The Roulette Red or Black Strategy

Roulette Red or Black

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Betting on roulette red or black is quite common, considering the 50-50 odds equate to flipping a coin.

Applying a roulette red and black strategy may improve your chances of success. Let’s find out how!

Roulette Red and Black Strategy Statistics

Roulette Red and Black Strategy Statistics

There is no guarantee that red/black outcomes will alternate with each wheel spin.

Although the odds on paper are close to 50-50, this probability is only an indication, given the house edge.


Experienced UK players consult statistics to learn mathematical patterns that may inform their betting decisions positively.

Be aware of the gambler’s fallacy

You might be tempted to believe that, after 10 red spin results in a row, the ball is more likely to land on a black number.

That’s an example of flawed logic known as the gambler’s fallacy.

Each spin result unfolds independent of the one before it, so you should not base your bets on such reasoning.

Roulette Red or Black Bet Odds Explained

Roulette Red or Black Bet Odds Explained

In casino games, odds and probabilities are connected but not interchangeable.

The general formula

Calculating the odds is done by dividing the probability of a roulette spin outcome occurring by the probability of the event not happening.

In European roulette, the probability is 48.6% for an even-money bet.

Because of the extra number in the American variant, the probability here equals 47.4%.

In both cases, the remaining percent for a perfect 50-50 chance is accounted for by the house edge.

Understand your odds

Odds in Roulette get expressed in fractions and reveal how much you can win with each bet. For black and red, the odds are 1:1.

That means you get back your stake plus another time your stake should the bet fit the actual game outcome.

Origin of the Red, Black Bet House Edge

The house edge is the advantage that online casinos or venues hold over bettors. It is built into any casino game to ensure consistent profits for the casino. However, it cannot be regarded as a form of cheating.

In roulette, the house edge is achieved with the help of the green pocketed zero.

The table features 36 numbers, with 18 black and the remaining 18 red. Casinos offset this balance by introducing a green space with a 0 in European roulette and two extra digits, 0 and a 00 in American roulette.

These additional numbers change the balance, offering a 2.7% house edge in European and a 5.26% house edge in American wheels.

Roulette Red, Black Strategy Exemplified

Roulette Red, Black Strategy Exemplified

  • Place a bet of £10 on red
  • Continue wagering £10 on red until you lose twice in a row
  • Then start betting £15 until you win, or you lose two times in a row
  • When you win on two occasions in a row, reduce the bet to £10
  • If you lose in a row twice, raise the wager to £20


The progression can work with any bankroll. UK players may set any amount and colour. For limited budgets, we recommend starting out small so that you prolong your session.

Will All Roulette Strategy Red and Black Outcomes Be the Same?

Will All Roulette Strategy Red and Black Outcomes Be the Same

The outcome of one spin cannot affect the result of the next spin:

  • Because any wheel spin result is random, every roulette strategy black and red is probabilistic.
  • Strategies take advantage of well-known patterns and attempt to improve the chances of success by incorporating statistics.

However, the same system will not consistently produce identical results over extended series of bets since nobody can control the wheel!

Red and Black Roulette Expected Value

Red and Black Roulette Expected Value

Expected value is a beneficial concept not only for financial, but also for betting decisions. It reveals the median gain or loss from an event if repeated several times.

When you factor in the house edge for even-money bets, you can create more realistic expectations regarding how much you afford to lose in a gaming session.

Expected value for even-money bets

  • In European roulette it is -0.027 or 2.7%, while in the American variant, it’s -0.053, or 5.3%.
  • In the long run, for every bet of £100, you will lose £2.7 in the European version and £5.3 playing the American version.

However, the expected value is not literally the value you can always get.

It will not not apply proportionally to every situation.

There is a chance you will lose more than the expected value indicates, just as there’s a chance you could profit more, for instance by getting several straight-up bets right in a row.

Betting on Roulette Red or Black Is Still Better

Betting on Roulette Red or Black Is Still Better

The table is brimming with betting options, some with better payout than the classic even-money bet.

  • Straight-up bets offer 35:1 odds and 37:1 odds on
  • Spilt bets offer 17:1 odds
  • Corner bets come at 8:1

Such bets may seem attractive, but the reason they payout so well is that the probability of getting them right is quite low.

For instance

Statistically, a straight-up bet will hit home once every 36 spins. That’s why guessing the correct number landing on any spin is such a challenge:

  • It is reflected in the probability of 2.70%, while the spilt bet offers a 5.41% probability of success.
  • The columns and dozens are much better, with a 32.43% probability.
  • But nothing beats the red and black bet with 48.65% chances.

It offers the best probability of success, which explains why UK players should prefer it.

How to Win at Roulette Playing Red or Black

You can go with your gut instinct, but that will not generate positive outcomes regularly.

The recommended method is to exploit patterns in the game with appropriate strategies.

Again, the main pattern you can exploit is the approximate 50-50 chance provided by the even-money propositions.

Alternate your betting systems

We have an entire catalogue of roulette strategies described in our player guides hub. Study them and try not to limit yourself to one but alternate systems for better results.

More Complex Roulette Red or Black Strategies

Your typical black/red strategy focuses on a series of bets in which you raise or decrease your stake.

The Martingale Roulette Red and Black Strategy

The Martingale Roulette Red and Black Strategy

Its straightforward rules make the Martingale strategy a popular choice among UK players.

The concept is straightforward

  • You select a colour
  • Choose your unit size
  • Place a bet
  • Double your bet amount after each loss
  • Repeat the steps until the ball lands on your colour
  • Profits will amount to the value of your initial bet


UK online Roulette sites may not allow the usage of roulette systems. Check the Terms and Conditions or ask Support if you’re allowed to apply such systems.

Be aware that failing to meet the Terms may get your account suspended.

Reverse Martingale

The Reverse Martingale strategy is an adaptation of the original system, with one crucial alteration.

You double the bet size after a win.

The recommended cut-off point is four wins in a row

Once you hit four wins, it’s recommended you restart the sequence. Otherwise, you risk losing all the profits.

Six More Systems for Roulette Red or Black Bets

Roulette Red or Black Systems Betting Approach Best Advantage
D’Alembert Increase the bet by one base unit after a losing wager; decrease after a win by one base unit. It is one of the safest strategies
Reverse D’Alembert Increase your take by one unit after a win and decrease it by one unit after a loss Works with a small bankroll
Fibonacci Use the default Fibonacci string. After a loss, the next wager should amount to the combined sums of the two previous bets. Go back two steps in case of a loss. May help you keep your bankroll for longer
Reverse Fibonacci Move forward one step in the progression following a won bet. After a loss, move two steps backwards. You may reach your target faster
Labouchere Define the target amount. Divide that sum into smaller numbers that add up. Your stake is the sum of the right and left numbers. If you win, you cross out the said numbers. If you lose, you add the stake to the series. You have met your goal when all numbers get crossed from the list. It’s a neat and organised system
Hollandish The strategy is a progression with three bets at each stage. You add two units to the next bet at each loss and continue adding two units to the previous bet to get the amount for the next stage. Repeat until your bet wins. At that point, you restart with the original bet amount. To profit, you don’t need too many positive results

Limits to the Roulette Red or Black Strategy

Limits to the Roulette Red or Black Strategy

  • UK live casinos offer games with a built-in advantage known as the house edge. Strategies help UK players maneuvre around the house edge, but they can never eliminate it.
  • Most gambling venues implement a maximum bet table limit. That undermines most strategies that work with progressive bet sizes. Following several losses, UK players may not be able to continue.
  • Roulette strategies depend on a substantial bankroll to fund multiple bets.
  • That’s why it’s best to use roulette casino bonuses before you commit to play roulette for real money online, even though you may only bet 10% of your bonus in most cases.
  • Betting strategies require investing time and money to reach the desired result, and results can never be guaranteed.

How to Increase Red and Black Roulette Betting Odds

  1. Play the European Roulette online version since it offers the lowest house edge
  2. Alternate between strategies for betting roulette red or black
  3. Define your bankroll at the beginning of each round and stick to the initial plan
  4. Practice responsible gambling by defining objectives for each gaming session
  5. Choose high-stakes roulette casinos since they offer higher bet limits
  6. Consult with experts about which roulette strategy offer the best results.

Let us know what strategy you picked!

Have we left anything out of our guide? Are you clearer on which strategies work to your advantage? Let us know in the comments section! Your feedback helps reply more accurately to your questions!


Is there a trick to win roulette?

Different strategies can improve your chances of success, but there is no trick to winning roulette.

Does red or black hit more on roulette?

No reliable statistics show that one colour is more frequent than another. The chances of hitting any colour are the same, with a probability of about 47.4%. 

What are the odds of red or black in roulette?

The odds are 1:1, which means UK players get even money for a correct prediction.

How to bet red or black in roulette?

In online casinos, select your stake and place it on the side of the racetrack, on the red/black fully coloured pockets. 

Can you bet on red and black at the same time in roulette?

No. Covering too many numbers (in this case almost every single one of them) is often frowned upon both in online and offline casinos. 

How to play roulette red or black bets?

Select a colour and place your chips on the spot reserved for that colour. The croupier will spin the wheel, and if the ball lands on the colour of choice, you get an even-money payout.
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