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How To Delete Gambling Accounts In UK

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Deciding to close your online casino account is a significant step, whether due to personal reasons or a need for responsible gambling. This guide outlines the process to assist you in terminating your account efficiently. From understanding common reasons for closure to navigating the various closure types, we’ll ensure you’re equipped with the necessary knowledge to proceed confidently. Let’s see how to delete gambling accounts without a hassle!

Common Reasons for Closing a Casino Account

  • Gambling problems such as gambling addiction
  • The casino no longer meets the expectations of the player
  • A complete loss of interest in gambling online
  • Being unsatisfied with the casino bonuses provided by a platform
  • Choosing to play at a different casino
  • Taking a break from gambling sites

How to Terminate an Active Online Casino Account

Though the process may differ, all top online casinos have a standard procedure to terminate your account.

These steps are usually outlined within their terms and conditions section on manually deleting the account from your account dashboard.

How to Terminate an Active Online Casino Account

A much simpler option would be to contact the support team directly via their live chat feature and promptly receive the account closure confirmation.

  • Step 1 – Log in to your existing casino account and access the customer live chat support feature.
  • Step 2 – Start by explaining that you would like to terminate your account with them.
  • Step 3 – The support agent will then ask you some security questions to verify if you are indeed the account holder.
    • Even though you are logged in already, this is a standard procedure on their end.
  • Step 4 – Once you have provided them with the requested information, the support staff will ask you to confirm the account closure.
    • This may also be followed by why you would like to close the account. The support agent will then continue to close the account.
  • Step 5 – You will receive a confirmation stating that your account will be fully closed within a 24-hour period.
    • If you have any funds remaining on the account that is higher than the minimum withdrawal amount, it will be refunded to you.

However, the casino operator may charge a transfer fee if the amount remaining is less than the minimum withdrawal amount.

Different Account Closure Types

Closing your casino account is not the end of the road. In most cases, it is possible to reinstate your account should you wish to resume playing on the online platform. The reason you decide to close your account will determine the type of closure, as there are a few options available out there.

Regular Closure

If you choose to close your account and would like to close it indefinitely, select this method. Regular account closure is the most common and can be done directly with the customer support team. They can assist with closing your account either by email or the live chat support feature.

Temporary Closure

This type of account closure is normally referred to as a “cool-off” or “time-out” period by most casinos. The account will remain closed for a predetermined time set out by the player. The player usually manually does this type of account closure by accessing the dashboard and setting the desired parameters. Once the closure is in effect, the player will no longer have access to the account until the timeframe has lapsed, in which the account will automatically reopen.

Permanent Closure

Permanent account closure is also known as a “self-exclusion” and is often used as a responsible gambling protocol. Once closed, these types of account closures can never be reopened under any circumstances.

All personal information will be permanently removed from the database, and the account will automatically be unsubscribed from any email or SMS notification service. Permanent account closures are done within the settings or with the help of customer support.

Closing Your Gambling Account on Sister Sites

When considering closing an account on a gambling platform with sister sites, it’s important to understand how the closure process affects these associated platforms. In many cases, the closure of an account on one site may also result in the automatic closure of accounts on its sister sites. This is often due to shared databases and integrated systems among these affiliated platforms.

Account closure on one site within a network of sister sites typically triggers a system-wide update, leading to the closure of corresponding accounts on other linked platforms. This ensures consistency and compliance across all affiliated gambling sites.

However, if you want to close your account temporarily, only the specific casino will do so. For example, let’s say you want to close your Immortal Wins Casino account in May. Immortal Wins Casino is a Jumpman Gaming site, but it won’t affect your account at Space Wins.

Other sister sites and companies you might want to check:

Reopening a Closed Casino Account

As mentioned, it is possible to reopen a closed casino account. Only if the account has been permanently closed will it not be possible to reopen it.

It is important to note that opening a new account at an online casino you have previously registered with is forbidden. This results in fraudulent, duplicate accounts and could end in legal proceedings against the perpetrator.

Reopening Your Closed Account Depends on the Type of Closure

  • Regular closure – The easiest way to reopen a closed account. Simply contact customer support and request to have your account reinstated. This can be actioned either by email or the live chat feature
  • Temporary closure – If you have temporarily closed your account, it will automatically reopen once the allocated timeframe has lapsed. You will not be able to request for the account to be reopened until the timer has expired
  • Permanent closure – It is not possible to reopen this type of account closure as all personal information has been purged, and self-exclusion parameters have been set

Final Thoughts

Closing an online casino account can be straightforward if the correct steps are followed. Always ensure that you withdraw any remaining balance before requesting the account closure. It is also advisable to check the casino’s terms and conditions to ensure that you are aware of any other information in regard to account closure.

Closing your online casino account is a proactive measure toward responsible gambling or addressing personal preferences. You can navigate this process smoothly by following the outlined steps and considering the closure types. Remember, seeking professional help for gambling addiction is crucial, and closing your account signifies a positive step towards reclaiming control over your gambling habits.

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