11 Sites to Find a Slot Machine for Sale

11 Sites to Find a Slot Machine for Sale

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You wish to find the perfect fruit machine for sale, and we will provide the best deals for all our British readers’ requirements.

All featured offers are purely informative and should be taken as current examples on the British market. CasinoAlpha is not affiliated with any of the sellers, nor with the platforms hosting the advertisements. Our expertise is related to online slot games and the free spins offers attached to them by casino operators.

Slot Machines Sale Retailers

Buying from a retailer specialising in slot machines sales is the safest bet out there. Whether they provide brand new or refurbished gambling cabinets, you can be sure that your purchase is worthwhile.

The expertise of such providers will guarantee that your new fruit machine will function well and do so in the long term. Websites dedicated to slot machines sale options will also provide more transparent and thorough data for each product.

We found the best retailers that British customers looking for a fruit machine for sale need to see:

Fruit Machine Planet

Fruit Machine Planet

Access Fruit Machine Planet to get Current Price Best Quality
Mega Zone – £25 Jackpot £225 Great classic aesthetics, cheap option
Monopoly Boom or Bust – £70 Jackpot £295 Based on Monopoly
Batman – Power Up – £100 Jackpot £295 Batman-themed slot with great visual and sound effects

Fruit Machine Planet is a slot machine sale service functioning since 2005 on the British market. Yorkshire-based Arcade Clearance Limited administers the website.


The company provides used and refurbished slots under the legal oversight of the UK Gambling Commission, holding a license with number 005853-N-314221-006.


Delivery costs will depend on the location of your British address:

  • £60 for England and Wales.
  • £85 for Scotland, but only as far as Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Once you order one of the slot machines for sale, the delivery company will contact you within 24 hours. Once you confirm your order and establish a date, you should receive your new fruit machine within 14 hours. The waiting period may prolong for Scottish buyers.

The delivery will complete sometime between 7 AM and 7 PM, on weekdays.

You are provided with a 30-day back to base warranty in case of any emerging faults. Once you bring the slot to the depot, the company will repair, replace, or refund it, depending on the situation.

Sherlock Amusement Sales

Sherlock Amusement Sales

Visit Sherlock Amusement Sales & Pick Current Price Best Quality
Payback Cashanostra Slot £250 Great looks for a small price
Immortal 300 Slot £299 Exciting theme
Suits n Sir Machine £225 Cheaper available option

Sherlock Amusement Sales is a partner to Bob Rudd Gaming & Amusement Suppliers. It is one of the older retailers in the niche slot machines sale market, being active since 1989 as a division of the Rudd Group.


The website service’s parent company holds a non-remote license with the reference number 005632-N-300957-009. The current piece of accreditation for gaming machine technical suppling has been active since 2009.


The company provides free delivery within certain postcode areas for most of the slot machines for sale. While prices for areas such as Edinburgh may go up to £80, customers may collect their orders at available depots, free of charge.

The company’s catchment areas are the North East, North West, Yorkshire, East Midlands, and West Midlands. While the delivery times will be dependent on your British address, two extra weeks may apply for those outside the catchment areas. Purchases will include a three-month warranty. You may also return your purchase within 30 days and get either a refund or exchange.

However, to return it, the item must be left unused and in the original packaging.

Fruit Machine Sales

Fruit Machine Sales

Visit & Pick Current Price Best Quality
Deal or No Deal Banker’s Birthday £350 Popular franchise slot
Chops & Changes £295 Cheaper option
Street Casino 2016 £2150 High-Tech Slot with 26 Games

The higher prices may repulse you at first. However, this slot machine sale company provides one of the most extensive services for gambling retail.


Fruit Machine Sales is the trading name for Christopher Mark John Street, an entity holding a non-remote license with the reference number 005819-N-310284-007.

Extra Provided Systems

  • Banknote Mechanisms: slod cabinets can accept no banknotes, only accept them, or accept and pay out banknotes. The latter two require additional payment.
  • Payout Percentage: going from 70% up to 98%.
  • Price of Play and Jackpot: most accept multi-stake play, and a £100 jackpot, while the Street Casino 2016 slot also takes a £400 slot, for instance.
  • Several Deal or No Deal franchise originals and licensed games.


Deliveries may go up to four weeks in total. If the service fails to deliver your order within 30 days of the agreed-on time, you may request it be cancelled and refunded.

The company also has a set 30-day warranty put into place. Additionally, you can return your purchased item within 14 and be eligible for a refund.

Fruit Machine World

Fruit Machine World

Take a Look at Current Price Best Quality
Deal or No Deal – Winfall £225 Cheaper Slot
Hot Hot Hot – £70 Jackpot £245 Exciting Looks
Juggling Jackpots £295 Classic £100 jackpot game

Fruit Machine World is another subsidiary of Arcade Clearance Limited. While most options resemble those on the Fruit Machine Planet retailer, British customers can find more Deal or No Deal entries.


The store comes with Arcade Clearance Limited’s license with the number 005853-N-314221-006.

Similar to its sister site, deliveries to England and Wales amount to £60 and £85 is the price for Scots. While those residing in Edinburgh residents and Glaswegians will receive their order, Aberdonian gamblers may not be as lucky.

Deliveries should complete within 14 days, but the period may be longer for Scottish, Welsh, and Cornish residents.


You have a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case your bought cabinet develops a fault, you may opt for an exchange or refund if repairing is not possible.

Slot Machines for Sale Online

Specialised retailers are the more customer-friendly option. However, when it comes to thinking with your wallet, browsing the various online marketplaces is the way to go.

It may take you some time to find the best fruit machine for sale, but once you pinpoint the best offer, the chances are that it will be at a better price.

eBay Fruit Machine for Sale Entries

eBay Fruit Machine for Sale Entries

Access ebay & Select Current Price Delivery Best Quality
Crazy Crowns Current Bit at £105 Free Pickup in Widnes UK / Courier Refurbished £100 jackpot
Pac Man Fruit Machine Current Bid at £99.99 Free Pickup at Swansea, UK Cheap rare slot
Pork Chop – The Last Hamurai £200 Free Pickup at Helston, UK Higher-end slot

Being one of the biggest online marketplaces, eBay will be the first go-to place for British customers.


Regarding accreditation, the platform does not hold any official licensing from any online gaming authority since it does not specialise in slot machines sale services. You will have to check on a case-by-case basis depending on the seller for each entry.

Slot machines for sale such as Baking Bad, Game of Gnomes, or Crazy Crowns are listings from Aztec Coin Equipment Ltd., a Widnes-based seller with history and accreditation in the retail gambling business. Other entries, such as the Pac Man cabinet or Pork Chop – The Last Hamurai, come from private eBay seller accounts. Thus, it is difficult to assess whether they hold a non-remote license for gambling machines.


From the top picks, you can tell that delivery too will differ from one seller to another. Most will have the basic free collection option for British customers willing to travel to the seller’s location. Bigger retailers will also provide delivery options, but the pricing will vary from one address to another.


Most listings will have the standard eBay moneyback guarantee. This will mean that if you cannot get your purchase within 30 days of the delivery date.

Returns will also depend on the retailer. Larger ones will either provide a 30-day or 14-day return with a full refund, while individual sellers will not accept any kind of return.

Amazon Slot Machines Sale Options

Amazon Slot Machines Sale Options

Visit Amazon & Get Current Price Best Quality
RecZone Jumbo Slot Replica £95 Gambling Paraphernalia
Luck of the Irish Replica £66.10 Cheaper Novelty Slot
Mister Gadget Slot Replica £27.25 Cheapest Slot replica

Amazon has a lot of perks when it comes to delivery and warrantees. Unfortunately, British customers will not manage to find any actual fruit machine for sale. Instead, you may settle for a replica and other gambling paraphernalia. Naturally, you do not need to concern yourself with licensing in the case of lookalikes.


Most offers listed on the platform come with free Amazon delivery. Prime users also get their parcel in under a week. The company also has an intuitive tracking tool for your order.

Returns & Refunds

Most sellers on the platform allow for returns within 30 days of your item’s receipt.

Amazon’s entries are a hard sell for the passionate British gambler. However, the low price of these replicas can qualify them as a placeholder for a proper slot.

Not finding what you were looking for?

While the Amazon product collection is vast, some things may not be found, like online game services and offers. You need a different approach there, by starting with a software provider that has a vast collection itself. NetEnt free spins are a good place to start.

Alibaba Slot Machine Sale Offers

Alibaba Slot Machine Sale Offers

Alibaba Top Picks Current Price Best Quality
22 Inch Dual Screen Slot £503.09 – £1686.81 Hi-tech fruit machine for sale
Software Dev Slot Cabinet £184.96 – £517.14 Ideal for tech enthusiasts
Factory Price Slot £73.25 – £110.98 Cheap Soccer-themed slot
High-Quality DIY Slot £59.19 The only DIY option out there
Lightning Link Pro Slot £258.20 – £369.18 Modern average priced option

Alibaba is a platform mainly developed for Chinese manufacturers, and while it mostly focuses on wholesale transactions. However, this will not mean that you cannot find some retail offers, as far as slot machines sale options go.

Note that most options will be new and out of the factory instead of the used slot machines for sale on websites like eBay and others. This does come with a higher price, but the entries also showcase a better quality.

Since you are buying from overseas, you cannot expect to purchase them from an UKGC-licensed seller. However, most manufacturers have quality and functionality checks that they complete for each order.

Special Features

Given that you are purchasing from manufacturers, the fruit machine for sale will provide additional customisation options. Some sellers will let you choose between a double or curved screen, the machine software, and customisable logos or graphics.

You can additionally find niche novelties, such as the casino software development kit, as well as replacement parts for your machine. In this sense, Alibaba is full of useful listings for the British gambler.


The period for delivery will depend on the number of pieces purchased. We will imagine that you only wish to find one fruit machine for sale. In this case, the shipping will take 5 to 7 days from the date of your payment. Unfortunately, the remaining time may differ depending on the seller and your British address.


Given their higher value, most slot machines for sale will come with refund and trade assurances. These will translate into guarantees on items’ quality and shipping completion on the agreed-on date. If you do not receive your product or it does not reflect the desired quality, you can request a refund within 30 days.

Preloved Slot Machines Sale Adverts

Preloved Slot Machines Sale Adverts

Take a look at Current Price Delivery Best Quality
Fruit Machine £180 No information Cheap £25 Jackpot
Duck Coin Pusher Machine £650 Free collection at Huddersfield One of the few 2p slot machines for sale
Crompton’s Big Top Coin Pusher Free Free collection at Newbury Free gambling machine on sale

You will see more announcements for wanted ads rather than slot machines sale offers. However, what is there is worthy of the interest of British buyers.

As far as current options go, other than the cheap £180 slot, you can find two coin pushers which are entertaining gambling activities in their own right. While one has higher pricing, the eight-player Compton’s Big Top Coin Pusher is currently going for free.

The sellers on Preloved are not slot experts. Nonetheless, some of them will hold a UKGC permit. The fruit machine seller, for instance, holds a license with number 12162272.

Use of the Platform

Other than browsing the available announcements, you can post your own requests on Preloved. Say you wish to find old JPM fruit machines for sale. In such an instance, you can post a wanted announcement for such slots.

Among the currently listed wanted options, other British buyers are looking for JPM, the 1970s and 1980s fruit machines for sale.


Delivery protocols will depend on the seller most of the time. In some instances, you will be required to provide the transport, such as the free giveaway advert.

For-sale.co.uk Sale Announcements

For-sale.co.uk Sale Announcements

Browse & Shop Current Price Purchase method Best Quality
Crazy Crowns £105 Auction Cheaper £100 Jackpot
Casino Crazy Fruit Machine £600 Fixed Price High-end old JPM fruit machines on sale offer
JPM Slot Cabinet £380 Auction Cheaper JPM slot
American Slot Machine £205 Auction Vintage Americana

For-sale.co.uk is an ad aggregator that features several entries from larger platforms. As a tool, you may use it to parse through announcements from several online bazaars. The interface also helps with browsing as it offers custom dynamic keyword filters.

In the instance of slot machines sales options, you can look for:

  • Old-timey armed bandits.
  • Classic slots.
  • Roulette machines.
  • JPM cabinets.

More so, you can select additional pricing filters and specify if you want new or used entries.

Accreditation, Delivery & Warranties

Given that the entries come from other online marketplaces, you should check the licensing for the initially listed vendor. You may find yourself in the same situation with delivery times and procedures and any refund policies and warranties.

Nonetheless, you can go on the website and find some niche slots, such as the numerous old JPM fruit machines for sale.

Facebook Marketplace Offers

Facebook Marketplace Offers

Browse the Marketplace Current Price Best Quality
The Italian Job Free Free slot in acceptable condition
Star Wars Slots £1000 Collectable themed slots
Barcrest Superstar Machine £150 Exciting and Novel Visuals

The Facebook marketplace will be another website where you can browse and find several used slot machines sale announcements. While it will be more difficult to locate the exact slot you desire, pricewise, Facebook marketplace offers are considerably friendlier.

Other than the classics, such as the Deal or No Deal franchise games, you can also find licensed old JPM fruit machines for sale, like a Tomb Raider game for £595, another The Simpsons themed slot for £200, and even a Big Brother option. British vintage game enthusiasts will love to find classic 1980s fruit machines for sale, such as The Pounder, coming with a stylish wooden casing and an average £275 price.

Accreditation, Delivery & Warranties

The Facebook marketplace is considerably decentralised. As such, it does not necessarily provide dedicated guarantees on delivery, such as in the case of Amazon, nor for warranties or accreditation. You should, thus, always check with each seller in particular and verify whether the situation is favourable for your purchase.

  • Bonus: The Saleroom Antique Offers

All current Slots on Sale Opening Price Estimate Best Quality
A Wizard of Wads £30 £40-£60 Cheap offer
Allwin Oak Case Slot £240 £300-£500 Vintage slot
Sega Copper One Armed Bandit £280 £300-£500 Another vintage option
Jubilee International Tic-Tac-Toe Slot £300-£400 Classic 1970s slot
Nishijin Pachinko €200 €200-€300 Novelty Japanese Slot

The Saleroom is an expert auctioning platform currently run by ATG (Auction Technology Group), specialising in the reselling of antique art and memorabilia. Naturally, British customers will be able to find some slots on sale from time to time. The platform is not specialised in gambling industry retail. The auctioneer for each listing should thus provide licensing for the sold slots.

While the current and future offers are and will be impressive and novel on today’s slot machines sale market, you may encounter some difficulties with this service.

You will add your bid, similar to websites like eBay, but sellers will auction the lots in real-time on a set date. The purchases are also subject to commissions ranging between 24% and 30%, including VAT or sales taxes.


In case you win the auction, the shipping will vary depending on the auctioneer. Some will send the parcel via Shiply, or Auction Logistics, from Mail Boxes Etc. Others, such as Chilcotts, have their own postage service.

Can You Legally Own a Fruit Machine?

Can You Legally Own a Fruit Machine

British citizens can buy and own slot cabinets without accreditation if it is for personal use only and does not result in monetary profit.

Example 1

You buy a fruit machine for sale from a licensed retailer. You place it in your game room. Only you, your friends, and your family utilise it for fun. You are within the bounds of legality in this case.

Example 2

You find a cabinet on an online marketplace. You buy it without checking the accreditation of its seller. You place it within your pub and allow clients to play it. You keep the profits. In this situation, if you do not have a license from the UKGC, you are breaking the law.

As far as hosting and managing slots, for-profit gaming industry services require an operating license, irrelevant if they are on-land or online casinos functioning within the British physical or informational space.

Additionally, slot machine sale retailers also require a non-remote license for checking and facilitating gambling systems. We recommend buying from accredited sellers even though the cabinet you own is not meant to bring in profit.

Before Looking for a Fruit Machine for Sale

Before Looking for a Fruit Machine for Sale

  • Make sure that you have the space

Slots are large mechanisms. While newer electronic models can be compact, vintage models like the popular 1980s fruit machines for sale can go up to the size of a cabinet and weigh well over a hundred kilograms.

Thus, every time you find a worthwhile fruit machine for sale, check the dimensions. Slot machine sale services and experienced sellers will specify them outright. If they are not available, reach out to the retailer and ask about the size and weight.

  • Think about the expenses

Buying such an appliance will presuppose additional expenses. We have underlined the importance of knowing and finding the best delivery price. Warranties are also important in the case of unforeseen faults.

If you are buying used second-hand slot machines for sale, these may come with refurbishment requirements. Whether at the level of the mechanism, software boards, or the cabinet and monitor, repairs and reconditioning will add to your total budget.

Similar to playing casino games, where controlling your losses is an essential method to stay in control, you should set up an expandable budget for buying a fruit machine and stick by it no matter the situation.


  • Decide on a theme and style

Our previous examples may have made it clear that the variety of slot machines for sale is wide. Before diving into the available offers, you should know what kind of cabinet you want to purchase.

Several aspects will play into your choice:

  1. Indoor placement.
  2. Existing interior design.
  3. Aesthetic preferences.
  4. The intended utilisation times.
  5. Your budget.

You could not place a current higher-tech cabinet in a garage corner, as you would not go for classic 1980s fruit machines for sale if your interior design is modern.

As far as the budget is concerned, finding the 1980s or old JPM options at a reasonable price will be easier for you. Still, this choice should depend on whether such options fit into your house.

  • Do you really want an expensive slot machine?

Buying from wholesalers or expert retailers is considerably easier, but it will come with higher prices. Even some used gambling cabinets go over £300 with ease.

Thus, you should naturally wonder if you want and need an expensive slot. Bear in mind that, beyond novelty items and replicas, you can find some cheaper but either faulty or limited in functionalities entries.

If you are looking for the full scope of casino play, you could opt for the new slots sites available for British gamblers. While not as exciting as having a real cabinet in front of you, these games provide extra variety in the comfort of your household.

Nevertheless, buying a fruit machine for sale is an expensive investment that may come with considerable satisfaction, depending on your decisions.

Setting up a budget to buy something new is hard, but you can save up from your sessions if you decide to play any offer from our cashback bonus list. Read the bonus terms for more information!


  • Be attentive to the specs for each fruit machine for sale.

Given that online slots have several aspects that you must consider, you may only imagine how many elements a real cabinet has.

Essential Differentiating Factors

  1. The coinage it accepts – most options will accept 10p, £1, or allow multi-stake play. You will have to pay extra for cabinets that take banknotes. 2p fruit machines for sale are somewhat rare.
  2. The RTP – while most options will have a set return to player rate, several services will offer to set it to your desired value.
  3. The number of lines, reels, and functionalities – this will differ greatly, with the oldest models having only three reels and reduced functionalities.
  4. Electronic versus mechanical systems – 1980s fruit machines for sale and older will function with physical mechanisms. On the other hand, several newer cabinets and old JPM slots will have an electrical board. The most recent entries have a hardware layout that permits you to play several slot types on the same machine.
  5. Theme and interface – old options will only have one interface layout, so you have to make sure it fits. Newer models can change between slots, and thus their theme is not as relevant. However, you may have to choose between double or curved screens.
  6. What the jackpot is – older options have a set jackpot, either at £25, £70, or £100. You should know about it before buying. Some sellers will let you choose it.
  7. If you haven’t played ever played any slot game yet, get to know the possible outcomes before making a payment using our selection of daily free spins.

The Best Fruit Machine for Sale, for All Needs

  • Cheapest slot on the current market: The Italian Job on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Best vintage fruit machine for sale UK retailers offer: £205 American slot on For-sale.co.uk.
  • Pop Culture slot machines for sale: Star Wars cabinets for £1000 on Facebook Marketplace, Batman – Power Up for £295 on Fruit Machine Planet.
  • Cheap New fruit machine for sale: Factory-price slot on Alibaba, between £73.25 and £110.98.
  • The best option for old JPM fruit machines for sale: Hyper Note, listed on eBay, with its current bud at £311.
  • Slots-related novelties: several small replicas listed on Amazon.

If you play any similar game in an online environment, chances are that your derived sums will be attached to wagering requirements, unless you are engaged in a no wagering bonus. Read all the details and make the best financial decision with your funds.

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