would probably like their country to repeat the 1958 feat by reaching the quarter-finals. We think that’s a long shot
  • Still, a 14.3% chance and a potential opportunity to multiply your stake 7x is not to be neglected

Will Wales surpass themselves?

The World Cup in Qatar is an opportunity for Wales to beat its 1958 record.

Do you think they have what it takes? Tell us in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Wales’ Team Formation for the 2022 World Cup

Wales’ Team Formation for the 2022 World Cup


Unlike in the case of England, you can’t bet on who’s going to play in Wales’ squad yet.

Wales’ Strikers Top Scorer Odds

Player name Odds Decimal Odds Probability
Gareth Bale 50/1 51 2%
Daniel James 250/1 251 0.4%
Harry Wilson 250/1 251 0.4%

Betting tips #7

  • Gareth Bale will probably not be the one at the receiving end of the 2022 World Cup Top Scorer prize
  • He helped his team advance through to the finals, but goals and assists in the qualifying rounds are incomparably easier to pull through
  • On the other hand, Daniel James and Harry Wilson are probably too young too make their mark at a World-class level
  • The hottest contenders for the Top Scorer trophy this year are Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema, Harry Kane and Lionel Messi

Are Wales the Absolute Underdogs?

Are Wales the Absolute Underdogs
Source: dailypost.co.uk

According to most bookies, Wales’ odds of winning the 2022 World Cup stand at 150/1. An implied probability that doesn’t even reach 1% doesn’t seem like a very likely outcome.

Taking Coral odds as a reference, Ecuador, Morocco and Cameroon have the same chances.

Wales winning the 2022 World Cup is thus a very far-fetched proposition based on odds alone, but they’re not the absolute unlikely candidates for the trophy.

Iran – Wales’ group stage opponent – and Tunisia share that spot at 500/1 odds.

Realistically speaking, your best bet as a Wales fan is to wager on how far they will advance in the tournament.

Betting tips #1

  • Casual pundits and football experts alike share a feeling that the winner of this year’s tournament will be an underdog country
  • Suppose you have solid grounds to believe in an underdog’s chances, maybe even Wales’
  • In that case, a value bet opportunity opens up because the odds for less noteworthy teams aren’t so accurate
  • For instance, Wales could probably pull out some good matches against better-ranked teams (in terms of bookies’ odds) like Switzerland (66/1), Denmark (25/1), Croatia (50/1) or the USA (100/1)
  • Therefore, bookies’ odds for Wales to win the World Cup (150/1) might be misleading

Wales’ Past Experience at the FIFA World Cup

Wales’ Past Experience at the FIFA World Cup
Source: uefa.com

Wales is one of the oldest national teams in the world. However, the country has played the FIFA World Cup tournament just once, in Sweden in 1958.

The 1958 World Cup tournament was the first to see all UK countries qualify – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

At that time, Brazilian football wasn’t even a thing. The South Americans had zero World Cup trophies, and their legend Pele was only 17 years old.

Wales then managed to reach the quarter-finals, where they faced and eventually were eliminated 1-0 by Brazil.

17-year-old Pele scores his first World Cup goal against Wales

Back then, Wales’ opponent would go on and win the tournament.

Fast forward to 2022 and Brazil is favoured to win the World Cup again.

How did Wales reach the 1958 World Cup quarter-finals?

The country’s first World Cup participation is tinged with historical and political controversy.

They weren’t even supposed to go to Sweden

  • Wales saw their qualifying journey end when they placed second in Group 4, behind Czechoslovakia
  • At the same time, Israel was going to qualify for the World Cup without having played a single match
  • Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey and Sudan all refused to play against Israel and withdrew from the tournament
  • At the root of things were Middle Eastern tensions like the Suez crisis and Arab league boycotts
  • FIFA decided they could not be at the World Cup without playing a single qualifying match
  • With Belgium adding itself to the list of refusals, the next to the draw was Wales
  • They finally accepted and went on to win their double-legged play-off against Israel 4-0 on aggregate, thus getting a special ticket to the tournament

Did you notice the motto on Wales’ crest?

‘Gorau Cwarae Cyd Chwarae’ means ‘best play is team-play’.

  • Indeed, it is said that the Wales squad for Sweden 1958 didn’t feature any stellar players
  • However, their significant advantage was team-play
  • That proved instrumental when they beat Hungary, one of the top football teams at that time

Play It Safe with our Parlay Suggestion for World Cup Matchday 1

Play It Safe with our Parlay Suggestion for World Cup Matchday 1

What are your thoughts?

Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.


Has Wales ever won the World Cup?

No, Wales has never won the World Cup.

How many times has Wales been to the World Cup?

Just once, in 1958, when they reached the quarter-finals.

Who are the favourites to win the World Cup 2022?

Based on UK bookies' odds, Brazil is the favourite to win this year's World Cup trophy.

Where will Wales play at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

Wales will play all its group matches in Al Rayyan. 
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