Casino Dice for Sale

Casino Dices for Sale: Learn Where to Buy Dices in the UK?

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Would you like to match your casino craps table with the perfect dice? We’ve got the best variety of casino dices for sale at top sellers in the UK!

9 Best Places to Find Casino Dice for Sale

Buy here If you want Bonus points Tolerable flaws Our overall rating
eBay Genuine Las Vegas craps Great variety Selling quick 5 / 5
Amazon Cheap & new Fast UK shipping MIght mess up your dice’s colour 5 / 5
Gammon Games Real precision Wholesale online store Costly shipping 4 / 5
Whizz Dice Pre-owned Las Vegas-grade Plentiful stock More expensive compared to other stores 4 / 5
JP Games UK True casino grade Local seller Limited variety 3.5 / 5
Merlins Wakefield Pre-owned Las Vegas-grade It’s actually a magic store Limited stock 3.5 / 5
The Dice Shop UK Loaded dice Discount points Limited variety 3.5 / 5
Etsy Hand-made items Wide range of handmade products Not so great for craps players 3.5 / 5
Aliexpress Cheap items 14 pages of dice products Slow delivery 3 / 5


We do not receive commission from any of the listed retailers. Our recommendations should be taken as they are, for purely informational purposes.

How We Chose the Best Casino Dice Retailers

  • We found the top casino dice for sale for all types of craps players
  • Our list gets you closer to the right product with various examples
  • We help you choose the best option for your pocket, from cheap items to collector’s
  • Our transparency in selecting top online casinos marks this store selection, too
  • Both novices in the game and seasoned craps veterans can find their best pick with us

Regular vs Casino Dice

You might believe that any pair of shakers for sale will do the trick and you’d not be wrong entirely. However, we know the gambling industry well and can tell the difference.

Shakers used in live casinos for craps gameplay are fair compared to regular dice. They are perfectly cut cubes, unlike the ordinary ones, which may not be so well-balanced.

While you could play a round of craps with your friends with any pair, you might want to invest in precision dice for a fair game.

What Is the Standard Size and Weight of a Casino Die?

It should be a 19mm or ¾ inches cube with perfect edges, weighing around 0.02 pounds.

Don’t forget to check dimensions when you add an item to your cart.

Find Cheap Craps Dice at Amazon

Find Cheap Craps Dice at Amazon

Top picks Color Sold by Benefit Delivery time Price
10x Six Sided Translucent Pink Start Spreading the News Best price 3 – 5 days £1.99
3x Diffusion Translucent Red DiscountMagic Better precision 4 – 5 days £3.49
2x Precision Blue Start Spreading the News Best precision 5 working days £3.99
  • Amazon hosts a nice variety sellers fit for any budget
  • Since you’re buying on Amazon, you can return the product in 30 days
  • Keep in mind that delivery time may be off a few days depending on availability

Our recommendation

The Precision Pair at Start Spreading the News shows the best cost-benefit ratio. You get precision dice at the price of regular items!

Alternatives to Check Out

You can find some decent craps dice on Aliexpress, but be aware that you may have to face long delivery times.

We can also vouch for products from Gammon Games, but the price may put you off.

Casino Dice for Sale at UK-Based Sellers

Casino Dice for Sale at UK-Based Sellers

Top picks Color Sold by Benefit Delivery time Price
Koplow Casino Loaded Pair Transparent red The Dice Shop Online Best for parties 3-5 days £2.75
5x Casino Grade Craps Various JP Games Made from premium acrylic 3-5 days £12
  • We trust these two UK-based sellers for new precision dice
  • The products are casino grade and they ship by Royal Mail
  • The real deal is the pair at JP Games UK

Playing with Loaded Dice?

To load means to increase the weight on one side to make one die or both more biased to roll a certain combination.

The Koplow model always rolls 7 or 11 because one die has all 5’s and the other 2 and 6. You can bring it at gambling-themed parties if you feel out of luck!

However, you shouldn’t make a habit out of cheating when playing craps.

Learn the how to play street craps instead, and amaze your buddies with your gambling knowledge!

eBay is Your Best Site for Pre-Owned Las Vegas-Grade Dice

eBay is Your Best Site for Pre-Owned Las Vegas Casino Dice

Top picks Color Sold by Benefit Delivery time Price
50x Used from the Frontier Casino Crimson Spinetti’s Poker & Gambling Supplies Collector’s item from an original Las Vegas casino 2-3 weeks £50.5
50x Used from the The Gold Coast Casino Red Spinetti’s Poker & Gambling Supplies Original collector’s item 2-3 weeks £50.5
Original from Various Las Vegas Casinos Various darren35000000 UK-based seller 3-5 days Various

Can You Buy Craps Dice from Real Casinos?

Land-based casinos will at some point replace their gear to ensure the fairness of craps games. Even a slight bias can modify outcomes. Keen UK players may detect this and use it to their advantage.

Some of the craps dice we listed come from authentic Las Vegas casinos, through various intermediaries who probably got them from the source!

Check the inscripted serial number to ensure you have an authentic product.

  • Spinetti’s items are probably the best options if you’re looking for casino-grade bulk
  • You get to play craps like a high-stakes gambler from top casino movies
  • You can trust shopping as you get eBay protection in case you don’t receive your items


If you want quicker delivery, look up user darren35000000 on eBay. They have many color options for all tastes, and all items are genuine.

However, the price is higher.

Be aware

We’re talking about pre-owned items on an auction-based website. Move quickly to avoid a letdown!

Other Options If You Want to Go Vegas

  • Whizz Dice
  • Merlins Wakefield

Stocks are low!

You should make up your mind soon if any of the available models are of interest!

While pricey, the available casino dice for sale can be a great addition to your collection.

Rare Items and Craps-Themed Gifts at Etsy

Rare Items and Craps-Themed Gifts at Etsy

Top picks Color Sold by Benefit Delivery time Price
Texas Station Las Vegas 19mm Red ExclusiveMagic Original 3-7 days £9.99
Damascus Steel Grey Craftomatik Rare metal-made 3-7 days £22.57
Fabulous Las Vegas Casino Cards and Dice Set Unopened Red PutFamilyFirst Last item 3-7 days £14.92
  • Etsy is a great place to search if you’re looking to buy gifts for gambler friends
  • Besides the wide range of originals, you can buy everything craps-related, from play mats to decor set pieces, collectibles, carbon fiber and miniature items, shirts and more
  • Etsy is also a green store, optimizing its packaging and delivery to that end


If your eyes fall on a particular strange-sounding product, be aware that it might not have the standard casino dimensions.

Where to Buy Dice in the UK? CasinoAlpha Picks Amazon

Where to Buy Dice in the UK CasinoAlpha Picks Amazon

  • Casino dice for sale at Amazon can satisfy the pickiest of players
  • While collectors should better opt for eBay or Etsy, Amazon lists authentic precision bones at the best price
  • You might not be a fan of Amazon for a variety of reasons, but if we’re focusing solely on its craps products, it is indeed the best
  • It’s the perfect choice for UK players who want to practice their rolls and learn how to play craps the real way
  • Other than the craps product variety, you can also benefit from Amazon’s warranties and 30-day return policy

Be aware!

In online craps casinos, either a Random Number Generator or a house-appointed dealer is the game’s shooter. Therefore, your home-trained shooting skills won’t be of much use there.

While you can try detecting patterns in the way different people shoot, live dealers are professionals that won’t make many mistakes.

That and the quality of casino-grade ensure the randomness of outcome.

Make Your Craps Game Fair! Avoid Biased Dice

Make Your Craps Game Fair Avoid Biased Dice

With the sole and ironic exception of the Koplow model, all our other recommendations are well-cut to allow precise shooting.

Authentically random results are impossible with a biased pair, so if you’re up for a fair round of street craps with your friends, only play with precision dice.

Learn to Throw Dice Like a Pro!

Have you ever cheated in street craps?

Share your best craps stories down below!

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