10 Mistakes At Online Casinos

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid at Online Casinos

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CasinoAlpha experts warn against the 10 common mistakes that can cost you more than you expect at online casinos. We also show how to avoid them easily.

1. Registering with Fake Details

Understandably, many people worry about being scammed online. They believe they can prevent this by using false details.

With fraudsters getting progressively more clever, using fake details can seem like the ideal way to protect your online identity.

However, it’s the wrong thing to do, and here’s why:

  • Based on the extensive research and updates on our best online casinos UK page, reputable sites don’t allow you to claim any winnings. We’ve all heard horror stories about unclaimed lottery prizes. Can you imagine the regret if you couldn’t claim your winnings?
  • When you make up details or worse still use someone else’s credentials, you could easily get in trouble for fraud. It isn’t worth the risk.

2. Choosing the Wrong Casino

When registering with a gambling site, make sure you do your research. As a growing industry, new sites pop up all the time and it can be difficult to weed out the legitimate, regulated ones.

This is how you can tell that an online casino is safe to use:

  • Firstly, you should check whether the website is certified. Legitimate Online Casinos are regulated by third party casino regulatory authorities, especially the UKGC.
  • You should also look at what personal details they ask for at registration, the payment methods accepted, the speed of payouts and the customer services facilities available.
  • It’s a good idea to google the relevant website and read some user reviews. If there is no information online about a site, that is a definite red flag.
  • Check expert casino reviews and look for the casino you want to play at. Even if your casino is legitimate, it may not be the kind you need. Experts rate all essential aspects of a casino, so you know what you’re signing up for.

3. Not Knowing your Limits

When gambling, you need a spending cap. Many reputable Online Casinos, for example the Rainbow Riches Casino have a number of settings to help you stay in control.

These include deposit limits, cooling off periods and session reminders. You don’t have to take the entire responsibility on your shoulders if you feel that your gambling habits are spinning out of control. Make sure you opt for self-exclusion for at least 6 months and address the issue with professional help!

4. Choosing the Wrong Bonuses

It’s easy to get drawn into seemingly generous offers. In reality the wagering requirements might be very high and the games included in the bonus offer might be restricted.

For instance, if you pick a slots bonus but want to play live casino games, the live casino games may contribute little to nothing to the playthrough.This means that you may have to stake much more than the wagering requirements mentioned in the promotional terms.

To avoid these confusions, opt for bonuses provided in a reliable casino list that is approved by expert sites. Such websites explain clearly which games you should play with the bonus funds.

5. Not Reading the Terms & Conditions

An easy mistake new online casino users make is skim reading the Terms & Conditions. Fully reading the Terms & Conditions gives you a feel for how the site works.

It is particularly important to pay attention to the different payment methods available on the slots site that interested you.

  • For example, with some online casinos, if you deposit money by Skrill you will not qualify for bonuses.

In addition, it’s good to take note of the rules regarding withdrawals and bonuses.

  • For instance, with some sites, you can withdraw your funds and forfeit your bonuses, whilst with others you have to play through the full amount of your bonus before you can withdraw funds.

6. Choosing the Wrong Games

It’s important to play games that you understand. It wouldn’t be wise to play roulette or poker unless you are fully familiar with the rules. As a general rule, it isn’t good practice to play one game for too long. It would be too easy to get carried away and lose concentration.

On the other hand, although it can be tempting to try out lots of games, you could easily confuse yourself and lose sight of the rules, potentially resulting in big losses. It’s a question of balance.

7. Not Taking Advantage of Free Games and Practice Games

To avoid doing the previous mistake, our experts strongly advise you to always play a new game in practice or demo mode.

Based on our research and updated new online casino list, most new sites provide you with option to play practice games without depositing. That’s because they need to attract more players and to make their games known.

Established brands rarely do this, but, based on our casino reviews, you can play without paying with no deposit promotions. Well-respected casinos often do that, according to many of our data, including our 888casino review, LeoVegas casino review, and many others.

This can also be a good way to build your confidence.

8. Trying to Chase Losses

When you lose money, it’s almost instinctive to want to try to win it back. One common way people do this is by doubling bets, often spending much more than they intended to. In this case, the answer lies in using your willpower, or taking advantage of the online tools available to help you set limits.

9. Playing When Under the Influence

While land-based casinos often provide refreshments and alcoholic beverages, it isn’t advisable to play on online casinos if you’re under the influence of alcohol or prescription drugs.

During an altered state, you are much more likely to make bad gambling decisions that can potentially ruin you financially. With online casinos, this is especially dangerous, since you are likely playing alone, from the comfort of your home, without an external reality check.

10. Blaming Yourself if You Lose

When you play Online Casino and lose, it’s human nature to believe that you did something wrong.

Unless you make an obvious mistake, for example playing a game that you don’t understand or chasing a loss by increasing your bets, the chances are that your loss is down to bad luck.

Remember, gambling is defined by luck. Don’t associate too much pressure on playing and always make safe decisions.

Here’s a summary of what you’ve learn in our guide:


  1. Registering with fake details can prevent you from claiming your winnings.
  2. Choosing the wrong casino can cost you your identity security and funds, if not more.
  3. Not knowing your limits can take you on the slippery slope of spending too much without realizing it.
  4. Choosing the wrong bonuses can lose you time and money.
  5. By not reading the terms and conditions before you register or opt into a bonus, you stand to lose any winnings you may incur and even the bonus funds.
  6. By selecting the wrong games, you may unknowingly diminish your winning odds.
  7. Dismissing demo games is a huge risk when it comes to your wagers, if you don’t know the game you are playing.
  8. In 92% of the time, trying to chase losses will bring you more financial damage.
  9. If you play under the influence, you are less likely to catch winning streaks.
  10. Self-blame when you experience losses can have the same damaging effect as trying to chase your losses.

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