Madalina Olteanu

Madalina Olteanu

Author & Editor

Madalina developed her analytical and critical skills while studying Law and Psychology, and they are essential in her casino-related content creation process. Using concise explanations, she helps players understand a broad range of gambling terms, regulations, and risks.


Gambling expertise

Legislation, Casino Terms and Conditions, Gambling Addiction Prevention


Bachelor of Laws


University of Bucharest

Gambling Experience

+1 years

Other Areas of Expertise

Psychology, Philosophy, Human Rights

Written Articles Counter

15 articles

Discovering the gambling industry

Madalina accepted her first gambling-related project a few years ago, when she was a freelancer. Although the translation of terms and conditions usually bored her, she found herself absorbed by how casino rules work. Soon after, Madalina started taking on other such projects, involving either translation or writing. Each one strengthened her belief that this was a field she wanted to work in. At present, she specializes in deciphering complicated terms and regulations for enthusiastic players, as well as in casino testing and analysis.

About the author

Outside of work, Madalina enjoys learning more about Psychology, Philosophy, art, and spirituality. An avid supporter of equality, her discourse often involves LGBTQ+ and ethnic awareness, poverty issues, feminism, Roma rights, and cultural diversity. In the future, she wants to research the comorbidity of gambling disorder and the efficiency of different types of psychotherapy in overcoming it.

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