Francisc Csiki

Francisc Alexandru Csiki

Author & Editor

Francisc’s mathematical way of thinking is seen in how he explains gambling rules in an easy-to-understand way. He does more than do arithmetic or solve algebra problems. He can see right away online casino’s fairness, and he teaches users to do the same.


Gambling expertise

Table Games Statistics and Strategy, Alternate Dispute Resolution Agencies


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


University of Edinburgh

Gambling Experience

+1 year

Other Areas of Expertise

Problem Gambling and Addiction, Game Fairness and Culture

Written Articles Counter

76 articles

His Gambling Story

Francisc started his activity on the iGaming scene with little to no knowledge of its scale and functioning. Nonetheless, as soon as he started professionally writing about gambling, he developed an affinity for issues of service legality, customer protection, and problematic gambling considerations. His expertise in mathematics gives him an edge both in assessing the fairness of the gambling activities at hand and presenting game statistics and strategies in the most transparent and user-friendly ways. Lastly, his passion for arts and culture found another facet of expression in reviewing gambling-related media and milieu. The stated goals of his writing process are improving the iGaming industry’s relation to its consumers and approaching previously stigmatized subjects in an earnest and professional manner.

Behind the Screen

Other than his main academic trajectory, he has dedicated considerable time and interest to areas of film, literary, and cultural studies, both at personal and professional levels. When not researching gambling legislation or writing about gambling culture, Francisc pursues his passion for photography and spends time with his house pet kitten.

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