Top casino games with best odds

Top Casino Games with the Best Odds

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Blackjack is generally considered to have the best odds out of all casino games, yet there are several other options for players worldwide.

Let’s discuss them:

List of Casino Games with Best Odds

Game Type Odds Range Best feature
Slot Machines Online slot machine 0.020% to 1 in 34 million Broadest offer variety
Video Poker Card game 96% or higher Low bets
Roulette Table game 2.7% to 48.6% Great variant diversity
Baccarat Card game 44.62% to 49.32% One of the lowest house edges in the industry
Blackjack Card game 42.22% on average Optimal for high-rollers
Classic Poker Card game 0.0032% to 43.8% High stakes and demanding skill play
Craps Table game 33.34% to 66.66% Fastest casino game
Wheel of fortune Online slot machine 0.020% to 1 in 34 million Some of the highest jackpots


The CasinoAlpha UK experts comprised the information in this table using our comprehensive casino review database.

Top Four Casino Games With Best Odds

While there are several casino games with best odds, such as Craps or Blackjack, they all require a strategy to obtain positive game results.

Before searching for the optimal technique, though, let’s begin with the essentials:



Even for inexperienced players, Blackjack seems to have the best odds in casino play, as an average hand would give you a 42.22% chance of winning.

This percentage is backed by a low house edge of 2% to 5% in most casinos, whether we’re referring to a best odds online casino or a land-based one.

In the UK, players prefer different variants from those in other parts of the world, respectively:

  • American Blackjack: Payouts are 3:2 or 6:5
  • European Blackjack: Game outcomes are usually paid at 3:2 (odds of 1.5 to 1) or at 2:1 in the case of an insurance bet



Not as popular as Blackjack when it comes to casino games with best odds, Craps odds and probabilities vary widely depending on your bet type.

On the bright side, the house edge when playing the best odds in a casino can go as low as zero, specifically when placing a bet called “The Odds”.

What’s the most common bet type?

Most players place the Pass Line Bet, which lowers the house edge to around 1.41%, while also giving 251:244 odds and a 1:1 payout.



Roulette odds can go as high as 48.65%, giving the player an almost 50/50 chance of hitting either red or black.

However, this depends on the Roulette type:

American Roulette

American Roulette usually has some of the best odds in the casino, as its RTP reaches 94%.

Since it has a 00 pocket that no other roulette variants have, though, it’s worth noting that:

  • A single number bet in this variant comes with 36 to 1 odds, including both the 0 and the 00 pockets
  • A split bet gives 17:1 odds of having a positive outcome
  • When it comes to outside bets, a dozen bets provides the player with 2:1 odds

European Roulette

The odds in European Roulette are slightly higher than in the American version, as a straight-up bet gives a 35:1 chance of winning.

At the same time, the best odds in casino you’ll find involve playing this variant at its average 97.3% RTP.



More straightforward than Roulette in terms of percentage calculations, Baccarat is on the list of casino games with best odds because:

  • The average player has a 44.6% odd of winning
  • The banker is successful 45.8% of the time on average. However, if you also take the tie into consideration, this percentage increases to 51%

How to find these best odds online casino games

How to find these best odds online casino games

The games described above can be encountered in two distinct categories at most online casinos:

  • Table Games: These are standard versions of each category, and you’ll most likely find several variants for each, such as Pai Gow Poker or French Roulette
  • Live Casino: Usually, operators who provide a broader range of titles also feature a live casino section

What you can find at live casinos

If you ever access a live casino page and wonder why there are so few options available, check the listed games from Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play. These providers have separate live casino lobbies, where they provide dozens of real-time sessions to registered users.

Video Poker versus Online Slots odds

Video Poker versus Online Slots odds

To find the best casino game odds, players need to take some time and compare their options before deciding what to bet on.

For instance, Video Poker and online slots are rather similar at first glance:

  • Both require low bets, so they’re optimal for players with limited gambling budgets
  • Both use RNGs, meaning that your game outcome is left entirely to chance
  • Inexperienced players may find it easier to get started with any of these two options rather than play more complex casino games, irrespective of having the best odds in the casino

How can I gain an advantage?

Video Poker and online slots have the broadest promotion ranges you will find in both online casinos and UK casino apps. A few of your options are:

Online Slots Odds

Online slots have dissatisfying odds in comparison to all casino table games with best odds, as they only vary between 0.020% and 1 in 34 million.

However, the best casino game odds of slots can be found online rather than in land-based casinos because:

  • RTPs vary, as online operators may impose a minimum RTP for all slots. Therefore, the same slot that has a 95% RTP online can have as low as 90% RTP in brick-and-mortar establishments
  • Licensed online casinos in the UK have more best odds online slots in their catalogues, and they’re easier to find

Video Poker Odds

Video Poker uses a standard 52-card deck, just like any other poker variant. This gives players the same base odds, respectively a 1 in 52 odd of receiving any individual card, and a 1 in 4 odd of getting any suit.

Double Bonus Poker has the best casino game odds out of all video poker variants, as the payout percentage can reach 100.17%.

Why Are The Chances of Winning Better at Online Casinos?

Why Are The Chances of Winning Better at Online Casinos

While winnings and jackpots are not more frequent on average in online casinos, there are certain features that favour positive game outcomes.

For instance, online slot RTPs tend to be higher online, as the land-based ones could decrease with up to 10-15%. Maintenance costs are also a significant factor in finding the casino games with best odds online.

Because both established and new UK casinos have less expenses to pay, they can provide better odds and better payouts without as much effort as land-based casinos.

Could expenses also determine best casino game odds?

While expenses usually determine land-based casinos to offer less advantageous payouts and odds, some establishments keep their payouts low, but their odds high to compensate for this discrepancy.


What casino games have the best odds of winning?

  • Blackjack 
  • Craps
  • Roulette

What is the easiest casino game to win?

Blackjack, as its house edge can sometimes decrease even below 1%.

What casino game has the worst odds?

Keno, as its house edge can be up to 30%.

What casino game has the best odds to win?

Blackjack: an average hand gives the player around 42.22% winning odds.

What casino game has a 50-50 chance?

Roulette gives you 50-50 winning odds if you bet on either black or red.
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