All You Need to Know About Your Online Casino Account

All You Need to Know About Your Online Casino Account

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So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and open an online casino account. Here’s everything you should know to help you in your gambling journey!

Before you start

There are a few things you need to know about your online casino account. Dull as this may sound, you need to do some groundwork before deciding which online casino account to open and get to grips with a few things before you start gambling.

Don’t let this put you off though. It will be worth it

Pick the right online casino for you

When deciding which top online casino to sign up with, it’s very easy to get distracted by impressive website graphics, as well as by the seemingly generous bonus offers available. However, you need to think about whether the site will meet your needs.

What to take into consideration

  • Do you just want to play casino or slot games, or do you like to dabble in sports betting or bingo as well?
  • Where will you access your account? The chances are that you will play at home, but you might want an account that has an app available so that you can play on your phone when you’re on the move

Have a think about your personal preferences and then narrow it down to a few different online casino sites that you like the look of. Then do some research online by browsing through casino reviews to learn more about the platforms that interest you.

Is it legit?

With gambling websites opening all the time, unfortunately, there are a lot of fake ones out there. If there isn’t any or very limited information about a website online, take this as a red flag and steer clear.

Carefully read the Terms & Conditions

It’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Terms & Conditions. Note that these sometimes change and you will usually be notified by email or made aware when you sign into your account.


Make sure you check what changes have been made each time you receive an update.

Get familiar with the platform

Have a good scroll around the website and check where everything is located.

Look at the banking section and check which payment methods you can use. Bear in mind that using some payment methods, such as Skrill, might limit the bonus options available to you. Also, check what minimum balance you need to have before you withdraw.

The banking section sometimes shows how much you still need to wager before you can withdraw.


This can obviously be useful when deciding on which games to play and working out how many spins you need to do to complete the wagering requirements of your bonus..

Check out the bonuses

Work out which casino bonus offer is best for you. This depends on your personal preferences and the games included in the bonus offer.

Remember to bear in mind the RTP (Return to Player) value of the games included. To wager your bonus more quickly, you should aim to play games with a high RTP value.

Note what wagering requirements the bonuses available to you have. Also, take into consideration the withdrawal rules, if you decide to take advantage of a bonus offer.


Some websites let you withdraw your balance when you haven’t played through the sum of your bonus, although obviously if you do this you forfeit your bonus sum. With other websites, you need to play through your full bonus amount before you are permitted to withdraw.

Other special promotions

A lot of online casino sites have seasonal and weekly bonuses available. Once signed up, it’s likely that the site will email or text you about any bonuses that you are eligible for.

What if I need help?

You need to get to grips with the customer service facilities available. Most online casino sites have an online chat facility.

Here, if you encounter any problems, the operator will typically come back to you within a few minutes. However, it’s also good to know if there is a direct email address that you can use if you are experiencing more complex issues.

Also, look out for a phone number, there are times when talking to another human being really is best.

Follow social media

There might also be the option to follow your online casino site on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s worth doing this. As well as keeping you up to date with any changes or news, social media can be an effective way of reaching out quickly if you have a problem and need a prompt reply.

Know your limits

If you believe that you could easily be tempted in the heat of the moment to spend more time and money than you can afford, it’s a good idea to set deposit or time limits on your account.

Make sure you know how to set up these facilities on your account. They can often be accessed through the settings menu.

Once you are fully clued up about your online casino account, you can be savvy while still having fun. You never know if you could become a millionaire.

Did you find our tips useful?

Is there anything else we could have included to help players at the beginning of their gambling journey on a casino website? Let us know all your thoughts in the comment section below.

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