Terms and Conditions

Intellectual property laws

All content available on the Website belongs to CasinoAlpha, and it is entirely original. Therefore, any illicit reproduction of our materials, whether textual or visual, translates to copyright infringement. There are multiple consequences to arise from such violations, including:

  • The closure of your webpage or business;
  • Fees for each infringed work;
  • Incarceration.

CasinoAlpha and complaints

The Website works as an online casino aggregator and directory. We do not operate as an A.D.R. (Alternative Dispute Resolution). However, should you have any complaint about one of the featured casinos, you may try the following actions:

  • Raise the complaint with the casino’s customer support team;
  • If the result is unsatisfactory, raise it to the gambling site’s upper management;
  • Finally, escalate the dispute to the casino’s appointed A.D.R.

We are not liable for any malfunction or situation arising from the casinos we feature on the Website.

Child protection

The Website dedicates itself to responsible gambling. As part of our policy, we do not target our materials to minors. If you are under the legal gambling age in the U.K. (18 years old), we encourage you to discontinue the use of our services. However, suppose you are a legal adult who shares your computer with children. In that case, our suggestion is installing filters – if you do, CasinoAlpha will not appear in your child’s services, and you can continue playing safely. For more information, check our ‘Addiction’ section, with dedicated Child protection and Responsible gambling. On these pages, we gathered enough information about how to keep your child safe from gambling and where to turn to in case things escalate. You will find out what to do in case your child approached gambling and how these institutions may help you.

Bonus accuracy

We are not liable for any discrepancy between the bonuses we write and the promotional information you will find at the casino proper. Inaccuracies may result from human or software error; moreover, each gambling site states that promotional terms may change at any time.

While we make reasonable efforts to ensure clear and accurate bonus details, errors may occur. As a result, we suggest reading each casino website’s T&Cs before placing wagers.


The Website cannot guarantee the lack of bugs, viruses, or other cyberattacks (for instance, DDoS attacks, which automatically crash the page). Therefore, we kindly ask you to download virus protection software before accessing any webpage. You can also set up your device’s Firewall for additional protection.

If you are a subscriber and receive a suspicious link from an address similar but not identical to ours, do not click it under any circumstances.

Linking to CasinoAlpha

The law allows linking to our Website, but only respectfully and legally. Any attempt at libel or defamation against us is punishable in court. Furthermore, we can delete any link to us that another company used illicitly.

External links

External links are frequent in our field of work. However, we are not liable for the websites’ content – we are in no way responsible for their publishing policy.

In the case of a legal dispute

Any legal dispute between us and a person or company will occur under the U.K.’s legal frameworks. Accordingly, Great Britain is the sole acceptable jurisdiction for both parties involved in the investigations and trials.

Modifications to the present Terms and Conditions

We may modify, amend, or remove the current Terms and Conditions at any moment without prior announcement. Therefore, we recommend you access this page periodically to identify any possible changes. Suppose you do not agree to our modifications of the User Agreement. In that case, we ask you to discontinue the use of our services and unsubscribe from all communication channels if you had previously subscribed to any.