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CasinoAlpha is your number one reliable resource for online gambling.

Who Is CasinoAlpha?

As an independent affiliate site, CasinoAlpha aims to serve players’ interests with impartiality. We operate by referring players to licensed online casinos through affiliate links, earning fair commissions when players sign up. However, we are not a gambling company ourselves and do not provide any gaming services. This frees us from profit-driven biases or hidden agendas. Our sole purpose is to provide transparent, objective reviews to help players make informed decisions about online casinos. Our focus is on nurturing trust through honest assessments, not maximizing affiliate earnings. As an affiliate site without direct ties to the industry, we can prioritize players’ needs above all else.

What We Do

Everything we do has a meaning and a special purpose. Know how each type of article can help you by going behind the scene:

This is where we create an extensive product review for all the best online casinos that successfully grasped our attention, knowing that you’re going to look for crucial details like:

  1. Payments
  2. Fees
  3. Games
  4. Opportunities
  5. and more

There, we accentuate crucial elements through our Tips/Recommendation/Be aware/Important messages.

If one reviewer writes their opinion, then at least two check it for accuracy, as stated and explained in our publishing policy.

We do not simply present bonuses. Instead, we thoroughly test and verify to ensure you receive what it’s promised.

Our aim is to give a complete picture of every offer available on our website, so that you may make a smart decision regarding your casino wallet.

Here is where you will find all about:

  • Limits that can affect you directly (betting, cashout, and timeframe)
  • The imposed requirements to make a successful withdrawal request
  • Payment and gaming options that are available
  • Promo code you need to claim an offer

This is not all! Here, you get the chance to know, in short, how to benefit from and, also, what to look after within that specific casino.

  • Player Education

To help you make an informed decision you must know and understand how the gambling industry works and how to keep yourself within safe limits.

Our topics are not dedicated on a single subject. We divide each one based on:

  1. Player guides
  2. Legal Guides
  3. Gambling Addiction
  4. Blog Posts

We know that no matter how experienced you may be when it comes to gambling you always need a fresh perspective. We’re here to give it to you and educate you for the better. Using our team’s knowledge and experience in the fast-paced world of mass media, we know what you want to read & discover.

  • Tops & Rankings

CasinoAlpha makes detailed comparisons and thoughtful rankings of online casinos to help players find the best gaming options.

As the United Kingdom’s number one source for online casino reviews and recommendations, our casino experts carefully analyze and rate casinos across various categories so you can easily compare casino features, bonuses, game selection, and more. Our experts test and rank casinos based on type – whether that’s for slots, live dealer games, or other casino game genres.

We dig into crucial details like security, payments, and licensing so you can feel confident in your choice. With our in-depth, unbiased reviews and rankings, CasinoAlpha aims to be the ultimate resource to guide players to top-rated online casinos tailored to their preferences.

Our Core Principles

  • Integrity: We provide accurate, fact-checked information and objective online casino reviews.
  • Player Control: We fight against gambling addiction and support affected players and their close ones.
  • Safety: Our team only promotes secure online casinos and encourages safe and responsible gambling practices.
  • Independency: Our analyses are entirely based on our database, research, standards, and testing methodologies.
  • Money Management: We provide expert guidance on smart, responsible use of your player account and gambling transactions.
  • Progress: We drive a strong ethic to improve our testing and reviewing practices constantly. Our methods update regularly.

Company Details

Parent Organization
Extremoo Marketing SRL
Tudor Turiceanu
Vat Code
Registry No.
Number of Employees
Mesteacanului nr.4
Tudor Turiceanu

Extremoo Marketing Group - Parent Company

More on Extremoo Marketing Group, the Owner Company

A young company on a dynamic development course, Extremoo Marketing Group launched the CasinoAlpha project in 2021 and continues to refine it.

With over 8 years of online gambling expertise, the company adapts its projects to each legislative change and industry challenge. Extremoo Marketing Group leads the CasinoAlpha project in the spirit of continuous improvement and maintains the highest standard of meeting players’ needs.

The company’s main focus is to educate online gamblers and support healthy financial behaviour and gambling decisions. With hours of research lead by industry specialists, Extremoo projects are considered some of the most reliable gambling resources.

Today, the Extremoo database is a complete casino library for gamblers world wide.

Extremoo Marketing work ethic and professional principles

  1. Focus on incorruptible professionalism
  2. Establishing and maintaining a spotless reputation
  3. Professional and personal growth practices
  4. A merit-based evolution system

Company Numbers

Brands Reviewed +850
No. of Experts +30
Articles Published +10.000
Years of Expertise 8

CasinoAlpha Leadership

Tudor Turiceanu, the Chief Editor and the founder of the CasinoAlpha project, reforms the gambling industry through his unique approach.

He understands and addresses the perspective of online gamblers in two deep-seated ways: as a former gambler and as a now industry expert.

The Chief Editor has a background of over 17 years in online gambling. His personal history of overcoming gambling addiction supports his conviction that the industry should prioritize the players’ rights & best interests.

This double perspective drives the work ethic of CasinoAlpha experts. Tudor Turiceanu is committed to teaching the value of transparent, trustworthy, and truly helpful content to every team member.

He ensures all our research, testing and content creation processes address the true pain points of using online casinos:

  • Every review focuses on the issues that most affect a gambler.
  • All casino and bonus listings provide expert guidance on matters that truly count: tricky terms, vital casino policies, and financial security advice.
  • Our guides address relevant player needs, from game strategies, to making a successful complaint, protecting your budget, and combating gambling addiction.

He checks every online casino review, bonus review, guide, and educational article before publication, ensuring that the content supports the players’ gameplay, funds, and well-being.

Representing the true vision behind the CasinoAlpha project, CasinoAlpha’s Chief Editor continually provides in-depth training and regular feedback to his team, nurturing an absolute culture of transparency, security, and objectivity for online players.

Our Company History

With roots extending back to 2016, Extremoo Marketing brings years of industry experience and expertise to our mission of providing transparent, unbiased online casino reviews.

  • 2016 – The Year Extremoo Marketing Started in the Online Casino Industry. Extremoo Marketing was founded with a focus on affiliate marketing in the online casino space. This early start allowed us to build foundational knowledge of the gambling industry.
  • 2019 – Entering the UK Market Under the CasinoAlpha Brand. After establishing ourselves as an authority in online casino affiliate marketing, we turned our attention to directly serving players. Launching CasinoAlpha allowed us to provide our expertise through detailed casino reviews and guides tailored for the UK market.
  • 2020 – Expanding to the Romanian Market. The following year, we took our dedication to high-quality casino reviews to Romania with a CasinoAlpha site focused on this market. This continued our growth across Europe.
  • 2021 – Launching in New Zealand. In response to growing demand, CasinoAlpha launched a New Zealand-facing site to serve Kiwi players. Our reach expanded all the way to Oceania.
  • 2022 – Entering Ireland. Most recently, CasinoAlpha launched an Irish version of our site. We now provide Irish players with reviews of top online casinos available in their market.

With a presence across Europe and Oceania, CasinoAlpha has established itself as an international authority in online gambling guides. Yet our mission remains the same – to provide unbiased, transparent reviews to help players make informed decisions.

Company future: What are our next plans?

Bringing our knowledge forth, we want to apply it to an even larger scale, globally. Our mission will stay the same: review, rate and compare online casino brands available internationally.

In these 8 years of investigating the online gambling sector, we have accumulated enough experience to identify which gambling products are good for you and which have good reputations.

Using our core principles, we aim to give guidance and independence to gamblers worldwide. Our testing methods will still guided by integrity and safety, allowing you to make a safe choice when choosing a casino from anywhere in the world. Through our work, we aim to provide independence when it comes to managing your gambling budget effectively.

Overall, we hope our collective effort will create positive progress in the industry as a whole to make it more player-oriented and safer.

Going globally is the natural step in our evolution as a company that has stayed glued to gambling trends since 2016. Now that we have tested over 3500 casinos and more than 6300 bonuses from the UK, Romania, New Zealand and Ireland, we can apply this knowledge bank to a bigger and broader scale. We believe it is the appropriate time to have a large-scale casino review system that accurately rates global casinos and brings awareness to the possible gambling traps that might be set ahead. We will continue to improve our review process once we delve into more specific cases of the largest online casino operators.” (Tudor Turiceanu, Founder, CEO and Chief Editor)

Why Trust CasinoAlpha's Experts

Our mission statement: to promote transparency of information, trustworthiness, security and fairness in the gambling industry.

At CasinoAlpha, the ultimate goal is to improve the experience of online players and to ensure equal access to free, reliable resources and tools to navigate the industry safely.

For this reason, we keep an updated database of secure and fair online casinos. We create unbiased casino reviews, and offer professional guidance on essential aspects of your gambling experience.

Our authors and editors understand the risks involved in online gambling. Our professionals are committed to testing the casinos themselves, analyzing and researching every aspect that impacts your game.

On our website, we only present fact-checked casino insights that encourage smart and informed decisions in gamblers worldwide. Don’t take chances with your funds and well-being. Choose CasinoAlpha as your resource for expert information and trusted advice.