Martingale System Baccarat: Explaining Martingale in Baccarat

Martingale System in Baccarat: All You Need To Know

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Martingale is used by almost a third of UK gamblers for different casino games. Although it is more popular at the Roulette tables, this doubling system can also be effective at Baccarat. Our casino experts will share the best Martingale Baccarat betting systems with British gambling enthusiasts. You will find breakdowns for all approaches to using Martingale in Baccarat casino games.

Baccarat Martingale System Breakthrough

  • Place the table minimum on the player.
  • For a loss, double the bet on the player.
  • For a win, return the minimum bet

The Standard Martingale System for Baccarat

As simple as that, you have employed Martingale on Baccarat games successfully. The underlying algorithm requires you to repeat these steps for bankroll control and slow but steady profits.

What is the Martingale System Baccarat Version?

Martingale on Baccarat sites is just the applied version of a family of betting algorithms. No matter the version or game it is played on, its main objective is to recuperate your cumulative losses on a successful round.

The idea behind doubling your wager each time you lose hinges on how the payout of a winning game will recover your previous losses. It will also accumulate the minimum bet’s worth in excess.

The Martingale Baccarat System Exemplified

  1. You place the £1 minimum stake.
  2. Say that you lose, and further wager £2.
  3. You lose once more and raise to £4 for the next round.
  4. Let us say you are unlucky and lose once more. Your next wager is £8.
  5. Upon having a successful round, you receive £8.

What happened is that your previous losses amounted to a £7 cumulative amount. When you receive the £8 payout, you cover the £7 total of lost bets and leaves you with £1 on top.

Simply put, each next bet nests the previous amounts for unsuccessful rounds.

How Does the Martingale System Work in Baccarat?

Yes, it is one of the table games that are eligible for the betting method. The reasoning behind the strategy eligibility comes from the table games statistics.

Why The Martingale Works on Baccarat

Bet Type Odds of Success Payouts House Edge
Banker Hand 45.86% 0.9:1 or 0.95:1 1.06%
Player Hand 44.62% 1:1 1.24%
Tie Bet 9.52% 9:1 or 8:1 14.40%

These are the specifications for the main bets in the standard game played with eight decks of cards.

The main aspects that makes the system workable are the odds of a bet’s success and the corresponding payouts.

Viable RTP or House Edge Value

While for most table games, you will find the house edge, the same value can be expressed as the return to player percentage.

The Baccarat player hand has a 1.24% house edge (98.76% RTP) and a one-to-one payout. These characteristics mean that you can safely approach the double-up betting strategy.

What the odds say about the Martingale Baccarat System

More intuitively, you can see that the odds of success for the player bet are 5.38% under an ideal 50% percentage. Thus, the possibility that you have wagered on the right hand is high enough for the method to be eligible.

Is the Martingale Baccarat system complex?

Using Martingale on Baccarat is among the easier versions of this already facile approach. It proves considerably simpler than the blackjack Martingale system that requires you to know the basic game strategy. It also implies less knowledge about betting schemes that must be considered in the Martingale roulette strategy.

The drawback is that the game is marginally worse statistically. While not game-breaking, it may affect the time required for accumulating extra funds or the total amounts you will leave the table with.

What to Know for the Martingale Baccarat Strategy?

The odds and house edge for the player bet are worse than wagering on the banker’s hand. However, the one-to-one payout is ideal for using Martingale on Baccarat.

It does not mean that you must necessarily stick to this choice. However, in the context of the standard Martingale system for Baccarat, player hand money bets are best.

What Makes the Martingale Baccarat Strategy Work?

What Makes the Martingale Baccarat Strategy Work

Surely, you can use Martingale in Baccarat games, but will it be worth it? Although the system is mathematically certified, its limitations come from its theoretical origins. The Martingale theoretically needs an infinite bankroll for full viability.

You require a large bankroll for the Martingale Baccarat strategy

Translated in practical terms, using Martingale in Baccarat games will require you to have a considerable expendable amount of cash funds. No matter the length of a losing streak, and eventual win will recuperate losses. This is the case insofar as you have the real money to place high enough wagers.

Neither this strategy nor any other betting system will justify staking real funds that you cannot afford to forfeit. Our recommendation is to place wager and loss limits and stick by them.

Using Martingale in Baccarat requires a table with moderate limits

Another real-life limitation comes in the form of minimum and maximum betting limits each table will have.

The lowest betting bound will dictate the amount by which you can start your betting progression. Conversely, the maximum bet table limit places a lid on how long a streak you can maintain in any Martingale Baccarat system.

Since betting bounds will be important, you should spend some time looking for a gambling website with lenient limitations. So, step zero of any system would be to check out the top online casinos UK and discover all the offer destined for British gamblers. Our assessments of such platforms will contain the relevant betting bounds for each game entry.

Understanding the Baccarat table layout is also essential in order to be successful when applying the Martingale strategy.

House Edge for Different Game Versions

We have given you the house edge, odds, and payouts for the standard card game version. However, there are many more options than you should consider when playing the Martingale on Baccarat.

  • No Commission

It may seem as the best option for British gamblers thinking of using the game strategy. The odds remain the same, but the no commission qualifier refers to the 5% to 10% the dealer “keeps” from a banker bet.

Thus, no commission games have a one-to-one payout for banker’s hands. The version would be ideal for your betting strategy, given the better house edge when compared to the player bets.

  1. No commission versions even out the odds by having a 0.5 to 1 payout if the banker wins on the number six.
  2. This addition brings the banker bet house edge to a poorer 1.46%.
  • Six Decks and One Deck of Cards Versions

8-Deck Player, Banker & Tie odds 6-Deck Player, Banker & Tie odds 1-Deck Player, Banker & Tie odds
45.86% 45.87% 45.96%
44.62% 44.63% 44.67%
9.51% 9.50% 9.36%

You may consider the variation in odds to be marginal and undeserving of your attention. However, using the Martingale in Baccarat has the best performance rates when the success odds come closest to 50%. Hence, the one deck version is better than the six or eight decks of cards options.

Flaws At Martingale System for Baccarat

Round Number & Result Current Bet Cumulative Loss
1 – Loss £1 £1
2 – Loss £2 £3
3 – Loss £4 £7
4 – Loss £8 £15
5 – Loss £16 £31
6 – Loss £32 £63
7 – Loss £64 £127
8 – Loss £128 £255
9 – Loss £256 £511
10 – Loss £512 £1023
11 – Loss £1024 £2047

What the Table Says About Using Martingale on Baccarat

A betting sequence of eleven losing rounds would raise your bet to a staggering £1024 amount. More aggravatingly, your previous losses would sum up to £1023, and another failure would result in £2047 going to the casino.

Even the best live Baccarat sites host rooms with a £1000 maximum bet limit. Once you get to eleven consecutive losing rounds in your Martingale Baccarat system, you would exceed the limit. Thus, you lose the wagered real funds.

The odds for an eleven losing round streak are under 0.0189%. However, the odds of the occurrence within played 200 rounds is 3.5664% and in 800 rounds goes up to 14.8885%.

Your Options to the Martingale Baccarat System

Your Options to the Martingale Baccarat System

These variations are meant to solve some of the risks present in the general Martingale Baccarat strategy.

Reverse Martingale Baccarat Variation

  1. You place the minimum bet.
  2. If lost, you return to the minimum bet.
  3. If won, you double your wager.

The Reasoning Behind the Anti Martingale Baccarat Strategy

The reverse Martingale or sometimes called the Paroli system, surely comes closer to a gambler’s intuition. When having doubled your wager, you can “afford” to double it for the next round. When using the reverse Martingale Baccarat system, you are hoping for a winning streak of rounds.

The Paroli system certainly is less risky despite using the same unhinged doubling. However, each time you wager, you do so from the excess sum. However, each loss will clear all the excess funds accrued by a streak.

Grand Martingale Baccarat Strategy

  1. Establish your aimed-at profit.
  2. Place the minimum bet.
  3. If losing the round, your follow-up wager is double the previous, plus the aim.
  4. When winning, you return to the minimum.

Example of using the Grand Martingale in Baccarat

You pick £10 as desired profit. You start with the £5 minimum bet at the table. For a losing hand, the next wager is £20. It is the sum of the previous bet doubled plus the £10 aim. If it fails again, you repeat the process.

However, in case of a successful round, you receive £20 on top of your returned wager. Thus, you cover for your previous loss and get your £10 aimed-at real money in excess.

Mini or Modified Martingale Baccarat Options

  1. You establish the longest losing streak you may afford.
  2. You go on placing the lowest bet.
  3. If losing, you double your wager if the losing streak limit allows it.
  4. When encountering a win, you return to the minimum.
  5. If arriving at the losing streak limit, you return the initial bet.

Mini Martingale in Baccarat Is Meant to Control Losses

We have established that Martingale Baccarat methods have an issue with losing streaks. Opting for using Martingale on Baccarat games limits how much you can stake up in previous losses.

Unfortunately, this will also mean that you cannot recuperate cumulative losses in some cases.

You can use the Model for Anti Martingale in Baccarat

Instead of placing a loss limit, you instead pick a winning limit. The approach may even work better for the reverse Martingale Baccarat strategy. The odds of a continuing streak of winning rounds decrease at a nearly exponential rate. Thus, establishing a stopping point may manage to protect some accumulated cash funds.

Our Martingale System Baccarat Recommendation

The limit on losses and even wins is a good idea, no matter what option you stick with, in the end. This decision will not only control your bankroll but also addresses safe gambling issues and help you stay in control of gambling.

Remember that the odds of success for a banker bet are marginally better. At the same time, the payout is 5% to 10% lower due to commissions.

Begin the Martingale system by wagering on the banker’s hand. Surely, the potential payout is lesser, but your odds to receive it are better. In the worst case, you lose the same amount.

When doubling your bet, place it on the player hand. In case of a win, you will cover your previous loss. In case a successful round does not come up immediately, keep doubling up your player bet. Once you encounter a successful round, change back to the minimum bet on the banker’s hand and keep repeating. Stick to your limits if you opt for them.


  1. Consider setting win or loss limits.
  2. Place the minimum bet on the banker.
  3. In case of a loss, double the wager and place it on the player.
  4. When meeting a win, return to step 2.
  5. Optional: Return to step 2 when the limits have been hit. Or leave the table altogether.

Each Martingale Baccarat System Ranked

The Systems The Best Quality The Worst Quality
Standard Wins cover losses Fails for long losing streaks
Reverse Double ups are safer Losses void won amounts
Grand May bring the aimed-at profit Racks up losses very fast
Modified Standard Controls the lost amounts Can’t recuperate some losses
Modified Reverse Protects some earned sums Accumulation is very slow
Our Recommendation Marginally better returns Same as the others, odds wise

Final Though: Is Martingale Baccarat Worth It?

The Martingale strategy, although often associated with roulette, can indeed be applied to baccarat with potential success. The Martingale strategy can theoretically work well over the short term. Since baccarat offers near-even odds on the Player and Banker bets (excluding the slight advantage of the house commission on Banker wins), the strategy’s premise aligns with the concept of eventually recouping losses with a single win.

Moreover, baccarat’s straightforward gameplay and limited betting options make it conducive to implementing the Martingale system effectively. With only three possible bets—Player, Banker, and Tie—the strategy’s simplicity allows players to easily track their progress and adjust their bets accordingly.

Although there are inherent risks associated with any betting strategy, including the Martingale, disciplined application in baccarat could potentially yield profits in the short term, particularly for players with sufficient bankrolls to withstand successive losses.

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