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Top Netflix Gambling Movies On Air Right Now

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Who doesn’t want to immerse themselves in the high-stakes world of Netflix’s gambling films, where every shuffle and bet reveals more than just the allure of the casino life. With over 60% of viewers drawn to the thrill of the gamble on screen, we dive into the heart of Netflix’s repertoire, exploring four distinct portrayals of betting, from nail-biting thrillers to uproarious comedies. Ready for a night in with cinema’s most daring gambles?

Best Casino Movies on Netflix Right Now

Rank Movie Genre Gambling theme IMDB rating
1 Uncut Gems Crime thriller Sports betting 7.4
2 Win It All Comedy Poker 6.2
3 Bullsh*t The Gameshow Gameshow Gameshows 6.1
4 Army of the Dead Horror Casino heist 5.7

Netflix policy reminder

Movies on Netflix come and go. You might not see the titles presented here when you decide to watch them. So, if our analysis sparks your interest, watch them ASAP!

How We Rank Netflix Gambling Movies

How We Rate Netflix Gambling Movies

It’s true that most Netflix casino movies somewhat romanticise gambling, as they focus mainly on the bright side. However, even for this movie list, we kept true to the standards we apply when we review UK online casinos. So, you can rest assured as we will highlight important pieces of casino wit and depict movie scenes with a high degree of casino realism!

We used the iMDB rating as the main criteria for differentiation because it happened to reflect our perspective on the listed Netflix casino movies. However, you should keep in mind that iMDB ratings are based on viewer input, not expert opinion, so take them with a grain of salt.

You will get to see what goes down in a casino, as well as the expectations and risks that are associated with playing casino games.

Our top-notch selection of Netflix casino movies cover several gambling themes, from sports betting and poker to gameshows and casino heists!

1. Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems Source:

Gambling movie overview Facts
Director Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie
Box office $50 million
Genre Crime thriller
Release date 30 August 2019

Howard Ratner and his high-stakes parlays

Uncut Gems follows the story of Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler), a jeweller gambling addict who tries to retrieve a pricey gem he had bought to cover his debts.

But the high-stakes bets he’s been placing could easily throw him on the streets for life.

Let’s focus on the sports betting theme!

Ratner’s first bet was an insane six-way parlay bet on the Boston Celtics-Philadelphia 76ers playoff match.

In a parlay bet, every selection in the wager has to win to secure a fast payout.

Ratner’s daredevil wager for $600,000 would have paid off if not for his brother-in-law Arno that stopped him placing the bet. He would later stake another three-way parlay for Game 7 of the Celtics-Sixers series.

The bet slip proved to be exceptional, netting over $1.2 million in winnings. But unfortunately Ratner would not receive his payout. You’ll have to watch the movie yourself to find out why!

Have a sneak peak into the movie’s atmosphere

Fun facts about Uncut Gems

  • Production took more than 10 years
  • Several movies and sports documentaries served as a basis for Uncut Gems
  • Howard Ratner is loosely based on the authentic life experiences of Safdie’s father
  • The movie featured a real-life celebrity jeweller, Maksud Agadjani

2. Win It All

Win It All Source:

Gambling movie overview Facts
Director Joe Swanberg
Box office N/A
Genre Comedy
Release date 11 March 2017

Eddie Should have set and stuck to his gambling budget

It is not enough to have a budget when you want to gamble at the casino. What’s more important is to stick to it.

Be sure to check out our beginner gambler’s guide to understand why it’s imperative to gamble within your financial means.

Unfortunately, Eddie Garrett – a compulsive gambler – didn’t follow this advice and found himself biting more than he could chew. Truth is he shouldn’t have dipped into Michael’s – the scary gangster – bag of money.

A trailer might not convince you that the cast is stellar throughout

Compulsive gambler issues

  • Eddie has to find a way to refund Michael’s cash before the latter returns from prison
  • At first, he tries his hand at legitimate ventures to earn money
  • Still, nothing seems to work and he has to find a way to recover Michael’s money
  • So, the lead character decides to have one last try in a high-stakes poker game

Intrigue, suspense and emotions played out in the final scenes of the movie, but Eddie would prove to win it all. However, remember this is a comedy movie. Things don’t always play out this way when you gamble with other people’s money, so it’s best to avoid such situations altogether!

Win It All wow facts

  • Players at the poker tables shown in the film are actually real-life gamblers from Chicago
  • They used some of their own catchphrase poker-lines

3. Bullsh*t the Gameshow

Bullsht the Gameshow Source:

Gambling movie overview Facts
Director Jonty Nash, Cristopher Potts
Box office N/A
Genre Gameshow
Release date April 27, 2022

The best lie gets the biggest prize

If you’ve watched British TV in the last decade, you’re surely familiar with the theme of Bullsh*t the Game Show.

Here you don’t have any spinning roulette-style wheel or guessing to make, but your own wits to find the most convincing lie. The prize? $1 million in cash.

With its uniquely profane title, this recent gambling movie series on Netflix is something you haven’t seen before.

Using poker faces to score bull points

Suppose you ever participate on Bullsh*t the Gameshow.

To get away with your bulls in this game show, you must be able to put on a credible poker face. A poker face is an impassive expression. Gamblers often assume it when bluffing in poker.

What do you think? Will you get closer to the desired $1 million jackpot or go home early?.

4. Army of the Dead

Army of the dead Source:

Gambling movie overview Facts
Director Zack Synder
Box office $1 million
Genre Horror, Zombie, Action
Release date 21 May 2021

Las Vegas: zombies ground zero

Las Vegas is a city of glamour, gambling and glitz. But what happens if zombies besiege it? All the lights turned dim, and every edifice in the city – including the gigantic casinos – are filled with the undead?

In the Army of the Dead, you get to see Las Vegas in a different light, in a thrilling setting just as dangerous as a game of Russian Roulette. This is not your average day on the strip.

Setting the stage for a strange casino heist

It’s not only the zombies that make this movie thrilling. Army of the Dead is also a casino heist movie.

Scott and his team have to steal a humongous amount of money from a casino safe before the US government bombs Vegas to smithereens.

The multimillion-dollar question is: will they achieve their aim? And, at what cost, given the blood-seeking vampires strolling the city?

Army of the Dead behind-the-scenes trivia

To effectively deliver the action scenes, the core cast members were thoroughly trained on unit tactics by retired US Navy SEALs.

A preview of Dave Bautista as a former zombie-war hero

Casino Movies Seen on Netflix that Might Return

Movie Genre Gambling theme Year IMDB rating
Casino Mafia Casino heist 1995 8.2
Casino Royale Thriller Texas Hold’em Poker 2006 8.0
21 Heist, Crime Casino Heist 2008 6.8
Bugsy Mafia, Historical Drama Las Vegas Origin 1991 6.8
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Comedy Las Vegas adventure 1998 5.6
Croupier Crime Thriller Casino dealers 1998 7.0
Rounders Mafia Poker 1998 7.3
Guns, Girls and Gambling Crime Thriller Casino heist 2012 5.5
Bachelor Party Vegas Comedy, Adventure Casino heist 2006 4.5
Ocean’s 11 Comedy, Crime Casino heist 1960 6.5
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Comedy, Crime Poker 1998 8.2
The Gambler Crime Sports betting 2014 6.0
Mississippi Grind Comedy Casino games 2015 6.4
The Cooler Romance Las Vegas casino 2003 6.9

Top casino heist movies on Netflix

  • Casino
  • 21
  • Ocean’s 11

Best blackjack movies on Netflix

  • The Cooler
  • Bugsy
  • Mississippi Grind

Best poker movies on Netflix

  • Casino Royale
  • Rounders
  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Will You Find Your Best Gambling Movies on Netflix in 2023?

Will You Find Your Best Gambling Movies on Netflix in 2022 Source:

Even if it broke the box office, you might be surprised to see that your favourite gambling casino film is not on Netflix.

Movie listings on Netflix are subject to change due to licensing agreements.

Netflix considers 3 main factors before re-licensing a TV show or movie:

  • The rights to the film
  • The cost of licensing
  • Whether the movie is still popular or maintains enough appeal in a specific region

However, suppose your favourite casino movie is not on Netflix.

Several ways to emulate a gambling film’s atmosphere remain. The most obvious is to play movie-themed slots: Get up to date with the various types of slots available and choose the one that reflects your movie interest best!

Slots designed after popular movies feature several symbols, animations, images and soundtracks that depict the theme and characters of these films.

No matter the casino game you choose, hear us out before you sit yourself at a virtual gambling table or slot machine.

While you wager your expert-vetted UK no deposit bonus, sketch out a bankroll management plan to avoid falling in the same traps as the characters we’ve described in here!

Gambling Movies and Their Impact on Casino Culture

Gambling movies, with their high-stakes drama and glittering portrayal of casino life, have long captivated audiences, weaving a complex narrative that deeply influences our collective perception of gambling culture.

Whether showcasing the opulent, adrenaline-fueled world of high rollers or the stark realities of addiction, these films play a pivotal role in shaping how society views the casino experience. They stand at the crossroads between glorification and caution, often blurring the lines between entertainment and real-life consequences.

  • On one hand, films that glorify the casino lifestyle, painting it as a realm of endless opportunity and excitement, have undeniably fueled a surge in interest towards gambling and online casinos especially. Viewers are drawn to the allure of beating the odds, inspired by characters who navigate the casino floor with unmatched skill and bravado. This romanticized depiction has not only boosted casino tourism but has also sparked curiosity in viewers to learn gambling strategies, hoping to mirror the cinematic triumphs in real-life gaming scenarios.
  • Conversely, the narrative takes a darker turn in movies that serve as cautionary tales, unveiling the potential pitfalls of gambling addiction and the high price of unchecked ambition. These stories provide a sobering counterbalance, reminding audiences of the risks and ethical dilemmas inherent in gambling. Such films encourage a more critical view of casino culture, urging viewers to tread carefully in the pursuit of fortune, highlighting the importance of responsible gambling practices.

The duality of gambling movies reflects the multifaceted nature of casino culture itself—where the thrill of the game meets the reality of the risks involved. As these films continue to shape public perceptions, they also spark important conversations about the ethics of gambling, the lure of the casino lifestyle, and the fine line between risk and reward.

Through their portrayal of triumphs and downfalls, gambling movies remain a powerful lens through which we view and understand the complex tapestry of casino culture.

Have you seen other educative or plain silly gambling movies on Netflix that you think we should’ve included in our list?

We’re eager to see more so make your recommendations in the comments section below!



Does Netflix currently have the movie Casino?

No, the 1995 blockbuster movie is currently not on Netflix for British viewers.

What is the best gambling movie on Netflix?

In our view, it’s a close call between Casino and Rounders. 

Why do movies leave Netflix?

Movies leave Netflix when their licensing contracts expire with the steaming platform. If the cost of renewing a license is significant or Netflix decides that the movie is no longer popular, it would not renew its license.

Where can I watch the movie Casino with Robert de Niro?

If you're based in the UK, you may watch Casino on Prime Video, Redbox, Apple TV and more.

What's the most popular movie on Netflix right now?

Purple Hearts is a global favourite with over 100 million hours watched worldwide. For an alternative remotely connected to gambling, you can watch Tower Heist.

What is a casino heist movie?

Heist movies usually centre around the robbery of a major land-based casino's vault.
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