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Reverse Martingale Explained - Betting Smart in Roulette

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Forget doubling down after losses in roulette casinos. The Reverse Martingale system flips the script, instructing you to double bets after wins instead. This clever positive progression strategy allows you to ride hot streaks to higher potential payouts, but it also protects your bankroll by reverting to your base bet after a loss.

Intrigued? This guide will teach you everything you need to know to implement the Reverse Martingale, also known as the Paroli system. Keep reading to find out how to use it, what’s the math behind the system and how it compares to standard Martingale.

Positive Progression Strategy: Reverse Martingale

The Reverse Martingale strategy, frequently referred to as the Paroli system, is a positive progression scheme used in casino games with even money bets.

The concept aims to increase the wagers after a win by doubling the amount following each earning. However, when you lose a bet, you return to the initial amount for the next round.

Remember that you can also call the Reverse version of the Martingale Paroli or Anti-Martingale.

You can take a look at our extensive guides on the D’alembert Roulette betting system and the Fibonacci betting system instead. Both are easy to apply, and can help enhance your gambling strategy.

Requirements for the Anti-Martingale Strategy

  • Games that offer odds close to 50%;
  • Best results with table games like blackjack, Roulette, baccarat and craps;
  • Non-restrictive table betting limits;
  • High bankroll.

A Beginner’s Guide to Applying Reverse Martingale

How to Play the Paroli Betting System

  1. Determine your base stake. For example, it can be £2.
  2. Double your bet after a win, which in this case is £4.
  3. You double the wager after a new win in a row, making the next wager £8.
  4. If you lose, return to the baseline stake amount. In our example, it was £2.
  5. Start betting all over again and follow the same pattern.
  6. Double after a win, then return to the starting amount after a loss.

The Popularity of The Paroli System

Players widely use this betting system to maximise their Roulette odds of winning.

The Paroli system roulette acknowledges the advantage of the house edge and provides a way around it.

Roulette Bets for the Paroli system

  • Odd bets
  • Even bets
  • Red bets
  • Black bets
  • 1 to 18 bets
  • 19 to 36 bets

It’s important to know that all bets listed above have a payout of 1:1.

The probability of winning the bet with Paroli is 48.6% on the European Roulette wheel and 47.4% on the American Roulette wheel.

Choosing Your Strategy: Reverse Martingale or Martingale?

Is Reverse Martingale Better Than Martingale

The advantage of the Reverse Martingale system over the Martingale strategy is that it limits potential losses.

Given that you wager the minimum sum during a losing streak, you have better control over the bankroll.

The simplicity and safety guaranteed by the Paroli system roulette makes it an excellent option for novice Roulette players.

Martingale vs Reverse Martingale

  • Short-term

Both are the opposite of each other.

With the Martingale system, you need to double the bet after a loss, while the Reverse strategy recommends doubling a bet after a win.

Paroli System Example 1: Winning Streak
Round results Martingale Reverse Martingale
Initial state £1 £1
Win £2 £2
Win £2 £4
Loss £2 £8
Win £4 £2
Win £2 £4
Win £2 £8
Win £2 £16
Final state £13 £23
Paroli System Example 2: Losing Streak
Round results Martingale Reverse Martingale
Initial state £1 £1
Win £2 £2
Loss £2 £4
Loss £4 £1
Loss £8 £1
Loss £16 £1
Final state -£27 -£4
Paroli System Example 3: Even Results
Round results Martingale Reverse Martingale
Initial state £1 £1
Win £2 £2
Loss £2 £1
Loss £4 £1
Win £8 £2
Win £2 £4
Final state £7 £7
Anti-Martingale strategy outcomes compared

Anti-Martingale strategy outcomes compared

Medium-term Paroli outcomes

The Reverse Martingales strategy offers positive results if luck is on your side and you hit a winning streak.

The most significant benefit of Paroli, evident from the graph, is that it limits losses when encountering a series of multiple losing bets.

On the other hand, the Martingale system can incur substantial losses if the losing streak continues for a prolonged period.

Visualised: How the two betting systems differ

Visualised How the two betting systems differ

Long Run Paroli outcomes

Strategies such as the Reverse version of the Martingale system only provide results when used in short gaming sessions.

The trick is to stay within the pre-designated betting boundaries and stop playing once the goals get accomplished or when nearing the stop-loss you have set before a game.

Remember, the casino always holds an advantage over the winning odds!

No matter the strategy employed, you will still suffer losses. No method allows you to beat the house edge. It exists to provide the casino with a long-term advantage over the players.

The Martingale and the Paroli strategies rounds visualized

Convergence for the Systems

The Martingale and the Paroli strategies work on the same principle of doubling bets in the opposite order.

Therefore, don’t get surprised when, in the long run, both systems produce the same result – they converge to zero.

The most favourable scenario for a long-term gaming session is for you to get back to your initial budget.

Weaknesses in the Reverse Martingale Strategy

The idea behind any casino strategy, including the Paroli system, is to offer a mathematical scheme that will enable players to gain a certain degree of control.

Although the mathematical reasoning for Paroli is sound, casinos are aware of the concepts and have measures in place to limit the effectiveness. In practice, you are playing with smaller payout odds, which means minimal profit. Plus, a single loss during a winning streak can potentially wipe out gains.

Rules that Hinder the Reverse Martingale

  1. Casinos have different table maximum betting limits.
  2. In effect, they put a cap on winning.
  3. The limits hinder the strategy by restricting how much you can win and create unfavourable circumstances in case of a prolonged losing streak.
  4. You will not be able to maintain the progression and recoup losses.
  5. The house edge is a mathematical advantage every casino game has.
  6. It ensures that no matter how much you play, there are no chances of making a profit in the long term.
  7. The odds aren’t exactly 50% due to the green zero and double zero.
  8. You have a 48.6% chance of winning an even bet with double zeros.

Do Casinos Allow Playing the Paroli System Roulette?

Yes, using the Paroli strategy is legal, and most land-based and online casinos allow the usage of this system if you respect the table rules and limits.

Wrapping up the Roulette Wheel

The world of betting strategies can be a bit of a whirlwind, and the Reverse Martingale (or Paroli system) is just one twist on the journey. Sure, it has its perks, like riding the momentum of a winning streak. But remember, no strategy is bulletproof! The casino always has its edge. At the end of the day, it’s all about playing smart, setting your limits, and, most importantly, having a bit of fun. So, next time you’re at the roulette table, give this strategy a try and see where the wheel takes you. Good luck!

What Can You Do When Using Reverse Martingale?

  1. Proper bankroll management is a crucial element for the success of this strategy.
  2. Define your profit and stop-loss before a game.
  3. Look for Roulette tables with high betting limits.
  4. Switch your bet type if the losing streak is prolonged.
  5. Remember that you are playing with even money bets that offer identical payout odds.
  6. Plan for short gaming sessions.
  7. In advance, decide on the number of desired wins in a row.
  8. Return to the original bet after reaching the quota.
  9. Practice responsible gaming by registering for self-exclusion schemes.


What is Reverse Martingale?

The strategy offers the flipped version of the Martingale betting system. This betting method involves doubling a wager after a win, following a loss, and starting the following round with the baseline sum.

What is the Paroli system?

The Paroli system is an alternative name for the Reverse version of the Martingale strategy, a betting concept used for centuries. The premise of Paroli is to double down after a win and return to the initial bet after a losing hand or spin at the roulette table.

Does Reverse Martingale work?

There are no guaranteed outcomes in gambling. That's mainly because the house edge always favours the casino. However, you can get better results with this betting system if correctly implemented in tandem with a substantial budget.

How do you play Reverse Martingale?

When using this betting system, you need to define a base betting amount you plan to use. Double that sum after you win, and keep doubling until you lose.

Is Reverse Martingale better than standard Martingale?

The most significant advantage of this strategy is that it limits losses, unlike standard Martingale, where you must double after every loss. Winning and losing streaks are hard to predict, and some can persist for a more extended period. The Reverse version of the Martingale system makes it possible to control how much you lose.
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