Anca Iamandi

Anca Iamandi

Senior Author & Editor

Anca's analytical capabilities developed in Generative Linguistics allow her to bring you clear casino content. Her texts will help you understand casinos, bonuses, fees, and rules and forget about all the gambling myths that pull you down. She's a strong advocate of safe gambling.


Gambling expertise

Poker, Gambling Addiction, Sports Betting


MA in Generative


University of Bucharest

Gambling Experience

+3 years

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Legislation & Gambling News

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57 articles

A long-lasting love: Gambling

Anca’s first contact with gambling came in the form of horse racing bets and long nights of playing card games like Poker and Crazy Eights. Then, she discovered the glitzy and dark world of land-based casinos. Meeting many people that were into that, she made it her mission to shield gamblers from all sorts of related financial and health risks. Now, she specializes in writing informative texts that make complicated T&Cs and complex legislation easy to read for excited players! Using her knowledge of Linguistics, she can translate gambling rules into a user-friendly format.

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Anca’s main interests outside gambling are literature, theatre, and arts. She has dabbled into translation, humanism, tourism, and aviation (so, if you need vacation tips, she’s got them!). She’s also the office’s main spiritual advisor, always talking about astrology, numerology, and spirituality. In her spare time, she spends time discovering new passions and integrating them into her work!

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