CasinoAlpha’s Guide for Beginner Gamblers in 2023

CasinoAlpha’s Guide for Beginner Gamblers

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The CasinoAlpha team of experts is here to pave the safest casino way for you!

We merged our year-long theoretical and practical experience into a complex guide that will help new players know how to handle a casino.

Inform yourself beforehand

Inform yourself beforehand

Since you are just discovering the online casino websites, we highly recommend you thoroughly inform yourself on the matter.

And the CasinoAlpha team is here to be your faithful guide!

Our team prepared for you:

  • Casino reviews: to choose the best and the most reliable UK casinos out there.
  • Guides: to understand how they work and learn how not to get lost into gambling yourself.
  • Blog posts: to stay up to date with everything that happens within the gambling world.


We have multiple areas that tackle different and varied subjects within this domain with the sole purpose of conveying a well-researched perspective on gambling, so you know what to expect. Like any other field, it is crucial to understand what you are getting yourself into right from the start!

Casino Reviews

Casino Reviews

CasinoAlpha’s primary area of expertise is represented by well-structured, up-to-date, unbiased reviews of different casinos on the UK gambling market.

What are we doing for you?

With each casino we take for analysis, we test its website-embedded features. It starts from the range of games to the responsible gambling tools and the communication with the customer support assistance team. We look at the response rate, payment and withdrawal methods, and the overall registration process.

Of course, we cannot forget about the UK casino bonuses, which are also categorised depending on their type, on particular dedicated pages.


Our team’s objective is to make your life, as a player, easier!


It is crucial for you to get a well-informed panoramic view of any casino, since you are also a new player, in order to learn from the beginning what to expect and to avoid possible foul situations.



Even though you just stepped into the gambling domain, don’t worry! We can help you understand all you need to know in due time.

There are 2 main types of guides you will find on our website:

  • Guides related to games and gameplay

Our professionals present a wide range of strategies and rules that will help you within your gambling sessions with these.

We have an informative guide for anything, be it card games or Slots. And even for specific games that are commonly found on the UK gambling market right now.

  • Guides focused on casino-related issues

The latter will come as an aid in situations related to the casino.

These may include resolving a dispute, what are responsible gambling tools and how to use them at maximum capacity, reasons to choose a fast payout casino and so on.

Blog posts

Blog Posts

From the latest news in the industry to articles that combine gambling with other fields, we strive to make our content as varied as possible.

With us, you will become aware of any change within the gambling world that may impact its players.

Besides, you will get to know the latest game releases from the best providers you can find!

Choose a top UK casino

Choose a top UK casino

Choosing a UK online casino that fits your standards might be tricky if you are new to the gambling world and you are just establishing your preferences.


You can count on us to bring you the best online casinos UK. We created a special page where you get to come along to see the backstage of our review process and find out how we gather all the information and the methods we use to test a casino. It provides a complex view of the UK gambling market or step-by-step methods on how to keep your money safe.

Our methods of constructing a well-researched and reliable review

Our team members review each casino in point of user experience.

We achieved this according to parameters established because of years of research and comparison between different market standards.

This is where our rating comes in!

In each of our reviews, CasinoAlpha rates every UK casino and contrasts it with other UK casinos in the industry.

Therefore, you get a clear image of how it positions itself from others. Considering our ratings and experience, you will know for yourself what to look for in a casino.

How we intervene when it comes to your safety

When it comes to gambling, your safety is our top priority!

We make sure to comply with the UKGC imposed rules whenever we check a casino. Moreover, we transform these requirements into specialised guides.

Our contribution to a safer iGaming industry

One of UKGC’s main objectives is to fight against gambling addiction.

Therefore, we bring in both psychologists and legal advisors to help us construct complex articles that offer a perspective on how this condition may develop and solutions to help combat it.

Furthermore, we offer advice on what to look for in a casino to ensure it is not a scam.

Working for your full protection

We bring forth the UKGC guidelines to help us spot any discrepancies. Should you want to find out how exactly this regulatory body works, CasinoAlpha informs you about how it protects your money if the casino goes into insolvency. You’ll find what responsible tools are best to use and the purpose of charitable events linked to gambling.

Our pro tips for beginners regarding safety

Safe gambling is always a “must”, never a “maybe”. And you should be acquainted with safe gambling right from the beginning of your journey!

CasinoAlpha experts bring you tips on how to spot safe casinos!

Play on UKGC licensed casinos only!

Play on UKGC licensed casinos only

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission brings the most protection and reliability out of all licenses out there.


Because it is a difficult battle to combat underage gambling, money laundering, identity theft, and gambling addiction. Combating these dangers requires strict rules to be successful. This is the reason why it is the most difficult certification to obtain. So, always play at casinos that possess this type of license.

Use sites with SSL lock

The SSL lock (or Secure Sockets Layer) is meant to protect your internet connection and make sure that any personal data you are transferring to a website does not end up in the wrong hands.

This is usually designed for deposit methods and ensuring that the information you have given is secure and protected.

Use safe apps

Mobile apps may seem easy to find and use, but they require more than just a quick glance.

Google Store and App Store are full of apps that may appear that pertain to the casino you desire but are, in reality, scams.

What to do?

We always advise you to search if there is a mobile option directly on the casino website. By the same token, you must know what casino apps UK work best with your device. And here is where we step in.

We bring you a page filled with tips on how to pick the right apps, how to make sure they are safe and how to make the best of them.

Claim a No deposit bonus

Claim a No deposit bonus

Well, no deposit bonuses are the best options to put a casino to the test without spending a dime.

With this type of promotion, you may explore the ins and outs of a UK online casino without making a prior payment.

There is a vast palette of no deposit bonuses, each with its own advantages

But don’t worry if you don’t have the hang of it yet!

We are helping you with a dedicated page explaining the difference between match and extra rounds bonuses. It includes indications on how to claim no deposit bonuses and which requirements you must follow.

Advantages that are taken into account

As with any bonus, this type of promotion has its perks to look for. Let’s see the advantages British players get when claiming this offer:

  • No first payment required

As you can guess from the name, you don’t have to deposit to benefit from this type of bonus. The casino offers it upon registration. It is a good strategy to use if you are new to the gambling world or if you want to test a casino before actually putting your money into it.

  • Easy to access

There are plenty of such offers on the UK gambling market. And they only require you to make an account and confirm your data through the KYC check.

  • Usually created around popular games

We are sure you have seen that these promotions revolve around extra rounds on popular Slot games. Therefore, you get to play your favourite game, without depositing any money!

Rules that must be followed

  • Winnings may be capped

Whether it is money or extra rounds, British players have a withdrawal limit for this type of bonus.

  • Availability might be short

The rounds usually last less than the no deposit money in terms of availability. Either way, make sure to use them within the set timeframe; otherwise, you might lose the entire bonus.

  • You might need to make a small payment to cash out

You should not be obliged to make a deposit after you have played your bonus to proceed with the payout. Yet, there are instances when a first deposit is required, even though this rule defies the whole purpose of ‘no deposit’.


Don’t forget that this type of bonus may have a wagering requirement that you must complete before requesting a withdrawal.

Find out what you like

Find out what you like

In order to develop their preferences in terms of games, new players can test various forms of gambling to see which ones fit their liking.

Start learning some facts about the available bonuses

CasinoAlpha’s website is the best way to do so!

Before you plunge into the vast array of offers that a UK online casino puts at your disposal, our team has some advice for the perfect options.

CasinoAlpha – the source of all game type bonuses

On our website, you will encounter all types of bonuses, each with its own set of details and rules. These are:

  • No deposit bonus

They are primarily extra spins bonuses, but there are cases when you may encounter match promotions.

  • Casino bonuses

These include first deposit bonuses, welcome packages, or cashback bonuses, but the list is incomplete.

You may receive extra spins on registration or after you have deposited an amount.

  • Online casino

These are our top bonuses chosen by our team of professionals.

How do we help you find your favourite games?

Besides bonus codes, you will find many explicative guides that teach you any significant casino game basics.

How do we manage to gather all that information?

Our team is comprised of members who specialise in different domains that have year-long experience in the gambling industry. We are players like yourself, and we very well know how it was for us when we had our first contact with gambling.

Our casino expert methods

We know what’s time-consuming for you and what is worth a second look.

This is the main argument for why we test the UK online casinos, along with the games that come either as part of the bonuses or are stand-alone. In terms of Table Games, we look for the betting limits, RTP value, House Edge.

If the site has Live Casino options, we also check the rooms and how well the game is conducted and if there are any glitches or errors that may interfere with the ongoing session.

Beginners should begin their casino experience with Slots

Beginners should begin their casino experience with Slots

Slots are the best starting point for someone who hasn’t played before because they can test the casino with low bets.

When we analyse Slot bonuses, we begin by studying the game. Thus, we check the paylines, the number of rows or reels. CasinoAlpha has prepared an extensive guide that includes well-known options from top providers in the industry and tips on how to better your gameplay.

Games may behave differently on multiple devices

So, our team experts test them on a laptop, mobile phones, and tablets. In this stage of our analysis, we write down factors like the loading speed, mobile optimisation, overall performance score, iOS or Android availability, Desktop app features and many more.

Experiment with deposit bonuses

When you get the hang of UK online casinos, you can go further and start investing small amounts of money.

On the UK gambling market, there are numerous payment providers to choose from when making a deposit. Thus, here are the most encountered ones, along with their possible fees and withdrawal processing time:

Payment provider Deposit Fees Payout time
PayPal 0 3-5 days
Boku 0
Paysafecard 0 N/A
Skrill 1% 1-7 days
Neteller 2.50% 1-3 days


When you seek a UK casino bonus, pay attention to these variables! Some of the deposit methods may not be available specifically for that type of offer. We delve deeper into promotions and how to choose the best ones for you in our guide. British players will also find steps to claim their offers and our top 5 casinos in the UK.


These values are volatile and can primarily depend on the casino. So, when you proceed to deposit an amount, always check the data offered by the respective casino within the cashier section.

Bonuses differ from one online site to another

You may find offers available for all types of games, others that have a restricted range.

If you prefer to test free spins on deposit, we have the perfect page for you! Whether you are looking for a pinpointed Slot game or giving them a try for the first time, we provide you with guidance on what to expect from them and how to choose the better ones.

Remember the bonus rules

Any type of bonus out there has a set of rules attached to it.

Make sure you follow these requirements, which may refer to wagering, maximum cash out and minimum deposit. For more information about wagering rules and ways to meet them, our experts teach you how to calculate them, steps to avoid irregular play and different types of wagering.

And don’t forget always to measure how much time and money you are spending!

Learn the ways of responsible gambling

Responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is imperative within the UK gambling world. More so, if you are given specific tools to use and advice to put in practice, with this purpose.

So, it is time to pull our aces up our sleeves against gambling addiction and see the methods we employ for keeping ourselves on track!

Make a budget according to your total income

Making a budget for your day-to-day life is a good rule to live by. More so when it comes to UK online casinos when things might get out of hand.


It is very easy to fall into the trap of overspending, sometimes without even knowing. And the reasons might differ. For example, in the case of Table Games, you can get caught in the heat of the game and desire to place bets with the hopes of earning more than your competitors. Or, if you play Slots, you go overboard to recover the money you already lost. Take it from us! Neither one approach nor the other is beneficial to your budget or state of mind.

Thus, it is imperative to set a budget right before you begin your gameplay and use responsible gambling tools to stick to it.

We advise you to calculate your budget, taking into account the following parameters:

  • Your total income;
  • Utility bills and other necessities that require monthly or weekly payment;
  • The budget set for food as well as other personal necessities;
  • The amount dedicated to leisure activities or your own personal hobbies.

You must always keep in mind that gambling must not, under any circumstance, interfere with any aspect of your personal life! This includes work, friends and family and should not be a priority when choosing where your money goes to.

Play at safe casinos

Play at safe casinos

When we say safe casinos, we refer to those who possess authorisation from the UK Gambling Commission.


The CasinoAlpha expert team only chooses UKGC licensed casinos to have an extra assurance that they are not a scam and that you will have a reliable experience. Nonetheless, if you want to go casino scouting by yourself, we advise you to always look for the license. And, as they say, the more, the merrier! If multiple regulatory bodies attest to the licence of an online casino, then you can count on its safety.

After extensive research within the legal domain, through comparing and contrasting, our team found the most trustworthy authorities that offer assistance:

  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission;
  • Malta Gaming Authority.

At the bottom of the casino’s front page, you will find the type of license, along with its registration number. If not, contact the Live Chat for additional details.

Read the withdrawal policy

Withdrawals impose a more stringent and complex set of requirements than payments. And they have several variants from one online casino to another.

What’s the difference between them?

They usually come with specific limits, either per transaction or day/week/month. In our reviews, we always state the value per month. Moreover, suppose payments are processed instantly or take 1 day to process. In that case, payouts need a longer time to be accepted and delivered due to several factors. They usually depend on the KYC (Know Your Customer) check that you must complete before you try to withdraw.

We recommend you choose fast withdrawal casinos to make sure you don’t have to wait a long time for your money.

Be aware

There are cases when payouts might be subjected to specific fees imposed by the casino or your bank. Always check the Terms and Conditions for such amounts or contact the support team to get all the details figured out before you choose to make a payment.


If you want to cut your waiting time short, CasinoAlpha has selected the fast payout casinos in the UK and tried them all in order to pick the best.

Use responsible gambling tools

Deposit limits, take-a-break options, or self-exclusion: a plethora of possibilities exists to keep you as far away as possible from gambling addiction.

Speaking of this, we always state in our articles that this condition can strike any time, without prior warning. It is dangerous because it can go unnoticed for a long time, and it only worsens if left untreated.

Keep yourself away from dangers

Keep yourself away from dangers

Even if you are a beginner, it is best to use these options when you begin playing.

If, however, you feel that addiction starts crippling in, we urge you to seek help from organisations that deal with this matter. If you are unsure where to seek help, we compiled a list of responsible gambling institutions and what each is doing to give you a broader perspective regarding whom to choose.

Furthermore, tools like GAMSTOP can come as a great aid in this situation and completely restrict your access to a specific gambling website. As you will see in our guide, GAMSTOP is one of the most known tools that constantly optimises itself to impede any form of gambling addiction.

CasinoAlpha is here to help!

CasinoAlpha has been on the gambling market for more than 5 years, so you can count on us to be your trustworthy guide and companion right from the start.

We, as players, think about all the aspects we wish somebody had told us when we were starting. We make your experience easier and safer. And, whether it’s a review, a guide or a blog post, we can assure you that you will broaden your casino knowledge and, maybe, become an expert yourself!


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