Are Online Casinos Loyalty Systems a Scam?

Are Online Casinos Loyalty Systems a Scam?

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Top online casinos are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. A method that works giving their customers benefits.

One strategy that consistently proves its efficacy in this pursuit is the implementation of loyalty programs. These programs serve as a testament to a casino’s appreciation for its patrons, echoing the sentiment often found in other eCommerce ventures. By offering rewards and benefits tailored to their customers’ activity, casinos cultivate a symbiotic relationship that enriches both player experience and business vitality.

Much like the loyalty programs of other industries, casino loyalty programs are designed to incentivize continued engagement and patronage. They transcend the boundaries of specific game types, encompassing all facets of the online casino experience. Through these programs, players accrue points by participating in various gambling activities, ultimately earning real rewards ranging from monetary bonuses to exclusive services, all contingent upon their rank within the program.

However, not all online casinos are created equal in their provision of loyalty and VIP programs. Each establishment showcases distinct features within its reward systems, ensuring a unique experience for its clientele. As players navigate the plethora of offerings, the question arises: Are these loyalty programs truly worth the investment of time and resources?

What is a casino loyalty program?

What is a casino loyalty program

Casino loyalty programs have one thing in common with other eCommerce businesses; they show you their appreciation for choosing their brand over the competitors.

They all want to give you something in return due to your activity on their platform. Casinos maintain a good relationship with their clients by creating a reward system. These plans also raise the value to its players and the business.

Casino loyal programs are not exclusive to a specific type of game. You get points by engaging in gambling activities and betting on everything that the online casino has to offer. You can earn real money, complementary services and other benefits depending on your rank.

All casinos offer casino bonuses, but not all have loyalty and VIP programs. The ones that have shown distinct features, and you won’t find two similar reward systems. Let’s see what experts believe and understand if these casinos and their VIP programs are worth it.

How can you become a casino VIP member?

How can you become a casino VIP member

The key to deciding whether a VIP scheme is worth it is that you must be confident in depositing and playing regularly at the same online casino.

The gamification process is not hard, operators give you reasons to play, and you play.

The more time and money you spend gambling, the closer you get to entering the lower tier and advancing higher in the hierarchy. Each pound you wager adds up to a number of reward points.

If you are not confident about an online casino’s reward program, read the T&C and ask on the support chat in case you need more information.

Vip versus loyalty programs

Vip versus loyalty programs - is there any difference

VIP and loyalty schemes are mainly the same things, but VIP plans have a broader range of facilities. Loyalty programs are point-based and more limited and usually offer extra bonuses and lower withdrawal taxes.

VIPs will place you on the red carpet with a personal manager and increased deposit limits.

Casinos that have both online and offline casinos will combine their VIP scheme, and you will get discounts for land-based accommodations, VIP areas and tables.

Some casinos use both schemes’ names, and the VIP is considered the highest rank from that loyalty program, but this 2-in-1 combination is not common.

Casino – Caesars Details Casino – 888 Details
Type Loyalty Type VIP
Highest Tier Seven Stars: 150,000 p Point system Cashback points
Lower tier Platinum: 5,000 points Cost of 1 point 150 points = £1
Cost of 1 point £5 – slots

£10 – video poker

£1 resort facilities

Extra features Personal Manager

Exclusiv Parties

Weekly Appreciation Reward

VIP only Promotions

The table above explains the difference between a VIP and a loyalty program.

Remember that every casino is different and can offer distinct rewards. For example, plenty of casinos from Aspire Global include extensive tiered VIP programs, each with its own casino bonuses: free spins, cashback, birthday rewards, etc.

What do you get from an online casino’s loyalty scheme?

What do you get from an online casino’s loyalty program

The welcome bonus is the first thing you’ll get for free from most casinos. Numerous operators have free spins included in their welcome offer. After that, at first, you’ll see seasonal promotions and special holiday events.

Cashback offers

You can think about cashback offers as discount coupons as they give you back a percentage of the total amount you deposit.

That percentage will be back on your debit card or player account as real money.

Point-based offers

Points systems are the base, and the loyalty scheme is built with them. Some casinos will offer 1 point for a £5 bet, and others will give 1 point for a £40 wager. The main idea is that every casino uses points.

Some crypto casinos have their own crypto instead of points.

Exclusive deals

These deals offer things such as free spins to specific high RTP slots, bonus hours, or even higher withdrawal limits.

Players Club

The players club is another name for VIP. You have specific areas designated for your rank and even separate chats online.

These clubs attract high-rollers who want to share their strategies and thoughts with others.

Casino reward cards

Casino reward cards

Casino loyalty cards are membership cards that you can use to redeem your rewards.

The card gives you all sorts of discounts in land-based casinos and their resorts.

Usually, these cards are given to the top-ranking players when they accumulate enough points and want to use them. It’s easier for both parties to use a card rather than a database with names.

Let’s say you receive your card because you play online slots and live dealer roulette. You can go to the casino’s nearest resort and get cheaper hotel rooms, have a chef-selection diner or play in VIP-dedicated areas.

Verdict: Online casino loyalty programs – scams or not?

Verdict Online casino loyalty programs - scams or not

The short answer is no. Loyalty schemes are not scams; you simply get something in return according to how implicated you are. If you play more, you get more rewards and various benefits.

The negative impact that VIP and loyalty schemes can have on some gamblers is that they will see them as a challenge. They will try to play more and spend more money just to climb the casino hierarchy quickly.

Implementing exclusion tools

Casinos do not encourage that and developed features to allow players to self-exclude.

What can you do if you don’t fully trust an online casino VIP program?

Take experts’ words into account and read everything you can about the casino you’re interested in.

Well-established brands are trustworthy, and their programs have easy-to-read rules and explanations for their VIP schemes.

Every casino you’ll find on Casino Alpha is licensed, authorized and regulated for the UK.

Experts’ take on how to choose the best online casino VIP program

Experts’ take on how to choose the best online casino VIP program

  • Read reviews – data shows the best how that operator treats its customers and which casino offers what you want
  • T&C comes first – after you read the reviews, search and spend some time with their internal rules
  • Open an account – after you open your account and place your initial bet, you are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program’s lowest rank
  • Learn tricks – look up which games give the most points for less money and play the system
  • Don’t focus only on the VIP treatment – your primary focus should be how to spin for free, bet with minimal amounts and stay within your budget

Responsible gambling and loyalty programs

Responsible gambling and loyalty programs

Remember to always stay within your spending limits and don’t play only to get into an upper loyalty rank. To help you prevent gambling addiction, you can make separate accounts and develop responsible gambling habits.

Usually, authorized casinos with VIP plans also have responsible gambling features.

They offer self-exclusion, Gamstop and gambling addiction guides and quizzes. Make sure you read them carefully and access the helpline if you feel gambling takes over.

What’s your take on loyalty schemes?

We would like to hear all your thoughts in the comment section below.

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