Exotic Bets: The Tier Roulette Bet

Exotic Bets: The Tier Roulette Bet

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We are here to introduce tier roulette bets to seasoned and inexperienced British gamblers. The article will examine all relevant details, including principles, prospective payouts, and techniques. Let’s see which bets are the most common in the best gambling platforms in the UK and what advantages you can get from using specific techniques.

Short introduction to Roulette tier betting

Roulette tier betting basics

In roulette, tier betting is a bet that involves setting chips on a distinct cluster of digits on the wheel. This bet shrouds about one-third of the wheel, particularly the numbers located on one side of the wheel between 27 and 33 (including those two numerals). Here are the basics of tier betting in roulette:

  1. What is the Tier Roulette Bet
  2. Tier Bet Meaning
  3. What is the Tier in Roulette
  4. Roulette Tier Numbers

What is the tier roulette bet?

The tier roulette bet is a call bet that connects pieces from the “orphans bet” and the “voisins du zéro roulette.” This bet is recognized on a definite roulette wheel section and multiple digits. It is named after the French phrase “tiers du cylindre,” which translates to “third of the wheel.” This bet is typically found in European roulette games and offers players an intriguing alternative to traditional bets.

Tier bet roulette meaning

This bet derives its name from its association with the French term “tiers du cylindre.” In roulette, the wheel is split into thirds, and the tier bet hem in the numbers on one of these thirds. It is also called the series 5/8 bet because it coats a sequence of digits that comprise 5, 8, 10, and 11 on the wheel.

The tier in roulette refers to a specific set of numbers on the wheel. It includes 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 23, 24, 27, 30, 33, and 36. Inducting a tier bet implies wagering on all these numbers synchronously.

Roulette tier numbers

The tier roulette bet covers a distinct set of numbers on the roulette wheel. It includes the following numbers: 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 23, 24, 27, 30, 33, and 36. These numbers are chosen to provide a balanced distribution across the tier section.

Imagine dividing the roulette wheel into three equal parts to determine the tier numbers. The tier represents the bottom third, which spans from 5 to 36 in a clockwise direction.

Tier number roulette odds

The betting option offers distinct odds hinging on the specific numbers contained. Here are the individual odds for each number within the tier:

  • Number 5: 6:1
  • Number 8: 6:1
  • Number 10: 6:1
  • Number 11: 6:1
  • Number 13: 8:1
  • Number 16: 8:1
  • Number 23: 8:1
  • Number 24: 8:1
  • Number 27: 8:1
  • Number 30: 8:1
  • Number 33: 8:1
  • Number 36: 6:1

To calculate the total odds for a tier bet, you need to sum the individual odds for all the included numbers.

In European roulette, the tier bet odds can be calculated by adding the odds for each number within the tier. The total odds are 80:12, simplifying to 6.67:1.

In American roulette, the sight of the double zero (00) alters the odds. The aggregate odds for the tier bet in American roulette are 80:11, comparable to roughly 7.27:1.

Racetrack roulette bets, visualised

Racetrack roulette bets, visualised

To improve your knowledge of the tier roulette bet and its arrangement on the roulette wheel, let’s visualize it using the racetrack layout. The racetrack, also known as the “announced bets” section, depicts a delineation of the wheel and qualifies for uncomplicated placement of call bets like the tier.

Using the racetrack, players can conveniently place their tier bets by clicking or positioning their chips on the designated space. This visual aid streamlines the betting cycle and adds a layer of thrilling sensation to the game.

How to place a tier roulette bet

Number Placed Chips Odds (European) Payouts
5 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
8 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
10 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
11 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
13 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
16 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
23 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
24 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
27 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
30 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
33 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
36 1 chip 11:1 11 chips
Total 12 chips 132 chips

Roulette tier payout breakdown

To provide a comprehensive overview of the tier bet, let’s examine its payout breakdown:

For winning rounds

If your tier bet is successful, the payout structure is as follows:

  • Chips wagered on the tier bet: X (your original wager)
  • Payout: 11X (11 times your original wager)

For losing rounds

In the unfortunate event of a losing tier bet, you will lose the chips you placed on the bet. Proper bankroll management and understanding the odds will help you make informed decisions.

Tier roulette bet expected value

To assume the anticipated value of the bet, we can refer to the idea of anticipated value in probability theory. The expected value illustrates the intermediate part a player can predict to win or lose per bet in the long run.

To compute the anticipated value for the bet, you must multiply the probability of winning by the payout for winning and deduct the likelihood of losing multiplied by the stake wagered. Using the odds and payout, we can carry out the calculations: By comprehending the anticipated value, players can make informed decisions about integrating the tier bet into their general roulette system.

Tier roulette strategy variations

Tier roulette strategy variations

In addition to the routine tier bet, some striking scheme divergences are worthy of exploration. These divergences present outstanding betting options and can add a supplementary layer of exhilaration to your gameplay.

Let’s explore two well-known variations:

Tiers 5-8-10-11

This variation pertains to betting on a precise subset of the tier numbers: 5, 8, 10, and 11. By concentrating on these numbers, players can modify their wagering method and boost their odds of winning.

Gioco Ferrari

Gioco Ferrari is another intriguing process variation that incorporates components of the tier bet with extra numerals. This technique implies placing bets on the following numbers: 8, 11, 23, 30, 36, and zero (0). Players seek to capitalize on detailed patterns and conceivable succeeding outputs by integrating these auxiliary digits.

Scouring these technique variations permits players to tailor their policy to the tier bet and investigation with diverse blends of numbers to enhance their likelihood of winning.

Tier et Tout roulette strategy

The tier et Tout strategy is another approach to the tier roulette bet. It involves dividing your wager into three parts. The first aspect is placed on the tier bet, the second aspect on the “et” (and) bet, which wraps the digits between the tiers, and the third aspect is set aside as profit.

The strategy offers players the prospect of covering a comprehensive range of digits while still crystallizing on the tier bet. Players inflate their probabilities of triumphing on every spin by allotting a quantity of the wager to the “et” section.

British gamblers should issue clear procedures for profit-taking and overseeing their bankroll to implement this strategy effectively. It’s vital to set lifelike ideals and adhere to proper bankroll control principles to maximize the probable advantages of the Tier et Tout strategy.

Pros and cons for the tier roulette bet


  • Higher payout
  • Strategic variety
  • Excitement and thrill gaming experience


  • Higher risk
  • Lower probability
  • Poor Bankroll management

Final Take

In conclusion, exploring tier roulette bets offers both seasoned and inexperienced British gamblers an intriguing avenue to enhance their gaming experience.

Tier betting in roulette encompasses placing bets on a distinct cluster of numbers, typically covering about one-third of the wheel. This bet, also known as the series 5/8 bet, offers players an alternative to traditional bets and is commonly found in European roulette games.

Understanding the numbers included in the tier bet, their associated odds, and potential payouts is essential for making informed decisions. Visual aids such as the racetrack layout can simplify the betting process and add excitement to the game.

While tier betting presents higher payouts and strategic variety, it comes with higher risk and lower probability compared to traditional bets. Proper bankroll management and strategic variations such as Tiers 5-8-10-11 or the Tier et Tout strategy can help mitigate risks and maximize potential advantages.

Overall, tier roulette betting provides an exhilarating gaming experience for British gamblers, offering a balance of risk and reward for those willing to explore this unique betting option.

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