Sic Bo Odds Explained

Sic Bo Odds Explained

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This CasinoAlpha guide breaks down how the house edge and potential payouts impact the odds in Sic Bo. Learn the Sic Bo probability of winning with different bets to make informed, strategic decisions when playing Sic Bo online or in person. Understanding the Sic Bo house edge for each bet type is key to maximising your chances to beat the house.

Sic Bo Odds Explained: an Overview

Simply put, Sic Bo odds represent the probability you have of having a successful outcome, and they are also decided by all the Sic Bo sites we tested and selected.

The odds of this game are the result of the various outcome probabilities for each dice roll and of the potential wins associated with every bet type you make.

Odds are a fundamental aspect of this game because they represent the basis of the close risk-reward ratio of the game, for which many UK players choose it.

You can determine a game’s odds by mathematically calculating the likelihood of specific or approximate dice combinations. However, if you’re new to this game and don’t know where to start, we recommend checking out our full guide on how to play Sic Bo. It’s better to get accustomed to the rules before getting into strategies and odds.


By learning to determine this game’s odds, you can make strategic decisions that enhance your odds and tailor your game experience to your taste. This is because the rapport between risk and rewards is mainly defined by the series of bets you place and their specific probabilities.

Sic Bo House Edge

Sic Bo House Edge

The Sic Bo house edge is a statistical advantage of the casino that provides a specific game variant, either online or land-based.

The house edge of the entire game varies according to the different house edge values of each bet you make and shows how much you are likely to lose over time.

For instance, bets with higher potential winnings also have higher house edge values, while lower potential winnings imply lower house edges as well.


The house edge for this game usually has a value of between 2.78% and 18.98%.

Different Bets, Different Odds

When calculating Sic Bo odds, you must first determine the types of bets you will play and then calculate the average value of their odds.

This is extremely useful in making strategically sound decisions and tailoring your game experience based on the ratio of risk and reward you prefer.

Let’s go through the main types of bets and explain their odds and house edge so you can make informed choices in your game experience.

Different Bets, Different Odds

How the Small/big bet influences your odds

The Small/big bet raises your winning odds the most out of all other bet types. Here’s why:

  • The odds of a small/big bet are 1 to 1; this means that you stand to win exactly the amount you wager
  • The house edge is 2.78%, which is one of the lowest in the game

These elements make it one of the best bets for beginners. It is also the perfect bet for you if you prefer a balanced risk-reward ratio.

Be aware

You stand to lose a lot with this bet if the outcome of the dice roll is a triple.

How the single number bet influences your odds

If you stake on one number that may appear on only one die, the odds are 1 to 1, so the risk is high, but so are your odds.

This is a bet that involves higher risk because its house edge can be anything from 7.87% to 30.09%.

The high difference in house edge depends on the frequency of a number on the dice. For example, when you bet on a number to show up on all three dice (a triple bet), your potential winnings are higher but less likely to happen, so your odds are typically 150 to 1.

How combination bets influence your odds

With combination bets, you raise your odds to 8 to 1. So, if your bet is successful, your potential win can be eight times your wagered amount.

However, you lose your entire bet if the outcome is any other combination than the one you specified.

This bet has a medium risk-reward ratio because the odds are not as high as previous bets, but you have more chances of getting to your desired outcome.

The house edge for combination bets is also an average value between 9.72% and 16.67%.

How total sum bets influence your odds

Placing total sum bets usually raises your odds, but it can also raise the level of risk.

When you bet on a total sum of either 4 or 17, for example (excluding the case of triple bets), your odds are 50 to 1. But when you bet on a sum of 9 or 12, your odds are 6 to 1.

Depending on the likelihood of the total sum, the house edge of this bet is between 7.14% and 12.50%.

Strategies: Maximising Your Odds

To maximise your game odds, you need to follow safe strategies that have been approved by casino experts. Our team recommends the following strategies:

Strategies Maximizing Your Odds

Stick to low-risk bets

Place bets with high odds and low risk, even if the potential winnings are lower. It’s safer to build a budget over time without risking your current funds.


For low-risk strategies, we recommend using the small/big bets that allow you to accumulate consistent winnings over time.

Increase your odds with combination bets

Combination bets increase your chances by allowing you to place wagers on multiple outcomes at the same time.

The potential winnings are not very high, but losses are not catastrophic.

This type of bet provides more flexibility in your gameplay because you can increase the risk level by wagering on double and triple combinations.

Consider a progressive betting strategy

A progressive betting strategy involves increasing your wagered amount slightly after every loss. The aim of this strategy is to regain previous losses when you hit a successful bet.

Progressive betting strategies are suitable once you gain more experience or prefer a higher level of risk.

Be aware

Progressive betting strategies can lead to excessive loss because you cannot predict how much you need to play and continue to increase your bet until having a winning session. So, ensure you have a sufficient gambling budget and set loss, wagering, or deposit limits on your account.

Make strategic combinations between bet types

Mix different types of bets to diversify your gameplay and balance the risk-reward ratio in your favour.

One of the most recommended combinations of bets is that between small/big bets and single-number bets.

While this combination is risky, it also optimises your winning chances because small/bug bets have low house edges, and single-number bets have higher potential wins.

We elaborate on more successful bet combinations in our Sic Bo betting strategy guide.

Manage your funds smartly

To manage your funds for success, you should divide your budget into small units to determine how much and how little you can bet at any given time.

The smaller the wager amounts, the higher your odds because it allows you to play for longer than usual.

Best Sic Bo Games for their Odds

Game Odds House Edge Recommended Strategies
Classic High 2.78%-30.09% Progressive Betting Strategy
Hi-Lo High 2.80% Beware of the risk-reward ratio for every bet
Triple Medium 2.80%-30.10% Use single-number bets

The classic

Classic Sic Bo is the variant closest to the traditional game and can be found at most of the best UK online casinos listed on our website. It only involves betting on specific combinations that you see as potential outcomes.

The odds are high because it has the lowest average house edge of all variants and offers you the opportunity to use all major types of bets. For this reason, this is the safest game where you can practice a progressive betting strategy.

The value of Classic’s odds, however high, fluctuates depending on the bets you choose.

The variant

Hi-Lo is a variant of the game where you mostly predict the total of the numbers shown on the dice after rolling them. Essentially, you predict if the total is between 11 and 17 inclusively (high) or between 4 and 10 inclusively (low).

This version has similar odds to the Classic game, so it’s also possible to try a progressive betting strategy.

However, we also encourage you to bet according to the risk-reward ratio, because this will help you understand better how to create personalised betting combinations.

The triple variant

The triple variant is a variation in which you bet that a specific triple combination will be the result of the dice roll (like three 3s, three 4s, etc.).

This specific variation is based on a bet that has generally low odds. However, because the house edge is quite low as well, the average odds of the game are medium.


When picking a variation, look at the bet it focuses on. Most variations are centred around a bet type. For instance, Hi-Lo is based on the small/big bet, while Triple is based on the specific triple bet.

Sic Bo Odds: Conclusive Ideas

Here’s a short run-down of our conclusions:

  • Sic Bo odds are a combination of probability and house edge; they help you realise how likely you are to reach a positive outcome and how much the potential winning of a bet can bring you
  • The house edge is an average of all the house edge values of the bets you can take during a game; it can also be decided by the casino or the game provider
  • The Small/big bet is the safest option because it offers better odds and lower risk, even if the potential win is quite average
  • Single-number bets have higher potential winnings and higher risk, while combination bets are very moderate in this respect
  • Total sum bets provide a wide range of odds according to the numbers you choose
  • Strategies to raise odds depend on the specific variant you are playing and usually include low-risk wagers, progressive betting strategies, smart combinations of different types of bets and effective fund management
  • Some of the best variants, recommended by our experts for their odds, are Classic, Hi-Lo, and Triple Sic Bo

Responsible Gambling Tips for Sic Bo

At CasinoAlpha, we’re committed to providing a top-notch service guided by your feedback. Our dedicated team spends 10-15 hours weekly carefully reviewing all comments and suggestions to identify areas for improvement. We value your thoughts and experiences immensely – please share them candidly in the comments section.

However, we also want to emphasise the importance of gambling responsibly and within your means. Set reasonable bankroll limits aligned with your financial situation, and stick to them diligently. Chasing losses can quickly lead to an unhealthy path. Our aim is to foster a positive and prudent gaming environment. So, in addition to your service feedback, feel free to share any insights on practicing bankroll discipline and maintaining a balanced perspective towards gambling. Together, we can enhance not just our platform but the overall experience for responsible players.


How does the house edge affect Sic Bo odds?

The house edge affects your Sic Bo odds because it reduces the probability of winning and the potential winnings for each bet type to ensure a statistical advantage for the casino. A higher value generally means lower odds and vice versa.

Can Sic Bo odds be improved with betting systems?

Betting systems improve Sic Bo odds by lowering your chances of experiencing high losses and providing you with more chances to hit a winning result. However, the outcome of each dice roll is entirely random, and betting systems are no guarantee of success.

Are there any Sic Bo variations with different odds?

Popular Sic Bo variations with different odds include Hi-Lo Sic Bo, Triple Sic Bo, Grand Hazard, Chuck-a-Luck, and many others.
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