Decentral Games Profits Skyrocket

Latest in the Metaverse: Decentral Games Profits Skyrocket

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The odds typically favour the house, but Decentral Games believes players should own the house. This was accomplished by introducing the play-to-earn game ICE Poker, which makes metaverse gambling even more widespread among UK gamblers. Keep reading to learn how the company evolved and what this means for the world of gambling as we know it.

Decentral Games Metaverse Company on the Rise

Decentral Games Metaverse Company On the Rise

  • Since its founding, the company has generated revenues of £29.87 million.
  • Revenue streams include NFT mints, NFT activations, fees for in-game upgrades, and secondary sales.
  • The average user count for the first quarter of 2022 is 8,000 daily players, signalling a 500% rise compared with the previous quarter.
  • Secondary sales prices for wearable Decentral Games NFT gravitate around £4,000.
  • On-chain data indicates there are nearly 4,000 guild wallets.
  • A forthcoming game mode via mobile app is expected to increase the user base.

Company Overview and Financials

Company info Data
Headquarters Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica
Year established 2019
Main product ICE Poker
Revenue for 2022 £30 million

Who Created Decentral Games Metaverse Casino?

Who Created Decentral Games Metaverse Casino

The brains behind the metaverse casino concept are a trio of crypto enthusiasts: Miles Anthony, Steve Becerra, and Scott de Taboada.

In 2019, Anthony realised that nobody is harnessing the opportunities afforded by the metaverse for multi-player wager-based games.

The goal was to offer an engaging multiplayer experience

The Eureka moment kick-started the Decentral Games, initially offering the usual online Slots along with popular games in most UK Roulette websites and UK Blackjack casino sites.

Main investors list

Main investors list

  • Decentraland
  • Metaverse Ventures
  • BitScale
  • Collab+Currency
  • AU21 Capital
  • Cluster Capital
  • Genesis Block Ventures

What Is the Company Specialized in?

What is the Company Specialized In

Decentral Games is a specialised metaverse gaming platform enabling users to play games with cryptocurrencies. The platform is among the first fully-fledged metaverse casinos. The platform is among the first fully-fledged metaverse casinos that offers different gameplay modes, including ICE Poker.

New metaverse concepts

The Decentral Games gambling products are created with novel meta-transactional architecture, facilitating seamless and free in-game transactions.

The ecosystem of Decentral Games redefines the concept of virtual online casinos by offering an enhanced immersive experience.

Fair casino play

And fairness gets guaranteed by open-source logic and the public blockchain system.

The uniqueness of the metaverse casino is in the fact that it empowers users to control the platform and the features implemented.

ICE Poker Is the Secret Behind Decentral Games’ Success

ICE Poker is the Secret behind Decentral Games

  • ICE Poker is the key game in the Decentral Games metaverse casino ecosystem, enabling users to get tokens by playing poker and using the positive results to rank on the leaderboard.
  • Users must have an NTF ICE poker wearable to play the game, and they can purchase or borrow the NTF.
  • There are, on average, 8,000 active daily players at the ICE Poker tables.
  • In the first quarter of 2022, revenues from the virtual casino amount to £30 million.
  • A mobile version launch was announced for the second half of 2022.

Can You Make Money Playing ICE Poker?

Can You Make Money Playing ICE Poker

Thanks to the play-to-earn concept used by ICE Poker, it’s possible to improve your bank account balance. The Decentral Games metaverse casino poker aims to incentivise player liquidity through daily competition.

Three daily challenges await eager players, which relate to various performance levels at the card table. The rewards are assets used in the games, such as crypto tokens, NFTs, or virtual land.

In the metaverse casino, players may get game outcomes with tangible value by completing specific tasks.

How ICE Poker works

How ICE Poker works

When a player has a good hand at the card table, the reward is ICE poker chips, and the players with the most chips get a ranking on the leaderboard. The quantity of ICE poker received depends on how long a player can retain a top position.

Because of the performance-based chip multiplier, seasoned poker players will get more ICE than novice players.

Another avenue for making cash is loaning an NFT wearable to another player. The amount a player can receive depends on the current trading value of the ICE token, which can fluctuate over time.

Metaverse Decentraland vs Decentral Games

Metaverse Decentraland Decentral Games
Decentraland is a virtual landscape Decentral Games is a play-to-earn metaverse game provider
Ethereum-based 3-Dimensional platform that offers metaverse real estate It functions as Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO)
The metaverse poker casino is based in the Decentraland metaverse It has a native token

There has been a dose of confusion in the public perception about Decentraland and Decentral Games, with many believing it’s the same entity.

The misapprehension is understandable:

  • They have similar names
  • Decentraland is one of the investors in Decentral Games
  • ICE Poker gets hosted on Decentraland

However, they are two different entities that provide different services

  • Descentral games can provide the games for a metaverse casino
  • Decentraland is a virtual landscape that offers metaverse real estate

Users and companies can purchase virtual lots of land in Descentraland and create a marketplace or an ecosystem with which other users can interact.

It is the first fully decentralised virtual space that offers unique experiences.

Decentral Games ICE Wearable NFTs

Decentral Games ICE Wearable NFTs

  • The Decentral Games ICE NTF is used to equip dedicated avatars and enable players to receive poker chips, which they can use to get ICE tokens while playing poker.
  • New Decentral Games ICE NFT Wearables get introduced by drops conducted by the DG team on the DG marketplace, where users can mint a wearable during a release.
  • Freshly minted wearables come with a rank of 1 but can be upgraded up to rank 5, meaning a bigger bonus.
  • It’s possible to buy NFT Wearables on the secondary market like OpenSea.
  • A player and owner of an NFT will get 100% of the ICE rewards by playing Poker and completing challenges.
  • When a player owns one or more wearables, it’s possible to loan the asset to other players. This gets performed through a guild for a 40% share of that player’s results.
  • Although an ICE token has no value outside the decentral games, it can get exchanged for crypto coins or even fiat money.

How much does an ICE NFT cost?

The price of ICE NFT fluctuates; at the time of writing, one ICE token had a value of £0.010. Market trends influence the valuation of the asset.

As sales volume increases, it can create price spikes but also decrease the value if circumstances are not favourable. The best advice is to constantly check the going rate at exchanges to learn the current cost.

Your First Steps into Metaverse Gambling

Your First Steps into Metaverse Gambling

  1. Visit the metaverse through a browser powered by a laptop
  2. Use specialised equipment to experience the full potential of the virtual landscape and interact with outer actors

VR Headsets

The cost of the equipment used to access the metaverse Decentraland has been the biggest obstacle in expanding the virtual world.

However, prices are decreasing as new manufacturers enter the industry, and consumer interest is growing.

Currently, several brands provide quality gear that will enable players to experience the immersive graphic of the virtual scenery.

What are VR headsets?

The VR headsets use powerful graphic chips and tracking cameras that follow the movement of the user’s head and hands. In addition to the headset, controllers are part of the package.

They get shaped like gloves or the more traditional joysticks that improve interaction with objects in the virtual landscape. This is how VR is transforming casinos to resemble the land-based ones in detail.

Oculus, Valve, and HTC have emerged as leading VR headset brands, but there are other options on the market. The best choice is to define a budget and see which model fits the bill and the preferred specs.

Crypto Wallet

Crypto Wallet

NFTs boosted the rise of cryptocurrency wallets. As proof, NFT gambling in the metaverse has started to develop. The metaverse is an environment where avatars can function with a crypto wallet that can track transactions in the virtual world. There are numerous options, but when selecting a wallet, it’s crucial to focus on several criteria.

How to find the best crypto wallet

  • Start by looking at a user-friendly interface, which will make functionalities seem less scary.
  • An eligible crypto wallet will implement security protocols that prevent theft. It must be secure but not to the point it doesn’t allow for multichain support and cross-device use.
  • Also, you want a device compatible with different types of cryptocurrencies. Some brands to consider are MetaMask, Enjin Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and Trust Wallet.
  • Before picking a wallet, explore all the options.

Reliable Computer

Reliable Computer

Although you can use a browser on a smartphone, it won’t be easy to connect the VR headset to a mobile device.

The best route for a completely interactive experience is to use a desktop or laptop with a stable internet connection. That way, you can fully explore the virtual land.

What you already have at home will likely be sufficient

An average machine, meaning a computer with an i5 processor and about 8GB of RAM, will open the gates of Decentraland and enable you to play at ICE Poker metaverse casino.

Before jumping into the metaverse, try your luck with a Poker bot first!

How to Buy ICE Tokens for Metaverse Poker

  • Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange.
  • Buy a Crypto coin such as BTC with fiat money.
  • Transfer the Crypto to an Altcoin Exchange.
  • Purchase ICE from the exchange with your crypto token.
  • Store ICE on hardware wallets.

UK Players’ Guide to ICE Poker in the Metaverse

  1. Set up a crypto wallet and connect it to Decentral Games.
  2. Buy or borrow an ICE wearable Decentral Games NFT.
  3. Visit Decentraland and enter the ICE Poker Stronghold.
  4. Join a poker table and start playing.

Are Decentral Games Tokens a Good Investment Idea?

Are Decentral Games Tokens a Good Investment Idea

Although the summer of 2022 is shaping to be a turbulent period for crypto, blockchain technology is still a promising investment.

The recent round of new investors that staked their funds in the company signals the market’s belief in the ICE Poker concept.

Brief Predictions Of Gambling and Decentral Games

  1. Considering top UK online casinos are a developing industry, it won’t be surprising if Decentral Games follow the same trajectory in the future.
  2. Being a first-of-its-kind metaverse casino ecosystem gives it an edge over the competition.
  3. The constantly rising customer base will only improve the stable price of the token achieved on exchanges.

However, crypto is a volatile asset, and caution is in order, but no investment comes with risk – any true gambler knows that.

What do you think?

Will metaverse gambling evolve based on Decentral Games’ recent profits? We want to know your take on it. Just leave us a comment in the section below!


Can I make money playing Decentral Games’ Ice poker?

The play-to-earn option will enable you to make money if you are successful at the card table.

How profitable are casinos on Decentraland?

Reported revenues for Decenatraland casinos reveal that the platforms make several million per month.

Are Decentral Games hosted on the Decentraland platform?

Both are separate entities. However, the Decentral Games ecosystem is built on the Decentraland platform, which is also one of the investors in Decentral Games.

What are the options to make money in Decentraland?

Buying virtual land is one method, while other options include play-to-earn games, working as a freelancer, or designing and selling wearables.

What are the prospects for investing in Decentraland for 2022?

The profit potential is significant, offering a respectable return on your investment. Even so, it’s always good to have a risk management strategy before committing to any crypto investment.
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