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Mihnea Mosneagu

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Mihnea’s social skills make his articles easy to understand by the readers. He is a good analyst and a great strategist, which allows him to extract the most important information and then explain it so that everyone will easily understand the complicated terms of the casino world.


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Gambling as a saving passion

Mihnea has encountered gambling in the form of Slot Machines, Sports, and Poker. He watched his friends gamble away their funds, and then he realised that he must change that. After learning and playing, he specialised in knowing what a player should be looking for and how can he be aware of the risks that gambling involves. He writes texts that let players know the truth about casinos and gambling and gives valuable recommendations and tips to share his knowledge with players.

What should you know about the author?

Mihnea has many other interests other than gambling. He usually plays strategic video games, practices many sports, enjoys driving and studies cars. He had many passions in his life, including debate, public speaking, studying Physics, and many more. He is the comedian of the office, always makes good jokes, and he cheers up and supports his coworkers.

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