The highest-earning England Player on Instagram revealed

The Highest-Earning England Player on Instagram Revealed

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Athletes are not only celebrated for their on-field performance but also for their influence off the pitch.

Main Points of Our Research:

  • Bellingham is the highest-earning England player on Instagram, making £65,809 per sponsored post.
  • This post discusses the earnings of other top players, such as Harry Kane and Trent Alexander-Arnold.
  • Analysis of how social media engagement translates to significant earnings for athletes, with sums over £50k being the minimum.

Our CasinoAlpha experts underwent an extensive research and revealed the highest-earning England player on Instagram, and the results are staggering.  Jude Bellingham, the Real Madrid midfielder, stands at the top of our list, showcasing the incredible earning potential of athletes in the digital age.

The Ten Highest-Earning England Players on Instagram

Player   Instagram Followers Average Likes Average Comments Engagement Rate Average Earnings (Per Post)
Jude Bellingham 31,500,000 3,595,550 17,156 9.37% £65,8 09
Harry Kane   17,000,000 244,144 3,735 1.17% £35,395
Trent Alexander Arnold 11,180,000 777,073 4,066 4.88% £23,286
Phil Foden 11,500,000 648,596 2,880 4.70% £20,021
Jack Grealish 9,200,000 915,170 3,206 6.79% £19,168
Bukayo Saka 6,200,000 365,331 3,783 5.48% £12,915
Harry Maguire 5,360,000 170,132 1,159 2.91% £11,177
Kyle Walker 5,250,000 245,630 891 4.67% £10,949
Luke Shaw 5,080,000 196,922 844 3.62% £10,581
Declan Rice 3,500,000 403,700 4,600 11.58% £7,302

CasinoAlpha experts gathered this information by analysing data from Instagram and Influencer Marketing Hub, considering each player’s follower count, average likes, average comments, and engagement rate to determine the average earnings per sponsored post.

The Rise of Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham’s journey from Birmingham City’s academy to becoming a pivotal player for Real Madrid and the England national team is nothing short of remarkable. At just 20 years old, Bellingham has already made a significant impact in the world of football. His on-field performances have been spectacular, but his off-field presence is currently making headlines.

From Birmingham to Real Madrid

Bellingham’s career began at Birmingham City, where his talent quickly became noticeable. In 2020, he made a high-profile move to Borussia Dortmund, where he continued to develop. His performances in the Bundesliga and the Champions League caught the attention of football giants Real Madrid, leading to his transfer in 2023. Since then, Bellingham has become a key player for the Spanish club, known for his versatility, vision, and maturity beyond his years.

Conquering Instagram: From the Field to the Gram

Bellingham’s influence extends far beyond the football pitch. According to our study, Bellingham earns a staggering £65,809 per sponsored Instagram post, making him the highest-earning England player on the platform. This amount is almost double the average UK salary, highlighting the immense earning potential for athletes with a strong social media presence.

Tudor Turiceanu: “One Sponsored Post Equals Double the UK Average Salary”

Based on our findings, Tudor Turiceanu, CEO and Chief Editor at CasinoAlpha shared an opinion: “The online earnings of the England squad show the impressive influence that the most popular players have, with the top-earner raking in almost double the typical UK salary with just one sponsored post – and we know that footballers aren’t shy of a sponsorship deal. It’ll be interesting to see how the follower counts of the players vary over time, and especially interesting to see which brands are willing to spring for the top endorsement fees as the Euros get underway.” 

The Earnings Breakdown: Top 3 Instagram Earners

While Bellingham leads the pack, several other England players also command impressive fees for their sponsored posts. The study analysed Instagram and Influencer Marketing Hub data to determine these earnings, considering follower count, average likes, comments per post, and overall engagement rate.

Harry Kane: England’s Captain – Over £35k per post

Harry Kane, the England squad captain and a Bayern Munich striker, ranks second on the list. Kane earns an impressive £35,395 per sponsored post. Known for his goal-scoring efficiency and leadership on the field, Kane’s influence on social media is equally significant.

Trent Alexander-Arnold: The Liverpool Star – Over £23k per post

In third place is Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold, who earns an average of £23,286 per sponsored post. As one of the best right-backs in the world, Alexander-Arnold’s popularity continues to soar in football circles and on social media.

Manchester City’s Dynamic Duo – Between £19k and £20k per post

Manchester City’s Phil Foden and Jack Grealish round out the top five, earning £20,021 and £19,168 per post, respectively. Both players are known for their creativity and flair on the pitch, traits that have endeared them to fans and brands alike.

The Other End of the Spectrum

Player   Instagram Followers Average Likes Average Comments Engagement Rate Per-Post Earnings
Adam Wharton 43,400 10,130 175 20.43% £311
Lewis Dunk 82,900 9,014 57 10% £373
Jarrad Branthwaite 108,400 18,464 234 15.95% £374
James Trafford 124,900 14,110 90 10.56% £412
Ezri Konsa 188,800 12,765 163 6.35% £601
Anthony Gordon 385,900 43,374 140 10.62% £1,228
Jarrod Bowen 422,400 112,193 960 10.88% £1,378
Eberechi Eze 483,100 66,463 405 13.12% £1,537
Ollie Watkins 544,700 50,470 400 8.80% £1,719
Jarell Quansah 572,500 88,768 530 13.63% £1,820

CasinoAlpha analysed Instagram data to determine the least influential England players’ earnings per sponsored post and compare these findings.

While the top earners enjoy lucrative deals, we also highlighted players who earn significantly less from their Instagram presence. Adam Wharton of Crystal Palace ranks as the lowest-earning player, with an average of £311 per post. Following him are Lewis Dunk, Jarrad Branthwaite, James Trafford, and Ezri Konsa, all earning under £500 per sponsored post.

The Influence of Social Media on Athlete Earnings

The findings from CasinoAlpha underscore the significant influence that social media has on athlete earnings. Platforms like Instagram provide athletes with a direct line to their fans, allowing them to engage in ways that were previously unimaginable. This engagement translates to substantial earning opportunities, particularly for those who can cultivate a large and active follower base.

The Role of Engagement

Engagement is a crucial metric in determining an influencer’s value. The study highlighted that more follower engagement equates to higher rates for sponsored posts. This means that athletes who actively interact with their fans, post regularly, and create engaging content are more likely to command higher fees.

Does Football Make a Big Impact on Social Media?

As social media continues to evolve, the role of athletes as influencers will only grow. Brands are increasingly looking to partner with athletes who have a strong social media presence, recognizing the value of their influence. This trend is likely to continue, with follower counts and engagement rates becoming even more critical in determining an athlete’s off-field earnings.

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