Crypto Betting Bankroll Management

Crypto betting bankroll management: Most volatile crypto chart

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How can you make sure that your crypto bets are profitable and that your bets will not destroy your bankroll? Learn how to invest wisely, which is the most volatile cryptocurrency, and how to increase profits with us!

Most volatile cryptocurrency chart

Coin name Change % Volatility (1 day) Volatility (1 year)
smolting Inu -90.33% 0 10.52290916
Goat Coin -74.16% 0.000017 0.03565
Cryptaur +70.71% 0
Moneynet +38.17% 0 0.00021
Megdogeswap +19.00% 0 0
Web3 ALL BEST ICO -15.89% 0.00000188 0.29940501
Apiary Fund Coin -14.03% 0.000077 0.000624
Akamaru Inu -13.40% 0.00000011 0.00000011
Dexigas -12.09%
Dexioprotocol +0.91% 0.00000001
Storage Area Network Anywhere +0.85% 0.000001 0.436285
Carbon Coin -0.11% 0.000045 1.566986
BLOCKS -0.10% 0.000001 0.035472
MIKS Coin +0.03% 0 0.000984
Oviex -0.02% 0 0.045
Chum Coin 0 0.015482
USP 0.000115 0.469007
g9tro Crowdfunding Platform 0 0.038183
Jiviz 0 0.035968
HyperRun 0 0.000574

Which crypto is most volatile?

Which crypto is most volatile

Official rankings show that smolting Inu is the most volatile cryptocurrency on the coin market.

Which crypto has low volatility?

Which crypto has low volatility

Coins like eXPerience, 1X2 Coin and Moneynet rank the highest among the least volatility rankings. Other stablecoins like Tether, USD Coin, or Binance USD also have close to 0% volatility rates.

How volatility is calculated

How volatility is calculated

You have to compare an initial price at a set time point and its subsequent price after a given period.

The top 19 cryptocurrencies volatility chart

Coin Code Volatility (1 day) Volatility (1 year)
Bitcoin BTC 4% 81%
Ethereum ETH 6% 107%
Tether USDT 1% 22%
USD Coin USDC 0% 5%
Binance Coin BNB 8% 148%
Binance USD BUSD 0% 7%
XRP XRP 8% 153%
Cardano ADA 7% 131%
Solana SOL 8% 162%
Dogecoin DOGE 64% 94%
Polkadot DOT 8% 148%
Polygon MATIC 78% 137%
Dai DAI 3% 6%
Shiba Inu SHIB 78% 147%
Tron TRX 42% 131%
Avalanche AVAX 84% 210%
Wrapped Bitcoin WBTC 67% 69%
Bitcoin Cash BCH 93% 93%
ApeCoin APE 131%

Understanding the bankroll crypto basics

Bankroll crypto basics

Knowing the most volatile cryptocurrency is not what proper crypto betting bankroll management boils down to.

We will explain how crypto volatility plays into the more general bankroll crypto betting management.

Why is crypto so volatile?

Six main elements contribute to crypto volatility. These elements constitute structural aspects for crypto, bankroll management and activities.

  • Digital asset

Cryptocurrencies have no material correspondent that could stabilise their price on markets. This means that their evolution only reflects supply and demand dynamics without any secondary grounding or regulation.

  • Limited supply

The fact that coins are in limited supply only worsens the significant variation in prices.

In other words, with cryptocurrencies, you have an artificially limited resource with no tangible counterpart in our world that directly reacts to market dynamics.

  • Novelty

Markets tend to have different dynamics based on their existence. New markets will act unexpectedly, as their underlying dynamics have not stabilised.

This is even more aggravating for crypto volatility since coins are affected by technological innovation beyond their young age.

  • Based on speculation

Based on speculation

Like all trading, cryptocurrencies are guided by the speculations of traders on the market. Investors guessing the future evolution of various coins directly affects their development, especially since there are no material factors controlling them.

  • Influenced by public opinion

Speculation is a market-specific process. However, the effects of agent postulation around the coin prices go beyond trading hubs.

Public opinion can motivate or discourage other market actors from dealing with certain digital assets. The effects of apparently extra-market actions on its dynamics constitute a fact of macroeconomics.

We cannot ignore a crypto-specific element of public opinion. Coins have become infamous for their effects on traders’ funds and especially for their environmental impact.

  • Vulnerable to whale traders

The resulting effect of the previous aspects of the crypto market is that high-profile traders easily manipulate prices.

A large volume of transactions can significantly shift not only the value of a coin but also the market and public opinion around it.

This can devolve into short-selling, price gouging, and other detrimental market manipulations that result in profits for big-time investors and losses for the average day trader.

Gamblers need to be most attentive

Crypto trading is prone to losses and remains governed by speculation, if not chance, entirely. Crypto betting only adds one more layer of uncertainty.

When gambling with cryptocurrency, you must attend both to its market price and your gambling crypto currency bankroll.

Since the process proves more complex than any of the two monetary activities, our financial contributors deem it worth it to provide the essentials to building a brilliant bankroll system for crypto betting and trading.

Crypto betting bankroll management essentials

Crypto betting bankroll management essentials

We have researched the best practices for managing your bankroll, crypto betting activities, and general funds.

Set a stop loss limit

This is true both for crypto betting and trading. You should establish sustainable limits based on your monetary resources and expectations.

When it comes to setting a limit to your bankroll, crypto can be a burden since its value changes significantly over time. Thus, it may be difficult to assess your overall losses when crypto betting.

How to set a crypto betting stop loss limit

  • Always relate your bankroll to more stable fiat currencies.
  • Formulate your stop loss limit in fiat money.
  • Constantly check your coin’s value and reconsider your bankroll to reflect these changes.
  • Set an additional stop loss limit exclusively for your bankroll crypto balances.
  • Remember that your resources take precedence over your expectations. Your loss limit should reflect this.
Crypto betting site conversions

Most online casinos that accept coins for transactions will convert your cryptocurrency into fiat before allowing you to bet. This is good since it stabilises your balance and will enable you to set your stop loss limit correctly. If you want to withdraw in crypto, always check their value and the exchange rate on the site.

Ponder the risk-reward ratio

Ponder the risk-reward ratio

Gambling implies risk and insinuates reward. Crypto betting is similar but twofold. You are essentially looking at two risky activities and combining them.

Fortunately, gambling being the older of the two, has some descriptive qualia that can inform your risk-reward assessment. The RTP rate is a statistical approximation of your expected returns. As such, it should be a central part of your decision-making process.

Unfortunately, you have nothing of the sort for your bankroll crypto trading, which requires you to be savvier.

Consider seriously if it is worth it

Remember that crypto betting has alternatives that satisfy both interests. The UK market has multiple platforms that respond to various customer needs.

For instance, you can find platforms that excel in processing payments via a specific method.

Casinos for other payments

General performance for payments

  • Regardless of your choice of payment method and currency type, you should consider playing at same-day withdrawal casinos, especially in crypto betting, where time can literally be money.
  • Minimum deposit casinos are also crucial for gamblers who do not want to play with a high bankroll, crypto or otherwise.

Choose your crypto betting coin wisely

Choose your crypto betting coin wisely

Choosing your crypto betting coin goes beyond not going for the most volatile cryptocurrency on the market.

Essentially, using the wrong coin at the wrong time can result in an unintended loss of potential funds.

Do not gamble with coins that are on the upswing. Treat these as you would with an investment or valuable stock. Choosing a stable cryptocurrency will allow you to indulge in gambling without fearing losses external to your gameplay.

Select a stablecoin

Stablecoins are coins that are pegged to a stabler asset class, such as precious metals like gold or fiat currencies. Consequently, stablecoins, like Binance USD, Tether, or USD Coin, have low volatilities and provide some stability to the market. Exchanging your coins to stablecoins can stabilise your balances in periods of high volatility. You should have one on hand.

Comparing the bankroll: crypto vs gambling

Comparing the bankroll crypto vs gambling

Crypto, betting, and adjacent activities are alike in many aspects. However, bitcoin betting sites differ from exchanges in critical areas that should guide your actions.

How they are alike

The coin exchange market and bitcoin betting sites are governed by chance to a great extent, both being ruled by a hidden variable.

Gamblers and traders alike engage in their chosen activity in the hopes of attracting some profit. One troubling aspect they are alike is that most participants will lose funds in these attempts. An often cited statistic says that 90% to 97% of all crypto traders lose money, which coincidentally corresponds to the 95% of heavy gamblers that end up with negative balances.

How they differ

Most would contend that gambling is much more prone to losses than crypto trading. This argument hinges on the latter’s similarity to stock trading.

Unexpectedly, perhaps, several studies, including data published by eToro, indicate that more traders lose money than gamblers.

More day traders lose funds than do gamblers

In general, 86.5% to 89% of gamblers lose funds, compared to 90% to 97% of day traders. The figures only coincide for excessive gamblers, the same bracket where big losers outnumber big winners by a 128-to-1 ratio.

Some figures are even more damming, with an estimated 1% of traders making profits exceeding the minimum wage.

For 80% of traders, the median loss is -36.30%. In this sense, over three-quarters of traders could gamble on slots sites and still get a better result, given the approximate 10% to 5% of slot games.

Lastly, the most significant difference is that gambling sites actively present themselves as a form of entertainment, with UK laws prohibiting operators from claiming it as an occupation. In contrast, coin trading has constantly been proposed as a serious occupation.

In short, gambling is currently better regulated and more transparent than crypto trading.

How to do crypto betting site bankroll management corectly

Crypto betting site bankroll management

Crypto casinos are becoming a stamp of the remote gambling industry, for better or worse. Here is how you should use crypto betting sites in the best way possible.

Only use trusted crypto casinos

Crypto betting is young in the industry, making it prone to scams and illicit behaviour on the operator side.

This is why you should only go and play on legit casinos that offer the crypto betting option. These sites should hold a license from the UKGC and prove its current validity.

Set up your bankroll

You should establish the initial bankroll you wish to dedicate to crypto gambling using our experts’ tips.

Track your wins and losses

You cannot know off the bat if the limits to your bankroll were correct. This is why you should pay close attention to its effects on your activity and savings.

Correct your limits

When you notice any detrimental effects of your current limits, adapt them to suit your situation better. Ideally, you should only tighten them. No expert can advise gamblers to spend more than previously established in good conscience.

Limit your play

Money is not the only resource spent when crypto betting. Your time is also valuable, and you should control the periods spent on bitcoin betting sites.

Always stay in control

Always stay in control

There may come times when crypto betting will become damaging for your funds, time, social life and mental health. You should, thus, know when to stop.

Know when to stop

You should assess your state and relation to crypto betting well before it becomes an irredeemable problem.

You should not be in denial of having a gambling problem and inform yourself about how addiction manifests.

In the gravest of situations, you should know how to stop gambling addiction before your symptoms overtake your actions.

Gambling is not an investment

The main mistake that gamblers indulge in. Playing on crypto betting sites is nothing like investing in anything, including crypto coins.

While many people lose funds when trading, some high-profile traders can indeed maintain it as a lucrative business. This hardly is the case for gambling, where losing funds constantly is built into the activity.

Don’t add funds you cannot afford to lose

While you could say the same for trading and investments, it rings even truer in the case of gambling.

You should not add more funds that you can comfortably afford to lose. This is the case when having faced a string of defeats or wins.

Gambling, rather than being an investment, is an expense for most.

Crypto betting: Is it worth it?

Crypto betting Is it worth it

The problem with judging the worth of crypto betting is that you must answer three different questions.

Is it worth buying cryptocurrencies?

Should you indulge in gambling?

Is it wise to combine the two and play on bitcoin betting sites?

As before, we can only highlight the potential points of interest and issue and provide you with the knowledge and tools to proceed in the best manner possible.


Which crypto is most volatile?

Currently, smolting Inu is the most volatile coin on the market.

How do you check volatility of a crypto?

The easiest method is to consult trusted sources. Volatility reflects the change in price from one point in time to another.

Which crypto has low volatility?

Most stablecoins that are tied to fiat currencies or gold have a one-day volatility rate of 0% and early volatility rates of under 10%.

Which is more volatile, Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Ethereum has had higher daily and yearly volatility rates.

What is a good volatility percentage?

A coin with volatility between 10% and 20% is an average bet for most traders and gamblers.

How do you not lose your cryptocurrency?

You pay attention to the price changes, invest with caution, do not fall for the hype, and use stablecoins when the market fluctuates greatly.

Can you lose all your money in crypto?

This is a real danger of trading and crypto betting. You should proceed with extra caution in both.

Can a crypto coin go to zero?

Not only that it can, but this often happens for many minor and unsuccessful coins.

Can a Bitcoin hit 0?

Bitcoin supposedly has no storage costs, and it would never hit rock bottom. 

How do I protect my crypto investments?

You must use your coin bankroll responsibly and indulge in trading or gambling only with full knowledge of the risks and consequences.
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