Editorial Policy

You are our top priority. We want you to trust us whenever you are faced with a gambling decision.

Since we cannot look over your shoulder when you’re playing or researching, we decided to bring a high level of transparency to our products. With this in mind, we present and explain the publishing policy that stands at CasinoAlpha’s base.

Preview to Publishing Process

Preview to Publishing Process

Come along and see how we work!

We, at CasinoAlpha, build a gambling hub for our UK customers:

  • Unbiased and comprehensive analysis of best UK online casinos.
  • Educational content regarding problem gambling and the signs that can help identify it before it becoming harder to resolve it.
  • Advice on how to manage casino budgets wisely.
  • iGaming articles about the latest innovations, controversial topics, unanswered questions of the domain.
  • UKGC legislation explained in a user-friendly manner.

The content we present you with undergoes many changes and thorough verifications

All of this is done to ensure that the final product you see is created within the expected parameters.

We want to be transparent with you as our customers, so you can take a look at all the steps we complete when we review a casino.

Moreover, we are proud of ourselves for the content we create as it upholds the integrity of our work.

What’s next?

To better understand our overall process, we shall take you step-by-step through each course of action.

Our mission

We have great missions and expectations!

We want to create a world where you as a British customer have at hand all the necessary information to decide in your best financial interest when it comes to gambling activities.

How can you achieve that?

A confident decision regarding your wallet’s safety is made with knowing the insights into how online casinos and online casinos bonuses work.

Research Results

Research Results

Our content is made based on comprehensive research on facts that can influence your decision:

  • Financial details
  • Legal aspects
  • Entertainment value
  • Privacy aspects

A promise to you

The final viewpoints are presented through an objective, factual, and actual experience of the author creating the specific content.

How CasinoAlpha works for you

We at CasinoAlpha, only promote pages that are not created based on actual research and proof of what we support through our content.

We are aware of the fact that misconduct of research can be harmful and mislead you. Therefore, we do not present the final product with fabrication, falsification, or misleading information.

How do we do the research?

Our research takes different paths based on the type of content we have to create. There are three main categories in which our products can be separated.

  • For casino reviews

  1. Financial analysis of the mother company of the casino operator that you can engage in gambling activities.
  2. Investigating each page that the casino operators present to you.
  3. Testing the features included but is not limited to the casino games, deposits methods, withdrawal methods, bonuses, VIP programme, and customer support.
  4. Verifying the information presented and its accuracy.
  5. Analyzing the quality of the casino’s interface on different devices, networks, and browses.
  • For blog posts:

  1. Academic articles that are fact-checked.
  2. Journals from accredited sites.
  3. Opinions based on the experience of other users.
  4. Checking specialized pages/references from different domains which can be connected with the article’s theme.
  5. Journalistic sources that are trusted & established.
  • For educational guides:

  1. Using accredited statistical data sites.
  2. Checking studies, publications from verified academic hubs or resources.
  3. Consulting with professionals from domains of the specific educational guide’s theme.
  4. Using references from real-life experiences of individuals.
  5. Staying up-to-date with the latest legislation imposed by the UKGC.

Why do we do the research?

The needs of our UK gamblers are of utter importance. Therefore, to answer any question and solve a problem, we must stay constantly informed.

In order to keep a high level of accuracy and usability, we only use verified sources of professionals, vetted with at least other two sources.

Who does the research?

Our authors – the team behind the final product that you see are acknowledged individuals with different corporate and academic backgrounds.

The collaborative work of each individual’s content is recorded on our site to be publicly accessed.


Information on each author can be found by clicking on the author’s name at the beginning of a page.

They create the content with research based on their own filter. Still, our writers are trained to express their opinions from an objective point of view.

We promote freedom of expression

Even so, under no circumstance do we support false statements that can bring harm, defamation to individuals, groups, or corporations’ reputations.

We proud ourselves as a bank knowledge.

To maintain this status, we must cover a wide array of aspects connected to the iGaming industry. In addition to this, we must transmit information that is in compliance with the UKGC’s strict legislation. Therefore, we constantly check the legislation for new changes to inform our customers of their new rights or obligations as players in this domain.

Content Creation

Content Creation

Our authors write with the following aspects in mind:

  • User-friendly texts

CasinoAlpha’s content is dedicated to the general audience. Therefore, the content must be easy to understand, unambiguous, and specific.

Avoidance of generalities is of utter importance.

  • Concise content

To avoid misinterpretation, we avoid needless words and monotonous paragraphs. The transmitted information must be clearly written and exemplified.

For example

CasinoAlpha’s illustrative and fictive examples are highlighted with green, so you can better understand and apply what we teach you.

  • Objective manner

CasinoAlpha receives monetary compensation from our listing partners.

However, this does not influence our casino reviews or any other content that our authors create.

Our objectivity remains unaltered.

  • Coherent in ideas

Our authors are instructed not to create discrepancies between the pages they realize. This affects how our readers interpret the content and the information they leave from our platform.

  • Evergreen content

We monitor all of our pages and bring modifications and/or updates where a change and new information are available.

  • Applicable information

We give straightforward guidelines to help our UK customers avoid the mistakes we have made.

The content we provide is written to be beneficial to our British readers. We understand the struggles of players as our writers are also players.

Besides these guidelines, each type of content from our site contains different aspects. As our research is separated into three types, so does the final product.


Every page containing content dedicated to the British reader’s accessibility is realized using a strict policy and guideline.

The role of each of our page types

Casino Review

Each listed partner listed on our UK database must undergo a strict review system implemented by us.

Our authors do not just review the casino operator but also realize a commentary of the platforms as a whole.

Blog Post

This section contains various articles from different domains that can be connected with the gambling industry.

There is a tiny part of gambling in everything, and we are here to shed light on it and inform our UK customers of it.

Educational Guides

We raise awareness on problems such as gambling addiction and underage gambling. Our specialists do not offer professional advice or counselling but guide British readers to specialised institutions that do offer it.



The final product that you see published on our site is realized through the collaborative work of more than 2 specialists.

The final approval is realized by the involving authors’ collective work and assigned editors prior to the content being published.

Guidelines for content verification & publication

  • Fact-checking

Each page dedicated to British customers must be fact-checked for accuracy, relevance and timeliness.

No questionable sources are accepted, and pages with such references shall not be published.

  • Plagiarism

All content is verified for plagiarism using tools and manual verification. Content that is found to be plagiarized will be rejected.

What do we expect from our authors?

Each author must create unique content based on research of sources and authentic experience.

  • Correction

Grammar errors, misleading paragraphs, errors in formatting, inaccuracies shall always be thoroughly verified and corrected when necessary.


The publisher team ensures that the final verification has been done according to the robust verification process of the editors.

When the content is approved, the graphic team intervenes and creates interactive images that can make the content more user-friendly and emphasize aspects that can influence your session, wallet, and experience.

We raise the standard for all features:

  • Content accuracy;
  • Visual aids;
  • Readability;
  • Usability;
  • Safety.


All the information published on CasinoAlpha is archived and preserved.


We work with the integrity of our track record in mind.