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Top Blackjack Strategy Apps | Learn Blackjack For Free In 2024

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Top Blackjack strategy apps like Blackjack 101 Lite & Trainer Pro can improve your winning odds. Pick mobile apps that actually work with our expert guide!

Top 10 Blackjack Apps for Quick Learning

Blackjack app name App Store/Google Store Rating Google Play Store Rating Best feature
Blackjack 101 Lite 4.8/5 N/A “Hint” feedback feature
Blackjack Strategy Practice 4.7/5 4.7/5 Customisable table rules
Blackjack 21 4.6/5 4.3/5 Repeat Bet & Deal button
Blackjack Trainer Pro 4.5/5 4.7/5 Focus on the hit, stand, double, and split Blackjack strategies
Blackjack Coach N/A 4.7/5 Progress chart
Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer 4.4/5 4.3/5 Flash-cards learning feature
Learn Blackjack 3.6/5 N/A Progress tracker based on your set goals
Blackjack All in One Trainer N/A 4/5 3 learning modes: Play, Train, and Simulate
Blackjack Basic Strategy Practice 2.1/5 N/A Strategy Table available during games
Blackjack Perfect Strategy N/A N/A PS button for quick tips

Blackjack 101 Lite

Blackjack 101 Lite

  • Hint button: This option briefly analyses the hand you are playing
  • Four learning modes to learn based on your knowledge level
  • Custom learning: Play any combination of hands
  • Different skill levels: Advancing in skill levels allows you to train with more difficult hands
  • Custom rules: Pick the number of decks and other standard rules
  • Strategy guide: Accessible during the game
  • Customise layout: Choose between 2 customisable playing layouts for right-handed and left-handed players

The Blackjack 101 Lite is one of the top Blackjack strategy apps due to its many customisable features and strategy guides. When you get to tailor your training, you don’t just train more effectively but also train to select the Blackjack casinos providing you with your preferred game types.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements Details
Device Requirements iPhone, iPod
Compatible Operating Systems iOS 14.4 & newer systems
Minimum Memory Storage Specifications 42.8 MB

With this top Blackjack app, you access all blackjack strategy features for free, with one exception. The Custom learning mode requires payment to be unlocked.

This app is not available for Android operating devices yet.

Blackjack Strategy Practice

Blackjack Strategy Practice

  • Fast-loading on compatible devices: The Blackjack app performs at high loading speeds as long as your Internet connection is stable
  • Intuitive in-app use: The app interface is easily navigable
  • Detailed statistics on your game sessions: Find your Blackjack strategy weaknesses and strengths with a detailed analysis of your overall performance
  • Instant feedback on your actions during Blackjack training: Receive feedback as you play
  • Tailored practice: Customize your hand types, and choose the number of decks and table rules
  • Blackjack strategy flashcards: Fast access during the game session to rules, hints, and more

The feature that best recommends the Blackjack Strategy Practice app is the customizable rules table. This top Blackjack app allows you to play the type of Blackjack you prefer and practice according to your needs before picking a real live dealer casino with a Blackjack lobby.

Requirements for Playing this Blackjack App

You can use this Blackjack app if you have a compatible device with an optimal operating system and enough storage.

Experts recommend this best Blackjack app to beginner and advanced players due to its customizable options.

Necessary Conditions Details
Compatible Devices iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, Smartphone
Necessary Operating Systems iOS 12.0, macOS 11.0, Android 4.4 & latest
Device Memory 63 MB

BlackJack 21

Blackjack 21

  • Repeat Bet & Deal button: Use this option to increase game speed
  • Popular Las Vegas rules: Double down, insurance, surrender, and split Blackjack rules are available
  • HD graphics: Tables can be customised while picture quality remains the same
  • Intuitive controls: The app provides simple commands, most of which are accessible during the game
  • Stat tracking: Track your performance with detailed statistics
  • Free chip practice: Simulate real-life games for free by playing with chips that reach millions in value
  • Personalised experience: choose and design your decks, card styles, music, hints, and Blackjack surrender rules
  • Help screen: Check the help screen for basic Blackjack betting strategies if you are new to the game

This best Blackjack app is suitable for more advanced players and supports fast learning for beginners at the same time due to its removable Hints feature.

If you are an experienced player or want to take off your training wheels, remove the Hints feature by accessing the “Move Advice” setting from the main menu.

System Requirements for Blackjack 21

System Requirements Details
Mobile Devices Allowed iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, or Smartphone
Compatible Operating Systems iOS 11.0, macOS 11.0, Android 4.4 & later systems
Storage Specifications 150.3 MB

This online Blackjack strategy app has many reviews from both iOS and Android users. We encourage you to read through the reviews that apply to your device to identify any issues early.

Blackjack Coach

Blackjack Coach

  • Mistake correction: The Blackjack Coach app shows you the best move immediately after you make a mistake
  • Customizable rules: Pick the number of decks, choose if the dealer stands or hits in the case of a soft 17, and decide if the game will allow you to double after splitting
  • Pairs and Soft Hands modes: Get a better understanding of playing Blackjack pairs and soft hands by picking one of these modes
  • The speed-round mode: Play this mode before you access a real live Blackjack casino
  • Strategy map: An overview of all strategic moves and situations
  • Progress charts: See how your game improves in real-time with live progress charts
  • Card value mode: Use this feature to see the total value of your hand

This best Blackjack app centres around European Blackjack rules. Just like in other top Blackjack apps, you may select the type of hands you want to play. This is extremely useful to train you specifically for the best online casino sites that provide the options you desire.

Blackjack Coach Works with…

Recommended Devices & Specifications Details
Types of Mobile Devices Smartphone
Operating Systems Android 2.2 & later systems
Necessary Memory Space on Device Undisclosed

You can’t get this app for free from Google Play Store. However, you don’t need to pay for your training bets once you’ve downloaded the app.

Blackjack Trainer Pro

Blackjack Trainer Pro

  • Classic rules: Blackjack hit, stand, split, double, or Blackjack surrender options apply
  • Session redo: Choose to practice the hands you played poorly in past game sessions
  • Split Blackjack focus: Choose to practice splitting in Blackjack by playing only with pairs
  • Ace hands focus: Practice playing soft hands to consolidate your Blackjack strategy
  • In-game feedback: Receive expert feedback while playing
  • Blackjack strategy table: Receive instant access to the bets table
  • Social media access: The app allows you to share your games, strategies, and achievements with the social media community

This is the best Blackjack app if you are completely new to the game because it focuses on the rules of traditional 21:3 Blackjack.

Minimum Specifications for Blackjack Trainer Pro

Minimum Specifications Details
Play On iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, or Smartphone
Earliest Compatible Systems iOS 14.7, macOS 12.0, Android 4.1
Minimum Memory Storage Specifications 96.9 MB

Two effective options of this app are:

  • It requires less device storage than other Blackjack apps
  • It allows Android Smartphone users to use older versions of their mobile devices

Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer

Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer

  • Flash-cards learning: The flashcards summarize complicated charts in a simple way
  • Test Game feature: This simulated session provides you with random hands and no feedback to allow you to play until you achieve a 100% score on your use of basic Blackjack strategy
  • Quick Tips feature: Short advice on how to select the best titles
  • Customizable app settings: Enable support for Las Vegas, Gulf Coast Standard, Atlantic City, single-deck, double-deck, and European Blackjack rules
  • Customizable surrender rule: Pick whether you want to include late Blackjack surrender in the game rules

Learn Pro Blackjack is the best Blackjack app for beginners, experienced, and occasional players due to its efficient presentation of a very wide range of game types and customizable options.

Eligible for Training

Eligible Device Characteristics Details
Device Types Allowed iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, Smartphone
Elligible Operating Systems iOS 11.0, macOS 11.0, & newer systems, and Android devices
Storage Required 42 MB

To download Learn Pro Blackjack Trainer, you must pay a small amount on Google Play.

Learn Blackjack – Only On iOS

Learn Blackjack

  • Personalised progress checker: Your progress bar shows your performance compared to your Blackjack strategy goals
  • Flashcards: Almost 300 cards show strategic steps according to Vegas rules and statistical winning odds
  • “Browse” and “Search” functions: Look for the exact rule or strategic move you want to know more about

Created by BrainScape, this is one of the best Blackjack apps, with a rule repetition algorithm optimal for human memory.

After you’ve mastered this Blackjack strategy app, we recommend using secure casino bonuses and placing small bets when first playing the live game to protect your budget.

Minimum System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements Details
Device Categories iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Compatible Operating Systems iOS 8.0 & newer
Memory Storage Requirements 32 MB

This app is not available on Google Play Store.

Blackjack All-in-One Trainer

Blackjack All in One Trainer

  • 3 Play modes: play, train and simulate, which allow you to experience Blackjack strategies from different perspectives
  • Basic strategy guides: Browse through free training guides
  • Customisable rules: Choose which rules you want to practice
  • Basic strategy charts: After setting your rule preferences, consult optimised strategy charts
  • 2 Free basic strategy drills: You get two free games to practice your strategy
  • Hi-Lo guides: Browse card counting guides for the Hi-Lo system, from beginner to advanced levels
  • Index charts: Consult for Blackjack strategy deviations according to card count
  • Simulations: See how games play out based on rules, strategies and statistics

This is a top Blackjack strategy online app due to its card-counting features and the exploration of the complicated Hi-Lo system.

The app guides are provided according to proficiency level, which makes it a good match for all player types.

Play with These Specifications

Specifications Details
Type of Mobile Device Accepted Smartphone
Necessary Operating System Android 5.1 & newer systems
Storage Specifications Undisclosed

This Blackjack app contains ads.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Practice

Blackjack Basic Strategy Practice

  • Strategy table: This app provides access to the strategy table while you are playing, which only shows your cards and the dealer’s
  • No card counting options
  • Detailed progress checker: Access the statistics of all the hands you played
  • Instant feedback option
  • Customisable training sessions: Practice one strategy, a particular set of hands or rules, or practice all at once

The simple Learn Blackjack app features of Blackjack Basic Strategy Practice make it a top mobile application for users who don’t want to clutter their training with too many options.

Practice only with…

Blackjack Basic Strategy Practice Requirements Details
Required Device Category iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac
Operating Systems iOS 10.0, macOS 11.0 & newer
Required Storage 20.1 MB

The free version of this Blackjack app has ads. Buying in-app purchases will remove the ads for you.

Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack

  • PS feature: Clicking the PS button provides you with advice about the next best move
  • No payment chips to reset your credit
  • 3D Graphics: the Blackjack table looks realistic and has 3D elements
  • 6 decks from which you receive random cards
  • No account or subscription is necessary

This is the best Blackjack app for traditional rules. It does not provide card-counting features.

Perfect Blackjack works on

Compatibility Conditions Details
Device Type Smartphones
Compatible Systems Android 6.0
Storage Undisclosed

Even if you download the app from Google Play, you won’t find any ratings at the moment.

What Strategies To Learn Using These Apps

Our experts highlight the top Blackjack strategies you should remember to increase your odds and learn Blackjack:

Blackjack Surrender

The Blackjack surrender is a strategy you can take only at the beginning of the game when you’ve not taken a hit yet. With this strategy, you can discard your first hand. Here are the two main situations where this strategy applies best:

  • When your cards total 16 and the dealer has a 9 card or higher, including the Ace
  • If the house has a 10 card and you have a hand of 15

Split Blackjack

Splitting in Blackjack is possible when the first cards you are dealt are a pair or, in some cases, if they are above ten. We suggest you make a split Blackjack move in one of the following situations:

  • You have two Aces
  • Your hand is a pair of 9s, and the house shows a card between 2 and 6 or 8 and 9
  • Your first two cards are 8s
  • The first hand is a pair of 7s, and the dealer has any card between 2 and 7
  • The first hand is a pair of 6s, and the dealer has any card between 2 and 6
  • You have two 5s, and the dealer card is any number from 2 to 9
  • Two cards of 4 always split against a dealer card of 5 or 6
  • Two cards of 3s should be split if the dealer has any card between 2 and 7
  • If you have two 2s, the dealer card is any number between 2 and 7

You should not split a pair of 10s.

Blackjack Soft Total

The Blackjack soft total is a first hand with an Ace, which counts as an 11. Knowing this, you can base your strategy on the other card.

For instance:

  • Your best move is to stand when you have an Ace and a 9
  • If you have an Ace and an 8 when the dealer’s card is a 6, it’s a good idea to double
  • When you have an Ace and a 7, you can double when the dealer’s card is any number between 2 and 6. However, you should hit if the dealer card is 9 or any higher number up to Ace. When dealt with any other combination, stand

Blackjack Hard Total

In a Blackjack hard total, the hand that does not come with an Ace from the beginning. If you are later dealt one, you consider it a hard total if the Ace counts as 1. With a hard total, you apply the hit or stand strategies, with a few exceptions, when you double.

Doubling here applies in the following situations:

  • When your cards total is 11
  • If you have a total of 10, and the dealer card is any number from 2 to 9
  • If you have a total of 9 and the dealer has any card between 3 and 6

You should always stand when your total is 17 or more and hit when your total is 8.

What do you think?

Was our list to your liking? Is there any app did we forget to include? We would like to hear all your thoughts in the comment section below!


Which is the best Blackjack app?

The best Blackjack app is Blackjack 101 due to its many customisable options and extensive explanations.

How can I be my own Blackjack trainer?

The best way to self-teach is by using a Blackjack app that provides you with free chips, free information, progress trackers and analyser tools.

Do I need good strategies or good luck to win at Blackjack?

You need a good Blackjack strategy to increase your odds, but this is ultimately a game of chance. No strategy can guarantee a win, but it may minimise your losses.

How is Blackjack played in the UK?

UK Blackjack players try to get a hand total of 21. Any hand that is too far from 21 (higher or lower) is a losing hand. You can use the hit, stand, double, or split Blackjack strategic moves to increase your odds of achieving 21.

How to win at Blackjack?

Play with care and think strategically. This helps minimise your losses.

How to play beginner Blackjack?

If you are a beginner at Blackjack, you should play using the basic strategy and free chips to protect your budget while getting comfortable with the game.

How easy is it to win at Blackjack?

Winning at Blackjack is easy if you have good luck, as this is ultimately a chance game. However, Blackjack strategies are based on simple addition and subtractions, so they are not very difficult.
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