UK Gambling Superstitions & Rituals

UK Gambling Superstitions: Rituals & Lucky Charms

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Discover the most renowned and unexpected good luck rituals and lucky charms UK! Borrowed from exotic places, ancient pagan traditions or performed at home, these spells and amulets are bound to surprise you. Curious?

All-time UK casino superstitions

Discover the latest UK gambling superstitions and beliefs that have remained since the early days of chance games!

The world of gambling is riddled with magic spells, casino superstitions, symbols, and gambling rituals. Many believe that’s how to attract luck in gambling.

Let’s explore beliefs that have survived the ancient tradition of summoning Lady Luck.

Crossing your fingers vs crossing your legs

Crossing your fingers vs crossing your legs

Everyone says “fingers crossed” when wishing someone good luck. But gamblers keep their fingers crossed for themselves.

According to folklore experts, the gesture of crossing one’s fingers arrived in 19th century Europe.

It was initially loaded with a pagan idea that the universal good forces dwelled in intersections. So, crossing one’s fingers meant protection and a good omen for one’s wishes.

Then, Catholics adopted the gesture and adapted it to invoke the divine protective power.

Today, the UK’s National Lottery symbol portrays a hand with two crossed fingers like a good omen.

Legs, however, are a whole other story!

Let’s say you place your bet at an online casino table or right in front of a casino dealer.

If you cross your legs in any of those cases, it’s strongly believed to mean that you are closing yourself to luck.

On a practical note, it may affect your posture and blood flow. On a symbolic level, some cultures believe we take our stabilizing energy from the ground. So, crossing your legs would restrict the intake of such energy.t

Instead, gambling superstitions recommend that Brits plant their feet firmly on the ground, at a bit of distance apart. Their legs should be in parallel lines to remain open to fortune.

Breathing on cards and blowing on dice

Breathing on cards and blowing on

It’s not new that gamblers blow on dice for good luck. Traditionally, male gamblers invited their dates to do so to attract luck in gambling.

Some historians claim players picked up this habit from the early days of street gambling. Brits blew on dice to clear them of dust. Some smeared a sticky substance to one side of the die, which would activate once blown on.

The act stuck with gamblers until this day, regardless of how clean dice are. It’s also believed to have transformed into breathing on cards.

Today, these historical claims are lost in the plethora of gambling rituals

Many Brits believe that blowing on dice or breathing on cards helps them infuse these gambling elements with their will to succeed.

Sometimes, they believe it clears away any residual lousy luck from other players.

Counting your money

Counting your money

Superstitiously, counting your money or your chips while at the game table is dangerous behaviour.

This belief seems to originate from the negative meaning Brits ascribe to pride in chance games.

The aristocratic etiquette back then encouraged dignity and honour in sumptuous saloons where the nobility conducted gambling.

Dignity and honour: a look into the past

These values meant that players would pay their debts and respect their fellow gamblers.

They guaranteed that players could maintain membership to grand casinos and men’s clubs.

In this light, priding yourself with any game results in front of other players was seen as prideful and disrespectful.

Don’t cross a casino’s front door

This casino superstition is more recent, proving the need to control good luck.

It all began with the well-known entrance at the MGM Grant casino, shaped like the mouth of a lion.

The closest you’ll get to experiencing the MGM atmosphere at home is using any alternative from our Live Casinos UK. They’re all verified by UKGC and tested by our gambling pros.

A group of gamblers associated the imposing gate with the idea of being eaten alive. Others were simply overwhelmed by its magnitude. In any case, it brought a feeling of danger and malice to the activities going on inside the MGM Grand.

Players decided to keep a positive attitude by using the side entrances

Dont cross a casino s front

The idea was quickly picked up and included in gambling superstitions.

Nowadays, some Brits believe that walking through the front door may expose them to the bad luck of those leaving the casino with losses.

The MGM Grand redecorated its main entrance in 1998. But this casino legend persists even in the most luxurious land-based casino resorts in Great Britain and worldwide.

This tradition remains in British, American, and European luxury casinos. But it is also ongoing in exquisite Asian, African, Australian, and Oceanian land-based casinos we described on our blog.

3 gambling rituals before playing

Some Brits believe that completing a ritual before they play is how to increase your luck in gambling. Let’s see how some UK gamblers attempt to get in Lady Luck’s good graces with a homemade routine and a few ingredients.

Chamomile gambling rituals

Chamomile gambling rituals

In many gambling rituals communities, Brits believe that rinsing their hands with chamomile water cleanses them of any harmful or unlucky residual energies.

Chamomile flowers are mostly known for soothing effects, whether taken as tea or used externally on your skin.

Some Brits make chamomile water at home

  • They grab a handful of dried chamomile flowers;
  • Soak them in cool water;
  • Leave them inside the water until it is thoroughly infused.

Sometimes, the chamomile is left on the windowsill in the sun for one day or until it is dried. Other times, Brits use the contents of a chamomile tea sachet.

Ritualistic anointment: body products

Ritualistic anointment body products

For this, many Brits believe in using body products, and especially hand lotions by brands that contain “luck”.

This is believed to call in wealth or adjust someone’s energy to the frequency of what they desire.

There is much to say about the power of suggestion

Believing yourself to be lucky may influence you to enter a chance game with an improved attitude.

It’s important not to get swept off your feet! An improved attitude is undoubtedly a plus. But our extensive gambling experience prompts us to warn you against being unrealistic. As long as you play safe, your attitude can sparkle!

Food luck: a borrowed gambling ritual

Food luck a borrowed gambling ritual

The idea of food that symbolizes money is dominant in America but echoes throughout the world.

Don’t gamble on an empty stomach!

We encourage our players to take good care of themselves first, then play.

Many origin legends for this belief go back to the Civil War.

Back then, food supplies were scarce, and poverty struck the population. People turned to simple dishes to survive.

The appreciation they felt turned quickly into cultural beliefs around food like:

  • Collard greens;
  • Black-eyed peas;
  • Golden cornbread;
  • Yalms.


A lesser-known gambling superstition among Brits is to serve chicken wings with onion rings before you play. Similarly, any food you associate with good luck might do the trick for you.

Lucky gambling spells

Lucky gambling spells

When it comes to good luck rituals for gambling, some enthusiastic players go as far as making up a few simple lucky spells.

The ba-bling spell

This spell is based on the idea of “Fake it till you make it”.

Theoretically, if you look & feel wealthy, your odds of becoming are thought to increase.

So, Brits get their jewellery and shiny clothes out to play. Some gamblers believe in adorning themselves with anything flashy and sparkly in hopes of being hard to miss by the Luck Lady.

At CasinoAlpha, we encourage you to marry the spiritual and the rational

Ensure you are correctly informed as well as dressed for success.

You can learn all the necessary infomation on the different types of offers, their wagering requirements and receive advice from professionals in our team. All of this while you are getting ready.

You can dress up for online casino sessions as well. Just be mindful to keep an eye on your budget when you play. For instance, start with expert-recommended free spins no deposit UK bonuses. It helps you get to know the casino site and its slot collection before you invest any funds.

Leaving the gambling table

Leaving the gambling table

While it may sound counterintuitive, leaving the table during a game is renowned among gambling rituals in Britain.

Many Brits do it.

They place the bet, leave the table, and return only after the result is announced.

It is believed that doing this makes room for good fortune to come in and prevents over-focusing from scaring the good luck away.

However, reality can often differ from what we imagine, so make sure you go back to the table to check whether the spell worked!

Wishing others good luck

Wishing others good luck

Perhaps one of the most used gambling rituals, wishing others good fortune, is considered a spiritual way to attract luck in gambling.

This particular spell is probably based on the principle of karma. It encourages Brits to perceive that there is enough good luck for everyone.

The person wishing good luck may also feel like a kind individual and thus deserving of a bit of fortune.

Brits nowadays wish each other good luck to create an atmosphere of dignity and fair play. This is similar to the principle of respect and honour among British aristocratic gambling.

Whether this spell works or not, gambling should feel safe socially and financially.

Top 6 lucky charms

We present a few small yet lucky gambling symbols for a more discreet and personal approach than elaborate good luck rituals for gambling.

These symbols are thought of as fortune-bringers.

You may keep a lucky amulet for gambling in your pocket, fit it into your hair or wear it on jewellery. Use it in any way to feel that luck is constantly on your side.

Let’s explore the top six lucky charms!

1. Four-leaved clover

Four-leaved clover

A classic Irish symbol of love, faith, and luck.

Now mentioned throughout British culture and beyond, the four-leaved clover is considered the most powerful amulet for gambling.

The Irish consider all clovers as lucky! Nowadays, even the best online casinos and their games feature the four-leaved clover as part of their thematic or in their titles.

2. Rainbows


Rainbows have long been believed to point to the place where leprechauns hide their treasures.

So, spotting a rainbow is interpreted by many superstitious people as a sign that fortune is nearby.

In the Bible, the rainbow is used by God to reassure the great flood survivors that He would never flood the Earth again. Today, the rainbow colours carry a meaning of hope and togetherness in many western countries.

Players wear the rainbow as a lucky amulet for gambling by printing it on shirts or wearing rainbow-shaped jewellery.

3. Rabbit’s foot

Rabbit’s foot

Carrying around a rabbit’s rear foot (synthetic) as a key chain is quite common among Brits who believe in good luck.

Many consider that this practice dates to ancient cultures.

Celtic tribes practised totemism, beliefs based on the deep connection between humans, animals, and all living things. Totemism attributed spiritual meanings to specific animal characteristics.

For these tribes, the rabbit was a symbol of joy, fertility, and prolific harvesting. So, they wore the rear foot (the foot most used by the animal to jump) to attract such things.

However, this is not only specific to Celtic people. It also shows up in African folk legends and European traditions.

4. Elephant charm

Elephant charm

The elephant is a potent symbol of wisdom, strength, protection and, of course, the good fortune that makes all these things possible.

Native to Thai and Indian cultures, this symbol quickly found its way into West and British culture. Today, it is a familiar lucky charm for gambling.

The elephant symbol may very well be the most powerful amulet for gambling. But its meaning should encourage Brits to play wisely and protect their funds.

5. Wishing well

Wishing well

A powerful symbol of Celtic origin, wells used to be considered the dwelling places of fairies or mythical gods.

The wishing well legend:

For your wish to be granted by the creature inhabiting the hole, the coin you tossed had to land heads up. Otherwise, your desire would be ignored.

It is pretty obvious, thus, how the wishing well became an accurate gambling symbol. Players place faith in their desires but are soberly reminded of how unpredictable chance is.

6. Nazar


The Nazar is also considered the most powerful amulet for gambling. In contrast with other lucky charms, its meaning is sight, attention, and other related concepts.

The blue, eye-shaped amulet for gambling is believed to protect anyone who wears it from those who wish misfortune upon the wearer.

Although the Nazar originated from Turkey, it has become a well-known amulet worn in countries worldwide.

What to wear: lucky gambling colours

What to wear lucky gambling colours

Colours are used as powerful gambling symbols according to whatever meaning people give them.

Let’s find the most common lucky gambling colours and see which suits you best!

The classic red

The classic red

In China, red was traditionally the colour of emperors. It represented joy and especially fortune.

Nowadays, we wear something red on New Year’s Eve to bring us good luck all year round.

Meanings associated with the colour red

Blood, passion, love, anger, and the element of fire. Red claims attention and encourages action.

New Year celebrations are associated with new beginnings. We’re your best source for the newest casino sites in the United Kingdom. It’s no wonder that most luxurious casinos use many shades of red in their décor.

Green & gold: reminders of abundance

Green gold reminders of abundance

It’s quite evident why gold is seen as one of the luckiest gambling colours: nothing alludes to fortune like gold.

Meanings associated with the colour green

In America, “green” is another word for money, describing the colour of a US dollar. But there is more. Many theories associate green with Earth’s fertility, springtime, luscious vegetation, a healthy environment, and abundant crops.

Imagine a silky green gown with delicate gold fittings. Wouldn’t that call in some good luck?

Black: the colour of protection

Black the colour of protection

Most players opt for smart black suits, dresses, and sunglasses. These are symbols of elegance and the air of power & mystery that comes with the colour.

The more spiritual Brits use black crystals like the onyx or hematite to protect them from ill-luck and bad energy.

Meanings associated with the colour black

Black can be controversial. Brits who associate black with danger, death or the black squares on the Roulette wheel consider it a bad colour to wear when gambling. But some gamblers associate it with power and protection, so they wear it to fend off bad luck.

Gambling superstitions worldwide

Though many good luck charms and rituals have already become cross-cultural, there are always more gambling rituals and amulets to discover!

These are a few renowned fortune symbols across the world:



The Hamsa is a beautifully embellished image of a palm of a hand.

Stemming from the Middle East, the Hamsa hand is thought to transform any ill wishes cast upon its wearer into a good fortune.

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko

Known as the beckoning cat, Maneki Neko is a Japanese symbol of raising its paw and moving it back and forth.

Many people believe that seeing a Maneki Neko brings abundant good luck and money to the observer. This is especially true if its right paw is raised.



A ladybug landing on you means that you are bound to receive heaps of money and great financial fortune.

Some cultures believe that ladybugs are also a sign of a single person tying the knot soon.

Chimney sweep

Chimney sweep

Especially in Eastern Europe, the chimney sweep is known to bring good fortune in all areas of life.

Like the ladybug, the lore around it mentions especially material and romantic fulfilment.

Final thoughts on how to attract luck in gambling

Now you have information on many interesting and widespread gambling rituals and charms.

As professionals, we need to express that there is no scientific basis for superstition. There is, however, a continuous psychological debate on the power of suggestion.

Our recommendation

You can use a lucky charm for gambling or a ritual that improves your experience and suits your own set of beliefs.

However, it is essential to keep a firm grip on reality and be careful to protect your funds and mental health.

CasinoAlpha is the source of educational player guides that offer useful information that will give you applicable help for your online gambling. Similarly, UK players can find practical advice on safe playing and healthy limits in our gambling addiction hub.

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