Top CS GO Players – By Year, Ranking, Earnings & Of All Time

Top CS GO Players

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These are the top CS GO players currently, in past years, judged by the earning and overall. We have analysed all the top 20 CS GO players lists across time.

Top 20 CS GO Players HLTV 2021 List

1. s1mple

s1mple Source:

s1mple is the MVP of NAVI, the current top-ranked among the CS:GO top teams that are currently still active in the scene.

Ukrainian player Aleksandr Olehovych Kostyliev has been active since 2013. His main roles are AWPer and entry fragger.

Since joining the Global Offensive scene, he has constantly been getting high rankings in the top 20 players HLTV and Thorin lists.

His value was further recognised in 2018 with two Player of the Year awards from the Esports Awards and the Stockholm International Esports Awards, and once more in 2021.

s1mple Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.33
  • DPR – 0.60
  • KAST – 75.3%
  • IMPACT – 1.41
  • ADR – 87.3
  • KPR – 0.86
  • Total Kills – 4097
  • Deadshot Ratio – 39%
  • KDR – 1.44

Fun fact

s1mple got immortalised as a graffiti decal on the old game map Cache after a 1v2 falling no-scope AWP clutch round against Fnatic during ESL One: Cologne in 2016. And just as he left his literal mark on the game, so did the game let his mark on himself. Sasha, too, got the graffiti tattooed on his left shoulder.

s1mple tatoo Source:

“s1mple formula” Tribute Film Created by NAVI

2. ZywOo

ZywOo Source:

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut is one of Team Vitality’s stars from France. An AWPer by role, he has been featured in the top Counter-Strike Global Offensive gamer lists for several years since his start in 2016.

For instance, he held the first spot in the 2019 and 2020 CS GO users HLTV lists. ZywOo also holds 11 MVP titles.

He is one of the few gamers that received recognition outside his scene. Forbes magazine listed him on the 30 Under 30 Europe 2021: Sports & Games.

ZywOo Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.30
  • DPR – 0.60
  • KAST – 75.4%
  • IMPACT – 1.37
  • ADR – 85.2
  • KPR – 0.82
  • Total Kills – 3373
  • Deadshot Ratio – 40.08%
  • KDR – 1.37

ZywOo 2020 Highlights

3. sh1ro

sh1ro Source:

Dmitry Sokolov comes from Russia and plays at Gambit Esports. As most CS GO top players, he plays as an AWPer. He joined the pro scene in 2018 and has been named MVP thrice for IEM Katowice 2021, IEM Fall 2021 CIS, and V4 Future Sports Festival – Budapest 2021.

As his results show, 2021 has been his best year up to date.

ZywOo Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.22
  • DPR – 0.52
  • KAST – 76%
  • IMPACT – 1.13 – okay
  • ADR – 75.2 – okay
  • KPR – 0.74
  • Total Kills – 3762
  • Deadshot Ratio – 26.7%
  • KDR – 1.41

Sh1ro in his Best Year to Date

4. NiKo

NiKo Source:

Nikola “NiKo” Kovač is a Bosnian Serb pro player on the G2 Esports roster. He started his esports career in 2009 with classic Counter-Strike.

NiKo’s gamer course is of interest to us since CS has some chance-based elements that he uses strategically. We are specifically talking about the in-game crates that periodically appear, in the same system as daily free spins appear to online gamblers.

His roles are AWPer and rifler. He has been featured among the best Global Offensive performers, ranked by HLTV and Thorin and holds seven MVP titles.

Fun fact

  1. He holds the record for biggest the number of kills in a map at a Major, with a 52 count at MLG Columbus 2016.
  2. NiKo also used to hold the record for kills in regulation ad an event in matches between pro CS:GO teams on LAN. The number was 40, scored against Team Liquid and ECS Season 4 Finals.

NiKo Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.18
  • DPR – 0.66 – okay
  • KAST – 70.3% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.27
  • ADR – 84.9
  • KPR – 0.76
  • Total Kills – 3607
  • Deadshot Ratio – 49.8%
  • KDR – 1.15

NiKo Showing His Skill

5. Hobbit

Hobbit Source:

The Kazakhstani player, known as Hobbit, Abay Khasenov, is another MVP from the current Gambit Esports line-up.

He has been playing as a rifler since 2014. Hobbit holds three MVP titles and has featured in the top 20 CS GO users HLTV and Thorin lists.

Hobbit Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.17
  • DPR – 0.64
  • KAST – 72.4% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.19
  • ADR – 82.2
  • KPR – 0.73
  • Total Kills – 3726
  • Deadshot Ratio – 48.4%
  • KDR – 1.15

Hobbit Highlights

6. Ax1Le

Ax1Le Source:

Another Gambit Esports pro from Russia, Sergey “Ax1Le” Rykhtorov, has earned two MVP titles in ESL Pro League Season 13 and IEM Simmer 2021 since 2018.

Ax1Le Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.16
  • DPR – 0.63
  • KAST – 71.7% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.17
  • ADR – 81
  • KPR – 0.73
  • Total Kills – 3710
  • Deadshot Ratio – 47.6%
  • KDR – 1.16

Ax1Le at IEM Summer 2021

7. dev1ce

dev1ce Source:

NIP has offered some great performances and performers, especially dev1ce Nicolai Reedtz. The Danish player has yet to be banished from esports experts’ CS GO top players rankings.

dev1ce holds a staggering 19 MVP titles in various tournaments, thus holding the record for most MVP titles.

Other Records

  • Won the most Majors with 4.
  • One of the five pro gamers to attend all Majors.
  • Appeared in the top 20 HLTV list of the best performers in the pro Global Offensive scene seven years in the row.
  • Was in the HLTV’s first 5 Global Offensive player list six years in a row.
  • dev1ce, dupreeh, and Xyp9x are the most enduring trios in the game’s history.

dev1ce Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.15
  • DPR – 0.63
  • KAST – 70.0% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.22
  • ADR – 77.6 – okay
  • KPR – 0.74
  • Total Kills – 3568
  • Deadshot Ratio – 34.5%
  • KDR – 1.18

Player Highlights

8. Jame

Jame Source:

Jame is an AWPer and the in-game leader of Russian-born Dzhami Ali has been in the pro scene since 2018 and has been named MVP in BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 and cs_summit 7.

Jame Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.14
  • DPR – 0.55
  • KAST – 73.9% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.04 – okay
  • ADR – 70.3 – poor
  • KPR – 0.70 – okay
  • Total Kills – 3069
  • Deadshot Ratio – 23.9%
  • KDR – 1.27

Player Highlights

9. electronic

electronic Source:

Denis Sharipov plays with Natus Vincere as an entry fragger. His starting year is 2015. He was ranked among the first five places in the top 20 CS GO players HLTV and Thorin lists on three instances and sixth a fourth one.

electronic was named MVP only once up to date for his contribution during the ICE Challenge 2020.

electronic Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.13 – okay
  • DPR – 0.64 –
  • KAST – 72.4% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.13
  • ADR – 79.5 – okay
  • KPR – 0.71 – okay
  • Total Kills – 3342
  • Deadshot Ratio – 49%
  • KDR – 1.10

electronic’s Best Moments



Latvia’s Mareks Gaļinskis plays for as entry fragger under the YEKINDAR nickname. His main accomplishment is being the first pro to get three aces in the half in an IEM XV – New York Online: CIS match against ESPADA. Despite lacking additional accolades, YEKINDAR still counts among the best Global Offensive competitive gamers out there today.


  • Rating 2.0 – 1.12 – okay
  • DPR – 0.72 – poor
  • KAST – 67.2% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.34
  • ADR – 83.2 – okay
  • KPR – 0.73
  • Total Kills – 3199
  • Deadshot Ratio – 61.5%
  • KDR – 1.01

YEKINDAR Highlights

11. blameF

blameF Source:

Here is another Danish esports pro playing for Astralis and Complexity as lurker. While he has been professionally active since 2015, he only ranked sixth among the best Counter-Strike Global Offensive pro gamers in 2020. In 2021, he fell the eleventh.

blameF Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.12 – okay
  • DPR – 0.63
  • KAST – 71.6% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.08 – okay
  • ADR – 79.9 – okay
  • KPR – 0.70 – okay
  • Total Kills – 2604
  • Deadshot Ratio – 40.4%
  • KDR – 1.11

When blameF was ranked 6th in 2020

12. Twistzz

Twistzz Source:

Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken hails from Canada. The 22-year-old is currently listed in the FaZe Clan roster. However, he more famously played for Team Liquid between April 2017 and December 2020. In 2019, he won the second Intel Grand Slam.

In 2018, he was 12th best among the HLTV ranking. Things only got better in 2019, when he was 9th and 5th in the highest-ranking Global Offensive pro gamer lists from HLTV and Thorin. He currently holds two MVP credentials.

Fun fact

Twistzz is among the first gamers to join the pro scene while also being younger than the first version of Counter-Strike.

Twistzz Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.11 – okay
  • DPR – 0.63
  • KAST – 72.4% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.05 – okay
  • ADR – 76.6 – okay
  • KPR – 0.72 – okay
  • Total Kills – 2742
  • Deadshot Ratio – 64.2%
  • KDR – 1.13

A Fragmovie Dedicated to Twistzz

13. huNter-

huNter Source:

Nemanja Kovač is another pro player of Bosnian-Serbian origin. He plays as a rifler for G2 Esports. huNter- was 13th in the HLTV list in 2020 and was named MVP of the cs_summit 5.

huNter- Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.10 – okay
  • DPR – 0.67 – okay
  • KAST – 70.2% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.09 – okay
  • ADR – 79.3 – okay
  • KPR – 0.73 – okay
  • Total Kills – 3447
  • Deadshot Ratio – 49.5%
  • KDR – 1.08

huNter- Showcasing His “Bosnian Aim”

14. b1t

b1t Source:

Ukraine’s Valery “B1T” Vakhovskiy is a NAVI entry fragger and AWPer who joined the pro scene in 2019. At only eighteen years of age, he is one of the youngest entries in the highest-ranking Global Offensive player tops.

While he does not hold many titles or hasn’t previously ranked among the top HLTV lists, in 2021, he received the Esports Rookie of the Year from Esports Awards.

b1t Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.08 – okay
  • DPR – 0.60
  • KAST – 72.6% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.02 – okay
  • ADR – 71 – poor
  • KPR – 0.67 – okay
  • Total Kills – 1447
  • Deadshot Ratio – 67.4%
  • KDR – 1.11

Will b1t be the Next s1mple?

15. REZ

REZ Source:

Fredrik Sterner, aka REZ, is the first entry in the list that hails from Sweden. He plays as rifler for NIP. While he started in 2015 with Epsilon eSports, he got picked as a stand-in for friberg in 2017.

He only claims one MVP title for the 2017 IEM Oakland.

REZ Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.06 – okay
  • DPR – 0.68 – okay
  • KAST – 69.9% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.08 – okay
  • ADR – 77 – okay
  • KPR – 0.70 – okay
  • Total Kills – 2792
  • Deadshot Ratio – 49.7%
  • KDR – 1.03

REZ’s Ace Moments

16. stavn

stavn Source:

Martin “stavn” Lund is a Danish pro-AWPer and rifler for Heroic. In 2020 he ranked 12th in the top 20 CS GO players HLTV list.

Fun fact

Martin “stavn” Lund is Jacob “dragoNfly” Lund’s brother, who used to play with Fragsters.

stavn Early HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.06 – okay
  • DPR – 0.67 – okay
  • KAST – 70.3% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.03 – okay
  • ADR – 78.3 – okay
  • KPR – 0.68 – okay
  • Total Kills – 2565
  • Deadshot Ratio – 41.2%
  • KDR – 1.01

How stavn Got to Be 12th in 2020

17. cadiaN

cadiaN Source:

Casper Møller, known as CadiaN, is the in-game leader and an AWPer for Heroic. He has been playing professionally since 2011 while also having a former semi-pro CS: Source career.

While he still wasn’t an MVP, he has consistently been among the best Global Offensive gamers, although at the bottom of the top 20 HLTV ranking. His lead brought several S-Tier cups to his team, nonetheless.

cadiaN Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.06 – okay
  • DPR – 0.61 – good
  • KAST – 70.3% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.01 – okay
  • ADR – 70.1 – poor
  • KPR – 0.66 – okay
  • Total Kills – 2507
  • Deadshot Ratio – 26.1%
  • KDR – 1.08

cadiaN’s Underrated Gameplay

18. tabseN

tabseN Source:

Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz is one of Germany’s top players. He’s BIG’s in-game leader and a rifler.

His leadership effectively maintained the German team within the S-Tier. Their participation in BLAST Premier Spring 2021, DeamHack Masters Spring 2020: Europe, or Funspark ULTI 2020, resulted in first places.

tabseN Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.06 – okay
  • DPR – 0.72 – poor
  • KAST – 66.3% – poor
  • IMPACT – 1.11 – okay
  • ADR – 82.8 – good
  • KPR – 0.69 – okay
  • Total Kills – 3352
  • Deadshot Ratio – 54.4%
  • KDR – 0.97

tabseN Highlights

19. syrsoN

syrsoN Source:

BIG’s Florian “syrsoN” Rische brings the final capitalised n-letter trio to an end. The AWPer proved his chops as one of the best players in several tournaments since 2012.

Additionally, he is the first and only German esports athlete to be featured in the HLTV list of the top 20 Counter-Strike Global Offensive performers, with 10th place in 2020.

syrsoN Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.06 – okay
  • DPR – 0.64 – good
  • KAST – 67.9% – poor
  • IMPACT – 1.12 – okay
  • ADR – 69.4 – poor
  • KPR – 0.68 – okay
  • Total Kills – 3289
  • Deadshot Ratio – 27.1%
  • KDR – 1.07

syrsoN: 2020’s Best AWPer

20. TeSeS

TeSeS Source:

René Madsen is another Danish esportsman playing as a rifler for Heroic. Being in the team’s current line-up, he participated in various performances in its timeline. Most recently, Heroic won the S-Tier ESL Pro League Season 13 and was placed 3-4th in the prestigious PGL Stockholm Major.

TeSeS Yearly HLTV Stats

  • Rating 2.0 – 1.05 – okay
  • DPR – 0.67 – okay
  • KAST – 70.6% – okay
  • IMPACT – 1.05 – okay
  • ADR – 74.5 – okay
  • KPR – 0.68 – okay
  • Total Kills – 2564
  • Deadshot Ratio – 56%
  • KDR – 1.01

TeSeS Highlights

Rating 2.0/IMPACT/KDR Correlations for Top Players

Rating 2.0IMPACTKDR Correlations for Top Players

The rating 2.0 of the best-ranking Global Offensive gamers is the smoother slope, as it considers most other variables. While the K/D ratio and the IMPACT play a part and, in most cases, seem to follow the rating’s trend, where they diverge, they seem to counterbalance one another.

In this sense, these two stats are important for a good rating and in most cases, they seem to move oppositely. Naturally, other relevant variables will also participate.

The Top CS GO Players List Across the Years

Rating CS GO top players is an occurrence that started in 2013, albeit similar approaches existing for Counter-Strike: Source pro participants.

While some names echoed several years, managing to hold a strong grip on top positions, the best 10 and 20 best Global Offensive gamers lists show surprising evolutions across years.

Top CS GO Players of 2013

Top CS Go Players of 2013

  1. GeT_RiGhT
  2. F0rest
  3. shox
  4. Dosia
  5. NBK
  6. Xizt
  7. ScreaM
  8. JW
  9. Hiko
  10. GuardiaN
  11. friberg
  12. kennyS
  13. flusha
  14. Nico
  15. markeloff
  16. Edward
  17. SmithZz
  18. dupreeh
  19. pashaBiceps
  20. Xyp9x

The Top 20 CS GO Players in 2013

The early rankings for the pro scene were quickly dominated by members of the NIP line-up, VeryGames, and, with some soon-to-be important teams also making their appearance.

JW, from fnatic and GuardiaN of NAVI fame, appeared in eighth and tenth places.

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Top Global Offensive Gamers in 2013

CS GO Top Players of 2014

Top CS Go Players of 2014

  1. GeT_RiGhT
  2. flusha
  3. pashaBiceps
  4. Snax
  5. JW
  6. kennyS
  7. f0rest
  8. shox
  9. KRIMZ
  10. Happy
  11. GuardiaN
  12. olofmeister
  13. byali
  14. friberg
  15. apEX
  16. dupreeh
  17. NBK
  18. swag
  19. kioShiMa
  20. dev1ce

How the Top Changed Since 2013

GeT_RiGhT remained an undisputed chart-topper. Beyond the first place, everything changed. flusha, from fnatic, moved up 11 positions to second place, while pashaBiceps evolved from 19th to third.

Overall, we can say that the previous 10 changed many entries with the bottom end of the top 20 CS GO players HLTV rank-wise.

CS GO Top Players in 2014

Top CS GO Players of 2015

Top CS Go Players of 2015

  1. olofmeister
  2. GuardiaN
  3. dev1ce
  4. Snax
  5. flusha
  6. kennyS
  7. KRIMZ
  8. Happy
  9. NBK
  10. JW
  11. GeT_RiGhT
  12. dupreeh
  13. shox
  14. flamie
  15. cajunb
  16. f0rest
  17. NEO
  18. apex
  19. allu
  20. Skadoodle

How the CS GO Top Players Evolved Within the Year

2015 was a strange time for the CS GO top players rankings. In the first place, a new contender, Olof Kajbjer, olofm, later known as olofmeister, was making a name for himself.

GuardiaN finally got out of the second half of the best 20 CS GO players HLTV list and ranked second.

As for the teams with high-ranking Global Offensive performers, in only two years, NIP was dethroned, in favour of fnatic, as the undisputed line-up with the most talent, followed by Dignitas, Team SoloMid, Team EnVyUs and some appearances from NAVI.

2015 Global Offensive Highlights

Top CS GO Players 2016

Top CS Go Players of 2016

  1. coldzera
  2. FalleN
  3. dev1ce
  4. s1mple
  5. Snax
  6. shox
  7. f0rest
  8. olofmeister
  9. ScreaM
  10. flusha
  11. NiKo
  12. flamie
  13. kennyS
  14. Magisk
  15. fer
  16. Kjaerbye
  17. GuardiaN
  18. GeT_RiGhT
  19. fnx
  20. dennis

How the Top Players 2016 List Changed

2016 came with another surprise. The first two spots in the best of Global Offensive gamers list got taken over by newly emerging talent from Brazil. coldzera and Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, both Luminosity Gaming and SK Gaming members, came out of nowhere and surprised all.

Astralis also started its breakthrough during the year. While it effectively became the best team of the year, only dev1ce and Kjaerbye ranked in the third and 16th places for individual performance.

The 2016 list turned the tables entirely on previous years’ rankings.

The Top CS GO Players 2016 Highlights

Top CS GO Players of 2017

Top CS Go Players of 2017

  1. coldzera
  2. NiKo
  3. fer
  4. rain
  5. dev1ce
  6. FalleN
  7. kennyS
  8. s1mple
  9. GuardiaN
  10. dupreeh
  11. HObbit
  12. EliGE
  13. Xyp9x
  14. k0nfig
  15. Kjaerbye
  16. oskar
  17. adreN
  18. boltz
  19. olofmeister
  20. Snax

What does the CS GO Top Players List of 2017 Reflect?

coldzera, especially, and the whole SK Gaming roster, proved that it was there to stay in 2017. Not only was the team the best performing of the year, but its MVP star maintained a grip on the first place in the top 10 CS GO players HLTV ranking.

The remaining places were divided among the newly-emerging FaZe Clan, NAVI, Astralis, Gambit, and Team Liquid.

Several pro gamers that would become important CS GO top players, such as dupreeh, HObbit, EliGE, or Xyp9x, would see their first appearances on the HLTV rankings.

Top 20 CS GO Players HLTV Vid

CS GO Top Players of 2018

Top CS Go Players of 2018

  1. s1mple
  2. dev1ce
  3. NiKo
  4. electronic
  5. dupreeh
  6. NAF
  7. Magisk
  8. gla1ve
  9. KRIMZ
  10. Coldzera
  11. GuardiaN
  12. Twistzz
  13. Xyp9x
  14. oskar
  15. EliGE
  16. suNny
  17. automatic
  18. rain
  19. ropz
  20. valde

CS GO Top Players Evolutions

This year was when NAVI and Astralis butted heads for Global Offensive supremacy. We could see the same in the top 10 CS GO players lists. The first place was occupied by s1mple, one of the best-regarded gamers of all time. dev1ce, another top player of all time, came in as a close second, with NiKo from FaZe Clan following third.

dupreeh and Magisk, the other two-thirds of the legenday Danish trio featured within the top 10 rankings from HLTV.

The Best from 2018 as Presented by HLTV

Top CS GO Players of 2019

Top CS Go Players of 2019

  1. ZywOo
  2. s1mple
  3. dev1ce
  4. EliGE
  5. Magisk
  6. electronic
  7. NAF
  8. Brehze
  9. Twizrzz
  10. ropz
  11. NiKo
  12. woxic
  13. sergej
  14. XyP9x
  15. jks
  16. dupreeh
  17. KRIMZ
  18. CeRq
  19. Brollan
  20. Ethan

How the Top Players Changed

2019 was disastrous for NAVI, which fell several ranks, leaving Astralis as the top team, with Team Liquid as the contender. However, in matters of CS GO top players, ZywOo, who still maintains a grip on the first place, was the best, kicking s1mple and dev1ce back one position each.

It’s hard to convey how much of a surprise Team Vitality’s new team member was. ZywOo was the main subject of interest, and a disruptor of past CS GO top players rankings.

HLTV 2019 Player Top Montage

CS GO Top Players of 2020

Top CS Go Players of 2020

  1. ZywOo
  2. s1mple
  3. dev1ce
  4. NiKo
  5. electronic
  6. blameF
  7. ropz
  8. EliGE
  9. Dupreeh
  10. syrsoN
  11. Magisk
  12. stavn
  13. huNter
  14. yuurih
  15. Brollan
  16. HEN1
  17. KRIMZ
  19. jks
  20. Brehze

How the CS GO Top Players Changed in 2020

2020 was not a notable year, with most topping chart positions staying locked, except for NAVI’s resurgence. Nonetheless, ZywOo stayed as the first entry in best Global Offensive player rankings, which remains unchanged up to date. You can understand now why his odds on casino sites are so favourable. The player simply stays up there.

By now, we can already see some esports stars that are set to stay within the first places of the top Global Offensive performers chart from HLTV.

Top Global Offensive performers from HLTV
  1. ZywOo
  2. s1mple
  3. dev1ce
  4. NiKo
  5. electronic
  6. blameF
  7. EliGE
  8. dupreeh
  9. ropz

These 9 performers seem to be recurring appearances in the top 10 CS GO players rankings. Follow their evolution as they are worthwhile.

2020 Finals Highlights

CS GO Top Players by Earnings

Player Names Game Nickname Overall Earnings Teams
Peter Rasmussen dupreeh $1.93 million Astralis, formerly Copenhagen Wolves
Andreas Højsleth Xyp9x $1.91 million Astralis, formerly Team Questionmark
Nicolai Reedtz dev1ce $1.91 million NIP, formerly Astralis
Lukas Rossander gla1ve $1.76 million Astralis, formerly Heroic, Copenhagen Wolves
Emil Reif Magisk $1.53 million Astralis, formerly Team Dignitas, SK Gaming
Alexander Kostylev s1mple $1.37 million NAVI, formerly Team Liquid
Denis Sharipov electronic $1.26 million NAVI, formerly FlipSid3 Tactics
Jakey Yip Stewie2k $1.16 million Team Liquid, formerly Cloud9. SK Gaming – MIBR
Gabriel Toledo FalleN $1.11 million Team Liquid, formerly SK Gaming – MIBR
Epitacio de Melo TACO $1.08 million GODSENT, formerly Luminosity – SK – MIBR, Team Liquid
Fernando Alvarenga fer $1.06 million 00 Nation, formerly MIBR
Keith Markovic NAF $1.06 million Team Liquid, formerly Renegades, OpTic Gaming
Marcelo David coldzera 1.03 million Multiple
Jonathan Jablonowski EliGE 1.01 million Team Liquid, formerly eLevate, JusTus
Finn Andersen karrigan 1.005 million FaZe, formerly mousesports
Nicholas Cannella nitr0 $ 920151 Formerly Team Liquid
Olof Kajbjer olofmeister $912311 FaZe, formerly Fnatic, G2 Esports
Jesper Wecksell JW $911060 Formerly Fnatic
Nikola Kovač NiKo $903402 G2 Esports, formerly FaZe
Russel Van Dulken Twistzz $894,676 FaZe, formerly Team Liquid

CS GO Top Players by Earnings


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All-Time Top 10 CS GO Players

You have seen the historic players, as well as the current chart-toppers and the best-played sportsmen.

However, now we will go into the hall of fame, with the top 10 Global Offensive esports performers of all time.

1. ZywOo

The French player is a contested choice for number one. However, the three-year streak as the number one Global Offensive player does help his case.

His rating has never been better. Given his recent entry among the best performing pro gamers, ZywOo is bound to stay up there.

Career Ratings

zywOo - Career Ratings

Footage of the Best

2. s1mple

s1mple has always had the “best of all time” moniker attached to his name, and no wonder. The pro player has some kind of seniority in top tier teams, tournaments, and top players lists.

From our knowledge, he may be the only gamer that left his imprint upon the game he excels in, as well as the associated esports scene.

He has been circling the first place in past years, so we expect him to stay among the first of the best Global Offensive pro gamers in the future too.

Career Ratings

s1mple - Career Ratings

s1mple in 2021

3. dev1ce

Nicolai Reedtz, aka dev1ce, of NIP renown, has had its heyday with the team as well as on his account.

As an AWPer, he has performed excellently for many years. While he danced around the first spots of the top 10 CS GO players ranks since 2015, he never quite cut it enough to make it to number one. As for the future, time will tell.

Career Ratings

dev1ce - Career Ratings

dev1ce While Playing with Astralis

4. NiKo

G2 Esports has maintained some kind of presence within S-Tier tournaments. More so, it has given one of the players of all time, in the form of NiKo Kovač.

The player has countless MVP titles, several spots in the top 10 and 20 rankings for Global Offensive gamers according HLTV, and two kill count records.

While 2021 was not a stellar year for NiKo, there is still space and time for returning this incredibly performant gamer.

Career Ratings

NiKo - Career Ratings

NiKo on Twitch

5. coldzera

Brazil has given the Global Offensive esports world a great couple of teams and some impressive performers.

Marcelo “coldzera” David is not only one of them, but the best. Although coldzera proved arrogant more than once, we hate to say that he has the skills to back it. He was the first among the best Global Offensive pro gamers two years in a row, a feat only topped by ZywOo. Nonetheless, things have been ironically going worse for him since.

Career Ratings

coldzera - Career Ratings

coldzera 2020 Notable Moments

6. ropz

Robin “ropz” cool is one of the best players recently. His activity with MOUZ brought the team several S-Tier and A-Tier cups, such as ICS Challenge 2020, ESL Pro League Season 10, CS:GO Asia Championships.

While constantly making the top 20 HLTV list of the best since 2018, he still lacks the magic that would put him in the top 10 in any year. However, ropz is well-deserving of sixth place in the CS GO top players ranking for overall performance.

Career Ratings

ropz - Career Ratings

Recent ropz Highlights

7. Twistzz

Twistzz is one Global Offensive superstar from the famed FaZe Clan, with previous performance in Team Liquid.

Look at his list of won cups, especially from 2019. You will see tons of S-Tier tournaments, like IEM XIV – Chicago, BLAST Pro Series: Los Angeles, IGS Season 2, ESL One Cologne, or ESL Pro League Season 9.

Twistzz is, above all, a young pro gamer with a career ahead of him. He is promising, and a good guess for the CS GO top players positions in the future.

Career Ratings

Twistzz - Career Ratings

Twistzz at IEM Sydney 2019

8. kennyS

Some ranking systems place kennyS in higher ranks in associated CS GO top players lists. One thing should be clear about the currently inactive French player. His cocky, aggressive, high-risk, high reward style brought several MVP titles. It earned him some cups for his current team G2 Esports and Team EnVyUs.

Probably his most important performance was at DreamHack Cluj-Napoca Open 2015, a period that also roughly coincided with his best 1.0 rating.

kennyS was constantly making it to the top 20 Global Offensive pro gamer lists from HLTV and Thorin until 2017. Time will tell if his inactivity means the end to his feats or only the prelude to a return in force.

Career Ratings

kennyS - Career Ratings

kennyS vs GuardiaN in Cluj-Napoca, 2015

9. electronic

Denis “electronic” Sharipov is another Russian NAVI star. His team has constantly been winning S-Tier tournaments since 2018, most recently and notably PGL Stockholm Major 2021. If you wonder what the lone yellow dot in the rating is, his performance at PGL Stockholm Major, ESL Pro League Season 14, IEM Katowice XVI and the Blast Premier contests.

electronic has been in the first four to six positions of the HLTV highest-ranking Global Offensive performer lists from 2018 onwards.

Career Ratings

electronic - Career Ratings

electronic During PGL Stockholm Major 2021

10. GuardiaN

Slovakia’s Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács has kept winning Global Offensive cups between 2016 and 2018, both within the NAVI and the current FaZe Clan line-up.

Additionally, GuardiaN constantly entered the top players lists between 2013 and 2018, ranking as second-best in 2015.

While his ranking has been on a downward slope, GuardiaN remains one of the CS GO top players. And considering his tendency to surprise, we may even see a return in future years.

Career Ratings

GuardiaN - Career Ratings

20 Surprising Moments from GuardiaN

What Weapons Did CS GO Top Players Use?

What Weapons Did CS GO Top Players Use

How We Ranked CS GO Top Players

Our lists of the best Global Offensive pro gamers are based on the top 20 CS GO players HLTV rankings. The system uses a combination of variables, including the team’s wins, player performance, rating 1.0 and rating 2.0, as well as MVP and EVP awards.

Rating 1.0

HLTV introduced the rating system in 2010 for Counter-Strike. Rating 1.0 resulted from the consideration of:

  • Kills per round
  • Survival rate per round
  • Multi-kills / IMPACT

Although a multi-variable result, rating 1.0 came under criticism for being too similar to the K/D ratio.

Rating 2.0

This system came as a 2017 update to the 1.0 version. Rating 2.0 had two added factors: KAST, kill/assist/survival/traded, and ADR, average damage per round. IMPACT now included multi-kills, opening kills, and 1vX scenarios or clutches.

While it is more varied, we have seen that IMPACT and the K/D ratio still tend to describe the overall trend of the 2.0 rating.

Our Own Touch

The last ingredient to the players rankings is our knowledge of the Global Offensive scene. While some ranking results butting heads with each other, a keen and observant fan of the Global Offensive esports world, can speculate more informedly.


If you’d like to make a try at sites that allow both traditional gambling games and eSports bets, we suggest you start with a top-ranked casino bonus from us. Play safe!

Thus, the lists have been double-checked based on an interpretation, based on considerations much more complex than any mathematical rating.


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