Top 3 Lottery-Inspired Games

Play Like You've Hit the Jackpot With These 3 Lotto Casino Games

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Looking to add a dash of lottery luck to your online casino adventures? We’ve got inside intel on the top 3 lotto-inspired titles that seamlessly blend virtual slots and scratchers with classic lottery gameplay.

Revolver Gaming’s Lotto Lucky – Lock Lucky Clovers Easy

Slot Details Lotto Lucky
Slot Type Video Slot
Release Date February 2019
Paylines 5
RTP 95.95%
Developer Revolver Gaming
Minimum Bet per Line £0.09
Maximum Bet per Line £225
Minimum Coin Size 0.01
Maximum Coin Size 25
Jackpot £125.000

Revolver Gaming comes second on our list with three reels and numerous impressive features which are meant to motivate players to try out the game. The game’s aesthetics combine Irish elements with Lotto features. The ten symbols are 3D classics like ladybugs, horseshoes and lucky clovers.

Game’s features

The game offers a Lotto bonus game and a Lucky Play symbol.

The game’s aesthetics combine Irish elements with Lotto features. The ten symbols are 3D classics like ladybugs, horseshoes and lucky clovers. If a player gathers three Lucky Play symbols, they become sticky, and a re-spin round is automatically initiated. The fact that the developers let the signs stay in place gives the player extra chances to multiply the earnings.

Triggering the bonus

The Lotto Bonus feature changes the screen and drops ten lotto balls with shown values. After the player can peak the details, they are mixed, and their values hide.

The player must choose the five correct balls to get cash prizes and multipliers.

Players’ perspective

Overall, the player received constant favourable reviews from the public.

Some players find the game features smart gameplay and unique elements. Others have described the ball’s addition as a fantastic feature. Many also appreciated the game having a low smallest bet limit.

The negative aspects mentioned in their reviews were the lack of scatters, wilds, or multiplier symbols in the game. As it seems, some bettors were disappointed they could only get extra free spins or multipliers with the bonuses.

Our expert opinion

Based on the research we have undergone, we think the game indeed creates a unique experience for players through the elements it incorporates. Hence, we have found it to be a worthy addition to our top.

Lotto Madness Slot – Fan Favourite Slot from Playtech

Slot Details Lotto Madness
Slot Type Video Slot
Release Date October 2012
Paylines 20
RTP 97%
Developer Playtech
Minimum Bet per Line 1
Maximum Bet per Line 10
Minimum Coin Size 0.01
Maximum Coin Size 5
Jackpot £10.000

Our first top choice is a Playtech slot game product with multiple elements inspired from a classical lotto title.

Several innovations are present as well

Players will also come across several slot symbols, such as lucky 7s, dollar signs, and gold bars, when playing this title. Hence, it is often a popular choice for bettors that have a preference for both slot games and lotto titles.

Game’s features

The game has a scatter symbol that increases players’ chance of landing victorious rounds.

Three dollar signs in a row payout five times the initial bet, four scatters ten times, and five give 50 times the baseline bet. It is also relevant to note that the odds of getting five scatter symbols are unknown because the game is another PRNG game.

A unique addition

One positive aspect is that the game has an additional extra special feature known as the “Lotto Madness Bonus.” In order to obtain it, a player must have two Bonus symbols on the first and fifth reels in the same spin. The gameplay is straightforward, and the player must spin the wheel and see if luck will play in their favour.

Players’ perspective

Overall, the game was very well received by the gambling audiences, the title being now present in numerous top online casinos in the UK since several bettors have shown interest in trying out the game.

However, some players reviewed this game negatively because it lacks more extra features and bonus rounds.

A few reviewers also complained that the game doesn’t offer an alternative chance to getting the Bonus symbol other than triggering it randomly

Others were excited because the game’s return to player rate is relatively high compared to the industry’s average, the theme is interactive, and they can play the game with many paylines.

Our expert opinion

Based on our experience with online casino games featuring lotto elements, we think Lotto Madness is a worthy addition to our top since it creates the perfect opportunity for slot sites bettors and lotto players to get the best of both worlds.

The game’s special features also contribute to creating a more pleasant and satisfying gambling experience for players, so we find its great online reputation to match the reality.

European Lottery Phenomenon – EuroMillion

EuroMillion appeared in 2004 in France, the UK and Spain as a cross-over project to unite multiple European Lotteries.

Odds of winnings

Lucky Stars Main numbers Probability of winnings Winnings Amount
0 2 1 in 23 £2.70
0 3 1 in 327 £8.20
0 4 1 in 14.387 £68.60
0 5 1 in 3,236.994 £35,303.90
1 2 1 in 46 £5.40
1 3 1 in 654 £9.80
1 4 1 in 28.773 £137.20
1 5 1 in 6,473.989 £211,823.60
2 1 1 in 156 £6.90
2 2 1 in 821 £12.80
2 3 1 in 11.771 £40.10
2 4 1 in 517.919 £2,824.30
2 5 1 in 116,531.800 Jackpot

The luckiest EuroMillion player through years has been a British man who won the jackpot record of £195,707,000,

Game’s features

EuroMillion is similar to a classical lotto game. When playing it, bettors must choose five numbers out of 50 and two lucky star digits out of 12 different numbers. If all seven numbers are correct, the player earns the jackpot.

At the moment, EuroMillion is not available in numerous countries. For instance, if British citizens were to visit Poland, they wouldn’t be able to play EuroMillion.

Players’ perspective

Most players declared that they don’t see much difference between EuroMillion and other Lottery games. Hence, so it is a great alternative to try out once in a while.

No visible reports have been made about any unbecoming of this title, except the lack of novelty it bring to the table.

Our expert opinion

We thoroughly understand the hype surrounding this title since it offers Britons a similar game to the lotto in a completely new setting.

And while the title may not be present in several countries at the moment, UK citizens can take part in it at any time, so this shouldn’t be a problem for playing locally.

Substitute Games

Instead of EuroMillions or Classic Lotto, you can look up Eurojackpot, another similar lotto title, although not as widely appreciated as the 3 titles included in our top. Still, having another option is always handy for having variety in your gambling adventure.

At Eurojackpot, the player must select the number and wait for the drawing date to find the results.

Besides Eurojackpot, you can also try Bingo or Keno. They have some unique features and bring more thrill to the game, but the rules are not complicated, and the baseline is similar to Lotto.

The choice is in your hands

The odds of winning at any Lotto or Lotto-like game are small, but it won’t harm anyone to play the lottery as a free time activity, especially when people have traditions based on Lotto as Brits do.

We hope our guide has provided a good starting point in your journey of expanding your betting options to make the most of your gambling experience over time.

At Eurojackpot, the player must select the number and wait for the drawing date to find the results.

Do you have any titles in mind?

Did we forget to include one of the favourites that you consider superior? Or do you have some thoughts you want to share about one of the top games we’ve included? We shall appreciate hearing your considerations in the comment section below.

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