Eurovision Winner Nemo Gains 200k Instagram Followers

Eurovision Winner Nemo Gains 200k Instagram Followers

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Our team’s latest research reveals that Nemo, Eurovision’s 2024 winner, has gained +171,540 followers since the competition final took place on May 11th.

Nemo reached success with their song The Code as the first-ever non-binary winner of the competition.

Nemo’s Latest Social Media Metrics After Eurovision

Social/Streaming Metric Source Estimated Value
Instagram Followers Social Blade +245,987
Apple Music Estimated Stream Revenue Music Gateway £37,218.80
Instagram Engagement Rate Influencer Marketing Hub +8.74%
Estimated Earnings per Instagram Post Influencer Marketing Hub £1,015 – £1,523
User Grade Social Blade B-
Tidal Estimated Stream Revenue Music Gateway £89,325.11
The Code Spotify Streams Spotify 8,655,534

Methodology: How We Conducted the Research

During our study, our team used 4 metric apps meant to record the growth of Nemo’s social media accounts after the Eurovision competition:

  1. Music Gateway
  2. Influencer Marketing Hub
  3. Social Blade
  4. Spotify

How we gathered and used the data:

On Music Gateway, on May 12th, our team analysed the estimated potential amount of revenue Nemo could earn from streaming channels, with Tidal, SoundCloud, and Apple Music ranking among the apps that are meant to produce the highest revenues for the young artist.

Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Calculator was used on May 12th to uncover Nemo’s potential earnings per post.

The research study conducted by our team of authors and editors analysed the Spotify streams of The Code by artist Nemo on Thursday, May 9th , to compare with streams achieved following the Eurovision final.

Our team analysed Nemo’s follower growth on Instagram, using Social Blade to compare his followers before and after the Eurovision final on May 11th. This was measured by his follower count, which was extracted from Social Blade.

Our team also used Spotify to record the number of streams recorded by the Switzerland entry song on May 9th so we can compare it with the number of streams registered after the final on May 12th .

Casinoalpha’s Social Blade Study Findings

Social Metric Estimated Value
Followers Gained on May 11th and May 12th 171,548
Accounts Followed 1,798
Engagement Rate 11.54%
Average Likes 27,452.80
Average Comments 927.56

Nemo’s followers were recorded by our experts on Saturday, May 11th , and Sunday, May 12th , and totaled 171,548 followers.

Moreover, other metrics recorded by our team show a great engagement rate and a fairly high average of likes and comments per post. This is a common occurrence when the name of the artist or their social handle trends in hashtags and posts, pushed by public engagement and the algorithm.

Other Data on Nemo’s Social Media Presence

  • Our study also uncovered that by reaching 314,000 followers, Nemo could potentially earn up to £1000 per Instagram post.
  • The potential streaming revenues calculated by Music Gateway show for £89,325.11 for Tidal, and £37,218.80 for Apple Music.
  • Our team assesses that the winning song, The Code, currently sits at 8,655,534 streams on Spotify on May 12th , which is a significant gain of nearly one million streams since May 9th when we registered their streams at 7,570,672.

Our Editorial Team’s Takeaway on Research Results

Adina Minculescu , one of CasinoAlpha’s senior authors and editors, shares the following statement in regard to the research findings:

“It is fascinating to witness social media’s crucial role in amplifying an artist’s success; we wonder how many Instagram followers ABBA would have gained from their win, had they been a part of the current generation. We look forward to watching the projection of Nemo’s career and how he utilises his social media presence.”

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