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CasinoAlpha is your number one reliable resource for online gambling.

Who Is CasinoAlpha?

CasinoAlpha is an affiliate website under the guidance of our parent company, Extremoo Marketing S.R.L. The company strives to offer readers impartial reviews and knowledge to empower their decision-making. We gather data from a wide portfolio of casino operators and share referral links through which we may receive commissions. Despite receiving commissions from being an affiliate website, we remain objective. Moreover, this will not influence product placement, nor do we let commissions get in our way of delivering an honest assessment.

We ourselves are not a gambling company, nor do we provide legal advice. Our main focus is not to maximize earnings but rather to retain readers’ trust through transparent and objective analysis.

What We Do

At CasinoAlpha, our team of gambling experts provides readers with trustworthy insights and recommendations grounded in work we do ourselves, such as joining top casinos on the market, redeeming bonuses and giving a neutral opinion.

Casino Reviews

Our team of experts provides in-depth, data-driven assessments of online casinos. We thoroughly evaluate crucial details like:

  • Payments and fees
  • User-oriented innovations
  • Number of games
  • Customer support
  • Security features

We highlight key elements through detailed tables and lists to empower informed decisions, but we also take into account what a particular casino must improve. Moreover, we have rigorous accuracy standards, with at least two analysts checking each review as stated in our editorial policies.

Each and every review goes through the hands of our Chief Editor, Tudor Turiceanu, for further checking. He analyzes every piece of information for any discrepancies, ensuring accuracy and safety.

Casino Bonuses

Seeing how bonuses are the main factor that attracts players, we reserve more time to review them. This is also a factor which affects players’ funds directly, so we make it our mission to ensure your funds matter.

We rigorously verify them through testing and following the steps a beginner would take: creating an account, redeeming bonuses, depositing and cashing out. Where necessary, we fulfil the wagering requirements as instructed. Our goal is to provide the full picture so readers can determine value and make optimal choices.

For every bonus, we outline key details, including:

  • Limits affecting users
  • Requirements for withdrawals
  • Available payment and gaming options
  • Necessary promo codes

Additionally, we create comprehensive guides on how to claim a certain bonus, highlighting its important terms or misleading bonus terms and conditions.

On top of that, we create step-by-step lists on how to join casinos like an expert and what to look out for, such as KYC procedures, documents and other forms of verification, where needed. These may include phone verification or the requirement of a deposit in order to redeem certain bonuses.

Tops & Rankings

We conduct thoughtful comparisons of online casinos across categories so players can easily find the best options suited for them. Our experts carefully analyze and rate casinos, creating various rankings based on their strengths and weaknesses. Some of the key factors we look at include:

  • Mobile usability and usage
  • Bonuses and loyalty
  • Slots and live casino games
  • Security protocols
  • Payment options and speed
  • Licensing and security

Player Education

We make it our mission to share with our players the knowledge we have accumulated throughout our extensive history on the gambling scene. Thus, we delegate members of our team with unique experiences to create player and legal guides and blogs, which are meant to present a different perspective of online casino gambling. Our list of educational articles includes:

  1. Player guides
  2. Legal guides
  3. Gambling addiction resources
  4. Relevant blog posts

How to Use Our Products

Our CasinoAlpha reviews aim to guide players in making the best possible decisions when selecting and using online gambling sites. Here’s a comprehensive list of what to take into account when browsing through our guides and reviews:

  • Carefully Consult the Reviews First: Whether you’re set on joining a casino or are just curious to get an overview of what the gambling industry has to offer, always have a thorough look through our reviews, in which we take an in-depth look at each important section that makes a casino.
  • Leverage Bonus Guides: Bonus promotions can significantly impact the gaming experience. Our guides explain how to fully utilize offers for maximum benefit and be aware of all critical terms and conditions around withdrawals.
  • Check Reviews Frequently: The gambling environment changes rapidly. Rather than relying on first impressions, revisit our website regularly for fully updated recommendations reflecting the latest industry developments.
  • Use Additional Resources: Pair our reviews with our strategy breakdowns and guides around security, responsible gambling and more. These deliver well-rounded education for optimizing decisions.

The more you engage with our pages, the better your gambling experience. Our unrelenting standards and evaluation factors provide everything required to play at online casinos effectively.

Our Core Principles

  • Integrity: We provide accurate, verified information and objective casino reviews grounded in rigorous assessment methodologies.
  • Player Control: We actively combat gambling addiction by including instructions on safe gambling, as well as resources for specialized help.
  • Safety: Our team solely promotes secure, trusted online casinos after thorough evaluation.
  • Independence: Our perspectives reflect independent analysis based on extensive research and data.
  • Money Management: We furnish expert guidance on responsible financial practices and the use of player accounts.
  • Progress: We constantly innovate and expand our casino review procedures and evaluation methodologies based on players’ feedback as well as the market standard.

Company Details

Parent Organization
Extremoo Marketing SRL
Tudor Turiceanu
Vat Code
Registry No.
Number of Employees
Mesteacanului nr.4
Tudor Turiceanu

Extremoo Marketing Group - Parent Company

CasinoAlpha is owned and operated by Extremoo Marketing S.R.L, a company with over 8 years of experience on the gambling scene and a track record of over 600 online casino reviews and counting. First launched in 2021, CasinoAlpha leverages Extremoo’s lengthy expertise in assessing casino operators to give readers trustworthy perspectives grounded in diligent field research done by our gambling experts.

Our core focus is equipping gamblers to make optimal decisions through education, objective reviews, and support around responsible gambling practices. Extremoo continues to innovate and grow, refining our review guideline protocols to address legislative changes, industry evolutions and the needs of readers.

Extremoo Marketing work ethic and professional principles

Moving forward, we remain committed to deepening our casino data and insights to best serve readers’ interests with integrity and transparency – just as we have since our journey began.

Our company values and culture prioritize:

  • Unmatched professionalism
  • Establishing an impeccable reputation
  • Ongoing personal and professional growth
  • A merit-based evolution system

Company Numbers

Brands Reviewed +850
No. of Experts +30
Articles Published +10.000
Years of Expertise +9

CasinoAlpha Leadership

As founder, Chief Editor and CEO, Tudor Turiceanu leads CasinoAlpha’s mission to empower players with integrity and insight. With over 18 years of expertise as both a player and industry analyst, Tudor brings an invaluable dual perspective to our work.

This player focus defines our approach. Tudor Turiceanu ensures that reviews tackle issues affecting users, bonuses outline key terms and policies, and guides address common points around strategy, budgeting and addiction.

As Chief Editor, Tudor Turiceanu reviews all content before publication – verifying it supports players’ gameplay, finances and well-being. As CEO and Chief Editor, his leadership provides the framework for CasinoAlpha to keep equipping players with authoritative perspectives.

His personal experience with overcoming gambling addiction shapes his conviction that serving user interests must remain the priority. Tudor’s unique history continues to guide our team towards deepening our integrity while retaining an unrelenting emphasis on reader value.

Our Company History

We hold our company journey to great importance, and we believe that presenting our players with our personal growth process shows transparency and trustworthiness.

  • 2016 – Building Our Foundations. Extremoo was founded as an affiliate marketer, allowing us to gain in-depth knowledge of the gambling sector.
  • 2019 – Directly Serving UK Players Through CasinoAlpha. Leveraging our expertise, we launched CasinoAlpha to empower UK players via tailored objective reviews and guides.
  • 2020 – Expanding Across Europe in Romania. We brought our dedication to insightful analysis to Romania, launching a localized CasinoAlpha site.
  • 2021 – Growing Into Oceania With New Zealand. Responding to demand, we further expanded CasinoAlpha to serve New Zealand players.
  • 2022 – Entering the Irish Market. Most recently, an Irish version launched to furnish transparent insights to bettors there.
  • 2023 – Going Global. Our most recent accomplishment is working on a new CasinoAlpha project through which we’d like to extend to several markets at once, catering to players worldwide.

Retaining the same commitment to integrity and reader service, our growth reflects our enduring mission to equip players with insights to optimize decisions. We can only hope to uphold this status moving forward.

CasinoAlpha’s Future Plans: What’s In Store For Us?

With over 9 years of expertise reviewing well over 600 online casinos, CasinoAlpha looks to apply its unique insights globally to empower players further. Our rigorous testing methodologies and commitment to integrity, safety and transparency will still inform reviews as we expand internationally with our CasinoAlpha Global project.

The goal remains consistent – provide gamblers everywhere with tailored guidance to support informed choices and responsible gambling. Overall, we aim to continue our positive, user-focused progress in the industry at large.

In the words of our founder, CEO and Chief Editor, Tudor Turiceanu, “Expanding globally marks the next step for our company, which has been in a constant evolution since 2016. With a vast knowledge and expertise gained from reviewing numerous casinos, we now strive to apply such insight towards an accessible casino rating platform for gamblers worldwide. One that assesses sites consistently and objectively across markets.”

Why Trust CasinoAlpha's Experts

As an independent site run by former and current casino players who have learned how to gamble safely and proactively, CasinoAlpha brings unmatched on-the-ground experience. Our expert reviews reflect insights learned playing and testing casinos ourselves – not just surface impressions. We’ve witnessed issues facing users firsthand. This drives our mission to provide readers with reliable help avoiding risks.

Our team of experts understands key policies and features because we’ve actively gambled for years. We share hard-won knowledge by comparing sites to highlight elements affecting gameplay and money. Our criteria specifically focus on factors impacting users that shallow reviews miss.

Here, you’ll find unique perspectives grounded in know-how, written by players, for players.