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What makes online casinos rigged? An A-to-Z guide.

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We’ve seen a lot of gambling websites over the years and found a fair share of online casino scams. The UK market has an efficient regulatory authority, but different casino scams can slip through sometimes.

Inexperienced players are the most vulnerable to scams; that’s why we made this guide. By following these guidelines, you will be able to differentiate real casino businesses from the rip-offs easily.

What’s a rigged casino?

What’s a rigged casino

A casino is considered rigged if it has modifications to maximise profits. Thus, giving the player little to no room for generating or cashing out any value.

The most important traits that make a casino rigged

  • Game tampering for giving the house a more considerable advantage
  • Inconsistencies between the presented and applied rules
  • Constant cash-out problems or denials

These are the most significant factors that online casinos scams use to increase their profits through unfair means.

Are online casinos rigged?

The short answer is no. Any iGaming platform that is not a scam will show and test their games returns. Also, you can rest assured that casinos featured on expert websites are thoroughly analysed. Any casino review aims at 100% objectivity, so the gamblers know what to expect.

However, keep in mind that casinos are a business, and they will always make a profit. This is where the authorities come in the place that makes sure the proper guidelines are followed, and everyone is satisfied.

Are online casino games rigged?

Are online casino games rigged

If the UKGC licenses the casino, for example, it’s indeed not rigged. Also, the presence of testing agencies like eCOGRA gives an extra layer of certainty. The RTP percentage shows exactly how fair any game type is in the long run.

Take into consideration that the Return to Player percentage shows the return to users on a minimum of 1000 bets or spins.

UK players express the most doubts about the fairness of online roulette games compared to other casino games. This is justified since the roulette odds UK can differ drastically depending on the bet placed.

No. The house edge is influenced by the roulette type since the rules, and wheel layout has a considerable impact. If you are unsatisfied with your outcomes, remember that it’s a fair game. You can try different strategies and consider playing French roulette since it has a low house edge.

How to identify scam online casinos before joining

How to identify scam online casinos before joining

These simple methods will help you see an iGaming platform’s true colours. However, remember that scammers are constantly adapting, so always look for a second opinion if you are not 100% sure.

Doing some research before making any financial commitments can save you from a lot of headaches.

  • Licensing Institutions

Licensing institutions are organisations that ensure the fairness of offline and online casinos by enforcing player protection regulations. The industry’s most trusted institution is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Any iGaming platform from the UK market must follow the Gambling Commission regulations. If they license a website, you can rest assured that it’s not manipulated in any way.

One of the things that make online casinos rigged is the lack of proper licensing by this organisation.

How to find the UKGC license number?

How to find the UKGC license number

Keep in mind that casinos always show their accreditation at the main page footer. There you should find the institution’s logo and some text related to the number of the casino license.

The UKGC logo should always be present at the footer alongside the account number.

Always click on the logo or the account number shown to ensure no online casino scams are present. They will redirect you to the UKGC site to see more details about the casino license.

Suppose you cannot find this kind of information in the footer or it’s present with no direct link. In that case, it could indicate online casino scams.

  • Independent testing agencies

Casinos are audited by third-party organisations that analyse the available games to see precisely their RTP and RNG. The first company of this kind was eCOGRA which stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance.

An iGaming platform audited by eCOGRA will have its logo present in the footer of the main page.

How to confirm the games are eCOGRA certified?

How to confirm the games are eCOGRA certified

Clicking on the logo will redirect the British players to the agency’s website’s game fairness audit results. Suppose a casino has the hyperlink in the logo that works. In that case, it shows transparency and honesty instead of online casino scams that never show relevant game information.

However, a downside is that such companies do not audit all the online casinos from the UK market. Seeing a logo that has a hyperlink is a good sign that ensures fairness. But its absence does not automatically make online casinos rigged since not all of them use third-party organisations.

RNG and RTP page

RNG and RTP page

RNG and RTP ensure game fairness since players can see exactly their chances and how much a game returns to the player.

  1. Random Number Generator or RNG for short; it’s a piece of software that ensures the outcome of a game is randomly generated. All the best online casinos will use the RNG software to ensure the fairness of the games provided.
  2. RTP or Return to Player means how much value a game will return over a long period to the players.

Testing agencies always investigate these two factors that directly influence a game’s fairness. iGaming platforms usually show these numbers on their website. They are in the footer in pages titled “Fair Play” or “System Fairness”, but depending on the casino, the name can vary. Moreover, some platforms have the RTP and volatility presented on each game’s info page.

These pages are a cog in the system of transparency that ensures the UK market has fair practices.

Trustworthy platforms are transparent

For example, the best payout online casinos from the UK market have dedicated pages showing how their games work and fairness. Having transparent information about games ensures honest business practices.

Always look for these pages since their presence shows that an iGaming platform was audited by a third-party agency. However, not all legit casinos present this info, so always dig around for more evidence.

  • Casino bonus scam

Casino bonus scam

Offering promotions is a way in which casinos attract new players. These can range from bonus funds to extra spins.

Online casino scams offer massive bonus amounts that go far beyond the promotions usually present in the UK market.

The casino bonuses picked by experts are usually somewhere around 100% up to £400 for funds.

However, a red flag that makes online casinos rigged are extra-large promotions for only one deposit.

Something is not in order if you see a first deposit bonus of 500% up to £5000.

A thing to keep in mind is the differentiation between a welcome package and a first deposit bonus. The welcome offer has multiple deposits, each with its bonus. It can have a cumulated value of up to £5000. Legit platforms can have this kind of welcome packages, but you will never see this sort of value for only one deposit.

  • Few responsible gambling tools

As anyone might think, individuals that try to deceive through online casino scams do not care about player safety. The whole idea is to maximise their profits quickly before people start to notice their illicit practices.

Any iGaming platform from the UK market needs to have a responsible gambling page accessible to their players. So, any person can see what tools they have and how to use them.

The lack of a responsible gambling page and few to no instruments are concerning issues that might indicate some trickery. This is another element that can make online casinos rigged.

  • Domain name

An important thing to consider when browsing the internet is the website’s domain name. Some can be copies of the original site with the name changed a little to appear legit. Constantly keep an eye out for online casino scams like this.

Although they are taken down relatively fast, it’s enough time to damage the bank account of some individuals.

Always look at what domain name you have accessed. If something funny happens, the platform you usually use can change from .com to .co or .net. Also, the website name can be modified slightly, indicating an illegal copy.

What makes these types of online casinos rigged is their sole purpose of stealing the credit card or payment methods information. So, always double-check to make sure hackers cannot get to your personal information.

  • Search other websites

When you’re unsure about an iGaming platform, search online for other opinions. Some people may have encountered different problems there. Still, the best options are websites run by gambling experts, where transparency is the norm.

Professional websites from the UK market of online casinos like CasinoAlpha dedicate time and resources to provide a safer online gambling environment. Platforms listed there are not part of any online casino scams.

What makes online casinos rigged is always spotted fast by experts, and that platform will never be featured on this kind of website.

Scam vs legit online casinos

Scam vs legit online casinos

There is no difference between legit platforms and websites that employ online casino scams, at first glance. However, inconsistencies start to appear over time, and players realise that something is not right sooner or later.

The red flags of scam online casinos

  • Changing terms and conditions

A defining element of online casinos scams is a lack of transparency. If the user agreements suddenly change without any prior announcement, concern about its legitimacy should appear. Online casinos rigged in this way usually change the rules more often than you think so they can benefit at every corner.

An important aspect to know is that iGaming platforms rarely change their terms and conditions. However, when they do, the users are informed before any change takes place.

Noticing changing terms and conditions or bonus policy is a big red flag that indicates shady business practices.

  • Delayed payments or refusal of payment

Delayed payments or refusal of payment

Before any withdrawal is delivered, the casino must first process the payment, taking between 1 to 3 days. This depends on the casino policy, and in most cases, it’s specified on the website.

Scam casinos can advertise a time frame, but they will always find excuses to refuse the payment for unspecified reasons. In some cases, when there is an outstanding withdrawal, the account can be closed without any explanations.

How do legit casinos handle payments?

This will never happen on a legitimate casino from the UK market. Any sameday withdrawal casino will always respect what they advertise. Since they also mention in what cases the payout can be delayed, so you know what to expect.

If your cash-outs are constantly postponed for any reason or unspecified reasons, consider digging around the internet. By doing some research, you can see what other people experienced or the opinion of UK market gambling experts.

  • Account restrictions after a dispute

Suppose a player keeps contacting customer support about unresolved complaints. In that case, a rogue casino can impose account restrictions without any prior notice or explanation. Usually, things like this can happen after payment disputes but not always.

  • Poor customer support

Poor customer support

A rogue casino does not care about resolving player inquiries, which can be seen from how it handles customer support. When we say poor customer support, we mean various issues depending on their available methods.

Poor customer support can be but is not limited to
  1. Not responding to email
  2. Inadequate team member training
  3. Giving misleading information
  4. Only email support
  • Inadequate player information protection

Inadequate or even lack of any personal information security measures is a big red flag. This can never happen on iGaming platforms approved by the Gambling Commission. One of the criteria for acquiring a license in the first place is having reliable security features.

Some casinos have dedicated pages or mention the software they use to protect the user’s data. However, platforms with inadequate encryptions won’t have this kind of page and are indeed not licensed casinos verified by the UKGC.

How to know if an online casino is legitimate

How to know if an online casino is legitimate

Always look first for the licensing, before joining any iGaming platform from the UK market. If there is none, you should stay away. If you find one, but there is no link to the UKGC account, you should be at least sceptical.

Do some further digging if you think the licensing information looks shady.

Explore the website to check:

  • If they work with independent testing agencies
  • How straightforward their user agreement is
  • The number of responsible gambling tools
  • How their bonuses compare to other UK market casinos
  • Check other websites, forums for more information

Doing this research and looking closely at the domain name are vital factors that will help protect your bank account from any fraudulent activities. Lastly, remember to play responsibly during any gambling endeavour.

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