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What Happen When You Open Multiple Gambling Accounts

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Opening more than one account has become a common trend among gamblers. However, this action is frowned upon by casino operators and could get you on their blacklist or even worse. In this article, Casino Alpha’s authors, Adela Mariuta & Adina Minculescu, take a deep dive into multiple account openings and its legality.

You Can Open Multiple Accounts, But You Shouldn’t

Opening duplicate accounts is possible. According to our expert analysis, with over 8 years of experience in this market, almost 5% of UK players use this method at their own risk. Players change their IP address with a VPN, phone number, and email address.

Casino rules do not support duplicate casino accounts since they create an unfair advantage for players with a second account. Aside from being a breach of the terms and conditions for use, duplicate accounts can be used to claim a bonus offer multiple times. Casinos may blacklist unfair players who register multiple accounts.

What Are Multiple Accounts & Why Do Players Create Them?


Multiple account creation is the practice of a single individual creating and gambling with more than one online casino account at an online casino. Multiple accounts are created for various reasons; it is a tricky way for gamblers to abuse bonuses, carry out chip dumping, or perform money laundering activities.

How do players create multiple accounts?

  1. Multiple email addresses: When players try to register multiple online casino accounts on a casino site, they create a new email for registration since they know they can’t use the same email for each player account.
  2. Multiple IP addresses: When creating another account on one casino, players can change their IP addresses by switching networks or using VPNs. Casinos often register IP addresses to prevent a user with the same IP from opening another account.
  3. Multiple devices: Certain players use different devices available to them to create several accounts. An example of this is creating an account with your phone and then using your tablet to register a second account.
  4. Multiple payment methods: Players use different deposit and withdrawal methods to create multiple new accounts. This is a typical approach for online casinos that allow anonymous payment methods like crypto. It also applies to many casinos that do not carry out player verification.
  5. Using VPNs: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that can be used to hide a players’ real IP and also make them appear like they are physically located in different countries. This tool is commonly used by players who perform multi-accounting.

Why Don’t Online Casinos Allow Players to Open Multiple Accounts?

Different casinos have strict rules and regulations against creating duplicate accounts either on purpose or by mistake.  Here are some reasons online gambling sites insist on players owning only a single account:

Motif Explanation
Bonus abuse Many casino sites offer bonuses and promos to new account owners when they register. Allowing players to register duplicate accounts allows them to exploit these offers. Overall, this can affect the site badly by reducing its profitability.
Winning abuse Online casinos aim to provide a fair gambling experience to all players. Allowing players to create duplicate accounts can bring about an unfair advantage when playing a casino game. Examples of winning abuse are bet collusion, manipulating games, and chip dumping.
Security and fraud issues Multiple accounts can badly affect security and fraud prevention methods on a gambling site. Duplicate accounts make it difficult to verify players’ identities or detect suspicious activities because too many accounts are controlled by a single player.
Regulatory compliance Online casino sites are subject to strict regulations and licensing requirements in different jurisdictions. Allowing the casino system to be flooded with duplicate accounts puts the casino at risk of violating the regulations and losing its license.
Account verification Allowing gamblers to create multiple player accounts can lead to inconsistency in user data. This could make it harder for the casino site to keep accurate records and offer effective services.

What Happens if You Open Multiple Casino Accounts?

Opening multiple player accounts is breaking casino rules. A casino has the right to punish players caught operating multiple casino accounts. Below are ways players may be punished:


  •  Account termination or suspension: Online casinos generally have strict regulations when it comes to using multiple accounts. Most casino sites will terminate all your accounts and bonuses in this case. Some casinos may choose to suspend all duplicate accounts and leave the original one.
  • Blacklisting: Online casinos are known to share information about banned players with each other. If a player is found to control multiple accounts and engage in unfair gambling practices, your IP can be blacklisted by multiple casinos, especially if they are sister sites. This could cause problems later when you register with another operator.
  • Confiscation of winnings:  If you have used multiple existing accounts to cheat the casino system by exploiting bonus offers or other unfair gambling behaviour, the online casino may withdraw your winnings gotten through these accounts. You won’t be paid even if you file complaints and accuse operators of cheating you.
  • Legal action: In certain jurisdictions, participating in unfair online gambling practices like multi-accounting to manipulate outcomes to your advantage may result in legal action.

Difficulty withdrawing winnings: If you have more than one player account on an online casino and some are suspended, you may face some challenges when trying to withdraw your money from an account still active. They may require further checks or ask you to contact the casino’s support first before you claim your money and spend.

In Which Case a Casino Will Let You Open Multiple Accounts?

No online casino site allows players to open multiple accounts; casino operators strongly advise players against creating more than one account.

There are casino new and old websites that look and operate the same way. In some cases, they even have the same game collections and bonus offers. These casinos are referred to as sister sites; they share the same parent company.

In cases like this, it is better to avoid problems by always checking the terms and conditions to know if they have a limit on how many times one player can claim a welcome bonus from sister sites.

CasinoAlpha’s Expert Take

Here at CasinoAlpha, we advise players always to practice responsible gambling when applying or using gambling tips. Avoid opening extra accounts on casinos where you’ve already created an existing account. Multi-accounting will land you in big problems.

Once your accounts are suspended due to multi-accounting, do not bother to contact customer support team; simply forget your winnings and hope this is where their actions end, because it can get worse than that. You may end up getting banned from not just this site but all their sister sites or more.

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