Can You Withdraw Money with Payforit?

Can You Withdraw Casino Winnings with PayForIt?

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As the casino gaming industry keeps evolving, more brands have been utilising easier, faster, and cheaper payment methods that appeal to users’ convenience. One such remarkable payment solution that has grown in popularity across casino sites in the UK and beyond is PayForIt. 

In this article, we will be going full throttle on what it entails and other crucial aspects you should know about using this payment method at online casinos that support PayForIt.

PayForIt can’t be used for cashing out at casinos; there are a lot of positives to using the payment option in making deposits. We want to believe that in the near future, we will experience an inclusion of withdrawals into the product’s value propositions.

Barring the inability to process withdrawals, PayForIt is everything you are looking for if you are aiming for a smooth and easy way to deposit money into your casino account with no bank details required.

PayForIt Functionalities in UK Casino Sites

This payment solution, popularly nicknamed the “PayPal for Mobile Users,” debuted in 2006 when few brands offered similar services. The company, jointly owned and supported by 5 of the UK’s leading network operators (3, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, and Vodafone), provides an easy route for mobile users to deposit in online casinos by charging it on their phone bill. Considering the simplicity of how this payment method works, it is not surprising it has warmed the hearts of a gazillion online casino players over the years.

What are the Advantages of Using PayForIt on Online Casinos?

What are the Advantages of Using PayForIt on Online Casinos_

If you are still dragging your feet about using this payment method, here are some exciting perks that might have you change your mind.

Top-Notch Security

Given the prevalence of cyber attacks, especially at online casinos, we must recognise the importance of using highly secure payment methods in casinos and sportsbooks. This is because using unsafe payment methods puts your casino account at risk of losing funds.

With PayForIt, security is at the top of the mind, which is reflected in the foolproof solutions put in place to put it in check at all times. For one, because the platform harnesses 24-hour monitoring and over 10,000 programmed system checks every hour, the possibility of any security breach is curtailed to the barest minimum. 

With such proactive measures put in place, the possibility of your funds getting compromised via PayForIt is slim.

Solid Reputation

It is understandable to be wary of using certain payment methods when making an online casino payment. However, PayForIt assuages such concerns because of the credibility it has built over the last 15 years of being operational. 

While there are multiple competitors in the industry today, PayForIt easily stands ahead above them, given its rock-solid reputation in the industry.

Availability Across Casinos

For every casino player, considering the perks attached, it is not unfounded that they should be encouraged to use payment methods that are widely supported across a fleet of casinos in the industry. 

PayForIt easily makes a mark in this regard, seeing as it has become a widely available option that you can be sure to find at almost any online casino site out there. 

The fact that this payment method is popular among the most reputable online casino sites also makes a strong case for its reliability. Especially seeing as these casinos attempt to vet every payment method they provide to be sure they are the best fit for their customers. 

Easy to Use

Unlike most payment methods available at Payforit online casinos that involve jumping through hoops to process a transaction, this payment method boasts a more straightforward mode of operation. 

With PayForIt, you are not required to do any significant registration. This is because your mobile network already supports it. Essentially, you don’t need to input unique login details to access the service, as all that is required is your mobile number. 

This gives you some level of convenience when depositing at your preferred UK online casinos.

Fast Processing Time

It can be frustrating having to wait hours after initiating a deposit before the funds reflect in the selected casino account. Aside from the inconvenience that comes with the wait, you stand a risk of losing opportunities to win during the period. 

This highlights why a fast online casino payment method should be considered a priority. Thankfully, PayForIt is one service that guarantees such swift processing time with deposits at new casinos and other locations. Based on our experience with the service, we have discovered that PayForIt payments are processed almost instantaneously.

Supported for Casino Bonus Offers

Unlike some casino payment options that make you ineligible for specific UK mobile casino offers, the mobile payment option proves different. This is a recognised payment method at online casinos whose deposits qualify for mouth-watering bonus offers.

Promotes Responsible Gambling

One of the significant pieces of information you should know about using PayForIt to deposit at casinos is the fact that there is a limit to the amount you can deposit daily to play your favourite casino games. This is set at £30. 

With such a limit placed on how much casino deposit is allowed using the payment method, players tend to be put in check. 

Limitations and Casino Acceptance

One major limitation to using PayForIt as your preferred payment method is that it is primarily available to players and accepted among UK casinos alone. This restricts other offshore players using the online gaming casino app from benefiting from the service. 

So, if you are a player patronising an offshore casino platform, you can opt for other casino payment methods, like Skrill and Neteller.

Withdrawal Solutions for PayForIt Deposits

Considering PayForIt doesn’t allow withdrawals, here are four highly recommended solutions you can opt for:

Withdrawal Solutions for PayForIt Deposits


Today, PayPal ranks among the top e-wallet solutions online casino players use, and casinos that work with PayPal are some of the most popular picks. Two significant reasons why it is considered a top option for players is that withdrawals using PayPal incur almost no extra charge from the casino, and transactions are processed within a day.

Debit Cards

This is often the go-to withdrawal method for a plethora of online casino players, given its availability. We highly recommend this option because, among the majority of online payment methods available to withdraw your winnings at casinos, debit cards charge the least in terms of fees. This gives you some level of satisfaction that you don’t have to eat deeply into your winnings to afford the service.


This is one payment method that requires no introduction as far as e-wallet solutions available at your preferred Payforit online casinos are concerned. Among the myriad reasons Skrill is remarkable is its availability in over 100 countries, which sets it apart. Not only will you be confident about using Skrill as a payment method at your selected casino, but you are assured the withdrawals are processed with top-notch efficiency.


One E-wallet solution that gives Skrill a run for its money in the iGaming space is easily Neteller. Aside from being widely available internationally and assuring fast payout processing time, this payment method is top-tier because it also allows high withdrawal limits. However, be aware that some casino sites don’t accept it for their bonus offers

PayForIt Takes Mobile Casino Deposits To a New Level

For some time now, there has been an effort to optimise the real money casino gaming experience for mobile devices, seeing as more players fit into this demographic. With mobile-friendly payment options like PayForIt, the ease of completing transactions on online casinos is unrivalled. 

If you are on the lookout for a fast, easy, and cheap way to deposit money when you play casino games (slot games, table games, and live games), you cannot go wrong with using PayForIt.

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